Push Present

In the past few years I have met many amazing people. I’ve been introduced to folks, I’ve bumped into people randomly at coffee shops, and I’ve been forced to “deal” with people.

Out of all of the hundreds of thousands of people I’ve encountered in the past 5 years, there are three ladies that I have really connected with. So the moral of the story? All three of these ladies are currently expecting.

<insert non-mushy disclaimer here>

I love all 3 of you!

1. Moncia

My black n’ rican sneaker-head (that speaks not a lick of Español).

“You ever tried shoes without shoe strings?”

“What’s that Ye’?”

“Baby these heels”

Wow, we met each other on Myspace or something, back before Facebook was popping, back when I was a freshman in high school (I believe).  Over the years we have shared so much, and learned so much from each other. Whenever you needed to vent, or whenever I needed advice. On women, on life, with my mother, what to eat or on what kicks to buy, Moni was the one to call. Even though you’re approx. a million miles away from me up in Atlantic City, you may as well have been right here with me all along.  We have so much in common. We’re both Scorpios (inside joke) and our birthdays are only 72 hours apart, and you might possibly be the biggest Jay-Z fan I’ve ever encountered. She got me hooked on tattoo’s. Hell, she was even repping the hometown Detroit Pistons, until Joe Dumars destroyed the team. With a colgate that I could spot from a mile away, Moni stays keeping me laughing and keeps me motivated. She’s on best friend status. Not sure if I have a female friend that sees me more eye to eye than you.

ya tu sabe…


2. Lindsey

Somehow, Lindsey randomly ended up as one of my Facebook Friends. That’s all I remember. She always has been a beautiful model from Indiana, she was a model way before I even thought about being a photographer. But Lindsey, oh Lindsey and I shared a love for one thing. No, not modeling/ photography. THE BOONDOCKS . We’d go back and forth days about how funny Huey/Riley were and she’d always get the last word with the infamous Riley quote: “You gon’ pay what you owe Nigga”. Not only did we share good convo, but she wrote amazing poems such as this one:

Pen & Paper by Lindsey A. Boyd (February 6, 2009)

I sat down with my pen & paper and wanted to write some hot shit –
So hot, in fact, that haters be mumbling, “She’s not shit!”
But deep down knowing I wrote some number one spot shit!

I sat down with my pen & paper and wanted to write some spiritual shit –
Some Sister Jenkins and Deacon Brown done caught the Holy Ghost AGAIN shit.
Some dear Lord, forgive me for cussing and I have sinned shit.
Some “God is good – all the time”, he blessed me times ten shit.

I sat down with my pen & paper and wanted to write some deep shit –
Some only real eyes realize how deep this really is shit.
Some spend all day contemplating the words in these lines shit.
Some I don’t understand…run that by me one more time shit.

I sat down with my pen & paper and wanted to write some multicultural shit –
Something so good I had to say it in English shit.
Algo muy bueno lo tuve decir en Español shit.
Quelque chose tre’s bonne je devais dire en Français shit.
Nastol’ko horosho mne nado skazat’ eto po Ruski shit.
Sumtin so “good good” I hads to spit Ebonics, too, Son shit.

I sat down with my pen & paper and wanted to write some funny shit –
Some shit so hilarious have your belly wiggling shit.
Some have your funny bone begging you to stop giggling shit.
Some Richard Pryor, milk and cookies, this nigga heeere, little tink tink shit.

I sat down with my pen & paper and wanted to write some freaky shit –
Some legs quivering and pussy feigning, call her tsunami shit.
Some he’s built Ford tough…like a rock shit.
Some Diddy dropped a beat and remixed the Kama Sutra shit.

I sat down with my pen & paper and wanted to write some all inclusive shit –
So inclusive, that every letter of the alphabet was zealously trying to get in shit.
Some the numbers just started quarreling from trying to fit in shit.
Some Sesame Street 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 shit.
Some it’s kind of not that exclusive, so they all can sit in shit.

I sat down with my pen & paper and wanted to write some think outside the box shit –
Some so inconsistent with my consistency shit.
Some so correctly incorrect that it’s wrong to think it’s right shit.
Some if you read between the lines, you’ll find that what you read is not what it was
because it’s completely comprised of what it wasn’t shit.

There are all these different things that I wanted to write,
But I sat down with my pen & paper…and couldn’t come up with shit!!!

Somewhere through the timeline, the conversations stopped. I didn’t think anything of it. I’d stop by her page from time to time and see zero activity. She was an “internet friend”, so I didn’t lose too much sleep. I didn’t take it personally.  I’m not the type to cry, but when I logged onto facebook and read about the events that had taken place, I was choked up. Apparently Lindsey had been in a near-fatal car accident with a semi-truck Sunday May 3rd, 2007. She was flown to the hospital from the scene, and woke up days later with a tube down her throat in the ICU. To this day she still doesn’t remember what happened outside of the police reports. Crushed spine, brain damage, and cuts/staples/stitches from head to toe. This is Through the Wire, in real life. Lindsey made a fine recovery and never lost any of her beauty… and 8.999 months pregnant, she still hasn’t stopped modeling.

Can’t stop won’t stop

*Diddy dance


3. Taylur


Yet another myspace encounter. We discussed our lives and music all the time. Even though she’s a vegetarian and I’m a meat eater, we share a love for MACARONI & CHEESE. It’s def, my favorite food on this earth. Preferably baked. Lots and lots of convo over the years, and we always seemed to click. We both spend so much time traveling between Los Angeles and Atlanta, because we both have family in both of these major cities. I think we both prefer LA though.  Lol I think Tay lives the life that I want to live, she def ges to L.A. more than I do. Not sure yet though. I’m not posting a pic of Taylur for 2 reasons, 1. I’m not sure if she’s announced to the world. and 2. I haven’t gotten to take her maternity photos yet. Hopefully she lets me be part of this new addition to the world. But here’s the sonar of baby Mekhi.


So I don’t know why or how, but someway, all three of you ended up to be bearing life at the same time. Best wishes to all of you and your expectations.. new additions, new families! Raise those kids to be our next leaders and as good of people as you are. While there are many other amazing people that I’ve initially on the internet, and just clicked from the start, like Arielle;  you are the three that deserve this post. So consider my appreciation to you all as my push present, and unwrap this blog at your baby showers.

Now you’re all going to grow up to be someone’s MILF … j/k

6 thoughts on “Push Present”

  1. AAAAAWWWW!!!! This was the sweetest blog I’ve ever read, and it had me cracking up all the way! I love it…so check yo’ self foo!!!!

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