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A friend of mine found this and sent it to me (I AM NOT THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR AND I DO NOT KNOW THE SOURCE). I normally don’t believe in this stuff, but it seems to be real true though. The personality described below inside this post is very similar to that of myself:

If you’re in love with a Scorpio male and the word passion frightens you, put on your track shoes and run as if King Kong were pursuing you. He is. Don’t look back. Just run…

It’s pretty certain he hasn’t made a neutral impression on you. He’s either got you thinking he’s boyish and sweet, or that he’s wicked and passionate. The trouble is, he’s neither. Or maybe I should say he’s both. Well, this isn’t getting us anywhere. Let’s start all over again.

In one word, this man is invincible.

Hell bewilder you with his twin Scorpio traits of passion and reason. He’s master of both: intellect and emotions rule him equally. Scorpio is more than intelligent. If he’s a highly evolved specimen, he’s also deeply philosophical, concerned with mysteries of existence, and he’ll come close to knowing the answers.

Normally, Scorpio will surround himself with luxury. He’s geared for love, with confidence. Romance will never frighten him.

He not only enjoys winning, he has to win. Yet he normally practices good sportsmanship. Like all his other emotions, disappointment never shows on those set features, and his reactions are rigidly controlled, including his romantic intentions. It’s merely the Scorpio desire to keep dignity at all cost; he won’t stand for ridicule or cheapness.

Every Scorpio is a law unto himself, and completely unconcerned with what others think of him. He would like to be respected as a good, solid citizen, but if it interferes with his goals, then he couldn’t care less, and those who gossip can just go to hell. None of his important decisions are hampered by the opinions of his friends, relatives, neighbors or enemies. Don’t run away yet. Such beautiful self-containment and sureness of purpose can create a mighty attractive, free spirit who’s not always fussing about what people think.

It’s quite an experience to see the Scorpio man operate under adversity’s black clouds. While others are mumbling and crumbling and grumbling, he is at his forceful, courageous best. He seldom wallows in envy or self-pity, and he doesn’t happen to think that life owes him a single farthing. You can just imagine how much time that saves. Instead of pouting in hurt anger when real troubles hit, he meets them head on. Conquer them? But of course.
That’s what he was born to do.

He has high standards, and he won’t choose his friends loosely. They’ll have to measure up. This is a marvelous, rare kind of man who can share a jug of spirits and joke with rough humor among other men; then tap that deep, inscrutable nature and turn into as gentle and tender lover (with women of course). If there’s anything more to ask for in a male animal, I don’t know what it might be.

He can be cruel sometimes, in front of friends. Later, when you’re alone, he’ll tell you what he really thinks.

It may take a while to adjust to his personality, but it will eventually toughen you up. If you’re too soft, you’ll bruise easily with a Scorpio. Never ask him what he thinks of a new dress or hair-do, unless you’re prepared to be stung by the brutal truth. At least you’ll know his positive statements are honest, and not pasted together with the sticky glue of bored, insincere flattery. It’s better to brave a good, healthy “You look awful,” now and then, and be rewarded by an occasional “You’re really beautiful, you know,” than to swallow a constant diet of vague remarks like: “Yes, dear, it’s lovely, sugar. Mmmmm-just fine, pigeon,” from other men. Don’t you think so?

Women will find him irresistibly attractive, but keep remembering that if anyone is strong enough to resist such continual flattery and temptation, it’s a Scorpio. Doesn’t that make you feel better? It should. It’s true.

He’ll probably be a stern father. The children won’t get away with an ounce of lazy or frivolous behavior. He’ll teach them to respect property, but he’ll also teach them to respect themselves. Youngsters will seldom get the chance to form any false values around a Scorpio papa. Although he’ll love them with as much sincere passion as he puts into everything else he cares about, he won’t stand for any nonsense. He’ll protect them when they need it, but they’ll soon get the message that he expects them to stand alone. If they borrow money from him, he’s liable to charge them interest on it, but it’s for their own good. Often his offspring will find him gentle and funny; still there won’t be any question about who is boss. He’ll joke and laugh with them, and give them a sense of freedom, but the chalk line will be drawn, and they’ll know not to cross it.

A Scorpio man will never allow a woman to dictate to him. He is the man and you are the woman, and if you have any doubts about it, you will be set straight so surely that you’ll never need but one lesson. Yet, a Scorpio husband with a wife who truly understands him, will be tender, sympathetic, considerate, and repay her loyalty with the kind of love most women only read about and wish for.

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  1. A Scorpio man will never allow a woman to dictate to him. Never in a million years. He is the man and you are the woman, and if you have any doubts about it, you will be set straight so surely that you’ll never need but one lesson.


    You know, domestic drama shit, all the additude
    I’d never hit a girl, but I’ll shake the shit out of you
    -kanye west haha

  2. I totally agree, with everything Im so misunderstood but the writer of that definitely knows what they are talking about. Great blog will check you out from time to time.

    The Naimhotep

  3. You have basically written my husband’s biography. Im married to a Scorpio and you couldn’t be more accurate if you had birthed him

  4. hi i had a boyfriend scorpio he’s same and the rules about ‘the man in charge’ are so right also his personality. well it just fit’s so well on him ,that i can not belive it…
    i wish i wasnt capricorn ,maybe it would work,they say it should ,but we are both very strong in ideas..

  5. I just want to say that I like the descripcion above I’m scorpion from November 8. but keep this in mind even that sometimes we do not listen to others, we do care about everybody and we are good people my brother and mother are also scorpion so I know about this. lol. take care you all!

  6. hey! Good read but dude.. Its copied in verbatim from the very famous ‘linda goodman’s sunsigns’.
    Sorry to burst the bubble though

  7. i am a scorpio oct 24
    i agree with what is said.
    i was astonished to read the text and it is so true. just wanted to say it;)

  8. I am a Pisces, and had never met a Scorpio Man, nor did i invlove myself in the art of Astrology, that is until recently. I fell in love with a Scorpio Man over a distance of thousands of miles. His passion pierced my soul from that far away. Being that we are both sensual intuitive people, and also water signs, we are supposedly one of the more perfect matches of the Zodiac, HOWEVER, I being the sensitive fish that I am, I had NO IDEA what type of creature I was dealing with. I got stung several times emotionally and verbally before the relationship was over, and I still have NO IDEA to this day, what exactly happened. All I am SURE of, is that I said and did everything that absolutely must NOT be done or said with a Scorpio. I later found this near PERFECT description of my Scorpio Man, and from that point on I’ve been obsessed with the art of understanding people through Astrology. One word of caution Ladies, He runs HOT or COLD. Never both. If he is into you, he is TRULY into you, regardless of the hoards of other attractive women who are drawn to him. He may flirt, but that’s his job. He could care less about them. they are anciallary distractions. HOWEVER, don’t be fooled into thinking that HE believes the same thing about YOU. He doesn’t. He is the world greatest Hypocrite when it comes to Jealousy! Expect his, and quell yours. As long as you are faithful, and you let him have all the Passionate (not cold fish!!) Sex that he wants, then you should have a VERY devoted Man on your hands. Also.. very important, IF he appears to WANT to be in control of a situtation… then LET him!! Swallow your pride, is it really worth losing him over a silly disagreement? It wasnt for me, and I’ll NEVER get him back, no matter what I do or say. (remember, Hot or Cold, Off or ON.. simple)

    1. Wow!!!! I’m a Scorpio man and I honestly can not believe how accurate you were with your blog! I respect your honesty and and the reason it caught my attention was because I have a lot of pisces friends and they happen to be my best friends!! anyway hit me back,

      1. Hey, maybe you can give me an insight on this situation I was having.
        I am a college student and I was in class with this scorpio guy. He sat behind me; I never did talk to him I found him creepy Lol! he would always try to make conversation or talk to me I was very short though. Then one day I actually got into a conversation with him and all and what Ever he asked for my number I gave it to him and w.e. he would always be staring at me so I was curious. Well point is we started talking and while he would try to ask about me I always pushed him away constantly questioning his intentions. Me being a very distrustful person quite the skeptic here. Well he would get offended and be like okay I wont ask anymore. And I would ask why are you always touching me? his response the same fine I wont touch you anymore, and so on. Well he would always be asking to hang out and I would be like ehh I don’t know, and never say yes. So one day we got into this argument and to make it up I decided to see him so I did. He would ask me always to meet him at bar or ask me to chill at his spot I personally didn’t want to I thought he was up to something. Again I am very skeptical I do not believe in the good in people by words. Well we hung out at his placed kissed all that good stuff (not sex though) but well I had a great time. We continued to talk and we will have more argument all the time. Because I didn’t trust him and when he would be sweet I would question it. I guess most of the times I didn’t respond the way you would expect a girl to respond to sweet charms. Then I decided I didn’t want to be with him and well he convinced me to stay. So fine we got together again and we would talk often ( he would always be busy) to me BS and well, when he got together the second time we had sex and all it was my first time and he knew it. I would also get him little gifts and all I got him a fish because he loves fishing and I thought it was cute. When that happened he was all happy and all and that night he told me something that left me unease he said, “I think you have deep feelings for me” even though I did I denied them because personally I didn’t want to share my emotions and be vulnerable with someone when I didn’t even know where we were standing we weren’t in a relationship or nothing so I just kept it casual although he drove me crazy and I am a very hard female not many men can get me to be at a point like that. I was in-fact I am crazy about him, the look in his eyes when he looked at me ughh makes me cringe. He didn’t text me for two days after my first time having sex… I was so pissed Like WTF!!! seriously so when he did text me (me being a bitch because when you fuck with me you will get fire up your fucking ass) lol I was short with him then the next day he text me again and well I did talk to him and everything and I was cooling off. Then I saw his twitter I am kind off obsessive I guess, people would say I just check posts and tweet to see what you are lying to me about lol. and well he was being very flirty and I was like well dude you can’t fucking say you are busy if you have time to tweet shit. I didn’t tell him this but it pissed me the fuck off so I decided to end things and was very short. and then he comes with his cute, sexy and boyish laughter so damn SEXYYY!!!! I couldn’t resist so I decided not to and gave this other thing I had gotten him, thinking of the little things he had told me he likes doing and all. Here’s were it gets ugly… after we talked for and we were leaving he said I love you in a playful tone. I was like wtf! not in a happy way more of in a moody WTF are you saying way I care about him but I am not in love! and I asked him in that moment “what did you say?” and he said “I said love you” I was like” hahaha laughing and I said I wish” and walked off… we texted a few times and then he hadn’t replied to me for 2 days and when he did he told me this “look I don’t think I am the guy for you I feel like you have more feelings for me than I do and I don’t wanna push things any further. Your a cool girl but I just have priorities right now.” In a text I was like wtf me have more feeling I don’t even tell you anything and when you try to get close and hug me or show me affection I back off. So this left me confused lol. Then I replied by saying ” Me have more feelings for you okay… well have a good life I wont bother you ever again count on that one.” (I have too much pride to go begging or chase people!) then my cousin told me I fucked up and stuff and to call him and all so I did, and he didn’t answer so I told him in a text to pick up he said casually ” whats up? can’t talk on the phone right now” so I was like well ” I wanted to speak of this thing” and he said ” whattttt???? <—-( just like that lol) and he said if its about us I'm sorry but what I told you is how I feel and it's not going to change I'm sorry." I was like " I respect your decision I'm fine with that all I wanted was for us to not be like enemies because of this stupid situation, and I was feeling the same way but then I was confused on whether I should end it or not because I do care I'm not in love but I care." his response was " straight up I like you but I'm not feeling our situation right now and would like to stop it now. Thats all have a good night." my response was " Well okay at least I tried." I honestly see how my actions of pushing away and being kinda of standoffish can be a cause to our end and also how I didn't pay attention to what he was focused on like his baseball and stuff. But well I just want him back and fix things and start over so I want to know what you think about this…

      2. Hi Michelle,

        Sorry for the delay in writing. I am not a guy, so it is not possible for me to help you with “that mission”. Am not a fan of trying to get a guy back, while there is mistrust and aggression on your part.

        Seems like there is alot of misunderstanding and confusion on your part. Which already tells me that your intentions do not help you clear this problem.

        May I ask why you entered this “relationship” in the first place?

  9. I Dont Know Why~ But I Keep Attracting Scorpians~ I Am A Gemini Woman And Have W/ My Scorpio For 4yrs~ Now Geminis And Scorpios Are The Least Compatible~ But This Has Been The Most Intense~ Fun~crazy Ride Of My Life~ They Say U Should Experience A Relationship W/ A Scorpio~ I Would Highly Recommend It~ But Just Know Its Not For The Faint Of Heart~

  10. im currently dating a scorpio man and Im a scorpio myself, i just have to say that we are a match made in havean, i have been in love twice before but nothing compares to this relationship, i can finally trust a man now, he knows how to treat women, very responsible, loyal, passionate, a daydreamer,the only thing im worried about is that scorpio men are highly sexually driven, that scares me a bit.

  11. I’m a Cancer woman dating a Scorpio man for the 1st time for the last several months and I can’t get over how magnetic we are to each other! It’s like a moth to a flame. He has started talking in future tense about the life we could have together someday, and at first I thought he was just trying to impress me, but I think he really sees us together in the long run.

    I’m a little more cautious thinking, ‘yeah right, I’ve heard this before’ so I’m wondering how to handle it when he starts talking this way. I mean, I’m flattered and all but it kinda leaves me speechless when he does this.

    Needless to say, we are a great match and when I’m not with him, he’s on my mind A LOT. He seems to like it when I call or text but I try not to go overboard. Am I on the right track?

    1. don’t he done that too me my scorpio guy then just like that he drops a bomb am not ready and needs space time to do oter things never never marry a scorpio you will get hurt
      if it was me doing it again i wouldn’t text ring let him do the work and he just fooling you into catching you i would be cautious and yes i would agree you probibly have herd it all before and he will move on and do the same again to some other poor girl

  12. Like Michelle, I am a water sign (pisces) dating a scorpio man for the 1st time for the past months. We have so much in common that its scary. He is so loving and calls me and emails me through out the day, and unlike other men hes thrilled when i do text him or call, although like Michelle i dont do it as often as he does. He likes to find romantic things for us to do like dinner in a restaurant right on the beach. I think about him quite a bit , but hold back from telling him or from being as caring to him as he is for me because of everything ive read about scorpios. Many people say they are hot and cold. Heard so many stories about them changing a few months into a relationship. I dont know if my being reserved in this relationship will help or kill it? any info would be appreciated.

    1. if it was me again i got hot hot hot hot then cold its over he actully had me believeing i was his soulmate now am wreacked is it worth the hassle no save your heart for a easier sign

    2. honestly just go with the flow & see where it takes you, i have despite all the warnings. unless u cant handle the intensity. you live you learn! like the saying “better to have loved than lost.”

  13. Hi to Michele and Maria, About those Scorpio men of yours-I’d have to agree. I’m a Cancer woman age 45 and just happen to be 20 years older than “my”Scorpio man. He is exactly as described. We have an incredible amount of things in common and the sex is beyond incredible-passionate,sweet and caring.We had incredible chemistry and attraction even before we met in person(we met online and yes I know people are skeptical about that sort of thing) but he is a genuinely amazing person!And, I, being that Cancer crab in her shell, am usually very guarded about people in general, especially guys, but, I felt immediately at ease with him prior to meeting and the fireworks really went off when we did meet for the first time. He is romantic, passionate and sensual, and he came into my life when I was least expecting it, like a whirlwind ,sweeping me off my feet. I have never met anyone like him ,and am sure I never will again. He IS hot and cold, and alot of the reason for this is that he is a Rookie New York City firefighter working a ridiculous amount of mandatory overtime and often, not alot of free time.So unfortunately, I don’t get to see him too often,but when we are together it’s incredible.He’s the sexiest man, inside and out,that I’ve ever met in my life!I do think about him ALOT when we’re apart, and do text sometimes but not overkill, and occasionally leave him a hot voicemail-which he loves! I don’t ever want him to feel pressured because I know he can’t help what his job demands, but he being the Scorpio, I don’t want to be cause for that stinger coming out. Maybe we women are a bit intimidated by them,or maybe they’re just the best guys to ever come along in our lives and we don’t want to do anything to lose them. Ladies please write back!!

