My evil plan is coming together

The house I grew up in.

I went home this weekend… for homecoming. These past few I spent 4 days enjoying Michigan State University’s homecoming festivities including tailgating, alumni parties, and of course the football game. Over this weekend I had a yet another amazing time with one of my best friends, and some others whom I have known since elementary school. I can’t believe how many people I recognize from so many moons ago. I can’t believe how many amazing people I have met over the years.

We’re all so grown nowadays. I don’t mean “18 years old and do what I wanna do”. I mean buying my first house grown, traveling the world jet-setting grown,  investing in the stock market grown, approaching 6 figures grown. No seriously, I’m talking about “I do WHATEVER I want to do grown”.

When I was younger, we would take one, maybe two trips a year. These trips were long car or rides, very rarely air travel. Now I find myself wheels up more often than ever. According to the tracking devices on my phone, I’ve been to 12 different states this year. In the few brief hours, I was joyed/saddened when I saw how many people are still in the same places doing the same things. So many folks that will never grasp the opportunities to venture outside of Flint. Some of them will live on the same block their entire lives, never leaving their parent’s house, simply surviving day to day until it’s all over. I took a short drive through the neighborhood, stopped and talked to old neighbors, visited my GREAT-grandmother, and also went to dinner with my grandparents. Today I had my first beer with my g-pops. I saw one of my old partners in crime taking his two children for a walk through my old neighborhood. It put a smile on my face, because ~18 years ago that was us. Those that were once considered the haves, have been surpassed by the have-nots. Some people are satisfied with remaining the same, while I am not, I am happy for those that are happy.

Spending time on campus, I saw how much the things I used to live for longer interest me. I hate college parties, and literally only stayed for 30 seconds at the house party we stopped into. I used to drink to get drunk, now I drink to get drunk… with much better drink selection. I see why upperclassmen don’t deal with freshman, and I see why grad students don’t deal with upperclassmen.

Overall, It amazes me how much things have changed, and how much things haven’t really changed at all. I realize how many things I would’ve done differently if only I had a second chance. Oh if I knew then what I know now. While I have my regrets, I am thankful for where I have ended up and who I have become.

A wise man Jay-Z once said “They lookin at you strange saying ‘you’ve changed’/ Like I worked this hard just to stay the same”

At the end of the day, I took a deep breath, looked in the mirror like a proud father, gave myself a pat on the back and re-assured myself “You’ve turned into a fine young man.”

Pinky asked “What are we going to do tomorrow?”… Brain replied “We are going to take-over the world”. I’m convinced that finally My evil plan is coming together.

One thought on “My evil plan is coming together”

  1. I happen to stumble upon your blog because of the nature of let the cool chase you. I’m so glad i did because i enjoy your posts… My evil plan is coming together too…i say the pinky and the brain line everytime someone asks me what Im doing that day… U r the first person that has meant it as i mean it.. Cool 🙂

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