Late night ice cream. Late night thoughts.

Late night ice cream. Late night thoughts.

Flavor: Samoa… I didn’t buy it. It’s ok. But it’s ice cream nonetheless.

Never be afraid to be great. Most times it’s not your obstacles that hinder you, but lack of faith and encouragement. Think about the last time someone believed in you & encouraged you to do something you didn’t think you could do. You reading this? You’re capable of being much greater than you ever could imagine.

I’m really only awake because my order of expresso arrived in the mail today and I couldn’t help but drink one. It’s been months.

Today was a really amazing day. I’m starting to get used to these.

I had so many things going on in my life that I completely lost focus of what I was supposed to be doing. I had almost completely let go of myself… but this blog isn’t about that.

I spent all day riding this Honda Shadow… I never thought I’d like riding a standard, but it takes manliness to a higher level. I can definitely appreciate the relaxed – feet up, nuts out, and wind in your face. It’s a time and place for everything right? In a perfect world I’d have a standard/cruiser in addition to a super-sport. I’ve owned 5 motorcycles in my lifetime. It’s safe to say I’ve got the bug for life. On a crotch rocket (supersport) you’re hunched over, very aggressive riding style… and those bikes could do every lick of 150,160, 170, 180+ (Personal top speed: 196 on a geared/ jetted/ k&n ZZR900). But the thing about riding one of them is the fatigue factor. Any distance you go they will take a toll on you… maybe that’s why you ride so fast? Once upon a time I’d ride to work at 5 am from Wesley Chapel all the way to Fulton Industrial… Each morning took me about 11 minutes on average, exit to exit. I’d do the speed limit home (traffic).


Random: I just thought back to the time I rebuilt my clutch on that 900. I can still smell it. I can still see the kevlar plates lining up.

Twice as random: Today smelled like Houston. It’s a pleasant thing… but yeah don’t ask. Just go to Houston lol.

This was my first time riding this year. I was about to make a poor decision today too..  I was debating on to wear leather, mesh, or just t-shirt and take it slow. I was running to the mailbox before l left, and as I bent the corner, the corner bent me. God tripped me and said “Not so fast”. My right knee is the one that’s scuffed and hurt immediately, the left knee was the one that’s been hurting all day. My hands just a little scraped up, not too much blood. But the lesson was this: The pavement hurts at running pace, so PLEASE BELIEVE it hurts that much more when doing highway speed. I washed my hands, then peroxide, then suited up and went to my meeting. I’m actually supposed to have ice on my knees right now per my physical trainer… except this fridge doesn’t have an ice maker (The little things we take for granted).

Pretty sure my first film will have a motorcycle in it.

Met with one of my favorite designers today, rephrase that… I was summoned by one of my favorite designers today. In our meeting he pitched to me two amazing concepts, I accepted them both. See what happens when you trust God’s timing? He has believers out there watching over me; believers that respect and appreciate the talents that he’s blessed me with. There is nothing more encouraging than someone great saying “You, I want to work with you.” and to top it all off, it’s fulfilling work. It’s not just some snapshots here and there, no, it’s something that puts me so much closer to my goals. I know people do a lot of big talk in “the industry” but it was refreshing to speak with someone who can even speak on a higher level. Someone with vision, someone who actually see’s a picture bigger than what’s currently your reality. I’m pretty certain this is the industry for me.

Also spoke to lead actress and director from our movie from earlier this year. Glad to know they’re doing well.

Ran errands, got new assistant acquainted, put her to work. Got twice as much done. I sit and ask myself “Why am I waiting until just now to hire someone?” Like why is today your first day??? It’s crazy how many other things I was able to get done in a few measly hours of extra help. I mean I guess I did have an assistant once upon a time, she was excellent too, but it was complicated & I couldn’t afford her. I put the “help wanted” out last week, but after reading more proverbs last night I’m like “Ok, I to do this”. Got a handful of responses and I hired the girl that I already knew, but she’s also the most qualified. Same thing as with the designer… I sought out to hire her. I’m done playing the great man role. I feel so much better today. Even though I’m tired, I feel so much less exhausted. It’s so rewarding for the mind, body, and soul to just have help. I was doing some editing and had to narrow 3,500 photos down to 400 (which is still a substantial amount). Not including do the actual shoot and edit their video. After a while it’s just like “ok… I can’t look at these people anymore” That’s not to say you don’t love them, it’s just you need a break. While she’s going through my photos, I have opportunity to do other things… read, write, think. All valuably underrated tasks. Most importantly, it’s a chance to rest your mind while focusing on your next venture.

It’s something I just need to get used to… being my higher self. I am an entrepreneur. I have a personal assistant. Whoa. Great first day! Thank you.

“Better to be lowly and have a servant

than to play the great man and lack bread.” Proverbs 12:9


So much wisdom in the Bible, why didn’t I pick this thing up earlier?

B.asic I.nstructions B.efore L.eaving E.arth.

Came home, watched some sitcoms… and thought to myself how weird it is to watch these shows at home when you were there when they’re being taped. It’s surreal. It could quite possibly be the best feeling, outside of being loved. Also, sometime in the next few months I’ll be on VH1 doing non-ratchet things.

Now… How do I secure more days like this? I want to eat ice cream and ride motorcycles everyday. I guess more hard work and more faith is the answer.

Many many many thanks to the handful of people that actually want to see me be great, probably because they believe they too can be great themselves.

Love Only. Love Always.

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