    1. I have been seeing a scorpion man on&off now for a little over a month.

      He told me he likes me , but yeah now it is like he has me playing some kind of guessing game as to what he really thinks about me .
      I really like him a lot and I am trying to play it cool, but I do not like not knowing the whole deal
      with him.( i am a Cancer woman)
      We did have a little misunderstanding in the beginning,it made me a little
      angry. i wanted to leave him a voice mail, but he ended up answering,
      anyway everything was fine after that.
      But now like i said i am not sure
      about what is really going on in his head&i do not want to bother him
      because he works hard all week & I am
      trying to give him his space.
      Anyway i guess I’ll just wait to see what happens.

    2. Nancy,

      I’m happy to finally find someone who shares similar experience, at least how the relationship started, online, mine thru FB. He showed his interest of me very subtly, without seeing my pix, but I gather he knew the big age gap (over 20 years gap), and I’m married.

      Maybe you can help me to explain, why big age gap doesn’t bother some Scorpio
      man? Can soul mate type of thing really overcome big age gap?

      I really felt I spiritually connect with him, my spirit was so high while we interacted on FB, I couldn’t even stop smiling…., but I also felt anxious the same time.

      Anyway he “unfriended” me, cause I couldn’t go forward with this. But I still miss him everyday dearly. How can those feeling be so strong, considering we have never physically met or talked to each other? Is it because we can’t get what we want that makes us miss more?

      Haha… your post is almost 3 years ago, I hope this post is able to reach you.

      Best Regards

      1. W a Scorpio, it is totally possible to see past an age difference…i have been in love w my Scorpio ever since I first laid wyes on him in June of this yr…we broke up in July and he came back to me in Sept…maybe he missed me or loves me so deeply he can’t stand to be without me…that’s what every Scorpio lover hopes though. He’s told me when drunk that he loves me sooouch and from what I gather, they aren’t fickle in their affections…they will always love you or what they love abt you…the hot/cold thing has to do w .absorption of emotions more than losing or lacking them for you. They will make up their mind to end things w you but loves you or feels so deeply abt it that they go away for 2 weeks to make sure it’s the right decision becuz they understand your emotional investment…and honestly the time away is to prepare you for life without them as well as get it together in their heads. Trust that there is enough confidence within them to tell you on the spot, they just don’t because they feel your pain LITERALLY…unless they feel you aren’t worth their effort which they wouldn’t have even approached you because well they knew they would like you before they said hello to you…thats how in tuned they are w your energy…my Scorpio maybe on the distant end but i a Capricorn, knows when they are hiding tho…all except 2 of my friends are scorpios and all except 2 lovers have been scorpios…and with all i know abt them i have still yet to master not letting them flip the script on me…i let the distant thing get me everytime because i crave their affection…nothing is better than being surrounded by your Scorpio who’s gentleness is still too manly for words…good luck to those getting over one cuz i have yet to kick my addiction but note that there are so many of them willing to love you that you must not let yourself waste away from not having the love of one… ❤

    3. I am a cancer girl who has also just started going out with a scorpio firefighter, I completely relate to and get the last post! Thank you

  14. Wow!! That read was sooo so true! I have the worlds most odd relationship with a scorpio man. I met him 3yrs ago when he was in my city on a business trip. However we stayed in touch over the phone and via txt msgs. Over the past 3 yrs, he has said that he wants to marry me and that he loves me…but we NEVER HAD SEX! I feel so emotionally connected to him and its driving me insane! I told him I was dating someone and he got sooo upset! i’m so confused because although we talk and send pics to one another….we never made an attempt to get togetherin person! what kind of relationship is that? So I started dating, now he dosent want anything to do with me beyond just friends! lol!!!! I love him, but he’s a bit crazy!! That’s a scorpio for ya,…i guess! The whole jealous , insecure , controlling bit…its true! lolz @ him trying to control me via phone and txt! lol!!!

  15. Hi Nancy and all. Yes he can be a little jealous for example if were text msging and i text him something that didnt make sense to him he has told me im texting the wrong person and that if im seeing someone else its okay just be honest!(being a pisces im good at reading his signs).So ill call him and explain and then well both laugh! if im not answering his calls (cause im busy or didnt hear the phone ring)hell leave me a msg that hes been thinking about me and to call him. Being out with him in public is different from other guys because we seem to have this connetion where i can tell what hes thinking and well start laughing. He doesnt seem to hide his feelings from me (at least not yet) but his friends and coworkers say he always has a serious face. Hes rowdy with his guy friends and can act a fool, but when were alone hes so loving and gentle. Like Nancy said sex is incredible hes so caring and passionate, but me being the pisces am much more playful during sex than he is. He is very intense and i will tease him why so serious, only then when i see his smile and hell pull me close and tell me hes just concentrating and laugh in that sexy voice of his. You can probably tell by now how caught up in him i am. I am 38 and have never felt this way about anyone including my ex husband (whos a leoby the way,) Maybe i should run now while i have one ounce of energy

  16. I agree, agree, agree. I met this Scorpio man about a month ago and we can’t get enough of eachother. He is totally the mysterious, passionate man that has been described here. He is hardcore with his friends but so gentle with me. He compliments me from head to toe everyday. He is telling me I’m the one he wants to be with forever but how can I be sure? It’s only been a month. I don’t take him to serious and I never call him. This guy has an ego and has alot of confidence. I believe he can have anyone he wants but he’s with me almost all the time. We have an amazing chemistry and everyone that has been around us thinks the same. I would love for this to be long term but with a Scorpion man, the fire might run out.. I am doing everything so far to keep him interested in me. I am not chasing him or suffocating him. He needs to be free (that’s what he told me) so I give him his space but when he wants me, he will call me 10 times until I pick up. I just love it. I’ve had Scorpio friends and my brother is Scorpio but dating one is a whole different story.

    1. It is not going to work out if you try extremely hard. You have doubts! Just be natural…yourself. I am Scorpio and I know what it like to date one.

  17. Hi ladies. Well,since I last wrote,things have changed and I’m puzzled. His cold side has apparently kicked in big time,as he has disappeared completely.Things were seemingly great the last time we were together,and he spoke of”next time” as most likely being sometime in the week to come…AND NOTHING.This was four weeks ago. OK so, is this a Scorpio man behavior??If anyone has ANY input please share, and ,hey, if any of you ladies would like to converse off of this site ,let me know on here. LOL maybe we can have some consoling sessions.

    1. Hi Nancy , yes my scorp disappeared
      for a while about a month.
      It’s been over a month since i’ve
      seen him, i texted him some
      messages no response for over
      a week since he called me to say
      he has a lot on his plate.
      But does he think i still think
      he is interested in me, oh and i had
      let him know me and my bf han split up.
      And never asked about it,but he knew
      i was involved with someone from the beginning and it was kool.
      but now i feel that he probably decided he was’nt into me any more
      and did not want to look like
      the bad guy and just told me he would be busy & will talk to me soon.Well i am not contacting him so if he wants to see me he can call me, but i don’t think i will be seeing him again, What do you think ?

    2. Hi Nancy , yes my scorp guy also disappears for a while, then comes back . We had a little misunderstanding 3 months ago & he told me he wanted out, that he was done ! But when i mentioned to him that i was going out with a cop that following weekend.. i am pretty sure he was jealous. three weeks later he was back in my life ! now he has been playing hide & seek again , but telling me he is busy, which is fine , because i have been busy too.
      Maybe he thinks i can’t survive without him .. well i can & i did very well before i even knew he existed. anyway i have not texted him in almost 2 weeks the longest time without contacting him, because he told me he would be away for 2 weeks.
      And even when i think he may be back
      i am definetly not contacting him, he knowa my number if he still wants to see me, otherwise i don’t care.

      1. I would be very careful here Nancy. You are so wrong because he is in control, despite what you think. And I can bet, that by the time you get this note -if ever- you will understand is really, you know nothing about Scorpio men. How in the world you sleep around and expect him to be after you? Go and get a boring Libra or Virgo. Then you can do as you say and please, but don’t expect to find any treasures in there. Otherwise you are simply playing w/ fire. Good Luck ! LeoGirl
        PS: I have been married to 1 for 18.5 years, and would give my life to this man. No one ever made me feel as cared, loved or protected.

  18. That is experience that I have had with my exhusband and my boyfriend of 5 years. Both born on Nov 21. (I know) It has taught me how important living in the moment can be. Also, that he will be back….trust me.

  19. I’ve met a scopio guy and he is the most awesome man i’ve ever been with i’m a aries women and i met him on the bus and he called me the same night we met, we was suppose to meet up two days later but he called the same night we made passionate love all night long and been seeing each other since but i think he have more women but i’m glad i came to this site so i could understand what i’m feeling and how to go about this relationship. he rally letting me know hat he want me. i hope i don’t mess this up

  20. So true. I’ve been seeing an older Scorp man for the past two years….known him for about 5 years now. At first he was crazy about me and fixated on me all the time (he would sigh heavily whenever he passed me and would get visibly aroused all the time) I played it cool and let him know I liked him but no sex and such. After about two months of the above behavior, I told him I was moving elsewhere for a couple of years but wanted to see him regularly. At this point, he turned cold on me and has been hot and cold for the past two years now. It was not until last month that he started calling again and being more at ease with me. Did he see my moving away as a sign of betrayal?

  21. Hi Baren 🙂 How can you be so sure my guy will be back?I mean , I’d REALLY love to believe that,but would I be deluding myself? You know what really bothers me about it now? In the beginning he offered,no, maybe insisted would be a better use of words, that he would come to the Nursery School that I run with all his fire gear, in January and talk to the kids about being a fireman. This was his idea 100%!!And he was beyond enthusiastic about it!At the time I said ‘well, this is provided of course that we’re still talking then’ and his reply was”why wouldn’t we be? I really like you”.It’s now 6 weeks since I’ve heard from him.So, what should I be thinking now?? And Lana, what in the world did you do to get through those two years of hot and cold?? I can’t imagine that, as 6 weeks seems like a nightmare to me. LOL- HELP!! What is it about these guys that gets such a hold on us?? I’m seriously glad we can all vent here! Thanks ladies !! 🙂

  22. Hi everyone thought id also update like Nancy my scorp has gone MIA for a week now. Last time we went out everything was great. He said he might come over the following weekend before i left for a two week vacation with my girlfriends ..I dont crowd him i give himhis space. The only contact was when i texted him. He texted me back and forth. Now its been 5 days and he has not called me. Im supposed to spend his birthday with him, but i dont even want to call and find out if we are still on.I guess im getting the cold side of him now also!

  23. Ladies, I first started seeing Scorp guy in January and we stopped in May after he ran cold and I sent a note why he was contacting me. At that point, we emailed 1x a week. He recently started texted me after 5 months and we ended up spending a few dates together. Please ladies, move on. It is not worth the emotional torture of WAITING for this guy. You are worth SO MUCH MORE. You deserve so much more.

    Life is short, do you want to spend it pining for this loser or spend it living life. He’s not IT. If he was THE ONE, you would know it and you’d be *happy*.

    From personal experience and lots of sleepless nights. :>

    Good luck.

    1. Hi Karen, Yes i am at the point of wanting to forget about a certain scorp guy. He has been away from me for over a month, and i understand he is busy, i have been busy too, but i still was trying to find time to see him. He did not come around had more excuses, funny thing is that we had a small misunderstanding 3 months ago and he said he wanted out. But 3 weeks later he came back why ? ?
      If he knew he would not have enough time to see me anyway why bother ?
      He knows that i like him & i felt that he liked me also.Anyway i textd him 3 days ago to see ehat was up & he textd back he would be gone for 2 weeks, why tell me that? I don’t really care anymore, i’m tired of his
      games. And i am not texting him anymore to see if he’s back or not.
      He says we are friends well he has not really proven that to much either
      i think i had been a better friend than he will ever be.

  24. To Nancy and Maria with the men who went MIA:
    I’ve never known a Scorpio per se, but if a man disappears for SIX weeks, its probably best not to use his Scorpio sign as an excuse for this kind of behavior. Like, that’s a REALLY LONG TIME to not contact someone you’re dating, whatever the sun sign. Drop the dude.

  25. to mkb, yeah call me after you meet one…lol
    if i hadnt dated one i would not beleivin ghtis either, unfortunately theres another site just for scorpios with 1,000 member who afree this is the way they are.

    FYI-1 week was too long for me and i have already moved on

  26. i am an aries woman in a relationship with a scorpio man and he drives me completeley insane, he is intensely jealous, possessive and a control freak i love him to bits and his magnetism fascinates me, but he is really hard work we have been at loggerheads since the relationship started 4 months ago, and i have a funny feeling that if this relationship lasts it will continue! but hey i love him all gud and bad points, and he is very passionate loyal and true, he is the first scorpio i have dated and will probably be the last at times i feel like he drains me emotionally

    1. OMG Katrina! I’m an Aries dating a Scorpio man myself, and I agree with you 100% about being emotionally draining. We live about 3 hours apart and when we are together it’s wonderful and then I won’t hear from him for days. I called him on this and he is not speaking to me…he frustrates the heck out of me but I love him! Yikes!!!!!

      1. I am not trying to hurt your feelings by any means about your Scorp man.
        I am a Cancer women with Taurus rising. I know these men ways QUITE well.

        If you are not on the same level with them, they will go away..maybe come back to see if they can test you as being someone they really want. Yes, they are like that!..constantly testing you for many things that they ( we ) need to know is real in you. Scorps will seek out good sex, but if there is nothing more, then they will go away at some point for good.
        Go read as much as you can about Aries women and Scorpio men. You will read that sex is good, but yet there is no tolerance for much of anything else. That is not good “building blocks” for any kind of future with this kind of man.
        Out of kindness to you..wake up and smell the “black roses” with these men. You can either handle it and completely submit to them ( while still holding on to your own self-esteem ), or you might seriously want to put on your BEST track shoes and run away like you have never run before.
        Yeah, remember don’t look back.
        Yes, Water Born people look for what is real,loyal and 100% true. This is a very DEEP emotional thing with them. Yes, you will send lots of time with us proving your loyalty.. up to dealing with our moods and constant questions. Scorpio and Cancer signs are totally good at finding out if you are worthy of their true love and devotion. For the most part, we are truly better off with our own kind. Air Signs such as Aries are just someone we can play with for a short time..but only for sex.
        Sorry!..I really am sorry to say this… but it is so true.

      2. wow its amazing how much these posts are helping me out. im an aries woman in a relationship with a scorpio and i can tell ya… it is a real roller coaster ride. one minute everything is perfect. then the next minute we argue. then we make up again. crazy huh. 7 months of this but i know he really loves me. some of you ladies are crazy to put up with the disappearing act. the longest my scorpio ever disappeared without contact is 1 night. not even 24 full hours. so you guys make me feel real special. the information on how to deal with them is very helpful to me. i thought it was just me not understanding my man but i see its just the scorpio nature.

      3. @ KMH,

        *** Scorpio and Cancer signs are totally good at finding out if you are worthy of their true love and devotion ***

        That sounded a little one sided.

        My sister is a Cancer. I don’t mean to down talk Cancer, but is it true that water signs don’t have true compassion in sympathy and empathy for others but themselves?

