Hit & Run is the new Snatch & Grab


Damage Video

Last night, well early this morning, about 5 a.m. I was dropping my cousin off at Clark Atlanta from a party. We had to stop and get gas, so after I filled the gas tank up and turned back onto Northside Dr. there was a black/ dark greyish Pontiac G6 that was flying down the street.

Three young black men in the car, all huddle up in the front seat talking, well dressed as if they too had just left a party, and appeared to have been drinking now that I think back on it.

We came to the stoplight.. waited, got the green and they pulled off in front of me (i was in the left hand lane), as I drove past the Chevron on Norhside, they slam on the brakes with their left blinker on, so I get in the right lane to go past them, then out of nowhere, the car turns into my lane, and all I can remember is braking and trying to swerve out of the way. It was wet, couldn’t stop. They drove right into me and then drove me off the road, I hit a telephone pole and the street sign.

Northside/ Parkham intersection

All the airbags, front and side inflated…

The car automatically dialed 9-1-1 and transferred the call to my iPhone once I stepped out. The hazard lights automatically came on, and the horn sounded every few seconds. Looking back, I’d have to say I’m very impressed with the safety/ technology in that vehicle.

I was so concerned with getting out of the car, that airbag smell gave me the most claustrophobic feeling I’ve ever felt.

Before I even got out of the car, and the car full of boys just drove off… they went down to MLK blvd, made a left turn and ran the light, I guess they were trying to get back to campus. I’d imagine because they were drunk or un-insured.

I checked on my cousin, she was holding her arm crying, had to make sure she was ok. Police came, a few witnesses came and said they spotted the vehicle near the train-station, but they still haven’t been found.

Couldn’t even sleep because it kept going through my head. I’m pissed about the 2010 Ford Mustang that appears to be totalled. I’m pissed that the assholes drove off. I’m pissed that the assholes HIT me. I’m pissed that my “perfect” accident record is screwed. I’ve had a bumper or two, and a motorcycle lowside, but in a car never anything like this. Didn’t get to sleep until about 8 this morning, very exhausted.

I’ve got a knot on my head and my hand is swollen (it was blue last night), but I’m in one piece. Everyone says that it could’ve been worse. :-/

I just think it could’ve been better.

If anyone has seen a dark colored Pontiac G6 with tinted windows and a bumper sticker that says “Jesus”. They should have damage on their passenger side. More than likely students at Clark Atlanta University or Morehouse University. Please report the vehicle and/or owners to the Atlanta Police department, hit and run division.

oh the irony of that Jesus sticker.

Push Present

In the past few years I have met many amazing people. I’ve been introduced to folks, I’ve bumped into people randomly at coffee shops, and I’ve been forced to “deal” with people.

Out of all of the hundreds of thousands of people I’ve encountered in the past 5 years, there are three ladies that I have really connected with. So the moral of the story? All three of these ladies are currently expecting.

<insert non-mushy disclaimer here>

I love all 3 of you!

1. Moncia

My black n’ rican sneaker-head (that speaks not a lick of Español).

“You ever tried shoes without shoe strings?”

“What’s that Ye’?”

“Baby these heels”

Wow, we met each other on Myspace or something, back before Facebook was popping, back when I was a freshman in high school (I believe).  Over the years we have shared so much, and learned so much from each other. Whenever you needed to vent, or whenever I needed advice. On women, on life, with my mother, what to eat or on what kicks to buy, Moni was the one to call. Even though you’re approx. a million miles away from me up in Atlantic City, you may as well have been right here with me all along.  We have so much in common. We’re both Scorpios (inside joke) and our birthdays are only 72 hours apart, and you might possibly be the biggest Jay-Z fan I’ve ever encountered. She got me hooked on tattoo’s. Hell, she was even repping the hometown Detroit Pistons, until Joe Dumars destroyed the team. With a colgate that I could spot from a mile away, Moni stays keeping me laughing and keeps me motivated. She’s on best friend status. Not sure if I have a female friend that sees me more eye to eye than you.

