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All We Gotta do.

Happy Sunday!


Everyone so focused on fitting in, I’m sad for you.
Myself and another actor sat as we watched 307 people pile into a room, and for a moment we felt as if we were left out. Eh… you know what, I don’t mind not getting lost in the stampede. Then she asked me “Why do you think that is, that they left you behind?”… I [jokingly] told her “They’re saving the best for last”.

After sitting for 9 hours, without getting any action… they called us in. Retouch makeup, and it’s time for my closeup.

No assistance from props, minor help from costume department..but they styled me in my own wardrobe. No wonder it feels so comfortable.

That not-so-awkward moment when standing out goes right.
Be yourself!!

What if I told you that there’s someone out there who would completely accept you for being yourself? What if I told you that you could leave all the diamonds and gold on the drawer, not drive the fancy car, wear the right watch not the bright watch, and still get the feature in the film?…still get the girl?…. still be completely comfortable as yourself?

I know it’s hard to believe so I guess you’re going to have to just sit back and watch.

There’s many people who don’t accept me for who I am, and that’s ok… I’m not trying to impress you. God is happy, I’m happy, the right people are happy.

Do a better job of being yourself, you’re already good at it. Be great at being you. It’s so much easier that way. There’s a reason why you feel so uncomfortable pretending to be other folks, there’s a reason why it feels inauthentic.

It’s then, when you least expect it, that life becomes better than ever.

“Be Myself” – India Shawn

“I ain’t gotta be a doctor to cure a patient, I ain’t gotta be the president to heal the nation…… I ain’t gotta have a certification to be a teacher, and I ain’t gotta be a teacher to school the children…. all I gotta do is be myself” <—- This woman is changing lives with her music. Keep at it India!!!


I’ve had three amazing days in a row. I couldn’t have done it without all the support I’ve been receiving from those around me. God has put exactly the people I need in my life. I hope today “Thursday” is amazing as well… I simply cannot believe the opportunities that are presenting themselves to me. It’s a bit surreal. But this is exactly what I asked for, and I absolutely love it.

I love this new feeling that I’ve never before felt, to the point that I want to feel this forever. I’m inspired. I’m determined. I’m loved.

I’m still getting used to this.. It’s like, until I see it on the IMDB page it’s not real.

That being said: Resolve your unresolved issues so that you can get to your next level. You can only go as far as your willingness to reconcile issues in your life. Don’t allow the things that people project about you to be true, by responding to the things they are saying about you. Take the high road. (@Toureroberts)

Love only. Love always. Love forever.

Why I pray everyday.



I was raised in the church like many of us were.

I strayed away around college age, like many of us did.

 But last October while sitting in a waiting room at the local clinic, I was reading a GQ interview with Denzel Washington. He said a very important piece that reminded me, being a God fearing man is still “cool” and highly respectable.





Yes, Frank Lucas… Alonzo.. Hurricane… Book of Eli Washington reads the bible and prays daily. Now so do I. 


Secondly, I appreciate that he used his platform to inspire and make someone better, rather than say… Lil Wayne?

It took me a while to accept that God is really the only way I want to go to reach success, love, legacy, peace, happiness.

Who are your idols? Who inspires you? What are you doing to become a better person? A more successful person?


BE VARY WEARY OF WHAT YOU FEED YOURSELF AND WHO YOU ALLOW TO INFLUENCE YOU. The laws of association are real. Surround yourself with positivity and people who expect more of themselves. 








I Also had the privilege to hear President Barack Obama speak, he went down the same course… “Remove excuses” was a major piece of his message as well as expect more of yourselves and make anyone who looks up to you expect more from themselves. 





Replace excuses with solutions.



Here’s the excerpt and link to full interview. 


Also, what on earth do I have to do to be this Fresh???

Me and my tailor need to have a talk.




My first protest. My first camera.



Photo: Me holding Kodak Camera and wearing shirt




Photo: Lauren, Samantha, and my girlfriend at the time Lauren (I was somewhere in the front of the crowd if you’re wondering where all the people are)



The year was 2007, September, I was a sophomore at Kettering University (General Motors Institute). This was my first time being in the world by myself and having the opportunity to take part in something. I was heavily involved in organizations on campus like National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), and we organized a protest/ march right on the campus yard. 

The Jena Six were six black teenagers convicted in the beating of Justin Barker, a white student at Jena High School in JenaLouisiana, on December 4, 2006. Barker was injured in the assault by the members of the Jena Six, and received treatment for his injuries at an emergency room. While the case was pending, it was often cited by some liberal commentators as an example of racial injustice in the United States, due to a belief that the defendants had initially been charged with too-serious offenses and had been treated unfairly. Conservative commentators noted the breathless reporting of erroneous details by the media.



