I’m a Lions Fan…

I have always been from Michigan, I have always rooted for the home-team. But,I never really was a Lions fan…until now. When I was younger, from about 1990-96, the Dallas Cowboys was my team of choice. Whether playing video games, watching TV, or playing street football… it was Cowboys. I was Emmitt Smith, Deion Sanders, and then Troy Aikman for 3 consecutive halloweens.

Eventually, the team sort-of fell off and I leaned towards my aunt’s favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings, compliments of Randy Moss and Chris Carter.

Soon enough I began rooting for the Oakland Raiders, it was like a large pool of my favorite players. Jerry Rice, Rich Gannon, Charles Woodson, Phil Buchannon, Warren Sapp, and more young talent like Jerry Porter. I couldn’t help for root for them. They made it to the superbowl, Tampa Bay kicked not less than one and one half of a foot up the Raiders ass. They never bounced back…

I moved to Atlanta for a short while, and after a short while Mike Vick managed a $140 contract. I couldn’t help but love the aspect of a QB that could run, as in highschool, our quarter back was also a strong safety, he’d take-off in a heartbeat. It was nothing new to me. I loved the Falcons. The team eventually had fallen completely off. Let alone the fact that Mike Vick is going around killing the “roof”.

So, I was thinking about Barry Sanders, as I often do. And I finally decided to just accept the fact that the Lions are my hometeam and that I should try to follow a season or two. The Detroit Tigers, Pistons, Shock, and Redwings have all had some rough times and some exceptional times. The Redwings often dominate hockey and bring home the Stanley Cup, just last year the Tigers beat the crowd favorite NY Yankees to go to the MLB Finals, and the Pistons have made the Eastern Conference Finals for the last 4 years, winning the championship in 2004. Along with the ladies of the Shock winning the WNBA championship in 2003 and 2006. Redwings took the Stanley Cup in 02, and have won the division championship since 98.

So with all that being said:

With a new stadium (that just hosted the 06 superbowl), new coaching, new players…


Lions Official Website

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