        With my sister, you can’t go to them talk true feeling, such as about your anxiety, your sorrow, your frustration, etc. She gets so irritated and attacked me for being whiny, told me to shut the hell up, while she can complain all day long about others, as she’s always a victim, and expect others to listen, if not, she got all defensive about. Hummm…. I really start to think those sensitive signs are sensitive for their own feelings, not for others…..

        Not to generalize all signs, but just from reading up about Scorpios and Cancer, who both have trouble trusting people, and feel they are entitled to test people, while those testing are truly hurting their love ones.

  27. To Wanda, did you say you thinks he has more women, if you did why would you be so worried about messing it up. I may miss my scorp, (im sure as hell aint gonna call him) but if he had another woman or more women that would be a darn good reason to leave and never look back.

  28. Hi Maria and everyone.So it’s now been two months and nothing from him.Next Saturday is his birthday and I’m planning to text him Happy Birthday. But I’ve decided that if I don’t get any response back,I’m going to drop the whole thing,because anyone who won’t even respond with a “thank you”upon hearing Happy Birthday is just rude. I’m feeling hurt and angry now. I just do not understand why guys talk about things in the beginning without provocation,like future plans for months down the road and how awesome they think you are and then take off. I know I’m probably naive,but I just really don’t get why they would say something they didn’t mean. I didn’t pressure him in any way-he always said these things on his own.CONFUSED-HELP-LOL!!And Maria, I am going to write you at the address you gave me,I’ve just been really busy with my Nursery School. Feedback please!

    1. I am a Sag and I have a Scorpio man as well. I am from a fire sign so I literally put up with nothing from this man from the beginning. I respect him as a man but I expect it in return. In the beginning of our relationship he would contact me daily early in the day and we saw each other frequently but he would disappear every week for a day or two. When he would contact me back I was busy with other dates. I don’t wait around for him and he knows I wouldn’t do that. I don’t put up with disappearing acts so he doesn’t do that anymore. I will find someone that really wants to be with me all of the time not just on his terms but mine as well. I will not live in a guessing game. I hate that you did this to yourself. I see the date as Oct 2008 so I’m sure it’s resolved by now. LOL!

    1. I am not trying to hurt your feelings by any means about your Scorp man.
      I am a Cancer women with Taurus rising. I know these men ways QUITE well.

      If you are not on the same level with them, they will go away..maybe come back to see if they can test you as being someone they really want. Yes, they are like that!..constantly testing you for many things that they ( we ) need to know is real in you. Scorps will seek out good sex, but if there is nothing more, then they will go away at some point for good.
      Go read as much as you can about Aries women and Scorpio men. You will read that sex is good, but yet there is no tolerance for much of anything else. That is not good “building blocks” for any kind of future with this kind of man.
      Out of kindness to you..wake up and smell the “black roses” with these men. You can either handle it and completely submit to them ( while still holding on to your own self-esteem ), or you might seriously want to put on your BEST track shoes and run away like you have never run before.
      Yeah, remember don’t look back.
      Yes, Water Born people look for what is real,loyal and 100% true. This is a very DEEP emotional thing with them. Yes, you will send lots of time with us proving your loyalty.. up to dealing with our moods and constant questions. Scorpio and Cancer signs are totally good at finding out if you are worthy of their true love and devotion. For the most part, we are truly better off with our own kind. Air Signs such as Libra are just someone we can play with for a short time..but only for sex.
      Sorry!..I really am sorry to say this… but it is so true.

      1. Actually air signs normally break up with water signs, not the other way around … Scorpio may be the exception but this the norm with cancer and pisces. Air signs tend to be very intellectual and independent while water is emotional and possesive. Also, above you mentioned Aries was an air sign — fire sign.

  29. Hi Nancy… I understand ,a lil, how you feel…I’ve been “pursuing” for lack of a better word, this scorpio guy since July. At first everything was really good…and then he just stopped contacting me…so I played the game with him for awhile, but then I broke down and contacted him…WE picked up like we hadn’t skipped a beat…then nothing…this has been going on off and on since then…In the mean time, I fill my time with other things, but he is always on my mind….I don’t know what it is about him…anyway, his b-day was yesterday. I texted him and nothing…Then I called him 2x today and I still haven’t heard back…I am about ready to say bump it and move on…But I just can’t…my feelings for him are too real…

  30. Hey Huny. Wow !! It sounds like you really understand where I’m coming from on this one!Yeah, I can’t seem to bring myself to just ditch the whole thought of him,and what makes it harder, is remembering how good it was the times we were together. Going back to our very first conversation online and all of the sweet things he said to me. It wasn’t like he was giving me a load of crap. He was just being his cute,energetic,enthusiastic (somewhat high strung- LOL)self!Why is it SO EASY for some women who write in here to dismiss these guys and to advise us to do the same??Feel free to contact me at I’d love to talk further with you! :)Thanks!

  31. Hi Everyone,
    I got mixed up with a Scorpio over a month ago. He pursued me for awhile and I really didn’t give him the time of day. I am just finalising my divorce and hadn’t really thought about being with anyone at this point (Even though the marriage has been OVER emotionally and physically for many years).Then one night I went to a party at his home and something-(really no way to explain it)-exploded between us. Unfortunately, I think (opinions please) I slept with him that night and had the most amazing sex I have ever had in my life (and I’m 39!). Anyway-for 2 weeks we saw each other everyday and it was whirlwind. Then I acted stupid (fresh from a nightmare of a psychotic ex-I have my trust issues) and my oldest son found out and confronted him in an attempt to ‘defend my honor’ I suppose. At this point things cooled instantly. Since then he has taken me to a party with his closest friends and then NOTHING for days….We met up Friday, had a wonderful time, spent the night and now NOTHING. I have not texted him since Sunday and just broke down and texted to see if he would respond. He hasn’t. I am seeing another man as well (not sexually) because I refuse to put all my eggs in one basket but I really like Mr.Scorpio with his exciting life.Thanks for listening to my LONG story LOL….How do I handle this with dignity and not push him away? Any advice is so welcome!

    1. My scorpio guy is back !
      Really passionate feelings .
      It’s always great , but then he sends
      me mixed messages. Friends , but i think he has jealousy if he hought
      another man would be with me & having sex. Does he feel that i am his property ? If he has deeper feelings for me he surely hides it very well.
      my birthday is coming up & he knows when it is & i am wondering if he is planning anything. I dropped a few hints but he has not said much of anything really.
      The other thing that is odd is that he has mentioned on a few occasions
      that he wanted another guy to join us
      the reason is because he says it takes me along time to climaxx & he wants me to get off first & then he wants to do me . But i think he is not really serious, because i don’t
      think he would want to share me with another man. Anyway so far it’s beeb better with us even though we have never had a fight. Has any of you other women dating scorpio men experienced this ?

      1. Hello Cancer girl. The scorpio you describe sounds uncannyingly like a guy I know. Just everything you said about him. Out of curiosity where are you from?.

    2. Jenny, both of you need to explore each other on meaningful planes of intimacy, way beyond the act of squeaky bedspring sex.

      I do realize this ferocious event happened over 2 years ago, so he’s probably now sharing his seed with any gullible maiden who wants it… as he intended to do while with you and prior to being with you.

      If he felt like you wanted blatant control or you tried to undermine him through the weapon of sex or mind games, that is a good assertion as to why he may have left to the cave.

      Also, if unevolved… he may have thought only about the physical feast of you… while dumping the self-honest maturity and strength needed to fully commit to you.

      Don’t blame yourself. Blame him for not transforming your inner-worlds of feeling and values through his lack of depth, wisdom, strength and individuality.

  32. Ok Jenny, we have to talk!!And hey everyone, I talked to my guy today-SURPRISE!!!I saw him online which I haven’t for two months, and decided to just say hi. And,surprise of surprises, he actually answered me. We talked for about 20 minutes and I asked if he was still planning to come and talk to my nursery school class-HE SAID YES!And , he’s very excited about it.He also apologized for not being around or texting- I’m in shock!The down side is-DRUMROLL- he and his ex are working on things. But, you know what, I’m OK with that, I think-LOL. I mean it bothers me, tinge of jealousy,but I’m really just relieved and happy that he A)talked to me B)is Ok(regarding his job and all)and C)isn’t letting me or my nursery school kids down.So, yes ladies,these guys really are what we’ve all been talking about on here-unpredictable(big time),majorly hot and cold,and irresistable!And, to any ladies who have written in and have not experienced the Scorpio man,find one and you’ll know what we’re all talking about here!!

  33. Ladies PLEASE stop giving men this much power over you! I’m a huge lover of astrology and obviously found this site by searching for info on Scorpio men. BUT as I was reading these posts I started getting so infuriated- not at you, but at these men for treating you all this way. If a man only makes you an option then why are you making him a priority?!! Don’t worry or try to predict the next move “your Scorpio man” is going to make– Make YOUR OWN moves! “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”–> Eleanor Roosevelt. TAKE YOUR POWER BACK LADIES!! And that is coming from a 24 year old Cancer female!!

    I’m done now… I’m going to go watch Obama win this election and celebrate!

    1. No Liz. Just the opposite of what you think.

      A woman (subconsciously) Wants to feel out of control. But she won’t admit it. She Wants that feeling of submission while Trusting the power of her surrender to a worthy male. Even though inward surrender does frighten her to death, her intense experiences are ‘exactly’ what she wants and needs to transform.

      The thing is… she is just too innocent to know it. Regardless of her age or sexual experience.

      When ambivalent emotions enter her… the reality of her “self-esteem” then becomes a non-issue.

      Trusting the Truth of a deep union means trusting the capacity of her own real feelings. Not trusting is denying the Truth of such a bond.

      We male Scorpios simply make your unknown depths of feeling known. Especially through the channel of sex.

      1. cont….

        So once a woman has entered the Dark of her hidden soul, through transformational sex-soul bonding… she then fears the sheer impact of depth found and envisioned in her deeper-self.

        Aka, the Unknown.

        In essence… each transformational experience does have ‘extremes’ riddled within it. People must not be afraid of those extremes, but look to Understand their hidden Origins.

        The Persephone girl who once “thought” but did not see the depth of her own heart and soul above the ground in her frivolous day-light activities… now begins ‘to See’ the beauty and riches discovered moving her within the Underworld of her own Shadow.

        Here is an important idea to keep in mind… Hedonistic pleasures are not a Pure highway into the caverns of the Soul. Any drug, food, alcohol or lust motivated sex laced binge or escape to justify ones weak indulgences… will only, and I mean only… end in a delusional date with the Devil himself.

        And I don’t care how ‘In Love’ two people “think” they are… If any hedonsitic tendencies infiltrate the Realism of the Soul… all karmic DEEDS will pay their due. On YOU. That’s no guess. That is a promise.

        Handling our Shadow is to understand an immortal self-knowledge, sans drugs. It is to Understand what real pain and evil IS, and to really know what it means in our above-ground lives, and what those above-ground lessons DO to our manifestations of reality.

        People avoid consequence because that would mean finding the Truth of ones deeds and experiences.

  34. Go Obama!!! What a wonderful day for America!….Anyways-Liz, I agree and I have my Girl Power, lol. But I also believe in giving someone as great as my Scorpio man a chance. And, keep in mind I had been in a very unhealthy relationship with a psycho until I got my education and left. As a result, I tend to have warped perceptions at times and am working with a therapist to be healthy and patient in relationships. So, it may not entirely be him. We had a great date on Friday and I’m sitting there worrying because he didn’t call on Monday. Yet we talked Saturday and Sunday. Actually, he even texted me while he was at a very important business function Saturday night. So, I think it is me just being fruity. We talked last night and I opened up, admitted that my perceptions are not right at times but also told him that he seems guarded and that his steel wall was obviously opened by invite only and he disagreed. I think he knows I hit the nail on the head though because when I told him that I get it-he is guarded-and it is ok he then opened up big time and called this morning to tell me he isn’t ignoring me and reassured me. Kind of sweet of him. So, we will see. He is just too wonderful-smart, successful and funny to turn away from too quickly. So, we’ll see where we go from here. The ball is in his court. Nancy-glad you heard from him and, I agree, these men are irresistable and remarkable people. One of my sons is a Scorpio-can’t wait to see how he turns out!

  35. Hello ladies…my name is chaunda (shon-da) and I’m a capricorn woman who has been in 3 VERY serious long term relationships with scorp men. I’ve been reading all of the responses on this site and I felt the need to inform you on how to handle a scorpio mans behavior. OK….my 1st scorp and I were together for 5yrs. I battled with the hot-cold ,on-off drama until I finally called it quits! Scorp #2 behaved the same way but I was so immune to scorp#2s behavior because scorp#1 toughend me up to their bullsh#t!!… the difference w/#2 was that I wasnt that in to him so he chased me until the order of restraint was in place! By the time #3 came along I realized that in order to tame a male scorp, you must maintain a certain amount of mystery. He gets bored because we women fall for their all or nothing tactic too soon in the courtship…ITS ALL A GAME !! They are the masters of seduction and they live in their emotions for the moment. They will tell you what you want to hear to get you where they want you and cut you off cold turkey! If you chase them it’ll only make it worse..if they don’t call you…DONT CALL THEM!!!!. Act as if you didn’t even notice the days had gone by since you last spoke because you were soooo busy! (yea right) lol but remain pleasant and don’t nag…Please take their proposals and promises with a grain of salt. Have fun with them ,get a life and remain light hearted. When they see that your not easy to capture and you dont appear to be desperate for a relationship, they will stop the games and become the worlds most loving ,passionate and caring men that you could only dream or read about in love novels!!! That is how I got #3 to propose to me after 1yr of dating. We’ve been married 4yrs and 8mos and I STILL have hot cold issues will him BUT I turn it into something positive and look at it as time to spend on me exp; hair,nails shopping etc… or to hang out with my son. When he gets through his dark moments he comes back with so much passion and it gets better with time!! Trust me!!

    1. “… He gets bored because when women fall for their all or nothing tactic too soon in the courtship…ITS ALL A GAME !!…”

      No sweetheart. It’s only ‘A Game’ or ‘A Tactic’ to the person with a roadblocked mind and soul… who is blinded by the fickle dance and seduction of superficiality.

      Skimming along the surface in love is offensive to a rich male Scorpionic nature.

      Choose your Scorpios wisely little Goat. Don’t be afraid to delve deeper before you get all grubby and sidetracked by a black Scorpionic heart.

      Money, looks, public image and career status never make the man. Never forget that illusion.

      It is fine discovering thorns when relating… they are not bad for you. So dig deeper past appearances. With open eyes, you will eventually see black roses emitting poison. Those invisible poisons certainly ARE bad for your soul.

  36. continued….. however its sooo important to let them know that you are there for them and you only have eyes for them because they need constant reassurance. when they are in their dark phases, buy an “i love you” card and leave it where they will find it..they love little secrective love games! keep it spicy and interesting and they will do the rest! Its so easy, just lighten up and live your life. He will never stray if you don’t give him the slightest reason to.
    thanks for reading! toodles!!! 🙂

  37. Chaunda: you were pretty much 100% correct in your posting about how to deal with and maintain your sanity dealing with Scorp Men.

    In a month I will have made it a year with my Scorpio and the ride has been….interesting. (Ok, I’m lying it has been the most draining but passion filled year of my life). The hot-cold thing is soo true and you do have to ignore them from time to time just to keep them off balance. The tricky part is to not use jealous mind games in the process. Mentioning other men that sort of thing, they are indeed possessive even when they run cold.

    However, when you sense them pulling away let them know you are there for them but then leave them alone until they can re-charge their batteries or whatever the hell it is they do when they withdraw 🙂

    They are incredibly passionate people so maybe this is necessary for them to have some emotional balance. I dunno, but it still drives me crazy, I just reassure him I am there but then I leave him alone.

