I just moved in…

Give cMac a chance to buy some furniture for my spot

New pics and blogs on the way…often

my phot website

11 thoughts on “About”

  1. CMac, hi

    There is a way of splitting a comment section into pages. “Scorpio man” blog runs such a long script now it takes some time to load and delays to type/post. Do you think you could split it? Would be much appreciated:)

    Thanks for your hospitality!!!!!!

  2. Hi, CMac. I’m trying to access you September 18, 2007 blog regarding Scorpio men and it’s totally freaking out my computer. Could you please cut/paste it and send it to me at: ShempGomez54@yahoo.com ? Would very much appreciate it. Janet (a fellow Scorpion)

  3. Hi, CMac. I’m trying to access you September 18, 2007 blog regarding Scorpio men it freezes my computer . My husband is a Scorpio and you are absolutely right on the parts i coud read . I want to frame this for him. Please send it to me at Tanyaj825gmail.com.

  4. Hi, I have left numerous comments on your September 18, 2007 blog regarding Scorpio men, unfortunately, I am currently being electronically stalked on the internet, and I would like to have all my comments under the name jojo on that blog article deleted because it contains information I hope to stop spreading to strangers that stalks me. Thank you very much for your help. I will also contact the WordPress main site to help me on this matter, if you are currently inactive on your site.

  5. Gosh, Craig, you’re changing.. it’s so good to see a man growing into his own true shoes (Midwestern of course:D…..) I tried to comment on one of your posts, but it doesn’t seem to take it in.

    If you see this.. Scorpio man comments section is too slow to load now. It could be broken into pages, that’s how:

    WordPress blog dashboard->Settings->Discussion->Other comment settings-> tick box ‘Break comments into pages’

    If you find a minute, Sir, would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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