Starbucks= My newfound drug addiction

Will Ferrell in “Kicking and Screaming”

The friendly barista stands at the counter and asks me, “What can I get for you today?”, in a cheerful voice with a smile. I respond with a confident “I’ll have a grande latte with a shot of vanilla @ 140 degree’s…….please”

(If you have no idea how to order Starbucks, click here)

Pay some money


get served


add a little bit of sugar


Now, I used to HATE Starbucks, until I got around corporate folks. I was the guy that would criticize people for paying $3 for a cup of joe. I didn’t see any difference in a $0.69 cup and a $3 cup, besides the extra $2. I wanted to see what all the hype was, prove myself right.

My first two experiences at Starbucks were awful!

I was right, but I was wrong… It tasted just as shitty as your typical gas station or vending machine coffee. Truth is, I didn’t have a clue what I was ordering. I was a novice. A French vanilla cappucino at a gas station is powder, sugar, and hot water. Essentially, its the instant hot chocolate mix that you snorted as a child…(or used to played tricks on your younger cousin). A Vanilla cappucino/latte at Starbucks consists of steamed milk, expresso, vanilla syrup, and foam… not to mention it’s fresh and hand prepared.

Or you can think of it as a bottle of wine, they’re not all the same. Granted nobody want to drink 10 year old coffee, but you get the point.

(You can find out what the drink is really made of here.)

Whether it’s pancakes, waffles, cereal, or coffee; Water cannot replace milk.

Now, I cannot lie. Shit’s addicting. It really does taste good. I can’t knock the fact that there is an entire chain of these stores across the world where I can get MY DRINK, anytime. Not take my chances with a random Shell or Texaco. The desserts are a bit pricey, but well beyond delicious and should only be eaten sparingly. Nice atmosphere, comfy seating, and good music playing. Starbucks does actually take part in positive things for the community. On another note, I do hate the fact that T-Mobile rapes people for internet usage.

Which leads me to say that Starbucks is the cocaine of your addictions (pricey/pure) while the others, are the crack (cheap/ shitty w/ additives). Drink a cup of Starbuck’s per day, and you’ll spend nearly $1000 a year. The other stuff, $250 a year. Some people drink it to “look cool”. A kilo-gram of coke….well you get the idea here. Starbucks is an expensive habit to have, but I appreciate it. Either I’m brainwashed, or it’s true that you really do get what you pay for.

Step one: Realize you have an addiction


28 thoughts on “Starbucks= My newfound drug addiction”

  1. yeah I sparingly go to Starbucks but man when I do I either get a chocolate mocha latte(idk if thats right) or this cold chocolate mocha shake thing…

    I always have to explain whut I want to the person…but now with Cmac’s guide to starbucks ordering I know whut to order…and you can to!

    *fake smile till fade out*

  2. yeah i’m hungry too.
    I woke up this morning and was gonna be late. I had to choose between adding food to my stomach, or getting food outta my stomach.

  3. I had to choose between adding food to my stomach, or getting food outta my stomach.


    the small dilemmas we have to face everyday.

  4. that would be a…….

    Caramel Frappucino – A coffee Frappuccino with caramel syrup added, served with whipped cream and caramel sauce drizzled on top. One of the sweetest coffee-based Frappuccinos, and also one of the most popular.

  5. so glad to see others love Starbucks as much as me. I like the Grande, non-fat, iced Chai Tea Latte, with one extra pump of Chai and light on the ice in the summer. And a Grande Chai Tea latte in the winter. Ahhhh, I can taste it now……..

    Great video

  6. im glad to see im not the only onr who cant say no. Ive been drinking venti peppermint mochas for five years, ever since they put up a sb at the food court i worked at during high school. if i dont get a raise, im filing ch.11

  7. my personal favorite is the caramel mocha frappuccino no whip extra caramel sauce… it’s AMAZING!!! give that one a try…

  8. i’m addicted to starbucks i have one every other day basically i can’t live with out it.. my favorite one is “cinamom dolce latte” and “white tea with pink lemonade”

  9. Hola a todos, pues bien es decir que tal ves starbcks sea un estilo de vida, ellos dicen STARBUCKS no se dedica al negocio del cafe, se dedica al negocio del servicio y al desarrollo humano y sirven cafe! =D jeje

  10. I go to Starbucks about 5 times a week.
    If I go to the one near my house all I have to do is drive up and they start making my drink
    (Venti Vanilla Latte)

    I’m and addict.

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