All We Gotta do.

Happy Sunday!


Everyone so focused on fitting in, I’m sad for you.
Myself and another actor sat as we watched 307 people pile into a room, and for a moment we felt as if we were left out. Eh… you know what, I don’t mind not getting lost in the stampede. Then she asked me “Why do you think that is, that they left you behind?”… I [jokingly] told her “They’re saving the best for last”.

After sitting for 9 hours, without getting any action… they called us in. Retouch makeup, and it’s time for my closeup.

No assistance from props, minor help from costume department..but they styled me in my own wardrobe. No wonder it feels so comfortable.

That not-so-awkward moment when standing out goes right.
Be yourself!!

What if I told you that there’s someone out there who would completely accept you for being yourself? What if I told you that you could leave all the diamonds and gold on the drawer, not drive the fancy car, wear the right watch not the bright watch, and still get the feature in the film?…still get the girl?…. still be completely comfortable as yourself?

I know it’s hard to believe so I guess you’re going to have to just sit back and watch.

There’s many people who don’t accept me for who I am, and that’s ok… I’m not trying to impress you. God is happy, I’m happy, the right people are happy.

Do a better job of being yourself, you’re already good at it. Be great at being you. It’s so much easier that way. There’s a reason why you feel so uncomfortable pretending to be other folks, there’s a reason why it feels inauthentic.

It’s then, when you least expect it, that life becomes better than ever.

“Be Myself” – India Shawn

“I ain’t gotta be a doctor to cure a patient, I ain’t gotta be the president to heal the nation…… I ain’t gotta have a certification to be a teacher, and I ain’t gotta be a teacher to school the children…. all I gotta do is be myself” <—- This woman is changing lives with her music. Keep at it India!!!

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