If OJ got paid for it…

..it never would’ve happened.

Orenthal James Simpson just got arrested yesterday in Vegas on theft charges, you can read on that here. Juice ain’t never gonna get a break. But that led me to write about the happenings with his recently failed book. Someone please explain to me how in the hell, the world has a fit about OJ publishing this book. And the family crying about how much pain and suffering they would encounter with having to relive the trajedy, then turning around and publishing the book. People are all about the money these days. shame shame shame. I mean it was wrong for the book to ever be written, (sick people), but twice as bad for the family to get all double standard about it.

Here’s the short:

If I Did It is a book by O. J. Simpson, in which he puts forth a description of the murders for which he was charged, but was let free based on not enough evidence. Although the original release was canceled in November of 2006, by June 2007 copies of the book had leaked online.In August 2007, a Florida bankruptcy court awarded the rights to the book to the Goldman family to partially satisfy an unpaid civil judgment. The title of the book was expanded to If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer, and comments were added to the original manuscript by the Goldman family

The book was announced in mid-November 2006 for a November 30, 2006 release, but intense public criticism led to the cancellation of the book’s publication and a related television interview. According to a Newsweek story, all 400,000 printed copies were recalled for destruction, except for one, locked away in a vault at News Corp. One copy did show up on eBay in January with a starting bid of $1500, and sold for over $65,000 fueling speculation about whether News Corp. was able to destroy all printed copies.

On August 14, 2007 it was reported that a literary agent for the Goldman family, Sharlene Martin, had made a deal to publish the book under the new title “Confessions of the Killer.” All of Simpson’s writing is to remain intact, with the addition of “key commentary.” The book’s release date and publisher were not made known with the announcement. Some of the proceeds are to benefit the Ron Goldman Foundation for Justice. A Ronald Lyle Goldman Justice Foundation was planned in 1995 to fund civil legal action against Mr. Simpson.

Rights for the book were transferred to the Goldman family, who will receive 90% of profits, as part of their settlement. The family’s lawyers announced intentions to pursue new publishing, film or TV deals in order to receive some of $33.5 million awarded to them in the civil case.

Fred Goldman sued the shell corporation, Lorraine Brooke Associates, for the publishing rights after it filed for bankruptcy. After Goldman purchased the rights from the court-appointed bankruptcy trustee, Nicole’s father, sued Goldman attempting to stop the publication but lost.

Get the full story here

learn about the juice damnit

25 thoughts on “If OJ got paid for it…”

  1. i saw that on the news and they showed a copy of the book and the cover said

    “i did it” there was no if

    do the goldmans really need all of o.j.’s money to be happy?

  2. Nicole’s father, sued Goldman attempting to stop the publication but lost.


    are you talkin about that part or what?
    i think they should sue the goldmans cause they are coppin out on everyone and tryin to get money everytime they can i dunno what i would do in their place and i hope i dont have to but do they really need all that money,they are set for generations already

    they are blowin it up and leaving the ex wifes family out to dry and makin them all look bad

  3. i know,if i were the goldmans id be usin my money to create centers for the community and stuff like that and i dont think they have done that once

  4. look at big and tupacs moms though,they both are doing stuff to make things better for people and you know pacs mom is getting lots of cash but she is being positive with it and they didnt even find the killer and i dunno i guess some people care about more than themselves more so than others

  5. yeah i dunno to me people like the goldmans are who kill society cause they are so focused on themselves that they leave everyone else behind and there cant be growth or repair when the world is full of people like that they are screamin about how murder is wrong when murder is a constant thing like why dont you give money to the police or somethin you know i just think that what they are doin is destructive

  6. I don’t think capitalising off of murder in anyway is right to begin with so I think OJ was wrong for even writing that book. But then here come the fuckin Goldman’s and make it even worse. Fuck the Goldman’s. And now OJ is goin through all this shit in Vegas. Dude can’t get a break.

  7. @ England…

    Yeah it was wrong to begin with, i need 2 edit my post about my standpoint.

    but it was 2x as bad for the family to get all hypocrite about it.

  8. God bless the dead…but fuck the Goldman family. The nigga shouldn’tna been fuckin O.J.’s wife. There’s more to that situation then anybody would ever know.

    As for O.J, the mawfucka need to keep his cripple ass out of the public eye and media. He brings this shit on himself. He’s gonna burn for this because they didn’t get him the first time…and I’m sure he knows it. He shoulda just laid low after the trial

    but Ja said it best

    “Once you live the life, you can’t leave it” (c) Story to tell (a.k.a. the only Ja Rule song worth listening to)

    Good post apple mac

  9. did anybody see how they are trying to make baggy pants illegal….

    its on msn news and there is a vote on the site and i looked at the results and people are voting that it should be illegal

  10. im not even bother to read the book cause one i dont even think it was that great of an idea to begin with and two the goldmans commentary or whatever is just gonna be filled with hate and its not even my business,its like everybody watchin the anna nicole thing like who does that really matter to outside of family and friends

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