ya tu sabe…


2. Lindsey

Somehow, Lindsey randomly ended up as one of my Facebook Friends. That’s all I remember. She always has been a beautiful model from Indiana, she was a model way before I even thought about being a photographer. But Lindsey, oh Lindsey and I shared a love for one thing. No, not modeling/ photography. THE BOONDOCKS . We’d go back and forth days about how funny Huey/Riley were and she’d always get the last word with the infamous Riley quote: “You gon’ pay what you owe Nigga”. Not only did we share good convo, but she wrote amazing poems such as this one:

Pen & Paper by Lindsey A. Boyd (February 6, 2009)

I sat down with my pen & paper and wanted to write some hot shit –
So hot, in fact, that haters be mumbling, “She’s not shit!”
But deep down knowing I wrote some number one spot shit!

I sat down with my pen & paper and wanted to write some spiritual shit –
Some Sister Jenkins and Deacon Brown done caught the Holy Ghost AGAIN shit.
Some dear Lord, forgive me for cussing and I have sinned shit.
Some “God is good – all the time”, he blessed me times ten shit.

I sat down with my pen & paper and wanted to write some deep shit –
Some only real eyes realize how deep this really is shit.
Some spend all day contemplating the words in these lines shit.
Some I don’t understand…run that by me one more time shit.

I sat down with my pen & paper and wanted to write some multicultural shit –
Something so good I had to say it in English shit.
Algo muy bueno lo tuve decir en Español shit.
Quelque chose tre’s bonne je devais dire en Français shit.
Nastol’ko horosho mne nado skazat’ eto po Ruski shit.
Sumtin so “good good” I hads to spit Ebonics, too, Son shit.

I sat down with my pen & paper and wanted to write some funny shit –
Some shit so hilarious have your belly wiggling shit.
Some have your funny bone begging you to stop giggling shit.
Some Richard Pryor, milk and cookies, this nigga heeere, little tink tink shit.

I sat down with my pen & paper and wanted to write some freaky shit –
Some legs quivering and pussy feigning, call her tsunami shit.
Some he’s built Ford tough…like a rock shit.
Some Diddy dropped a beat and remixed the Kama Sutra shit.

I sat down with my pen & paper and wanted to write some all inclusive shit –
So inclusive, that every letter of the alphabet was zealously trying to get in shit.
Some the numbers just started quarreling from trying to fit in shit.
Some Sesame Street 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 shit.
Some it’s kind of not that exclusive, so they all can sit in shit.

I sat down with my pen & paper and wanted to write some think outside the box shit –
Some so inconsistent with my consistency shit.
Some so correctly incorrect that it’s wrong to think it’s right shit.
Some if you read between the lines, you’ll find that what you read is not what it was
because it’s completely comprised of what it wasn’t shit.

There are all these different things that I wanted to write,
But I sat down with my pen & paper…and couldn’t come up with shit!!!

Somewhere through the timeline, the conversations stopped. I didn’t think anything of it. I’d stop by her page from time to time and see zero activity. She was an “internet friend”, so I didn’t lose too much sleep. I didn’t take it personally.  I’m not the type to cry, but when I logged onto facebook and read about the events that had taken place, I was choked up. Apparently Lindsey had been in a near-fatal car accident with a semi-truck Sunday May 3rd, 2007. She was flown to the hospital from the scene, and woke up days later with a tube down her throat in the ICU. To this day she still doesn’t remember what happened outside of the police reports. Crushed spine, brain damage, and cuts/staples/stitches from head to toe. This is Through the Wire, in real life. Lindsey made a fine recovery and never lost any of her beauty… and 8.999 months pregnant, she still hasn’t stopped modeling.

Can’t stop won’t stop

*Diddy dance


3. Taylur


Yet another myspace encounter. We discussed our lives and music all the time. Even though she’s a vegetarian and I’m a meat eater, we share a love for MACARONI & CHEESE. It’s def, my favorite food on this earth. Preferably baked. Lots and lots of convo over the years, and we always seemed to click. We both spend so much time traveling between Los Angeles and Atlanta, because we both have family in both of these major cities. I think we both prefer LA though.  Lol I think Tay lives the life that I want to live, she def ges to L.A. more than I do. Not sure yet though. I’m not posting a pic of Taylur for 2 reasons, 1. I’m not sure if she’s announced to the world. and 2. I haven’t gotten to take her maternity photos yet. Hopefully she lets me be part of this new addition to the world. But here’s the sonar of baby Mekhi.


