This weekend!

I’ll  post pics from inside as soon as I can sell them to someone. Including Nelly, Rich Boy, Crime Mob, Common, and the back of Busta Rhymes’ head. I got my homegirl with Bobby Valentino too.

I started my weekend off by going to this VIP party thrown at the store “Taste”, for those that don’t know, that’s Bow Wow’s mother’s store. I guess it was her birthday or something, but I got in there and took some photos (to be uploaded, a few are on my website

The Awards

LL…not the rappa 😉, originally uploaded by cMacSutt.

Ever seen Mission Impossible? Well, all I’m going to say about this is that I managed to get into the BET Awards. I’m not going to attempt to incriminate myself on my methods, but the point is that I was there. I was walking to the bathroom and saw this sexy pair of legs in these leather pants and said to myself “Damn!”
I took a few more steps, and saw the most gorgeous tattoo reading “Lauren” down the side of this woman and wrapping under her breast. A few more steps and I looked back like any heterosexual man would. And before I knew it, I had just walked past Lauren London. There are only two words to describe her. Fine and Fyne.

So I walked back to her “Hey Lauren, do you mind taking a few pictures for me”

“Of course” she replied. And I got my shots. I didn’t get starstruck, but I did have to take a breather and get it together afterwards. Alicia Keys and Meagan Goode are next on my list

I’ll post more pics from the show at later


Taste of Atlanta

bd2, originally uploaded by cMacSutt.

I also went to the Taste of Atlanta festival and got some interesting shots of these cats from HBO breakdancing. Click the picture for more pictures.

bd1, originally uploaded by cMacSutt.

Breakdancing at the Taste of Atlanta

Homeless Shelter

Also, while at the awards, some bum broke into my truck and definately caught me slipping. He hit the jackpot! I was in too much of a hurry for my own good and didn’t want to pay the $40 to park at a parking lot for an awards show I didn’t even have a ticket to.

$200 Prada Sunglasses

$299 30GB iPod video (With my name engraved on the back)

$200 Kodak v550 camera w/ 512MB memory card

$150 Polo Ralph Lauren Jacket

$150 Guess Blazer (Brand New)

$100 Wilsons Leather Suede Jacket

$70 Guess Jeans (Brand New)

$50 Adidas Track Jacket

$54 Guess Thermal L/S Shirt (Brand New)

$50 bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier

& my shaving kit with my oral-b electric toothbrush, norelco electric razor, toothpaste, deodorant, etc…

oh yeah, and my father’s college class-ring and the Nautica suitcase that everything was in.


I was driving down the street the next day with my broken window (that I’ll have to pay to get re-placed and re-tinted), and I saw a nigga wearing my goddamn Wilson jacket.


Skkrrtttt… He walks up to the window. I say “What u sellin?” and he’s like “I ain’t sellin nothin”

I ask how much for his jacket, he said “How much you gon give me?”

I said “$5”

and he snatched the jacket off like “Gimme the money…hold up I gotta get my cd’s out the pocket”

I said “let me feel it” he sticks the sleeve in the window, I grab the jacket and floor it. Apparently my grip was stronger than his. He did have cd’s in the pocket though.  (like that mofo had a cd-player). If I wasn’t in front of a homeless shelter, I woulda got out the car and stomped holes in the dude. Told him to pass along the message. But I wasn’t about to leave my truck un-attended again, not with these same cats. I circled the block. The police came, It was the same officer that I filed the report with the previous night. He let me search the shelter to see if my stuff was in there. No luck. one dude told me he knew who had the stuff, said it was a cat names “Teardrop”, cause of the tear under his eye. I wasn’t really ready to mess with that cat. So I took a hard loss, I’m not about to post up outside a homeless shelter. I mean I lost over $1000, but truth be told, I can replace that shit within the next paycheck. It sucks donkey-balls, but whoever took it…they’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

 It really pisses me off to have to deal with shit like this though, I woulda given clothes away, like I always do. Like I had JUST DONE a week earlier. I try to help out homeless people and I’m always volunteering at shelters. Donating time is the best contribution I can give, if it’s not time, then at least money. But at least for the rest of this year, I’m done. No mercy for the homeless this christmas, I’ve been pushed over the edge. Molotov Cocktail thoughts went through my head, but in the words of Rey “It ain’t that serious”.  Maybe in 2008, I will do more community service or something, or I can just go be an arrogant asshole. We shall see.

Lesson def. learned. I really did know better, and I ignored all my senses. Got too comfortable.

$40 < All the $hit that got $tolen




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taste, originally uploaded by cMacSutt.

Outside, the Taste (Store)

13 thoughts on “This weekend!”

  1. YES! You gotta pic with my girl New New! That’s what’s up!!!

    That really sucks about your truck being broken into! And the irony running into the dude with your jacket on.

    At least you learned a $40 lesson! LOL!

  2. damn!! on nah I said you won, but I didn’t realize you got all your stuff stolen til I noticed now. sorry to about that dawg. the most important thing is that you’re alive and well.

  3. G7, 3 cop units responded to the initial 911 call. 5 officers in all, guns drawn, locked and loaded. The shortest smallest chick there was so amped and ready to kick some ass. She made me laugh, and also made me realize that yeah, it’s all material stuff.

  4. Dayum cMac… It’s a shame you got ganked, but atleast you didn’t get shot or some shyt like that playboy! Material stuff comes and goes, but a life is a one time deal.

    Atleast, you did get to smell Lauren’s perfume for a few seconds…

  5. oh..and that sucks..shiit..and your dad’s class ring!…maan…i would post up at the shelter with some cops looking out for me

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