On my desk…

I really want to start writing more, I always feel so uninspired to churn out a blog; I don’t know why that is. Maybe because I’m normally busy with work or work or work or school or my family.

I have a simple topic though. What’s on my desk??

1. A 15″ Apple Macbook Pro and a 22″ external Monitor – Of course I need to be able to get my work done, and I need lots of real estate to do it with. Large monitor= better photo editing.

2. Framed photo of the cutest couple in life – My grandparents stay on my desk as a reminder of why I’m here and who struggled so hard to give me the little piece of opportunity that I’ve been given. I believe this photo comes from an anniversary celebrating their endless love for each other. RIP Big Daddy and Grandma Abbie.

3. A Magic Mouse, a tablet, and wireless keyboard… Input devices are just as important as the output. The magic mouse is the absolute truth. P.B.Period.

The tablet, makes it much easier to edit photos since I can draw directly on the screen.

The wireless keyboard gives me freedom, sometimes I like to type in my lap with my feet up.


4. Firewire Hard drives… Terrabytes upon terrabytes of storage for fast editing and back-ups

5.  A small personal Fan.

6. A desk lamp of course…

7. A bottle of Grand Marnier – to better relax of course

8. Candles…. for even more relaxation

See… I have something to write about afterall. I’ve been lying to myself all this time, when there was material right in front of me. It saddens me that I used  to have thousands of visitors each day, and kinda just let it all slip away 😦

Anyways, what’s on your desk?

One thought on “On my desk…”

  1. An aloe vera plant, a chemistry book with an unbroken spine, three notebooks full of sundry notes and stories, Droid Incredible 2 sharing a very slow internet connection with a three year old ACER laptop on it’s last legs, cupcake wrappers, two white peaches (they are the sweetest!) and the business plan for my startup greenspace design company, Urbal LIfe.

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