Happiness at last

CéU – “Ave Cruz” (Remember that this is a live performance, not a CDQ)

CeU – Roda

CeU – Bobagem

Ceu – Malomencia

CeU – Lenda

CeU – Mais Um Lamento

I have never been so relaxed in my life. I recently got turned onto Brazilian jazz while visiting California. My uncle pulls up at the airport, about 9 pm, I get in the brand new BMW 5 series, all black, black windows, black leather seats…and cruise the streets of Los Angeles. On the radio, something beautiful beyond beautiful was playing…Brazilian jazz. The best part, it was all sang in Portuguese. The point being made here, I don’t know what the hell was being said, but I liked it. I’ve never been so relaxed via music before, and the whole experience of “living it up” had really sunk in. I could also get into the habit of driving a beemer.

So, once I got back home, I had to get up on more of that type of music. That’s when, while at Starbucks (Read my Starbucks post here) I saw this CD, a gorgeous young woman on the cover, titled “Ceu” (pronounced “cell” with a very light, almost silent “L” sound). I took my chances on the CD, and have never purchased anything better. Alicia Keys will always have a place in my heart, but she’s got some serious competition as far as CD spins go.

I’ve z-shared a couple more of the tracks just so you can get a feel of what this woman is putting out. I’d have to make sure that I go to any live performance in my area, if I don’t make it out to Sao Paula, Brazil first.

The CéU album is currently #3 in my CD changer, right behind Jay-Z – “Black Album”. And certainly gets played whenever I feel like relaxing. Also, this is even more reason for me not to have anything to do with “Yuuuauuauaaa……superman that hoe”Coming soon, the late Charlie Byrd and Lisa Maroni.

CéU is amazing!

There are also several songs playing on the website www.ceumusic.com



5 thoughts on “Happiness at last”

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  2. Okay, I’m all caught up.

    You have something really good going on over here. Varying topics, good outlook/perspective.

    Sucks about the suitcase theft tho’.


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