Good Weekend

Now for my fellas……


She wore an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weenie yellow polka dot bikini…


DSC_0357, originally uploaded by cMacSutt.


This most recent weekend, after working my first and 2nd job, I got a few camera upgrades and was ready to go out to the real world. Shot at a club on Friday night, Saturday went to 2 fashion shows. The first one was for children, I went early and got some shots with Bonecrusher, producer Craig King, and also some of the models sporting some clothes by Billy Badass (as you can see I didn’t have the patience to stay for the actual show). After this shoot, I went and worked at my part time for several hours. Finally made it to another fashion show at the Geisha House, a very nice asian restuarant…where apparently a bottle of Voss water is $8.

Bonecrusher, originally uploaded by cMacSutt.


Here’s a picture of Cherish. They were in attendance at the show along with Young Jeezy.





…and I didn’t forget about the ladies 😉

The rest of the pics can be viewed at my website.

11 thoughts on “Good Weekend”

  1. Props on the pics. Lots of fly ladies were present I see. You go to school for photography. My lil sister is as well as graphic design and she is sick with the camera as well. Keep them pics coming homie (ladies of course)lol

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