We organized under our own “Shade Tree”… The news crews came out, the neighborhood came out. We really felt “heard”. We marched up the street and down the street and around the block and down the block. “FREE THE JENA SIX”. We bought a bunch of T-shirts and markers and signs. For whatever reason I felt the need to be “different” and made my shirt in Portuguese “LIVRE O JENA SEIS”. I’m pretty sure I had just returned from a trip to Los Angeles where I fell in love with Brazilian Jazz, bossa nova, etc..  It was also a subtle statement that you didn’t have to be black to support these kids.

My grandfather preached and preached about his protesting days, back during the 60’s… and it never really stuck with me being such a young man. I never saw it effecting me, I never saw these things holding any importance. You kind of brush it off as “that was 40 years ago… things are different now”… We didn’t see the Alabama racism, out of sight out of mind right? When you’re younger, you don’t truly appreciate these things either. 

SN: The thing that pissed me off most was seeing those boys posting pictures flaunting the money that was raised on their behalf. Ignorance pure ignorance.

With comes time wisdom and with experience understanding. Now I look at the injustices in the case we’re now watching with Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teen shot and killed at the hands of an adult white man. It hurts, deep inside my bones it hurts. But what made me feel so good, was so see people marching through the streets of Atlanta. What made me feel good was as my Grandfather starts getting on my case again about how I never did this and my generation never did that I had an answer for him “Actually sir, yes I have marched before. As the chapter secretary of the National Society of Black Engineers I helped organize and participated in……”


It was quite the fulfilling feeling. 

In addition to this story, this was the day that I officially caught the photography bug. If you look in that photo I was holding a superzoom point and shoot, it was a Kodak z712. It was quite an amazing camera, I snapped photos to document the day and the march (can’t find many of them currently). There was a running joke on campus that at any given party Craig would have you tagged on Facebook before you got home that night. There was some truth to that, there’s also some usefulness to that in the professional world of photography. 

It wasn’t the Kodak that did it though, nope. It was a good friend of mine Donald who had an SLR with a telephoto lens on it, a Canon Rebel. I remember him putting it in my hands and letting me snap a few shots. My thoughts something along the lines of “Now this is a camera!” I was permanently hooked, I loved the bulk of it. Without any hesitation I took my next refund check and bought a Nikon D40 basic kit, something like $450… I held onto that camera for 30 days before returning it and asking could I upgrade to a D80 approx $900. When I say hooked, I’m not playing! While I couldn’t see any profitable future in it that day, I definitely knew that I loved this thing and I would always love it. There was no turning back to anything less than a professional camera. Fast forward to 6 years later…

RIP Trayvon Martin

 Love Only. Love Always.



Thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case


First of all, Rest in peace Trayvon.

What are your thoughts on the Trayvon Martin verdict?

I’m a young black male. You look at the prison and death statistics, I realize that you too can be in this situation.

It pains me to know that this kid died, period. I’ve got a lot on my mind at the moment, so George Zimmerman, I’m going to get to you later. Growing up in a rough city many of the kids we grew up didn’t make it, and from all the ones I know personally, it was a black man that killed another black man.

There’s 4 boys I went to school with at some point that did not live long enough to make it through college. Drugs, dice game, a girl, and gang related. That’s the reason each of the four boys were shot and killed. I remember my first two times seeing an assault rifle, both of them took place at school. 1st of them was one of the seniors during practice went to his car and came back in the school with an AR, he stayed near the doorway then they ran and put it up. The second time, was in a homeland security class (yeah.. I know) where they had the SWAT Team come in and show off.

Kids… in high school. Trayvon age. Exposed.

It was always violence, just black on black. The different 17 year olds killing each other.  My heart pains equally for them all.

Now, back to the Zimmerman thing.


Am I bothered? Yes

Am I surprised? No

Am I bothered that I’m not surprised? Yes

All the racists & hateful comments (from white and blacks)? disgust me

What is this country? I dont have an answer for that.

Am I strongly bothered that the media almost immediately tried to erase the headlines of this story with Glee? DEFINITELY

I knew Zimmy was getting off as soon as the jury “went back for clarification”… what that translates to is “looked for more loopholes”. And sure enough he walked.

The stage-play 12 Angry Men changed my views forever in relation to the legal system and judging of people period. If you haven’t seen it…

12 Angry Men is a 1957 American drama film adapted from a teleplay of the same name by Reginald Rose.[3][4] Written and produced by Rose himself and directed by Sidney Lumet, this trial film tells the story of a jury made up of 12 men as they deliberate the guilt or acquittal of a defendant on the basis of reasonable doubt. In the United States, a verdict in most criminal trials by jury must be unanimous. The film is notable for its almost exclusive use of one set: with the exception of the film’s opening, which begins outside on the steps of the courthouse followed by the judge’s final instructions to the jury before retiring, a brief final scene on the courthouse steps, and two short scenes in an adjoining washroom, the entire movie takes place in the jury room. The total time spent outside of the jury room is three minutes out of the full 96 minutes of the movie.