    They like lots of sex and express their passion and emotion in a very physical sense. Also they can really appreciate a girl girl, a woman that is very feminine. Very sensitive they respond well do emotional pulls them out of there shell. But only if its genuine and not being used as an ulterior motive.

    This is a man’s man and he does not respond too well to teasing either. (found that out the hard way. I allow my Scorp his time and to feel like he is leading (even though I have usually planted the seeds of the great ideas in his head) and then I withdraw on him every so often ….typically there is some beautifully written email or a flurry of calls and some fabulous boxes from Victorias Secret soon to follow. Good Luck with yours

  38. hi ladies;) !!! My name is Jen & I wanted to let everyone know what it’s like to date a Scorpio … I’m a Pisces & we have been together for over 5 years & I’m 27 y/o! So this has been the longest relationship of my life… & he is the only one that I have considered my soulmate or someone I could spend the rest of my life with… So we are very compatible … When we first got together we justclicked … He would finish my sentences & I would finish his:) for the first couple of years he treated me like a princess & I always knew how he felt about me…. But things started to change after a couple of years… He suggested we move in together cuz he thought that if we didn’t than we wouldn’t work out .,. So I did & things ended up going from great to bad….tho my love for him has grown stronger I’m not sure if this relationship is healthy for me anymore… Gradually over the years I lost most of my friends because he was too jealous while he kept all of his friends…, he did include me with his friends all the time but it wasnt the same….Scorpios are very controlling … For example he would say u can watch n e movie that u want & I would pick one out & he would say that’s a dumb movie & I would pick out another one & he would say not that one & finally we would just watch something he felt like watching!! Stuff like that … Or they can get mad @ u if u did something on accident…. So me being a Pisces & extremely senstive & emotional … Has. Started to wear me down … I don’t know if I can live this way n e more… I feel like I just need to swim away … But it’s hard to!! He’s got such a strong hold on my heart! Btw… We do t live together n e more… We were fighting way too much…. Some positives about my Scorpio .., he has shown me that I can make my dreams come true… Evertime I’ve needed him he had been there for me… And he trullycares about pleasing me & making me happy….it’s just all the games & the fighting & not knowing has started to take it’s toll on me ;( his negatives … Has to be right all the time… Believes the woman has her role man has his… Can be demeaning….very secretive. Has n e one out there been in a long relationship like me & have advice?!

    1. hey jen. i can totally relate to nearly all you just wrote. i have been on and off with my scorpio man for 5years too, also lived with him in the beginning but like you too much fighting.. although even now that we live apart we still fight. its crazy but i still love him even though during and immediately after our fights i vow to myself its over for good i cant seem to let him go and end up spending days in bed crying hoping he will call me or come around and say sorry. but i know he won’t. he has never said sorry. he might come back but the usual pattern has been a few weeks.. meanwhile i go completely crazy and think he is probably sleeping with other women. i know ths relationship has taken a HUGE toll on me. i have never cried this much in my life. nor have i felt so much for someone. but it has been so hot and cold.. just when things are really good and i feel like i might get a consistent loving relationship from him he picks a fight with me over absolutely nothing it gets ugly cos he becomes really nasty and never cares that he is hurting me then he leaves. its fucked really. but when he is into me it is so close i feel like he is my soulmate and i know we will be together for life.then..SNAP! back to being an asshole again. i feel so trapped. but i love him. sometimes i feel like i want to die even.i am avirgo with a scorpio moon so i can be pretty intense too. i just wish it could be easier with him but i know from five years and from reading stuff that he will probably always be like this. i dont know if i am strong enough to cope.

      1. wow… im in awe… you have just written my life story with my man. i dont have to say anything because u said it all for me and im an aries

  39. Hi, i were involved last year with a scorpio man(im a cancer)he told me he loved me after 4 months,then a few days later said he needed alone time,8 MONTHS later h contacts me,things are better this time but i had 8 months of hell

  40. I am a pisces woman and I have been seeing a scorpio male for about two months, but have known him for 10 years on a professional basis. He kept pursing me and finally gave in after ending a long relationship with a capricorn. On our first date i established the rules with him (because we both are well known in our community, although we are both single, not everyone would approved of us) that it only would be a sexual relationship, once a week or so. But now feelings are seeping in and think on his part. He has resented my rules from the beginning. He keeps things in but I can see the games hes playing and his jealousy. Please help someone, what is he thinking, he told me is seeing someone in a different state, so I told him I am also seeing someone only on the weekends in ny, I am in dc. I thing every weekend I away hes pissed off. I cant read him too well. The sex is wonderful and almost teary, but when its over he appears pissed off again. Any advice on how read this guy would help. Also he is exceptionally handsome.

  41. I’m in quite an interesting situation- I’m currently dating a scorpio and I am an Aries. I haven’t bumped heads with him yet, but if there is one thing about a scorpio i know, he is never straight up about anything, and I am. I don’t know where I stand with him and I don’t dare say how I feel because I have too much pride for that!
    I don’t chase men- it’s not my style and I can tell this scorpio is playing games. All I want to know are some tricks of the trade. What can I do to torment him? LOL I really want to get under his skin and see what his motives are.

  42. Oh and P.S. Scorpios are way hard to read, and it’s not fun- I don’t like to pry but with a scorpio it’s almost necessary. It’s sad that i waste my time thinking about how to turn the tables on a scorpio- but I keep running into the same situations with scorpios and want to put it to an end.

  43. well ladies im a scorpio..guy…haha…well yeah i just notice all these stuff about me and is seeing this libra girl she always calls but i dont answer i dont know why? im sorry i do care for her me..she tells me she loves me..n i really appreciate that..thats why i love her..but i havent talk to her for like 1 week n like 3 not playing a just scorpio ways..and im sorry for that..ill call her when im ready..but just know..i really doo care about her in every way….

    1. This is all I needed to hear! That when a scorpio guy doesn’t call, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not interested…that I just have to wait and give him his time and space, and he’ll call eventually…thank you!

  44. me and that scorpio guy we have some chemistery that i have never experienced before. he’s great! he “gets” me, he’s considerate, he’s everything i want. but unlike the men ur talking about, he never mentions the future, the furthest he mentions is our next date. ive known him for 4 months now and we ve been dating for a month. he holds my hands and kisses me passionately, but didnt have sex yet. i dont call, i only call back.. and i dont text him aot, if i get a reply then we keep on txting back and forth. im trying to give him his space, and im not pressuring him at all.. i like him a lot, and wanna keep him. im a virgo, i hate to be controlled and from what i read over here scorpios seem to be control freaks, what do u think i should do? any hints?

  45. kami, thats exactly my situation too, i have no idea where i stand.. i cant tell him how i feel coz my pride wont let me. also i dont wanna scare him away. if u learn anything new, please share it!!! i need help !

  46. NOW the guy wants to jump into bed with me… we’ve been dating for a month and he’s obssessed w touching me, kissing me and so on. he’s not thinking about anything else. im still not ready to have sex with him. and im confused about his feelings. i donnu whether he wants to simply fool around with me or if he really cares about me. thats why i dont wanna have sex with him. does anyone here understand what im talking about?

  47. scorpio 18? Do you have any idea why you need that kind of space? Does it hurt her? If so, why are you still able to do it if you care about her? I’m soooo not giving you a hard time, I truly want to understand because the guy I’m interested in does the same thing and I just can’t understand why he does it when he says he loves me.

    Thanks for any input you can give.

  48. Hey, guys. I just wanted to say something in reply to the scorpio guy, who doesn’t call his girl back, for fear he might be misunderstood…do you think about where things are going? (And not in a sense you can’t handle it…scorpios really Are geared for love) do you worry if you get more serious, you will hurt her? See, scorpions don’t play games…they don’t run hot and cold. They only know one temperature – smoldering hot. The “coldness” some of you ladies have seen is merely them surrounding themselves with that impenetrable wall…probing into a scorpio’s inner feelings is like scraping concrete with a plastic spoon. They will only ever reveal as much as they choose, and if you are in a relationship with one, you better start getting used to it. That’s precisely what it felt like with my scorpio at first. (Now an ex, technically and practically) Anyway, I was getting at the fact that a scorpio would keep you at an arms’ length for his own reasons, often because he is trying to protect you, either from himself or some other unforseen obstacle he himself sees, but NEVER to boost his ego, or prove he is a player. These men don’t need reassurance, they know they are superior. (And unless they are an unevolved specimen, they are)…just notice that supreme, quiet, dignified confidence and unshakable glare a scorpio has in the midst of everyone else in a crowd. Scorpios in general are very devoted and they look faaaar down the line, when they get into a love afair. They worry senseless, although you will never see this on his stone face. They feel deeply, but it takes a very patient woman, who truly understands them in order for them to let themselves open up to her. But ladies, trust me…once you really open the floodgates of his love (not a mere affection), he could really drown you in love. And yes, they are very demanding, sometimes cruel for their own reasons and love with them can feel very emotionally draining…but again the catch is in truly understanding this man. Not many girls manage that, as they are used to the more mellow, compromising sun signs. If you are getting yourself into a love affair with a scorpio, be prepared to be an open book…they will figure out what’s in the darkest corners of your soul before you even know it. You would have to have high morals and be a good citizen in order to win their respect. Honesty is a BIG thing for them…a scorpion may forgive an occasional slip up, but he will never forgive you a lie. You may even be surprised at how gentle he can be and protect those weaker than him. By this I don’t mean you should be a crying mess…remember, if you want to keep this man you will have to win his respect. But if you do let your guard down on occasion and confide your fear or uncertainty to him, he will give you wings you couldn’t have hoped for. Scorpio men are also very honest. You will not catch them sneaking behind your back or misleading you. Also forget about emotional demands and ultimatums…these women tricks don’t work on these men. Never ever give him any reason to be jealous. If you try to make him jealous hoping to get more attention from him, it will only have the opposite effect. Remember these men are very powerful. If there is a good reason for the relationship to end, a scorpion will remain silent even though burning inside.

    All in all, your best bet, I think, would be to get to know each other first (they may get in a relationship, but will seldom choose a partner for life, if slept on the first date. I am not saying that’s impossible), be straight and honest and be clear about what you want. Be someone, who holds their stance, he will respect you for it…although, be prepared for compromising when you clash with him, with him things really either go his way or not at all. You may help shape his ideas, but the ultimate decision will be his. Never fool yourself into believing you have control over him. You will be the most precious thing in his life he will fiercely protect and love, but he alone is a master of himself. Extremely intuitive. Loves being in long term relationships. Has a deep emotional need to connect with a lover and if he really chooses you, he will throw himself into building this relationship. You will have to be the one to live up to his high standards. I’ve forgotten what else I wanted to say…I am here in my bed missing my man and this is how I got on this site. In conclusion, once a scorpio has loved and cared for you, he will always have love in his heart for you, long after the romantic love has gone. Some of you may notice some scorpios often talk and are still friends with their exes. This is a rare marvellous man, who may bruise you, but will always be brutally honest, and can show you highs you only dream about. It will be up to you to get and keep him.

    1. Thanks for sharing that! I’m a Virgo, just started dating an amazing Scorpio man. Interestingly, I think our relationship has gone even more smoothly because I have taken time to understand his astrology signs tendencies. I’m very intuitive also, so I had already recognized his penchant for digging for truth, hints of jealousy, testing me out. But understanding his Scorpio nature has allowed me to let go of some of my fears…maybe clarifying for me his intentions behind his actions.

      Luckily, I’m very honest by nature. Most say I am too honest. So I think this is making us extremely compatible. He has said to me multiple times, “you have such a good heart”. I know this is very valuable to him, so I’m glad that it is one of my genuine characteristics.

      I was worried about previous hot/cold comments made by other women. I have had brief periods of time (not more than 24 hrs) where he is busy and turns his phone off, etc. Normally, with most other guys, I would have been immediately suspicious. But, with him, I have never seen a reason to suspect deceitfullness or tricking me. I know he just genuinely has his own way of balancing things, and it is his way of being in control of his own life.

      Ironically, I do feel that my previous relationships have conditioned me perfectly to be a great match for him. I have developed a healthy attitude of patience and self-confidence, especially not needing to be right anymore. As the saying goes…”would you rather be right, or be happy?” I’ve also learned to appreciate honesty and dedication and definitely DON’t take it for granted. My Scorpio is the most chivalrous and attentive man I have ever known. And I value every second of it.

      1. Hi Rebecca,
        The definition of “right” is very subjective…as well as “happiness”, and rightfully so. It is not a constant. I liked your clarity in that statement. However, you also say this:

        “He has said to me multiple times, “you have such a good heart”. I know this is very valuable to him, so I’m glad that it is one of my genuine characteristics”

        Do you feel that you have a good heart – beyond the fact that he “told you so”? With Scorpio, what is manifested, must be placed back into the unknown…as to keep the dynamic – as defined as YOU – transformative and transcending. It is very much like the phoenix…you must burn to ashes everyday, and throw those ashes to the air…where they came from.

        I am happy for you.

      2. Hi Rebecca. i relate to your post and wanted to see how things have developed for you. Hope to hear from you that all is well.

  49. Hey, guys. I just wanted to say something in reply to the scorpio guy, who doesn’t call his girl back, for fear he might be misunderstood…do you think about where things are going? (And not in a sense you can’t handle it…scorpios really Are geared for love) do you worry if you get more serious, you will hurt her? See, scorpions don’t play games…they don’t run hot and cold. They only know one temperature – smoldering hot. The “coldness” some of you ladies have seen is merely them surrounding themselves with that impenetrable wall…probing into a scorpio’s inner feelings is like scraping concrete with a plastic spoon. They will only ever reveal as much as they choose, and if you are in a relationship with one, you better start getting used to it. That’s precisely what it felt like with my scorpio at first. (Now an ex, technically and practically) Anyway, I was getting at the fact that a scorpio would keep you at an arms’ length for his own reasons, often because he is trying to protect you, either from himself or some other unforseen obstacle he himself sees, but NEVER to boost his ego, or prove he is a player. These men don’t take abything lightly and don’t need reassurance, they know they are superior. (And unless they are an unevolved specimen, they are)…just notice that supreme, quiet, dignified confidence and unshakable glare a scorpio has in the midst of everyone else in a crowd. Scorpios in general are very devoted and they look faaaar down the line, when they get into a love afair. They worry senseless, although you will never see this on his stone face. They feel deeply, but it takes a very patient woman, who truly understands them in order for them to let themselves open up to her. But ladies, trust me…once you really open the floodgates of his love (not a mere affection), he could really drown you in love. And yes, they are very demanding, sometimes cruel for their own reasons and love with them can feel very emotionally draining…but again the catch is in truly understanding this man. Not many girls manage that, as they are used to the more mellow, compromising sun signs. If you are getting yourself into a love affair with a scorpio, be prepared to be an open book…they will figure out what’s in the darkest corners of your soul before you even know it. You would have to have high morals and be a good citizen in order to win their respect. Honesty is a BIG thing for them…a scorpion may forgive an occasional slip up, but he will never forgive you a lie. You may even be surprised at how gentle he can be and protect those weaker than him. By this I don’t mean you should be a crying mess…remember, if you want to keep this man, if you want to even get him, you will have to win his respect. But if you do let your guard down on occasion and confide your fear or uncertainty to him, he will give you wings you couldn’t have hoped for. Scorpio men are also very honest. You will not catch them sneaking behind your back or misleading you. Also forget about emotional demands and ultimatums…these women tricks don’t work on these men. Never ever give him a reason to be jealous. If you try to make him jealous hoping to get more attention from him, it will only have the opposite effect. Remember these men are very powerful. If there is a good reason for the relationship to end, a scorpion will remain silent even though burning inside.

