Blue & Blue

Blue & Blue, originally uploaded by cMacSutt.

Today I did something that was actually better than Sunday football.
Me and about 9 other bikes went to the North GA mountains. Nothing compared to 311 turns in 5 miles of the Dragon Tail, but I def got a nice scenic ride and a chance to get away from city traffic. I put about 250 miles on the bike today. Also got an excuse to LEAN and go fast.

Even though one of the riders got pulled over Grand Theft Auto style by the Georgia State Patrol, it was a good ride. No crashes, no injuries.

7 thoughts on “Blue & Blue”

  1. Nice picture. Yo cmac aint u a rapper too? You posted a page with some songs/beats or some shit that u did on myspace.

  2. I could still have you in my horse and cart though fucker, remember that.

    My horse got nitro fitted on it and my cart got racing slicks. Gypsy gangster.

  3. lol at england…

    I pitty the fool. that bike has somewhere around 130 horses.
    190MPH on the speedometer, something like 300kilometers per hour. WHAT?!?!?!

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