Get over it.

So I have some songs that I really like, and they happen to be break-up songs. I somehow created this playlist of “no longer together” songs, I listen to them even when I’m not pissed off or sad. I guess that’s because they aren’t “sad” songs.

I have an ex-girlfriend, I’m sure most of my readers have ex-girl/boyfriends…maybe even ex-husbands. I’m also pretty confident that we’ve all heard the classic Cause I Love You – Lenny Williams, What If – Babyface, but these songs are different.

Anyways, I’ve been seeing more and more people tweet about breakups, so I’m going to share my top not – so – in- love songs…. and yes, Sade is on the list 3x. Feel free to listen to them, all different songs, from different types of relationships.

(Click the title, and the song will play)

I Only Want You – Janita

Why can’t I have you?
So OK the reality is
that I wish you eternal bliss
And may you live a long and beautiful life
with noisy kids and an ugly wife
But seriously, I wish you well

Can’t Wait to Hate You – Dream

I can’t wait to hate you
Oh, the things you put me through
I wanna move on
I can’t wait to hate you

This is all crazy
And I can’t come to grips with the fact that you’re gone

Better Things – Massive Attack

You say the magic’s gone
Well I’m not a magician
You say the spark’s gone
Well get an electrician
And save your line about needing to be free
Ah, that’s bullshit babe
You just want rid of me

Take the Box – Amy Winehouse

Your neighbours were screaming
I don’t have a key for downstairs, so I punched all the buzzers hoping you wouldn’t be there…

Don’t Bring Me Down – Sia

Don’t bring me down, I beg you

Don’t bring me down, I won’t let you

Don’t bring me down

Tyrone – Erykah Badu

I think you’d better call Tyrone

(Call him)

And tell him come on help you… get… your shit

In the Morning – Norah Jones

My girlfriend tried to help me

Get you off my mind

She tried a little tea and sympathy

To help me to unwind

In the morning

Baby, in the afternoon

I Never Thought I’d See the Day – Sade

you shed a shadow on my life

shed a shadow on a love

took the shelter out of my life

took the shelter of a lie

Ex-Factor – Lauryn Hill

It could all be so simple

But you’d rather make it hard

Loving you is like a battle

And we both end up with scars

Tell me, who I have to be

To gain some reciprocity

See, no one loves you more than me

And no one ever will

My Darling – Ralph Myerz ft/ Pee Wee

You had your chance, but you never called me So I started to get cold And I’m tired of this little romance Tired of fake diamonds, fake silver, fake gold

Bulletproof Soul – Sade

You kept on thinking
You were the only one
Too busy thinking
Love is a gun

I know the end before
The story’s been told
It’s not that complicated
But you’re gonna need a bullet proof soul

My Life – Dido

What I choose to do is of no concern to you and your friends
Where I lay my hat may not be my home, but I will last on my own


Peace of Mind – Lauryn Hill

He says it’s impossible… But I know it’s possible
He says it’s impossible without him… But I know it’s possible
To finally be in love… And know the real meaning of
A lasting relationship… Not based on ownership

Seven Months – Portishead

How can I forget you

Disregard how I feel

Silently listen

To the words I can’t see

Why should I forgive you

After all that I’ve seen

Quietly whisper

When my heart wants to scream

Stronger than Pride – Sade

I won’t pretend that I intend to stop living

I won’t pretend I’m good at forgiving

But I can’t hate you

Although I have tried

I still really really love you

Love is stronger than pride

So Simple – Alicia Keys

What it is ain’t what it wasWhat should it be, when it comes to you andHow it seems ain’t how it is

There’s been a change


Cross My Mind – Jill Scott

I was just thinking about you

Wondering if you wear the same cologne

Smelled good on you

Had the next boyfriend of mine try the same kind

But it stunk on him though

You know what they say everything ain’t for everybody

But I tried anyway

You sure did smell good…

I’ll try to come back later and post actual links to the songs, or host the songs myself, but for now this should do.

Ok, one video…

I Want You – Massive Attack ft/ Madonna

It’s too bad, so sad, that you don’t want me no more

but I’m gonna change your mind, some way some how

I want you, the right way

I want you, but I want you to want me too..

Honorable Mention:

Call this whole thing off – Drake