Office Linebacker

It’s Friday, I didn’t get my check today, and I ain’t got shit ta do….I’m gon make u laugh Craig 

This video is very work appropriate, It’s a Friday and I kinda wish we had an office linebacker today. 

 Thankyou Babydoll….you know why 😉

” You know u need a cover sheet on your TPS reports richard … that aint new baby.. Hey Terry… Hey Janice. MOTHER FU… ”

“You know you can’t bring that weak ass stuff up in this humpty bumpty, you kill the joe, you make some mo’! You know dat baby! Else you in for a long day, a long day ”

 This is actually 3 videos stitched together, but it’s funny as all hell 10/10

Table of Contents:

Terry’s World (August 11, 2002)
An introduction to Terry’s world. He slams into Paul Merkin after his failure to refill the coffee after he’s used it, and then Ron Felcher gives a brief description about how the productivity in the office has soared after Terry’s arrival from Reebok. Terry then puts more office workers in their places, for various offenses such as failing to recycle an aluminum can, failing to put a cover sheet on a TPS report, and making a long-distance phone call while on the job. His friendly side is also shown, as he gives a co-worker a cake on their birthday. Near the end of the episode, Terry himself is the victim of an injury after being hit with a mail cart, but he returns to work swiftly in order to keep everyone in line once again.
Draft Day (September 1, 2002)
Felcher & Sons hire a new linebacker, Courtney Cate, to work alongside Terry in the office. At first, the two have some “initial friction” between each other, but they soon gel and begin to work more efficiently as a team, jointly dealing out the pain to the co-workers who step out of line. However, the company made the decision to relocate Cate to a European branch, due to salary cap reasons, and also because he made some errors (such as taking out an employee for wearing a Hawaiian shirt to work, not knowing it was Casual Friday).
Office Athlete Of The Century (September 14, 2002)
Terry is awarded the prestigious Office Athlete Of The Century award from OSPN (a parody of ESPN). Throughout the episode Terry’s earlier life is recapped. He graduated from high school as captain of the football team before accepting a full scholarship to Major University. He then joined a freelance mime troupe. It was during this job that he attacked a spectator who was talking loudly on their phone. Ron Felcher, one of the spectators, saw this incident, and decided to hire Terry as a result.
Vacation (October 15, 2002)
After 1000 days at work without a single day off, state law requires that Terry must take a vacation. At first he dislikes his holiday (having problems opening his room’s door with the card key, and the small towels he is forced to use), but once he begins to put the hotel staff in line (as he does with his office co-workers), he begins to enjoy himself. The hotel’s manager is pleased with Terry’s actions, saying that he is welcome back any time and has been the best guest the hotel has ever had. However, back at Felcher & Sons, many of the staff have been acting up without Terry around, but his return quickly gets the company back into shape again.
Super Bowl 2003 commercial (November 27, 2002)
This is a remix of the incidents from the past episodes, depicting scenes from the past episodes.
Streaker (December 4, 2002)
During a soccer match, a naked man runs across the field. Terry appears from nowhere and slams him.
Sensitivity Training (February 1, 2004)
Office worker Paul Merkin accuses Terry Tate of assault, and in response Felcher & Sons hire Geneva Stoller, a sensitivity trainer. She gives out badges of shame to anyone who breaks office rules, and after Terry drives into a worker in his usual office role, she moves him to a desk job. As a result, office productivity declines, and Terry is forced to watch from his desk as office staff all around him fail to do any work. However, after seeing Geneva make a sexual advance on a male employee, Terry slams into her to put her back in line. The company part ways with Geneva, and Ron Felcher shows how productivity had declined since her arrival, but since her departure things had recovered once again, with the help of Terry.
Late Lunch (January 22, 2005)
A short episode showing how Terry tackles a worker, Roger, who returns back to his desk late for work. His co-workers are less than happy, handing him papers that should have been completed 15 minutes ago. But Terry is at hand to get the worker back in line once again.  

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