    All in all, your best bet, I think, would be to build an emotional bond first (they may get in a relationship, but will seldom choose a partner for life, if slept on the first date. I am not saying that’s impossible), be straight and honest and be clear about what you want. Be someone, who holds their stance, he will respect you for it…although, be prepared for compromising when you clash with him, with him things really either go his way or not at all. You may help shape his ideas, but the ultimate decision will be his. Never fool yourself into believing you have control over him. You will be the most precious thing in his life he will fiercely protect and love, but he alone is a master of himself. Extremely intuitive. Loves being in long term relationships and has a deep emotional need to connect with a lover and if he really chooses you, he will throw himself into building this relationship. You will have to be the one to live up to his high standards. I’ve forgotten what else I wanted to say…In conclusion, once a scorpio has loved and cared for you, he will always have love in his heart for you, long after the romantic love has gone. Some of you may notice some scorpios often talk and are still friends with their exes. They really are hipocrites, when it comes to their own quirks, but do not take this as a weakness of theirs. This is a rare marvellous man, who may bruise you, but will always be brutally honest, and can show you highs you only dream about. If this kind of man is really what you want and think you can handle, it will be up to you to live up to it.

  50. My Scorpio told me he loves me a little over a week ago. We were in contact for another day or two, but now he doesn’t return my phone calls. Its hard to believe someone who says that and then does nothing to show it. I just want to understand.

  51. I’m a Cancer woman and I met a Scorpio man about 2 months ago. We talked on the phone for a few weeks and then went out together. He would go through spells of not calling me back for a day or two, but I didn’t really think anything of it and didn’t mention it the next time we talked. Entering the 2nd month, we did sleep together and I couldn’t get that out of my mind. It was really mind-blowing! I talked to him last on Saturday when he called and I told him I’d call him back later that evening. He didn’t answer the phone, so I left a message. He still hasn’t called back two days later, so I texted him that I was tired of his game-playing and didn’t think this would work out. Of course, in true fashion, he still hasn’t responded. I’m not mad – just disappointed that a grown up acts like a child. Instead of being an adult and discussing an issue, they would rather continue playing games and miss out on a good person to prove a point. What point is that? I will be moving on with my life – I don’t have time to waste on someone who doesn’t think I’m important enough to treat with common courtesy and respect. I don’t treat people like that and I will not tolerate being treated like that by anyone – I don’t care what their zodiac sign is. To me, a real man does away with games that teenagers play. Relationships have to have a level of respect from both parties and if someone thinks they have to use manipulation and games to get what they want, then they are definitely not the one for me. I’m a grown woman, I don’t have to play those games. I communicate what I want and need to the man I’m in a relationship with. But, just like the Scorpio can ignore, once I retreat into my shell after being “stung”, it’s hard for me to come back out for you. If he ever contacts me again, there will be nothing there to come back because I’m done. He won’t get a second chance to mistreat me.

  52. Wow!!! I feel soooo much better now that I’ve read these comments about scorpio men!! I was going crazy wondering why this guy would tell me he loves me, gets jealous over me….but DOSENT CALL,TREATS ME BAD and NEVER RESPONDS TO MY TEXTS!!! I feel if you love someone you would want to talk to them! Its been 3wks and he hasn’t called me one time!! I’m doing all the calling!! but I’m done now as well! No more games! ladies, I believe that these men only say they love you to control you! F*ck em’ ..going to find me a taurus man!!!!!

  53. yeah right scorpio18!!! yes, I will be missing out on heartache and pain!!! I can give myself good passionate sex!! LOL! I’m a capricorn woman, I’d rather put up with geminis sillyness…although he wil irritate me to the point of hair lost,at least he calls and shows attention!!! Scorpio men can suck butt!! I have to much self respect to sit around and wait for a man to “show” me the feelings that he “tells” me he has for me! KICK ROCKS!

  54. Oh…id also like to add that I mean no harm in anyway to any of you women who are willing to deal with that mess!!! More power to you, I hope it all works out in the end after you change your behavior to suit him and he goes off and becomes someone elses man!! LMAO…MERRY XMAS…SELF LOVE IS PRICELESS!!!

  55. im not like that..
    if you have a scorpio dont ever push him away
    he is like no other guy i nnotice that
    i always atrract people to me
    my friends tell me im too confident they like being around me in public
    i dont follow or lead im netural
    we are the realiest out there and this zodiac stuff just puts me on the game to understand myself idk about that jealous stuff tho im not..
    you aint gotta date a scorpio
    if you ever curious about being drowned with passion then yeah
    like myself i push myself away from girls
    cause is a trust issue to brake hat wall you gotta be nice and str8 up and patient tell em youll be there for them if you being hurt tell em how you feel we really really care about peoples feelings it takes a patient not judgeing me kinda person sweet loving and caring and nice to make me like em we are sensitive deep inside we never show it cause that power we have we are really really mentaly tuff attitude
    dont get fooled tho i just cannot show weakness i gotta be he strongest out everybody cause thats pride but im really really caring but all alone im more intouch with my feelings…i think im complicated..people dont think but i doo in a way cause all the stuff that we keep inside is very deep n we feel like damn who sees the world like i doo hats why i feel misunderstood sometimes thats why we dont show ourselfes completely trust is the number one thing in my life when it comes to relationship cause you finally find a girl that you like and they doo you wrong and we dont like that our strong side wont have attitude is like idc whaty people think im happy i dont fit in im happy i stand out be your own man that powerful side keeps me up when im feelin misunderstood..and i be like ok one day ill find someone who really understands me and wont leave me…all we want is loyalty and affection deep inside..and ill never stop until i meet someone who has potential enough..thats just our love life..but our friendship if you show loyalty and get my back ill get your back to the aint gotta date a scorpio and you can hate him..but when it comes to love and you have a scorpio you should be happy he around you cause they wont play games if they love you then get ready to go deep deep deep deep deep in love… dont fool with him cause youll never get him back ther goes are pride are mirrors and have diffrent personalitys depends how you present yourself i could be funny,intense,calm,serious,loving.caring,like a mirrior cause i wont judge you ill accpet you how you really are be yourseld i respect that just be loyal or they will dissapear without saying a word..we scorpios are fuckin mysterious in every way i like that tho..cause it will alway have you thinkin about me..not in a mean way tho..all i gotta say is if you wanna date a scorpio go ahead if you dont dont..dont judge we aint cruel we aint hurting you guys..we just a big ol ????????????????.

  56. awww…scorpio 18…that was so sweet. N’ I’m reading all of the post here and I’m actually agreeing with everyone. Love takes you to a many a places…n’ love with a scorpio will take you to Hell till you’re on ur knees beggin’ God to lift you. Trust…I know…my husband, whom I am currently seperated from, is a scorpio. Every single description fits him to a T. I’m a libra so…yeah. I didn’t research our compatibility beforehand so I’m just drowning in it. But I can say one thing…they are loyal and the most loving.N they will most definitely drive you NUTS! But when loving them or ne man for that matter but especially them…Remember they are there to help make you stronger.Don’t let them break you down.Love them till it hurts n’ it always will, but love urself till you can’t anymore. He’ll respect you so much more.

  57. For the woman in his life. Bonding deeply and meaningfully with another is paramount to this mans happiness. Allowing another to know him and his soft side is what needs to be done and therein lies the problem. Being so outwardly tough and concerned with power and then realizing the obstacles that creates to intimacy are a dilemma he knows too well. . He is naturally secretive and can show suspicion even after many experiences of love and devotion from his mate. The reason being that he has experienced the rug pulled out from under him and he suffered greatly. For him, to trust the one he loves is a great work indeed and the key to living his life fully and well. Ultimately he is the one who must be that trusted committed partner which he is looking for in another. Once he is able to transform himself so will his relationships do likewise.

    1. So right, James. I’m Aries woman. Never, ever met anyone like the Scorpio I now know and love. I’m wondering though; in our case I am sad that he may not trust himself enough to soar in this relationship. For the first time I’ve met my match in all the right ways. We both know it but at this point only I believe it. Wish us well…

  58. Hi all! Wow,I haven’t posted on here since November 4th.Well, he’s back,at least for the time being.He’s coming to nursery school next Tuesday and wants to spend the night with me in a few weeks. This is new!! He’s coming on full force again even more than before actually and I’m pretty shocked!But it’s hot,hot,hot and I’ve decided just to have fun with it and not pressure him. I saw him a couple of weeks ago spur of the moment and it was incredible!I think what some of you ladies said one here about living your life and going about your day without making contact is great advice!Gotta throw him off and make him wonder a little!And I know from what he told me recently after his basically four month absence,that he’s been thinking about me and what we did together. So just know that it’s not necessarily out of sight out of mind!And I still can not believe the passion and sensuality this man possesses-he’s 25-it astounds me!I mean I’m 45, and he is the most amazing man I’ve ever been with hands down!!I am however trying very hard to take it all with a grain of salt.HA HA. So, ladies,whats new with all of you? Lets have some updates. This is a great site. Lets keep it going!TTYL 🙂

  59. tell me what you ladies like about scorpios
    like what is it about him that you like or love..i wanna know everything

    i love you all

  60. Hey, guys. I just wanted to say something in reply to the scorpio guy, who doesn’t call his girl back, for fear he might be misunderstood…do you think about where things are going? (And not in a sense you can’t handle it…scorpios really Are geared for love) do you worry if you get more serious, you will hurt her? See, scorpions don’t play games…they don’t run hot and cold. They only know one temperature – smoldering hot. The “coldness” some of you ladies have seen is merely them surrounding themselves with that impenetrable wall…probing into a scorpio’s inner feelings is like scraping concrete with a plastic spoon. They will only ever reveal as much as they choose, and if you are in a relationship with one, you better start getting used to it. That’s precisely what it felt like with my scorpio at first. (Now an ex, technically and practically) Anyway, I was getting at the fact that a scorpio would keep you at an arms’ length for his own reasons, often because he is trying to protect you, either from himself or some other unforseen obstacle he himself sees, but NEVER to boost his ego, or prove he is a player. These men don’t need reassurance, they know they are superior. (And unless they are an unevolved specimen, they are)…just notice that supreme, quiet, dignified confidence and unshakable glare a scorpio has in the midst of everyone else in a crowd. Scorpios in general are very devoted and they look faaaar down the line, when they get into a love afair. They worry senseless, although you will never see this on his stone face. They feel deeply, but it takes a very patient woman, who truly understands them in order for them to let themselves open up to her. But ladies, trust me…once you really open the floodgates of his love (not a mere affection), he could really drown you in love. And yes, they are very demanding, sometimes cruel for their own reasons and love with them can feel very emotionally draining…but again the catch is in truly understanding this man. Not many girls manage that, as they are used to the more mellow, compromising sun signs. If you are getting yourself into a love affair with a scorpio, be prepared to be an open book…they will figure out what’s in the darkest corners of your soul before you even know it. You would have to have high morals and be a good citizen in order to win their respect. Honesty is a BIG thing for them…a scorpion may forgive an occasional slip up, but he will never forgive you a lie. You may even be surprised at how gentle he can be and protect those weaker than him. By this I don’t mean you should be a crying mess…remember, if you want to keep this man you will have to win his respect. But if you do let your guard down on occasion and confide your fear or uncertainty to him, he will give you wings you couldn’t have hoped for. Scorpio men are also very honest. You will not catch them sneaking behind your back or misleading you. Also forget about emotional demands and ultimatums…these women tricks don’t work on these men. Never ever give him any reason to be jealous. If you try to make him jealous hoping to get more attention from him, it will only have the opposite effect. Remember these men are very powerful. If there is a good reason for the relationship to end, a scorpion will remain silent even though burning inside.

    All in all, your best bet, I think, would be to get to know each other first (they may get in a relationship, but will seldom choose a partner for life, if slept on the first date. I am not saying that’s impossible), be straight and honest and be clear about what you want. Be someone, who holds their stance, he will respect you for it…although, be prepared for compromising when you clash with him, with him things really either go his way or not at all. You may help shape his ideas, but the ultimate decision will be his. Never fool yourself into believing you have control over him. You will be the most precious thing in his life he will fiercely protect and love, but he alone is a master of himself. Extremely intuitive. Loves being in long term relationships. Has a deep emotional need to connect with a lover and if he really chooses you, he will throw himself into building this relationship. You will have to be the one to live up to his high standards. I’ve forgotten what else I wanted to say…I am here in my bed missing my man and this is how I got on this site. In conclusion, once a scorpio has loved and cared for you, he will always have love in his heart for you, long after the romantic love has gone. Some of you may notice some scorpios often talk and are still friends with their exes. This is a rare marvellous man, who may bruise you, but will always be brutally honest, and can show you highs you only dream about. It will be up to you to get and keep him.

    this so true

  61. yup, totally true what is said up there… i totally agee with it! seriously….

    i’m a scorpio girl birthday on 12 nov currently hook up with a scorpio man birthday on 6 nov..

    it’s like what is said up there, totally 100% him… it was like i’m gonna kill my self in early relationship with him… he’s really challenging my scorpio nature!

    but with help moon and love sign that is well compliment, we work out together being most happy couple around!

    just be patient with scorp guys especially for scorp women out there that is hook up with scorp guy!

    good luck!

  62. ok…i have an issue..hope someone can help! ive been conversing with a scorpio guy for about 4 yrs. he lives in another state so we never see eachother..only through pictures..and we visit eachother a few times…no sex never had sex!! just last year he started to tell me that he loves me but his actions started to change…no calls..nomore long talks…attitude..snappy etc. however when i started dating someone else and i told him…he got extreeemly upset!! told me to take care and cursed me real bad,and now 3 days later, he changes his phone number! im so hurt and confused…he act as if he dosent like me…even when i would bring up the possibility of us commiting..he would say “sounds ok” but then i dont hear from him…i felt that he wasnt interested but he didnt want to hurt me…now he pulls this?!!! is this a cop out for him to get me out of his life or is he really hurt that im seeing someone? please respond with youre input thanks.

  63. My husband is a very sexy, very loving Scorpio man. Incredible man, amazing dad, handle with caution though…. I was a feminist till I met him. I’m hooked on man power now I adore him. People don’t understand him generally, but I do.

    Scorpio men can make the most fantastic husbands and fathers. 12 yrs of fun and counting.

  64. Well I have been on here reading for the past hour of everyone’s posts. I too am seeing a Scorpio man. We have been seeing each other for a little over a month. Just recently we finally spent one night together and had great sex then he had to leave the next morning to his home state for a funeral. He gave me like three different phone numbers to reach him at while he was gone and said he would call me. I heard from him the same night he got in and we talked for like an hour then he said he was tired and would call me the next day. Well its now been four days and I have tried to call him once. When I did and got him on the phone he said he was kind of busy and would call me back but never did. I of course became very hurt by this reaction. But being the LEO I am and I am very aggressive I did not call him back and haven’t yet. I have a very strong side to me too and I will not let him think he is running shit. If he doesn’t want to call me then fine I am not sitting around driving myself crazy for him. But you can best believe when he finally does call me back I will right back in his arms again. I don’t know why exactly though just some kind of hold he keeps on me. I will not push nothing on him and I can be good at this because I am a LEO and I too think I deserve all the attention because of my zodiac so his on and off again torture doesn’t sting me too badly. Us Leo’s are a very social being and I can find many things to do to keep from driving myself crazy about this Scorpio. I have a Scorpio daughter myself so I know all too well how to handle these creatures…so to speak…Its all good though I just know when I am in his arms nothing else in the world matters to me and if he needs his space then he can have it as long as I can have him again when he comes back. I also let him know I am here for him when he needs me so maybe that helps. When I talked to him on the phone and he was busy I just simply said to him OK I am here if you need me for anything and he thanked me. So that’s it. If he calls me he calls me if he doesn’t I have no problem moving forward.

