Hit & Run is the new Snatch & Grab


Damage Video

Last night, well early this morning, about 5 a.m. I was dropping my cousin off at Clark Atlanta from a party. We had to stop and get gas, so after I filled the gas tank up and turned back onto Northside Dr. there was a black/ dark greyish Pontiac G6 that was flying down the street.

Three young black men in the car, all huddle up in the front seat talking, well dressed as if they too had just left a party, and appeared to have been drinking now that I think back on it.

We came to the stoplight.. waited, got the green and they pulled off in front of me (i was in the left hand lane), as I drove past the Chevron on Norhside, they slam on the brakes with their left blinker on, so I get in the right lane to go past them, then out of nowhere, the car turns into my lane, and all I can remember is braking and trying to swerve out of the way. It was wet, couldn’t stop. They drove right into me and then drove me off the road, I hit a telephone pole and the street sign.

Northside/ Parkham intersection

All the airbags, front and side inflated…

The car automatically dialed 9-1-1 and transferred the call to my iPhone once I stepped out. The hazard lights automatically came on, and the horn sounded every few seconds. Looking back, I’d have to say I’m very impressed with the safety/ technology in that vehicle.

I was so concerned with getting out of the car, that airbag smell gave me the most claustrophobic feeling I’ve ever felt.

Before I even got out of the car, and the car full of boys just drove off… they went down to MLK blvd, made a left turn and ran the light, I guess they were trying to get back to campus. I’d imagine because they were drunk or un-insured.

I checked on my cousin, she was holding her arm crying, had to make sure she was ok. Police came, a few witnesses came and said they spotted the vehicle near the train-station, but they still haven’t been found.

Couldn’t even sleep because it kept going through my head. I’m pissed about the 2010 Ford Mustang that appears to be totalled. I’m pissed that the assholes drove off. I’m pissed that the assholes HIT me. I’m pissed that my “perfect” accident record is screwed. I’ve had a bumper or two, and a motorcycle lowside, but in a car never anything like this. Didn’t get to sleep until about 8 this morning, very exhausted.

I’ve got a knot on my head and my hand is swollen (it was blue last night), but I’m in one piece. Everyone says that it could’ve been worse. :-/

I just think it could’ve been better.

If anyone has seen a dark colored Pontiac G6 with tinted windows and a bumper sticker that says “Jesus”. They should have damage on their passenger side. More than likely students at Clark Atlanta University or Morehouse University. Please report the vehicle and/or owners to the Atlanta Police department, hit and run division.

oh the irony of that Jesus sticker.

6 thoughts on “Hit & Run is the new Snatch & Grab”

  1. As I said this morning, that is CRAZY! I’m glad both of you are ok. Yes it could have been much worse. Hoping that they’ll brag about what they did and get caught. Smh. People who do dumb things such as this need to be murked. Not that it would make it any better.

    Be well. Both of you.

  2. wow yeah im glad you’re okay. you shouldnt have gotten on the road any where near them. this fucked up your car. but it didnt cost you … your life like so many others who were in the same situation did. you’ll realize that once the shock of everything wears off.<3

  3. Damn Craig, that is crazy. I feel you on how it could have been better. But at least you have minor bruises and them dudes are gonna get theirs. I too, am also impressed with the safety features of that car! I am sending your alert to my cousin that goes to Clark in case she knows of any cars like that.
    Hang in there homie!

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