So I don’t know why or how, but someway, all three of you ended up to be bearing life at the same time. Best wishes to all of you and your expectations.. new additions, new families! Raise those kids to be our next leaders and as good of people as you are. While there are many other amazing people that I’ve initially on the internet, and just clicked from the start, like Arielle;  you are the three that deserve this post. So consider my appreciation to you all as my push present, and unwrap this blog at your baby showers.

Now you’re all going to grow up to be someone’s MILF … j/k

Great Weekend

Woke up this morning and just could not get out of bed, I played a game of Madden (to exercise my mind), and still didn’t want to get out of bed. It was just too cold, and the cover’s wouldn’t budge.

This weekend, I got to kick it with Marc Rob. He’s in town from Florida for the weekend. We met up with some people, got some food 3x, and hit up the mall. It’s getting colder, and I’m determined to get as many sweaters and jackets as I need to stay toasty, but in style this fall. I almost went ahead and joined the Rock & Republic fan-club, but I’m just not convinced that those jeans are worth $209. I mean they weren’t even comfortable. I did manage to catch some decent sale prices at Banana Republic and Calvin Klein today though.

Eat: Zaxby’s

Whilst in the mall today, I heard Amy Winehouse come on, and it make me want to listen to her first (and best) album, Frank. I love this CD, she really tells a great story from start to finish. It almost makes one feel as if you were viewing their relationship as a bystander.

Eat: Fresh 2 Order

Hmmm… the drink of the day was Grand Marnier. That is some smooth sh*t right there. No ice, no mixers, no chaser… best served at room temperature, neat.

Eat: California Pizza Kitchen

I actually started the Saturday by blasting some lame people about their poor movie choices, because I really enjoy good movies, and only good movies. I honestly can’t sit through a kids movie in a theater, without actually taking kids with me. Anyways, I ended up getting the opportunity to go to the theater later to see “Law Abiding Citizen”. Got a call from a friend at 12:45 saying lets hit the 1:00am show. I basically pushed the ‘stang to the top and made it to the theater just as the Lion roared.

The Rotten Tomatoes Consensus: “Unnecessarily violent and unflinchingly absurd, Law Abiding Citizen is plagued by subpar acting and a story that defies reason.”

and a not so negative review “If you’re looking for a movie that’ll let you switch off your brain without insulting your intelligence, this might be the flick for you this weekend.”

But even though the movie scored a 22% overall rating, I still went ahead and saw the film due to the circumstances around me viewing this film. I guess it did not make as much sense as I’d have liked it to, but overall, the only way I can explain this film is if “Shawshank Redemption” were to meet “Batman: Dark Knight”.

I drank half a 5-hour energy so that I could stay up through the late movie, and umm…. I’d like to testify that the hype is real. It’s almost 6 am right now, and I’m eyes WIDE open.

Played another game of Madden, to try and kill time. The dude scored witih no time left on the clock in the 4th quarter, sending the game into overtime. I shouldn’t have blitzed. He won the toss. Got the ball, I stopped him, he stopped me, I stopped him, and then I FINALLY got the ball into field goal range, wasn’t taking any risks. Final Score 38-35 after a 49 yd. field goal.

Sunday is going to be a day filled with watching Football and eating some good food. I have lots of work to do. Go Colts! go Falcons! Maybe I can even win in my fantasy football league tomorrow.

oh and that navy NY Yankee fitted hat that was left in my car? will not be getting returned haha.

Bring it back

I really need to start blogging again, it’s a great way to share my thoughts and experiences throughout life. I had started to use twitter as an outlet for my daily happenings, but I guess I will start making at least one entry per month. I can’t do the daily commitment that I used to do with a blog per day, but I will make something out of it.

Stay tuned.

Meanwile, I’m designing my photography website http://www.cmacsutt.com which will eventually be linked to this blog.

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