blackandwhite, originally uploaded by cMacSutt.

Walking down the street yesterday, I was taking black and white photo’s, saw a black and white couple, thought it would be interesting to take a photo of the two (with their perission of course).

It was also funny as hell because I was walking by this crack-ish white lady earlier, camera down to my side, not even thinking about this crazy woman, and she was fussing at me.
(keep in mind, I’m a light skinned dude)
“You can not take a picture of me, you go on! Yeah. That’s why you’re half black and half white [pause] or all black [pause] or all white”

I couldn’t help but crack up and respond “Okay thanks”


6 thoughts on “blackandwhite”

  1. quit whatever you’re doing and be a photographer. face it man, there’s no such thing as a photographical engineer. leave kettering/UPS and do this stuff full time.

    btw, nice photo/ moment capturing skills.

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