Feliz Cumpleaños

It’s ALMOST that time again, tomorrow will be another full rotation of the sun. I think it’s so “adorable” that my grandparents always call me on the 7th, every single year, and tell me happy birthday. I’m starting to be uncertain that my birthday really is on the 8th. Each time they ask me  my sarcastic response “I think it’s tomorrow” loses some sarcasm and turns into uncertainty “It’s tomorrow, i think???”

This morning Arielle (missdef.wordpress.com) even asked me “Your birthday is tomorrow, right?”

For the record, Nov 8th is my actual birthday

Anyways, I appreciate all the love and birthday wishes. Thanks to everyone who came out. Thanks to those who were there in spirit. Even a special thanks to those who snapped on me about not inviting them, then I apologized (cause it was an accident), then I invited them, and they still didn’t show up. Thanks to my cousin Solomon who waited our table, and my friend Ashley who was at the bar making Top Shelf Margaritas just for me.

I was going to have the get together that I had last night, tonight, but it’s someone else’s birthday and I didn’t want to have the schedule conflict.

We ate at No Mas Hacienda & Cantina, and then ended up going to Shout later-on.

Here’s some pics from last night:

Birthday 09

Double Birthday Shots of  Shaken/Chilled Patron Añejo (so smoooth)

@BriBriLALA and @LaVidaDeLaDiva

Birthday 09

My sisters Charlotte (http://www.3girlsandamic.com) and Camille (@camimy)


Birthday 09

more pics inside…

Kyrin & Jordan

Birthday 09

Kat G. over at http://www.katgoduco.com

Birthday 09

The Hombres

Birthday 09

Bri, Nick, Jaz

Birthday 09



and I put this one up just because Jaz said this was her fav pic of herself lol!!!
Birthday 09

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