Well, since we’re in the holiday spirit and all… and I also was at work on Monday, for Veterans day, I thought I should post this video up. Can’t wait til’ next week, Monday-Tuesday- and a little piece of Wednesday.

Sorry that I didn’t post yesterday, I guess I’m slippin huh.

ALSO, I added the full series of Alicia Keys pictures, fellas and fans, I’d advise you to get over there. Her CD, As I Am, dropped yesterday.

Alicia Keys Concert Pictures

Uptown Magazine 

Alicia Keys Concert Pictures


check out:

Alicia Keys Concert Pictures

and as always,

5 thoughts on “Holidays”

  1. Too bad that video is no longer available, but it was still funny none the less! And I can’t believe how quickly the holidays are upon us!

  2. *uses female robot voice often heard on discontinued cellular phones* were sorry this video no longer exists… arrrrggggggghhhhh. i love alicia keys. and double arrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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