A lil secret about cMac…

Well, today unofficially makes my one month anniversary. THANKYOU  to the 4,000+ visitors in the first month.

My identity is no longer a secret to the entire world, so I figured I might as well let a little more of the cat out the bag.

Here’s a music video… now what I want you to do is watch it until you get to 1:25 into the video, PAUSE!Then, proceed to laugh your ass off

Feel free to go back to the beginning and see my non-dancing ass in the back



oh yeah, here’s me n C

7 thoughts on “A lil secret about cMac…”

  1. i just read your post about your stuff gettin jacked
    you handled that way better than i wouldve
    i have to give respect where its due

  2. many laughs @ the vid bro…new to this blog can u please tell me what it is you do for a living to get in photos with ciara, lauren london and videos with lloyd?

  3. Jangz
    I know this is gonna sound cliche but, determination, never giving up, confidence, and knowing the right people…or getting to know them.

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