The Spoof Video

The Real video

about 3 minutes in Drake completely loses his flow and can’t find anything in his BB to rap. So much for it being a “freestyle”. Oh well, He still has the hottest mixtape of 09… maybe period.

Here is the excerpt from the interview. Since I couldn’t find a link online for Alanna and Odessa, I just typed what I read from the newest Vibe Magazine… with Drake on the cover.

VIBE: You did a couple of Drake Spoofs that were spot on. Why doesn’t dude look into the camera?

AFFION CROCKETT: He might be self-conscious about them thick eyebrows. Them windshield siper joins. OOr that might be part of his swag., like: If I don’t give a lady eye contact, they’ll want some more. The ones [in the spoof] were just some caterpillars off the ground. I just laid ’em on my forehead for a quick second. The thing about impressions is just getting part of their essence down. I don’t feel like I sound or look exactly like none of these cats, but I do it close enough to where it’s believable. Its supposed to be funny. I’m not trying to become these people.

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