12 Angry Men explores many techniques of consensus-building, and the difficulties encountered in the process, among a group of men whose range of personalities adds intensity and conflict. Apart from two of the jurors swapping names while leaving the courthouse, no names are used in the film: the defendant is referred to as “the boy” and the witnesses as the “old man” and “the lady across the street”.

In 2007, 12 Angry Men was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.[5]

Source: Wikipedia (not the most valid source, but this is a blog not a term paper)

As lightskinned as I am, I know I’m black on the inside… especially in the court of law and corporate america. I’m talking a headlight out led to 5 guns drawn, car impounded, and 2 nights in jail. The system has proven this to me twice so far and almost a third time. I remember another street fight that could’ve ended 1 of two ways…. a. Me getting back in my car, and going home safely like a “punk ass b*tch” or b. Me trying to explain to a judge why I shot 3 white people… they were drunk, angry, I was out numbered, outsized… I’ll always and forever take my chances on a.

Sometimes it takes a bigger…wiser man to lose a fight.

The current record holder for…… nevermind… I started to make an OJ joke and realized how extremely distasteful that would be.

Back on topic…

So I see today my little cousin is talking about raising money to help the family bring a civil suit against Zimmerman. I can understand her intentions, but is it really worth it?

I’m not trying to knock the ambition or disrespect the effort, I just want to know. Why not just let the family be, let God handle the rest?

Give the money to the family just for the sake of giving it to them, not for them to turn around and go pay it all into the court system.

I assure you George will have his day of true judgement. That’s not our place as citizens or human beings to go back and try harder to change his verdict. You just live with it. Imagine if (not saying that he is or is not) but imagine if… he was truly innocent (not implying that he is) and the judicial system wasn’t as flawed as it appeared? Who are we to go back and put in our two cents?

Would you want angry people coming to your trial and throwing money against you and your case? These are just questions to ask yourself.

Honestly, what I feel the family needs is love, support, prayer, rest, and privacy.

The only thing they don’t need = Things that won’t bring their son back e.g. revenge, money, eye for an eye, to drag this any further.

It’s easy for me to say on the outside looking in, but I think we should leave the family to make their own decisions, do what they feel is best… and if it’s to take this thing all the way, then so be it.

I’m just a believer that God will handle it all. (Society handling it, is also part of God handling it).

When you hurt someone you hurt yourself. George Zimmerman took a life, and at the same time he gave his own life. It may not be easy to see now, but I assure you any form of life that he once knew is gone. Protected or not. “Comfortable” or not. Let God handle it.

We cant change the truth, change what really happened, we can’t bring Trayvon back. The only efforts that should be made are to prevent something like this from happening again, perhaps improvements to the legal system and gun control? Perhaps someone out there in the world thinking twice and saving a life? Perhaps a young black man not killing another young black man.

I take my hat off to all protesters and supporters. Do it from a place of love, not a place of hate.

As a young hoodie wearing black male and as your brother, I pray for you and your family Trayvon. Just know that while you were here on this earth you made a difference, your life was not taken in vain. We will be sure to make a difference. Blessings and may Trayvon rest in peace with the rest of our loved ones that are gone too soon.

Greatest comeback I’ve ever witnessed.


My varsity basketball coach, Coach Bush, used to always preach “Offense sells tickets, Defense wins ball games.”

Spring 2003, NBA playoffs in session. My pops, my uncle, myself drove from Flint to the Palace of Auburn Hills to see the Detroit Pistons host the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference playoffs. What happened in the story is the spark for many things, including an NBA Finals win, and The Palace of Auburn Hills (Largest arena in the NBA seating 22,000) setting an NBA record for selling out every single game, 259 games in a row, over the next 5 seasons.

It’s Game 5 of the first round series between the Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic. Orlando led the series 3-1.

There’s a lot of Tracy McGrady slander that goes on these days (post injury) where people clown him for riding the bench. I found this video yesterday of T-Mac scoring 13 points in 35 seconds. He hit’s four 3-pointers in a row including a 4 point play. Simple greatness. 

TMac was my favorite player once upon a time. Halfway because he had the freshest logo and Adidas campaign, secondly because he was the most talented player other than Kobe Bryant… and he didn’t have ugly space shoes like when Kobe was with Reebok. In fact, I had on a pair of TMac’s that night, but of course I was representing my Pistons.

The Pistons were getting it handed to them, nobody. I mean NOBODY could stop T-Mac, until coach Rick Carlisle put in his rookie Tayshaun Prince in the game. Standing 6’9″, fresh off a dominating career at Kentucky, winning two SEC championships. The entire Palace was amazed, TMac himself was amazed, the entire basketball world was amazed. This rookie… this kid… SHUT TMAC DOWN. I think for the rest of that game he might have… just maybe scored 2 points. It was amazing how much defense Tayshaun had to offer, with such long arms. Tonight, the first of two stars were born.