    1. I had to reply to you…i am a leo and in love with a scorpio male..I have been battling the emotions for over a year…hot cold and then total passion, its been great to read these comments..because i feel like i have been going crazy!!! I have sobbed crying like never before over any man…when he pulls back with the emotions. Its all about exercising true when you say you will be there for them..they go off on their merry way…you envisage them happily skipping through their life…while you sit there…crying… well i can only describe it as grieving actually,like you have lost the most important thing in your life… but bottom line i love him…warts and all…however i am still trying to learn the art of switching off…getting on with my life and knowing that he WILL come back. Its been over a year…we have built up a very very strong connection. He is honest as they come, it will take him a while to pluck up the courage to tell me…but he does, i respect him and he respects me (although i doubt it a lot during the hot and cold phase)
      you just got to ride the storm when it comes to love…live your life (try your best, i am learning)if the respect and love is there, he’ll be back. This time the hot and cold phase is because i didnt do something he asked, straight away…i started to reclaim power, he didnt like it, he left, he opened too much and then he backed off…plain and simple…i could write a book…maybe i will!!! Read Linda goodmans suns signs….its all there, i won him through it…its just trying to work a completely different way to anyone before…don’t play games, dont lie, certainly dont tell him you have others ( although dont lie either, he will know) remain pure….and only for him!!! tough call eh!!!

      1. So Leonine,

        Tell me what you didn’t do that he asked you to do?

        Was it a small thing or was it something significant?

        Please share with us.

        Curious Puppy… from Pluto.

  65. This is crazy. I just need an honest answer. I met this scorpio guy about a month ago and i just liked him. He’s 5 years older than me, single, funny and really charming. We went out for drinks with another friend and had a very nice conversation abt politics later. All around this time I felt some awkwardness, like when we were hugging (it was New Year’s Eve) there was that weird i-hope-this-doesn’t-mean-more-than-it-is feeling lol. Otherwise we had a great time, we reached a place where there was music being played and people dancing in the open and he asked me for a dance. Before that he had offered to pick me up (and went out of his way to explain that he was doing this coz the cabs would be hard to get) Anyway, after that night it was practically silent. i would text him 2 casually check on him and he would reply- sometimes a day later with a pretty gud message. The texts (both from me and him) were really impersonal and so after a while i sort of gave up. a few days back he called me out of the blue just before i was going 2 bed (10 pm) and asked me if i wanted to join him for dinner. He picked me up and we went to this place where we ate the first tym and he apologized profusely and promised that “next time we’ll go to another place” we talked throughout dinner, he ordered my food and we had a great tym. (i know i did) he stared at my face the whole tym… he then took me home and said he really enjoyed the nyt and that “we should definately hang out more”. He didn’t kiss me (or touch He got called back to work after our dinner and we chatted on the phone for the whole nyt and we had a casual phone call when i woke up that morning (I called him). Since then we’ve been chatting online a bit more often and i feel that he let me in slightly deeper than before. (i cud be imagining it) . All i need to know is whether he likes me. Should i invite him for like a movie and see wat he says. iv been ignoring him for d past day (it’s HARD! Cancer women fall hard) lol and he has not really said anything either. Anyway, i just wanna know if i shud wait for him or not waste my tym and move on.
    I sent him some work for him to critique (I wish i had read this post before i did) He practically corrected EVERYTHING- which is a gud thing (means he actually read it word for word) But he did say the piece had potential, i jst had 2 work on it a bit more.
    Should I make a move? Tell him how I feel? This is eating me up. 😦

  66. Hey guys! I went yesterday on a date with a Scorpio, had a great time, and he showed me all the positive signals that he’s interested. He was a gentleman and was making the best efford to make me have a good time. It is the first time I date a Scorpio man so I didn’t know what to expect..Well since yesterday he hasn’t called or text, its like he disappeared and I was moody all day waiting for him to call..there’s something about him that really drowns me to get to know him more. We didn’t kiss or anything yet. I was feeling sorry for myself all day, determined that he is not interested, and I ended up on this site trying to figure out about this man. Well I feel a lot better now and Iam even certain he will eventually contact me..I’ll just be patient!! All comments and descriptions here definitely made me chance my point of view! Well I hope he does call!! I’ve only seen him twice and Iam already obsessed with him even though I haven’t show it. Iam a Pisces bytheway! xx

  67. I am Scorpio, I accidentally find this site a month ago and have read every thing said in the forum, it is very interesting…I keep coming to see if there is any additional things are being said about “me”(in case there is something I could help and finding myself in process)

    It’s all true that we are cold and very sweet when we come out our shells.

    One advise that I want to give out is that do not do any thing to make the cold much colder, it will not help you…but only giving him his space and assure him that you are his sincerely(not until it seems it fake, he hate superficial emotions). Only if you could do this that you will be rewarded with full-force of love when he comes out his shell.

    Be natural and simple, take the lead once in a while, call him and ask him how he is doing. It is true that he want to be in control of the situation around him, but with same token he does not like a woman who does not take the initiative, who sits around waiting for him to make the calls.


  68. You all have very good perceptions of him. However, your Scorpio guy is very much like a glacier. What you see on the surface is only a fraction of what really exists beneath his surface. I am what you might call a classic Scorpio. Age 34 Nov 19. Are we profound?… maybe, depends on our growth. If we know who we are not, our egos are healthy and total. My outward energies may be perceived by all of you as hot and cold, but really if you ladies understood the psychological pressure of handling deep volcanic emotion, you too would be unpredictable. Generally speaking, our outside practical reality does not stimulate us to greatness. Our desires and “motives” (hopefully good and honorable) do. I can size up any weakness in other person and feel and “know” another persons core intentions in about 30 seconds. But now evolved, I choose to find the goodness and virtue in others, even my enemies. Thanks to evolutionary changes within (yes, intense sex is a transcendent vehicle for our souls and psyche) Strong arms are nothing without a strong heart. Thanks, and be well.

  69. My husband is a Scorpio and he’s the greatest guy in the world!!! Be prepared though to do the cooking, cleaning etc. and generally look after him as this is what he’s looking for, oh and be prepared to do as your told at times in times of conflict. He has always treated me like his queen though and makes me feel very loved, sex has always been amazing and I know my happiness is really important to him. I am very much though ‘his’… this type of man will never fall in love with a feminist. He makes me feel very valuable though, i know he’d die for me.

  70. i’m a pisces btw. My advice to other girls is dont insult him, don’t play games with him, try and be logical when your arguing and listen carefully to what he has to say. Show him old fashioned respect.
    If you hurt his feelings he may well say things he doesn’t mean or even dissapear on you as he is a VERY proud person and bruises easily. Try and be VERY forgiving as he will often say things he doesnt mean when he’s hurt as he hurts deeply and will often attack you sometimes verbally, sometimes weeks later after you made him angry as things brood in him. He knows he needs a saint and if that’s you he will love you deeply once he can trust you and you take on board any of his criticisms of you. Hope my advice helps, Good luck!

  71. wow sounds a scorpio guy is a very abusive guy lol :)who cares about the zodiac sign? a guy needs to grow up and stop acting like a spoiled brat. The description of scorpios can also be paralleled to d description of sociopaths cum egocentered freaks lol CIAO! be safe ladies let REASON RULE U ladies and not so much PASSION

  72. My best mate is a Scorpio. I tell you its weird reading this page, wow, im confused because its all true….but….how can this be so accurate?? Planets influence personality?? I think there might be a God now people….seriously confused.

  73. Scorpio men mix passion with great intellect and reason….. I split from mine as I was young and felt suffocated…. but I miss him still. They are a real rarity, Scorpio men are ALWAYS fascinating because they’re deep people but guarded.

  74. yeah. i love my scorp guy. me gemini.helplessly drowned to him. i think i jz attached to him forever. jz give him much time..wud probably make me uncertained.

  75. Hello everyone, I have enjoyed reading your guys’ blogs. I am going on a date with a Scorpio…. i am very excited but need some tips. I will be his first date since he and his x had broken up about 6 month ago. They were married for about 5 years. I want to make the best impression. I am a Capricorn so….i need to be prepared!!!! LOL Thanks!

  76. Heather, I read about your advise and I was in a suitation with a Scoripo man which I need your advise. Please drop me a note at my email at

    so I can discuss with you personally. I think base on your experience, you should be able to help me. Thanls.

  77. Well, I am a Libra and I just met a scorpio man.

    For sex, I think he is having the best of his time with me. He kept telling me how great some of his ex was but when we finally do it, I think I blow him away and he still have a lot to catch up (from my standard) and I am still teaching him.

    Even for my Scoripo girlfriend who present herself to be so sexy & hot & so wanted by all her men, but her sex knowledge is like ten years old. For sure I do not tell her that to hurt her but give her tips here and there. The amazing part is I will go shopping with all my other girlfriends and we will share on make up tips, but this scorpio girlfriend will be so proud to share or ask, yet lazy to read, and what she do is to check what I have in my cosmetic bag, and then buy the same stuff… what is all these copy cat and pride all about?

  78. Hi everyone,
    I have been reading all the threads and I really need your help.

    I met a scorpio guy online because I was moving to a new country and I wanted to meet new people. We started chating and it was amazing – its like I had found my soulmate and we both were truly excited about each other. The chating turned into text messages and then calls so we decided to meet up. I went to visit him and we felt so close – it was beautiful, innocent, intense and passionate. We would finish each others sentences and tell each other that we were so lucky we had met. People even thought we were brother and sister the way we were so alike and in sync. The day I left to go home he had an accident and broke his leg on exactly the same place as I had two years before, on the same month. It was truly bizarre and I was so scared for him. He even asked if I thought that meant true love or destiny. We stayed in touch every day and he thanked me for my help and dedication. Of course I went to visit him as soon as he left the hospital and we spent another amazing weekend. He asked me where we stood and we decided to start a relationship. That week, however, I became jealous of a female colleague of his because it seemed to me she was trying to win him over and as he doesnt speak about us to anyone except his family. I am very open so I mentioned it to him. Two days later I tried to call and he did not answer so of course I worried given his condition. He just replied that I shouldnt worry – he just had his mobile on silent. And he asked me not to worry so much and that he had never had anyone that felt so strongly about him. The next day I told him I would call in the evening and we agreed on the time. This colleague was going to visit that night but I was ok with it. Then I rang and his phone was off. The next day I was obviously angry so we discussed things for an hour. That night I got drunk, however, and I tried to make him jealous online. After that we would still reply to my messages but not the phone and after that silence so I sent him an email to which he replied a day later and apologized for the delay. He hurt me so much telling me that he felt I was being clingy and partially obsessive and that he could be paranoid sometimes as well but that it was all in the head. He also told me that he freaked out of fear of losing his independence and that it seemed I was trying to win him over with presents last time I visited and that it seemed I liked him more than he did me and even though he really did like me he needed space and that if he did not seriously think about me every single day did not mean he did not like me. He finished saying that he had always been very cautious about personal relationships and that he did not want to hurt me but I had to know how he felt and that he could do that because even though we were still strangers we felt really comfortable with each other. I replied to his email on a positive note 3 days later and sent him a text 3 days after that but no word of him.
    What should I do? Can I even do anything? I want to at least clear the air. He hasnt blocked me online – he just doesnt go online very much anymore as though he is trying to avoid me… I feel so hurt and ignored but I have to respect his decision…

  79. ooow my goddd i also met a scorpio online at first e was sooooow in love wiz me gave me all the attention he wanted to talk to me everyday see me everyday that i just wanted space but afetr a while he didnt show up for days now he says i cant talk to you everyday and that like he lost his interist in me all scorpios are the smae the smae trics ooow my godddddddddddddd i hate scorpio but how can i love them so much im 9 monthe sin love oow my goddd what a problem

  80. well so its clear i got the same problem wiz scorpio that after a while dont call you back and that but know i think im clver i just do the same things like him . if he dont call after i send him a messeage i will do that to him too. by the way im capricorn like they say he just has to listen to my breath and feel what i feel and he does feel it . and we soooow not good show are vulnerbility and emotion no i dont do that.but he also attacked me verbaly and said motherfukcer blabla and that very not imegour. he is exacly the same as my fucking scorpio. its all about revengeee. he wanted to make me jelous wiz other girl . he say to the ugliest girls you are the most beautiful girl. its like he just wants sex . i know that they do it because they got strong feelig maybe i think for you but its frusterig. i need to talk to him . awanna talk wiz him he dont give me the time . if i send a email of call busy or dont replay what should i do . cuz if i say why do you do that he will still do the same . so i bahve likei dont care a jack abouut anything. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA goddd i hate him hate him love him love that fuckerrrr. but just wanne know will he do that for evcer cuz if we marry maybeeeeee then hes wiz me all the time in one oplace how ill he behave then thats teh question. but jess now i can live wizout him for monthes but at first when hes began to not call me or come online was veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hard for me. i dint know why he does that like the blame was on me but now i know it no not my blame . just there nature they alll the same alll the same . its getting boringggg. like all the sm,ae soul in differnt body whahaha . bitches. sorry but loook alot of wamans shout for helpp are emotionlly drownded because of fucking scorpios . so emagiour soow not know whyy they do itt exacly even scoprios cant answare . whaha they dont know what they really are what they want no.
    but scoprio out there that are thinking that we are poor woamns help us pleass if you can . if you know yourself good tell us why youd o it just a clue give us . is becuase you just want space . if its that then why at first you wnat to talk to her every day and see her evry day and after a while not anymore like you dont like us anymore. aaaaaaaaa helppppppppppp

  81. I am an Aquarius girl and once dated a Scorpio guy. He is a doctor and yes, he pursued u all the way and is very confident of himself. Yet, he has an emotional side of him that I find it hard to understand. One day, while he was away in the bathroom, I checked his mobile phone msges and find out that he had many other women he was pursuing at the same time!To cut long story short, as a woman who loves challlenges, I stayed on with him even though I knew about his secrets. His weekends are mostly for me but there are times when he could not meet me and I knew he was with one of the women. The final test came when I was away for a week holiday and came back to find him missing in action, I texted him twice and he never replied. I was not angry, because I knew he was having fun with other women, so I was doing my own stuff and enjoying myself with my other dates.:)2 weeks later, he smsed me to say he wants to talk to me. We met, and he told me he was depressed about his career as a doctor compared to his peers (bankers), who are younger and are earning alot more than him…blah blah..I knew he will never “talk” to me. Luckily, his phone rang, and he refused to answer…I knew was one of the women, so I pretended to ask him why was he not picking up the call…he was silent…after making hot love with him ( he could actually eat me down there while I was having menses!!), his phone was vibrating non-stop, several missed calls and a few msges tone…this time, I pretended to be angry and demanded him to tell the truth, and he gave me that puppy look ( he could not say it out at all). So after trying to get him talk and he still kept silent, I asked him,” Say, if you are my father, what would u advise me about you?” His immediate answer was, “Stay away from me!” I looked at him and tell him, “Don’t hold me back this time, I am leaving you.” I left and never contact him anymore. Scorpio man is very charming because they can say all the nice things in the world in order to control you. Too bad, I am too practical and I look at facts. Maybe, if you girls have a chance, do check his mobile phone, and I believe, you may know more about your scorpio guys without much questionings anymore. No more scorpio man for me anymore.:D

    1. Never say never, you are hooked! At least most of your thought will be dominated by him for the rest of your life. As Pluto Puppy said below you might be able to lure the wussy ’sweet’ guy into your world, but “wussy ’sweet’ guy” is far below the standard, after all you said that you are a woman who loves challenges, but you missed out on your X-Scorpio man.

