Have you seen me?


His Last words “Get my pool in the back!!!” (video inside)


Cam was spotted in MIAMI!

people say he was walking down a street
in a pink bathrobe with matching bunny
slippers and he seemed 2 be talking 2

one eyewitness says that she pulled over
2 get a autograph but the rapper started
shadow boxing and yelling hot summer

props to MacBrown

here’s the original video:

12 thoughts on “Have you seen me?”

  1. opps fucked that comment up…that was for the o.j. post…dman zombie mode shit!…

    this shti was funny though bruh…keep it up, coming back from that burnout strong mayne.

  2. hilarious shit right here. Waiting to hear what Cam has to say about everything going on. I think he might appear and say something after 50 loses to Kanye.

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