Somewhere into the fourth quarter I did what any curious teenager would do, I began to wander. Orlando fans were leaving, knowing for sure that this was the game they’d close the Pistons out, disappointed as all hell. I get to the lower level, back where the bar’s and club are, I look on the steps on front of me and I see a press pass laying there.

My very first press pass…  little did I know, the birth of a second star.

I didn’t know to put it in my pocket as a keep sake or put it around my neck. A voice in my head told me I knew exactly what to do with it. I went down the steps, security let me through, no questions.

WHAT?!?! You mean you just gave me the key and it works? Watch this.

I went into the tunnel and hung out near the post game press conference area for a while. All the assistant coaches saying their piece, answering preliminary questions. I went back into the hallway and I spot none other than Coach Doc Rivers. I reach in my pocket, pull out a piece of paper, fold it 4 times and instantly I have a press notepad (learned that in journalism class). I didn’t even know what to say to him. I barely even know how important this man was to NBA period. But I was a student (whether on official or unofficial business) and he was willing to give me a moment of his time.

I asked him how he felt about the loss, and what he was going to do to ensure they won the series. He spoke about hard work and closing out strong. He really believed (as any coach should) that they’d get that fourth win. That they’d take it to the next round. I ask him could he take me to the locker room [pause] to meet the rest of the players.

He looks up and says “Matter of fact here comes Tracy right now”

I look up, and standing there 6’8″ is none other than T-Mac himself. I shake his hand, I use the same red marker that I had from the interview with coach, and I immediately snatch the shoe off right my foot handing it to him for an autograph.

(How cool is it to have someone hand you your own shoes for an autograph???)

I walked back upstairs and found my dad and uncle, one shoe on my foot. One shoe in my hand, trying to explain to them the magnitude of what had just taken place. It was bittersweet because that was exactly my second time wearing them. Actually I take that back, it was sweet, just sweet. My uncle trying to playfully knock the shoe out my hand and into a puddle… calling the autograph a fake. Nah, I wasn’t going for that. Not today unc.

Tayshaun guarded Tmac the rest of the series and kept him very very quiet. The Pistons went on to beat Allen Iverson and the 76ers in the next round before being swept by Jason Kidd and the New Jersey [Brooklyn] Nets. San Antonio won the championship. It was NEXT year, that Detroit went to the finals and defeated the Kobe Bryant (who Tayshaun held to only 11 points in the final game) & Lakers. Don’t even get me started about “The Block“… Tayshaun Prince season saving block on Reggie Miller.

iIt gave the entire team hope. Matter of fact this gave the town hope, as a sports nation and as individuals. The Pistons went to the Eastern Finals for the next 6 years (I think) and won the a championship. That following year, Detroit sent 4 players to the All Star game plus their coach. When someone tells me it’s too late, I always find it hard to believe, because they haven’t seen what I’ve seen.

I feel as long as I’m breathing and there’s time on the clock, God on my side? It’s never too late. This was the greatest comeback I had ever witnessed.


I lived it.


My list

I eat what I like, but I don’t like AppleJacks

I love good food.

I love good movies. I walk out on the sh*tty ones.


I can be sarcastic at times.

Fall is the best season of the year.

Macaroni and Cheese is the true meaning behind Thanksgiving

Cranberry and dressing is a close 2nd

Mac > PC

I have to have new socks… soft and brandnew

iLove my iPhone, and buy it lots of accessories.

I love music, good music.

Sade, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, Portishead, John Mayer, Robin Thicke

Bose Quiet Comfort 3 is what bliss sounds like.

I’m 1/ 3 fluent in Spanish jajaja.

Penguins of Madagascar

I like watching football and playing basketball.

I drink quality liquor… and want a single malt scotch right now.

Thievery Corporation

Fresh air

Women are God’s most beautiful creation

I have owned 4 Kawasaki Motorcycles and 1 Honda

Wheat > White



The illuminated keyboard on the MacBook Pro is one of the world’s finest inventions.

Richard Pryor= 2 funniest words in comedy

I listen.

I’m a Scorpio.

Prada + Versace = dope

LA Lakers

I turn the AC on just to get under the covers

Jay-Z, Kanye West, The Roots, Eminem, 50 Cent, Mos Def, Common, Lupe Fiasco

I love Nikon DSLR’s

Economy class is uncomfortable.

I love traveling

Patron Anejo

I use girly lotions, soaps, and shampoo



Nia Long, Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union, Meagan Goode

Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Robert Downey Jr., Brad Pitt, Will Ferrell

Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, The Wire, The Boondocks, Family Guy


American Muscle


Being from Flint

Maxim and GQ magazine

I despise dirty dishes… In the cabinet