  82. As soon as you get deep with them they seem to back away for some odd reason. They do have trust issues, but not with you, it’s also with themselves. Scorpios do cheat. They can be loyal but they do cheat like any other man of the zodiac. I’m not saying they all do, but they do cheat. I just feel life is too short to sit around and wait for someone who knows what they want but at the same time they are sending women on an emotional roller coaster ride. It’s not right and it just ain’t cool. Remember this scorpio men……don’t think for one minute a woman is going to sit around WAITING for you to make up your mind…..we are more confused and frustrated than anything with you as to why you would act like that…Be upfront from the jump and be honest of what your looking for and let us take if from there. Don’t lead us on and then leave us with a big question mark on our forehead, like “WTF just happened here”. After I get over this one scorpio you best believe I’ll be done with them for good. This is just a big ass headache to sit here worry about WTF is going through their head. Their charming and that’s their main objective. That’s how they reel a woman in. They try to get you hooked just so they can throw you back in the water.

  83. Singapore and Mystery. If both of you look like physically attractive Persephone daffodils, take heed… you too play girly control games with the zillions of average guys in order to take charge of the tempo and energy within him. I am a Mars and Mercury in Scorpio Male who has a deep respect for the feminine wiles you guys wield. Most guys “just don’t get it”… so please don’t blame the Scorpio Male who instinctively knows the way you utilize the power of your looks and social savvy to get your own way. I love a feisty and challenging independent woman, yet God help her if she thinks I will be the timid little boy who seeks your approval, gives you phony attention and fails miserably to respectfully take charge of the chemistry. Yes, we are suspicious of others because we innately feel the deep intentions of others. When our girlfriend decides to intentionally “prove a point” and lure other guys… she will feel the intensity of our sting. A real and trustworthy dynamic with us is defined by emotional maturity. Not by impetuous superficiality. We despise petulance and lack of grace in the woman we want to love. Our passions are boiling from within, so please don’t try to simplify why you don’t get your own way like a self-serving little brat. If we look for sex elsewhere, you are not satisfying our dominant sexual nature. If you can’t surrender your snappy whims in bed and allow us to “take you”… we will find a woman who does. Both of you are bitter because we make you feel like real women, then you blame us endlessly for taking the depth of passion away. The only blame you should internalize closely is within yourselves. Not outside of yourselves. Ask yourself if you “wanted” to understand our desires for you? And do you ask us openly why we gaze elsewhere? I believe both of you are overly self-involved creatures and you can’t handle it when we seek passion with you. That’s fine. Lure the wussy ‘sweet’ guy into your world of nothingness and let me know when you eventually become annoyed and frustrated by the feeling you experience as if you are making love to your sexually inadequate little brother. Boo.

  84. Singapore and Mystery-don’t listen to Pluto Puppy-he’s obviously not a woman,and has therefore never been in our shoes.I agree with Mystery 100%-BE UPFRONT ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE REALLY LOOKING FOR GUYS!!GET YOU S#*T TOGETHER AND STOP ACTING LIKE LITTLE BOYS WHO RUN AWAY AND DISAPPEAR ALL THE TIME!THEN COME BACK AND TALK TO US ABOUT HOW YOU “MAKE US FEEL LIKE REAL WOMEN”

  85. amen pluto puppy!
    i had an ex who tried desperately to get back with me…i broke up with her because she wouldnt heed my calls and pleads of me telling her i didnt like her being friends with some guy,this guy had feelings for her i even came across this guys online journal.

    after i painfully broke up with her she desperately wanted to be friends with me

    i declined

    eventually she insulted me how her new boyfriend was more of a man than me
    just cause he was a cancer
    he loved to kiss ass and take shit
    (cancer males love getting it in the butt)

    truth is,your not 100 percent loyal to us,we withhold compassion,passion and sensuality

    i heard rumors that she wanks off to my ****

    and hates her self for it

    if you dont like us,MOVE ON!

  86. you know something pluto puppy

    i notice that god damn thing whenever i go to the gym,and im working out and i see some cute girl

    you see her doing her thing

    alot of you females are full of it
    you think we cant tell how you most of you dont even care how we feel about you. how attracted we get
    when we find you beautiful or good looking
    im almost scared to date a beautiful woman for this purpose
    most of you dont even care and see us as dirty towels

    im gonna date someone from my meditation temple rather than someone from the vast amount of superficiality thats available today

    you see this on social sites too like myspace

    “comment me”

    vain,lazy people!

    you think nothing of us past a superficial visual examination and sum as up as just that

  87. My post was very clear about what I want and who I am. But expression here is hypocritical.


    I wouldn’t be so sure you think know who you are Nancy.

    You’re a lost little lamb when it comes understanding what reaches you at a deep level. That feeling frightens the panties off you… that’s why you attract all the submissive boys who you say “don’t have their shit together”.

    No. You and many other women on this blog haven’t met a mature man who is charismatic and leadership material. You’d prefer a scared Cancer, Gemini or Virgo male chasing you.

    Not here brattypants.

  88. Pluto Puppy-When you listed my quote in your last post,you neglected to list the beginning of it–Actually what I said was that I AGREED WITH MYSTERY 100%about saying that guys should be upfront about what they want from the get go.And they should be!I was not saying that YOU personally are not upfront.But,yes, as you have read here numerous times,MANY men are not upfront-as I’m sure you know.Perhaps you are correct in saying that myself, and many other women, have not met mature men who are charismatic and have leadership material.I will even go so far as to say,that at least in my case,I’d have to say that your statement is pretty accurate.However,I will also say that in your first post,you do come off as insulting to the women on here,making alot of generalized statements about us.I do hope we can clear the air on this!And,hey,having my panties frightened off sounds intriguing-truly!

  89. im negative from all the bullshit and immaturity

    but i aint a negative person

    it merely pisses me off how you women too play games

    quite frankly its like its a crime having balls these days

    a scorpio is all or nothing
    and all your games sometimes turn me to the “your all full of it” switch

    but dont get me wrong i have faith in finding a loving partner someone to share my love sunrises and the ocean with

    someone wholl smile with me all the time and me not catching her having these “guy friends”that like her all these sub clauses i gotta work with

    SCORPIOS dont play games

    were all or nothing hence your liable to feel we are evil bastards

    the passion,or undying devotion has a flip side,and you nancy have seen it.

    i contemplate being single alot of the times
    i have other goals in life

    right now though there is too much immaturity and chic’ness out there

    guys dont be afraid to sound like you got a pair,a female with lots of guys friends is unacceptable and unnatural

    its as simple as this
    i bring the food im the guardian of the cave

    i dont need her talking to metro sexuals while im gone doing lord knows what!

  90. Well the truth hurts Nancy…don’t feel insulted… feel intrigued. Oh wait?… you ARE intrigued, Lol.

    You see, you’re way too accustomed and comfortable being in control of the dynamic. That wily attitude will soon stop the moment you’ve felt a real gut level sexual tension with a man. You won’t be in control then… will you?

    Off fly those panties.

    You haven’t encountered a strong yet KIND individual yet have you? Betta get used to it Miss, the long awaited challenge you’ve been yearning for is only a limitation of the males you meet. You and all the girls on this blog are lousy at picking authentic and self-assured men.

    Because if i really wanted to… your laced panties will be on my bedroom floor tomorrow… and not to mention your bra hanging from the ceiling fan.

    You couldn’t handle the intensity if it penetrated you. You’re simply not in the Male Scorpio league.

    1. lol, you are right pluto’s the best most thrilling feeling when there is animal attraction between too people. It’s so powerful, with just one look we know exactly whats gonna happen next… sexy scorpio has that intensity.

  91. Pluto Puppy-I definitely could handle the intensity-you have no idea!Bra hanging from the ceiling fan?WOW!! So,where do you live?

  92. Harmonica- Just letting you know,I,and probably alot of the other women on here do not play games,But I can really only speak for myself.Love,sunrises and the ocean sound really good right about now!

  93. In case you haven’t noticed we are also mysterious and private lads?

    Sharing our heated rendezvous with the international public isn’t very private is it?… Well…

    I live in………………………… the house behind your neighbor. LoL.


    and you?

  94. we all play games subconsciously

    but if theres any reason a scorpio cuts you out of his life is because you couldnt make the same sacrifices for him

    my ex wouldnt have liked me talking to my other ex

    she did just that
    her ex was clearly flirting with her
    and her being a sag’ just made me angry all too well
    she wrecked my car at some point
    we scorpios aint heartless we will give you chances because we do care and want to believe in your grace

    but she let me down
    letting her ex and not to mention other guys commenting on her pics in a obviously sexual way

    its disrespectful to me
    i told her it was a lack of respect to me as a man

    i want someone wholl stick with me 100 percent to say “to hell with the rest of the world,its just you and me”
    other wise i see myself stronger with just that.myself.

    i let her go

    a scorpions power comes from letting go and letting new opportunities come in

    were not bad people

    but when you gals cant convince us that our faith in your grace is justified it hurts and we leave.


    1. but its perfectly alright for the scorpio man to leave comments of a sexual nature on some random females pics??? and then even with the proof slaping them in the face they still have the balls to deniy it!!!! sorry im a bit bitter about wasting 7 months of my life on a scorpio that i did nothing but support and love from the bottom of my heart….only to have him do this exact shit to me….

      1. Hi Libra,

        “sorry im a bit bitter about wasting 7 months of my life on a scorpio that i did nothing but support and love from the bottom of my heart….only to have him do this exact shit to me….”

        Bitterness….not so good. So, you loved him from the bottom of your heart, but did not include loving yourself while in the relationship?

        Did you love him from the bottom of your soul? If those were your true intentions, then the universe would have helped you balance out those scales to feeling the strength in a heart of connected to your own sprituality.

  95. Pluto Puppy-it’s not like I’m asking for your address-LOL- NY here-more specifically Long Island, And,if you should decide that you might enjoy conversing off of this site,my email is listed in one of my earlier posts-just saying.

    I actually am a very nice person. 🙂

  96. Wow Harmonica-I’d have to say that I agree with everything you just said-seriously.EXCEPT about him cutting me out of his life,which he hasn’t exactly done-hence my earlier comments about getting your S#*T together etc.Nor have I cut him out,which I very likely should do… but it’s a long story-LOL.I’m a Cancer by the way.Not that anyone asked,but its supposed to be the hottest match with a Scorpio.

  97. i think i did read part of your story

    scorpios do have that effect on people

    one person in my life who nearly did me in was a scorpio…female

    fell for her hard took me a year to accept she wasnt coming back

    to this day i dont think about her
    shes just a vague memory
    but i dare not try to bring any nostalgia back about her

    i think after that i wasnt the same
    ill never give myself so eaisly
    but i have to give myself SOMETIME
    i dont want to be alone my whole life
    i just think its wise that i become financialy stable first
    so at the very least i have something else to offer to somebody

    i have big dreams big goals
    and me as a scorpio wont let anybody or anything slow me down to the pie in the sky

  98. Hey Harmonica-I totally get what you’re saying-I understand it very well.She must have hurt you pretty badly.I feel like no other guy can compare to the Scorpio I speak of on here.It’s the whole package-the energy,sense of humor,passion-both in the sexual sense as well as passion for life and his job,spontanety,and…he’s the best kisser ever LOL.UGH it drives me crazy!We have a great time together and then he disappears.Well, not completely-he doesn’t block me online.But,doesn’t respond to texts or IMs-except on rare occasion,and I barely ever(maybe once every month and a half or so,if that) text or IM him.I DO NOT call him.He actually answered an IM yesterday,much to my surprise.The last couple of times I saw him were basically late night booty calls,and it bothers me that it’s come to that from where we began last June.Back then I never would have peggged him to be this way.Why would he,when we’re saying goodbye after seeing each other,without me saying or asking anything,say he’ll call to make plans for the next week-literally saying “I promise”completely unprovoked by me????And then ,of course, I don’t hear from him.And,from day one,a year ago,when we’re together,he always talks about all the things we’ll do(including sleepovers) together and how awesome it will be.I DO NOT GET IT!!That’s what I meant by “be upfront about what you really wany guys”.I mean, I guess by this point he’s made it pretty clear what he wants-an occasional “whatever” when the mood strikes him.And,when he wants me,he comes on SO STRONG-like relentless!OK Harmonica-I really want your take on this!Not only are you a guy,but a Scorpio too-this is perfect!

  99. well ive been hearing about this behavior for other scorpio males…you know going MIA

    i wouldnt do that
    youd have to find out his moon sign in such for me to give you a better picture

    my moon is in taurus so im pretty much marriage oriented

    in the long run of course id prefer long term than a superficial one night stand

    you gotta find out whats up with this guy

    maybe his job is really important to him

    ill tell you WHAT NOT TO DO

    dont make ultimatums

    try to do something extra special

    like next time he comes over give him a simple note when hes about to leave short but sweet

    complimenting him on his masculinity or sexual prowess

    try not to be too clingy
    surprise him a little but not enough to get him jealous
    impress him with something personal
    like some piece of art you made

    take charge a little and maybe take out to the woods then tell him something you never told him before

    scorpio males will respect a strong woman

    but dont over do it!

    haha mama mia its like defusing a bomb.

  100. Ha ha- the bomb comment is so true! But I am probably waaaay more anylytical than I should be as well.What info do you need for his moon sign?

  101. ah,dont expect this info for free

    throw in a sub way sandwhich and a diet soda and you got yourself a deal!

    *smokes in the shadows

    i need his date of birth,town and time

    actually you can do it yourself!

    analyze someones birth chart for more info on how they act react etc

    moon sign is the way one processes his emotions

  102. for example,you can be a scorpio and have a moon in…gemini

    youll process your feelings like a gemini even though your still a scorpio at heart

    lets just say a scorpio with a moon in gemini is likely to do the grudge thing

  103. Harmonica and Puppy Pluto..Let me explain something to you..I believe in relationships being 50/50. I’m not a spoiled bratt nor do I wish to control the relationship. I had a bad experience with a scorpio and what I stated previously on here is what happened to me that’s all. Harmonica I agree with you 100% that you should not try and make your mate jealous by parading other men around I totally feel the same way. I’m not conceited but yes I am a very attractive woman, but that’s not what men like about me…my personality is what they admire most. Far as the bedroom puppy pluto, I make no mistakes in that department. I am very sure of my self when it comes to that. Anyway I’m not responding to make a fight I just need some suggestions from you men. You don’t have to get defensive.

  104. Well I like to keep it confidential on here but if you have an email address I would be more than happy to share.

  105. Actually it’s ok Harmonica. The story that you shared is about 85% of what I went through with this guy. The thing is, is that he don’t want to let me go….I leave him alone and he calls and text. Not saying that I’m egging him on..I’m just confused as to why you would keep holding on to someone,but yet your scared of commitment or you have trust issues. I don’t know. I’m not about the games. I’m not an easy woman at all. You tell me to leave you alone….I leave you alone…I don’t go off doing psycho sh*t. Not worth it. I have my own head I know how to say no and yes depending on the conversation and give my opinions. When somethings on my mind I state them….he on the other hand can’t handle that…I’m very calm when I talk I don’t make a seen, however when I have something to say I always look the man staight in his eye and mean exactly what I’m saying to him….so they know that I do not want them to take what I am saying lightly, especially if I was bothered by something he did.

  106. Mystery.

    No defensive stance here … just innate male Scorpio passion. If we can’t speak our truth we are only betraying ourselves.

    And yes, compromise is essential. My experience with the female Scorpio is she loves a servant, a guy who is thoughtful… but also a doormat. She wants full dominion of everything and has super trust issues.

    Being a male Scorpio… I believe a female Scorpio developing a real partnership/connection is a risk far too psychologically great for her. She needs total control.

  107. I am a capricorn. He does have career goals. He’s in the service and will be retiring from there. Puppy-pluto I am so not that woman your referring to..and I know your not saying I am. I am in the Vegas area by the way.

