Can you hear me now?!

If I wanted to hear you talk on the phone, I woulda called you.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re forced to hear someone else’s conversation? Like, they’re in a totally different room, floor, cubicle, hallway, and you can hear their every word. God forbid they have some obnoxious, distinctive, and repetitive laugh. This is just one of the many pets that peeve me!

Just STFU and enjoy your private phone call. If I was in your space trying to hear the conversation, it would be an issue. Last time I checked the “P” in Sprint PCS stood for “PERSONAL” calling service, not “Public”.

So, in order to make humor of this situation. I remembered back to the 90’s where this show overseas “Trigger Happy TV” used to have this guy go around and speak loudly on his phone in public areas. Laugh!

lalalala-la-blah blah

8 thoughts on “Can you hear me now?!”

  1. I definitely hear this.

    I When I went to see SpiderMan 3 some spanish lady (I know, SMH at my people) felt the need to talk throughout the ending to somebody on her celly.

    Spanish is not a quiet, soft language.


  2. Trigger Happy TV was my shit. Dom Jolly is the name of the dude on the phone. I love the scenes where he’s on the Underground with a mad big celly talkin shit. Funny fucker.

    What up cMac?

  3. Dude that is the funniest shit ever… I couldn’t stop watching it… so true. It reminds me of a vid where this guy was on his cell @ an orchestra concert, and they got up, walked over, and started playing their instruments by him so he couldn’t talk… classic.

    One thing I love is when two bitches are walking together, and both are on their phones. When I see that shit I put up my hand like I’m pretending to be on mine… the cunts usually look pretty offended. LoL.


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