Great Weekend

Woke up this morning and just could not get out of bed, I played a game of Madden (to exercise my mind), and still didn’t want to get out of bed. It was just too cold, and the cover’s wouldn’t budge.

This weekend, I got to kick it with Marc Rob. He’s in town from Florida for the weekend. We met up with some people, got some food 3x, and hit up the mall. It’s getting colder, and I’m determined to get as many sweaters and jackets as I need to stay toasty, but in style this fall. I almost went ahead and joined the Rock & Republic fan-club, but I’m just not convinced that those jeans are worth $209. I mean they weren’t even comfortable. I did manage to catch some decent sale prices at Banana Republic and Calvin Klein today though.

Eat: Zaxby’s

Whilst in the mall today, I heard Amy Winehouse come on, and it make me want to listen to her first (and best) album, Frank. I love this CD, she really tells a great story from start to finish. It almost makes one feel as if you were viewing their relationship as a bystander.

Eat: Fresh 2 Order

Hmmm… the drink of the day was Grand Marnier. That is some smooth sh*t right there. No ice, no mixers, no chaser… best served at room temperature, neat.

Eat: California Pizza Kitchen

I actually started the Saturday by blasting some lame people about their poor movie choices, because I really enjoy good movies, and only good movies. I honestly can’t sit through a kids movie in a theater, without actually taking kids with me. Anyways, I ended up getting the opportunity to go to the theater later to see “Law Abiding Citizen”. Got a call from a friend at 12:45 saying lets hit the 1:00am show. I basically pushed the ‘stang to the top and made it to the theater just as the Lion roared.

The Rotten Tomatoes Consensus: “Unnecessarily violent and unflinchingly absurd, Law Abiding Citizen is plagued by subpar acting and a story that defies reason.”

and a not so negative review “If you’re looking for a movie that’ll let you switch off your brain without insulting your intelligence, this might be the flick for you this weekend.”

But even though the movie scored a 22% overall rating, I still went ahead and saw the film due to the circumstances around me viewing this film. I guess it did not make as much sense as I’d have liked it to, but overall, the only way I can explain this film is if “Shawshank Redemption” were to meet “Batman: Dark Knight”.

I drank half a 5-hour energy so that I could stay up through the late movie, and umm…. I’d like to testify that the hype is real. It’s almost 6 am right now, and I’m eyes WIDE open.

Played another game of Madden, to try and kill time. The dude scored witih no time left on the clock in the 4th quarter, sending the game into overtime. I shouldn’t have blitzed. He won the toss. Got the ball, I stopped him, he stopped me, I stopped him, and then I FINALLY got the ball into field goal range, wasn’t taking any risks. Final Score 38-35 after a 49 yd. field goal.

Sunday is going to be a day filled with watching Football and eating some good food. I have lots of work to do. Go Colts! go Falcons! Maybe I can even win in my fantasy football league tomorrow.

oh and that navy NY Yankee fitted hat that was left in my car? will not be getting returned haha.

One thought on “Great Weekend”

  1. I’m glad you’re back, just writing about your everyday life. I really love your blog; I added you as a link on mine. Thanks for sharing :).

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