Today’s injury report.


God has an amazing sense of humor.

He keeps testing me and cracking jokes on me. He knows my heart above all things, but he continually puts me in situations to test my faith. I’m learning, each and every day.

I thought I was about to run around and have a productive day. I’m sitting here with ice packs on both knees from the fall yesterday, and some kinda horse muscle rub on me. Definitely tried to walk down the stairs to take my dog out and got to #3 and had to sit down.  Today isn’t an entirely busy day… Send off some photos for IMDB, email stuff to the producers and sales team, put some actual photos in the mail, meet up to collect video files for my project, and upload this current shoot.

Going to read through some more chapters in this amazing book. It feels so much better being a better person. (Makes sense right?)

OMGosh that’s right… I have an assistant that can take care of this for me. DUH!!

I’ll do what I can from this laptop, and use the help for the remaining tasks.




So the most interesting thing to happen to me this week?

My friend calls me and asks me for help planning her birthday party this Saturday.  Evidently we haven’t spoken in a while,  but it’s cool, I’d love to help her…I actually forgot that her birthday fell that day… I mean it’s only been 5 years and counting lol. I guess this is his way of lightening my punishment?

So yeah, dinner & club. Can’t go wrong. I think I’ll go ahead and take a my first drink this Saturday. I was still going to do something kind for the other birthday to prove that I’m not the asshole society paints me to be, but I’m pretty certain that will not be well received. Going to pray on it.

My homie flying up to New York for the weekend. He got a new boo up there, I seriously hope it works out for him. I’ve been rooting for him to get a girl for the longest. Even better, I think that his life might be falling into place. Between his issues at his job and the new sparks flying that way, there might be a condo for sale pretty soon lol.

I seriously hope he gets up there and has a great time, I’m going to send him some of the bars that we shot our film in. Like Dorian Gray, such an amazing little bar. so many hidden treasures in the city. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE New York. I’m really sad that I never got to go on an official “date” while I was there last time, but I still had a beyond amazing time. I call it one of the top 5 best trips of my life. I was definitely planning on making it back.

Either way, life is good. I’m blessed. I have an amazing team around me. Amazing I say.

I’ve got my family here, and such a missing factor has been my father. The bible makes many a reference to “A father’s strong hand”… all I can say is yeah. I thought I was strong. I don’t want them hands… son. Having that strength/ power versus knowing when to apply it is all the difference. I’m so much better with my dog now, he’s growing much bigger and continually tests me. I had to jump on the ground and tackle him the other day. I’ve had to spank him a few times, but usually just a look and stern voice will do. I know how it effects me, so I can better apply to others.

“Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.” – Proverbs

The last thing my dog really got in trouble for was going in the front yard… and not our front yard, but the neighbors front. His breed is extremely territorial, dominant, and stubborn (like myself). I’m assuming he was trying to mark up the front yard of the neighbors yard to call it his. I went around the other way to meet him, the surprised look on a dog’s face is priceless. Everyone is all “What if he gets hit by a car?!?!” Panic mode. It was honestly nothing I could do except wait for him to come back, chasing would never work. When he got back to the house, the rod was waiting… to remind him to never ever do that again. If I hadn’t done so, it’s kind of like saying “Your behavior was ok”… and he’ll go back in the front and actually get hit by the car next time. The only way I could allow that is if I hated him. He’s getting so much better, but I got the reminder I needed. “He’s going to test you every day for the rest of his life…” Get used to it.

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