I’ve had three amazing days in a row. I couldn’t have done it without all the support I’ve been receiving from those around me. God has put exactly the people I need in my life. I hope today “Thursday” is amazing as well… I simply cannot believe the opportunities that are presenting themselves to me. It’s a bit surreal. But this is exactly what I asked for, and I absolutely love it.

I love this new feeling that I’ve never before felt, to the point that I want to feel this forever. I’m inspired. I’m determined. I’m loved.

I’m still getting used to this.. It’s like, until I see it on the IMDB page it’s not real.

That being said: Resolve your unresolved issues so that you can get to your next level. You can only go as far as your willingness to reconcile issues in your life. Don’t allow the things that people project about you to be true, by responding to the things they are saying about you. Take the high road. (@Toureroberts)

Love only. Love always. Love forever.

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