  108. well if i was in his shoes id get that down first

    surely,youd like him to provide for you right?thats how i feel about my career goals

    no matter how cute a girl i encounter out there i dont feel good enough for her until i can provide for her properly

  109. my moon is in taurus and i like it there

    my mars is in aquarius and i like that one too subservent detached,they cant see where ill come from! >_>

    1. Hi pluto…M y scorpio is 35… 11/19.. Born in ohio not sure of time.. We hooked up and he is gorgeous but says hes not a plyr… But he only texts and calls every blue moon or i think when he wants me..he told me he works a very demanding job and have no time to call chicks all the time so i dnt call but text every blue… He then says im the plyr and i seems to get to things when i feel like it. When we hooked up we didnt use protection and he says i wnt catch anything from him hes clean and showed me his recent dr report… But if he dnt want anything serious why unprotected?.. He says he dnt sleep around..??….when were in bed he is so passionate and attentive but then he rearly calls… ????… Last time we were together i told him i went to a party over the holiday.. He was away.. He says i knew it…… Then were sexin and he looks do deep in my eyes and then he smiles and shakes his head like he cant believe something.. I say whats wrong he says nothing…?????… Then he asks me what im thinkin all the time…. tell me if i am just a bootycall or if he cares even the
      slight… Im libra 9/23… 39…. Thnkx pluto

      1. I don’t see your question?

        So you’ve screwed, he’s not calling or texting you, and you want me to tell you why he doesn’t want anything serious with you??. LoL

        Ask him. Not me.

        Sounds to me like a dynamic full of control games and material Capricorn deceit.

        Best regards;)

  110. Far as him providing for me? I’m sure that’s what everyone woman wants, but I have always seen a relationship 50/50. I do believe in letting a man be a man and letting them have some sort of control, but only of certain situations, of course I wouldn’t give an ok to everything he suggest because I would be lying to myself and him.

  111. pluto puppy my email is down right now that’s one of the reason I couldn’t email Harmonica, but I was born 1/9/78 at 6am in the morning in panorama city, ca.

  112. You know what we still talk. And I ask myself do I want to keep putting up with this. Easier said then done. His actions show that he cares about me…..but I don’t like the friend status. We been seeing each other for some time and I know he likes me I just don’t know what I want to do. I do know that eventually I’ll get tired of the situation. It seems to me Harmonica…..when we get to close he backs away.

  113. Me- Pisces, Him- Scorpio.

    Not really looking for advice, trust me I’ve done everything possible to make this work. Just merely offering yet another tale of intrigue.

    Not only is this the most helpful site I’ve ever been on when it concerns my Scorpio drama, but it’s been a long hard read of myself as well.

    Being the typical chamelon/doormat Pisces that I am, I couldn’t help but adapt my entire life to my Scorpio. And I love it, don’t get me wrong. I changed nearly everything mentally and physically possible, just to suit his needs. Now comes the waiting. LOL

    It’s only been since April this year, but not surprisingly to the rest of you, this might be a long read.

    We met, instantly clicked. I’ll skip the nasty details of my previous relationship, but it ended soon after meeting this guy. And he came and picked myself and my one year old son up, packed my stuff, and moved me in with him, and his 10 year old daughter. 9 days after said meeting. 🙂 Typical all or nothing, balls to the wall, crazy/logical Scorpio.
    Everything was beautiful, as usual. But of course, not too soon after we got our house (2 weeks later), it got scary for him I suppose.
    Slight relationship history for him-
    2 divorces. Daughter from first marriage. The usual too young to handle it marriage ended. Second marriage was a Virgo. Need I explain more? Hahaha. She treated both my Scorpio, and his daughter like second rate trash, but alas, he was in love with her. There was no turning that off for him. Until the 8th time she cheated. Then he walked away.
    (And yes, I truly do understand this man’s psyche. And have been as patient as possible. 🙂 )

    I am not in the least bit judgemental with him. Just frustrated, which even the most prideful of Scorpios will admit their erratic behaviours can be really rough to deal with.
    Anyhow first week of August came the big “I can’t handle this, and just need to be effing single” convorsation from him. Was a huge ‘WTF’ blow for me. But still to this day, I’m surviving the stings, and swings. (Mood swings, to clarify).
    Fortunatley (reasons unknown why it’s fortunate) we are still living together. But I truly believe in my heart that my total devotion to his self-employed business (his ultimate pride), and my constant upkeep of the house and his daughter, that despite what he’s trying to hide away, will eventually smooth over. I’m not saying it’ll be easy. It sure hasn’t been so far. But I’ve been in it %100 since day one. I’m not giving up on this guy. Not a damn chance. Sucks, rough, hurtful, downright depressing at times. ( I could really go back through post after post and insert copy paste situations here, but it’s not nessescary. ‘hot-cold’, moody, ignorance, jealousy, ect. Been there done that. )
    But! I will probably have to finish this post sometime later tonight, for I have to count down my drawer at work.
    To Be Continued…

  114. This is a great forum and I have learned that I am one of many who are in the deep clutches of a Scorpio male. I have dated several Scorpios in my time but the current one I am seeing is the most accurate stereotype of this sign. We started seeing each other after meeting at a work event, and basically texted non stop for two weeks, sending about 3,000 messages to each other…no phone conversations though. We saw each other in person every other day for a while too. He said he was just getting out of a relationship and wasnt ready for anything serious, so I tried to be ok with that….his text messages were usually very sexually charged, and very explicit. I played along, which he loved. But he is much more timid in person so it is like dating 2 people! He hasnt taken me on a proper date yet, and this is the most infuriating part. Although I am letting myself continue this, it feels like we are just sex objects to each other. I have kinda pulled away from him, so now his texts are more platonic, and he hasnt made much effort to see me lately. I dont text tim first; the few times that I have made the first move, he seems less enthusiastic about talking. I am mad at myself for accepting less than I deserve from this man. But he can be so attentive and sweet that it is hard to let go!

  115. Hi Harmonica!!Things are weird with my Scorpio now-well,WEIRD-ER LOL but in a good way,if that mekes sense.haha of course it makes sense-HE’S A SCORPIO!

  116. Hi Nancy,

    I been reading your posts. And I can relate to you, as I am somewhat going through what you went through.

    I am glad to hear things are going well with you and your Scorpio man.

    Out of curiousity, after when your Scorpio man came back in Jan 2009 did he broke it off with his ex?

  117. lol, scr’s lets see, can be hard to deal with them you can try to take it out with them but if they don’t want to leave them,… simple because some are hard headed to change…

    but they can be perfect people if know thier own weakness…

    im a scorpio 🙂

  118. I’m a Taurus who met a scorpio guy on-line (long distance)about a month ago, who travels to my city for work often. We clicked immediately, as he is very easy to talk too, great personality, sense of humor and extremely passionate in bed. As bedmates we are very intense. I’m a Taurus girl, so we are just as intense and passionate. When we are together its great and I can tell that he is genuinely interested in what I have to say. However, there is definately a slight wall there that I cannot seem to take down. Sometimes I feel as though I’m making progress, while other times I’m not. I know he likes me, but seems to feign indifference, especially when we are apart. He may call once and or text, MAYBE twice a week and it drives me crazy. I want more and I am heartsick. I’m 40 and I feel like a heart sick teenager. Any advice?

  119. Ok.. i feel like bit of an idiot saying we’ve only met a little over a month ago, but he’s traveled to my town 3 times already for work and we spent each day and night together.. so, that is why I’m feeling so nauseated. We have a connection and I feel like when when he goes back home, its like out of sight, out of mind.. Any Taurus ladies out there that have dated Scorps?

  120. “Hi Harmonica!!Things are weird with my Scorpio now-well,WEIRD-ER LOL but in a good way,if that mekes sense.haha of course it makes sense-HE’S A SCORPIO!”

    Do tell.

  121. Well thank the angels for this forum! I’m happy to know that I am not the only one chasing a scorpio and having feelings never felt before.

    Me: I am late twenties female pisces and I met my scorpio in April on a dating site. I have been in three very long term serious relationships and have always felt in control and when they ended it was my doing and my heart has never ached for a man….until now.

    The scorpio: He is early 40s, has had very little experience with long term relationships but seems to long for one. He’s very successful and independant and good at everything he does…

    My tactics: I feel as though I am doing a good job keeping up the facade with this scorpio. I’ve got him calling me and emailing daily…and I keep myself busy to try not to contact him as much as I want. I see that this makes him crazy and he contacts me more. Since June he has taken me on two trips and has taken me to meet his whole family and most of his good friends. I haven’t brought him around many of mine…probably out of fear, but mostly because I feel the need to tread lightly with him in order to keep him interested.

    He’s always talking about marriage and children (in a general sense…I think) and he seems to be trying to make future plans with me but I find ways to kybosh these conversations and change the subject.

    My scorpio has yet to disappear and grow cold, and every moment spent with him is so intense I can barely breathe. But still, I am afraid to falter, god forbid I let him know how I really feel.

    …and this is my issue. I’ve been reading about scorpio men for months and have perused many forums and articles and one thing I have noticed is that there doesn’t seem to be many people who have flown with this eagle and not crashed. This scares me. I’d like to be a typical piscean dreamer and feel as though our connection will just continue to grow and become the most amazing and life-lasting experience of all time…but how can I be so naive when all of the evidence seem to suggest that these men are here for a good time and not a long time?

    I’d like to hear from some women who have successfully dated a scorpio and continue to on the long-term. I need some positive outlook here because I can’t hold out much longer.

    I can keep up this facade in order to keep him interested, but why should I? Doesn’t there come a time when my walls can come down and I can let him in and tell him how I really feel without the fear of being stung by a scorpio…or any man for the first time?

    I don’t like how much control he has over my emotions but I love being ‘in love’ with this man.

    Just looking for some positive advice in order for me to stop playing the hot cold part of the scorpio because this is so against my piscean nature.



  122. I Love this Forum a lot, o Gash!

    Sweet femmefatale, i will give you the best advise any body can give you shortly, I am the Scorpio Man.

  123. Scorpion men are sooo confusing! Everything you ladies are saying is 100% correct! I’ve been dating this Scorpio guy for about 6mos now… and for the most part its been wonderfulll, if you dont include my insecurities and his sudden detachments. He is my first boyfriend, and also my first of some other things… :]

    About a week ago he moved to Orlando for school, while im still in Indiana. Since his move we’ve had a deep conversation about how much we love each other and dont want to lose each other, but itll be difficult to talk because were both concentrated on school. Since this conversation, he really hasnt contacted me, or shown me any attention, and he acts as if he doesnt care. The one time that he has, hes been so cold… and eveytime since then when ive tried to txt message him, hes even colder. idk what to do… im going to try to be patient for a few more days and wait until he messages me, but im afraid that if i wait too long, he’ll think that i dont care, and i’ll lose him…? :[ help.

  124. Hey Harmonica and T!Hi T.Sorry it has taken me so long to write back and answer your question.When he showed back up in January I have no idea if he had broken it off with her.I then saw him again in March and confronted him about his erratic behavior-why does he disappear for long periods of time etc.asking him straight out if he is engaged or married.He denied it left and right.I reminded him that he had told me earlier that they were working on things and he told me that she moved out after the holidays.JUMP IN HERE FOR THE UPDATE HARMONICA!I didn’t hear from him again until July,but since then things have been better and more consistent with him.He told me that he wanted to “hang”with me whenever I wanted to and that he’s being honest with me.There was one time after that when he didn’t respond to me.and I confronted him about it in kind of a light hearted way,but let him know I was growing impatient with his behavior.I think this woke him up a bit-LOL.I saw him once in August and then again on 9/11,which surprised me as he is a New York City firefighter.I would have thought because of what day it was,that he would spend it with the guys,but he contacted me and asked to spend the night with me-which we did,and it was AMAZING!!This was the first time we ever spent the night together,and I feel like we grew closer that night somehow.We told each other things about ourelves-nothing earth shattering-just things about when we were kids etc. that had never come up before.It was sweet.When he left the next morning I asked him if he was going to disappear again-his reply-“nope,I’m not disappearin’ again”.And he hasn’t.He contacted me again on Sept.25th and wanted to spend the day with me but I had to work.He was disappointed.I’m trying to just let him do the contacting-it’s difficult-LOL.I really like this guy and enjoy spending time with him.I am also not convinced that he is not seriously involved with another woman-maybe even married.I just don’t know!Stay tuned…

  125. be real ladies you a are women and like to treat special its not all about good sex they dont care about what u feel romantic not at all they just love you to abuse you my husband scopio if i like something he hate it they want you to care 4r there feelling and they dont care 4 yours what is this im not desperate im just 23 years old i deseve better i deseve happyness

  126. I wrote a commment a few weeks ago about being head over heels with a Scorpio man. He’s very hot and cold, off and on like a freaking light switch. We’d have great conversation, great emails ( its long distance), although we have gotten together from time to time and its been awesome, when he gets back to FL, the commuication sucks. It’s so off an on. He’s so flaky I cant even stand it. I’m a Taurus and I like conisistency and stability, so this is very frustrating. I’m just resigned to pretending as if he doesnt exist and forging ahead. Enough of this bull crap!

  127. I will not give up on Scorpio men all togther though, because I’m dying to experience that intense passion. Being a Taurus woman, I’m very passionate too, so its a good match in that respect. This flake from FL has made me curious about how a better adjusted Scorpio man might be.
    I will just hope to meet a LOCAL one, that is a bit more emotionally mature..

  128. cyndi your a cancer??i kinda have a bias towards them…i dont really tend to get along with them..they are nice and all but theyre whining turns me off..just like yours is.

    solution is simple,LEAVE the scorpion.FIN.

  129. nancy give us an update since your last post?ive been busy..has he gone mia?or has kept his word?cause everything you wrote suggests things are going great.

  130. i ll get a divorce next time if a scopio man try to talk to me i ll run so fast bc that a real hell ladies im telling you 4real i know how to take care my man but dis time ill give up, i have been with him 4r 4 years married 2 years with a baby boy he driving me crazy i dont know who im i anymore ;he never say i love you ,never talk to u if something wrong he just keep silence 4 a long time im the one who always try to fix things, he doesn’t care, if i hurt him he hurt me back, hes jealous oh everything wrong, only one thing they just helpfull he cook for me do laundry clean afer that nothing more ladies im in hell he make me feel like im nothing he took my love away whatever i do is wrong for him he always right and he wants me to know everything he ask me questions everytime and he wants to know who,where,how,when,why i cry everyday he dont even notice that, lets be real ladies what kind of love is that they just need someone to abuse and believe me they know how to abuse somebody the best way to live with a scopio is ignore them but you have to be patient bc the can keep silence for a long time but dont give up ignore them when they call act lke you tired, when they ask u to call dont call said that you were busy act like hes not even there, and they will come to you i know how to make him beg me but im not tryng anymore bc they will come beg u cry they will tell you they change they will never hurt you, but its for a while next week it wil be the same thing to win a scorpio love you have to be a baby and im not i have felling just like he does; i know some of you can deal with that kind of life but i cant i wish you all luck.

  131. Harmonica-I’m a Cancer.Am I whiny?And,I wouldn’t say he’s gone MIA,although I haven’t heard from him since September 25th.This is not necessarily a bad thing though,as I’ve had a lot going on lately anyway.But yes,things in the recent past have been much better with him.

  132. i am a virgo and now i have realized that scorpio men sucks big time !!! they only know how to play mind games and always are suspicious that ppl might play similar mind games with them … always demanding and know very well how to exploit emotions.. they will make you beg … so all the ladies who love to maintain their self respect ..get out of the trap of these scorpio guys and start a new life … just move on !!! they love to regret and can never praise present .. so leave them asap and let them regret for rest of their lives ……

  133. Im a Sagittarius lady (Dec 20) seeing a Scorpio guy (Oct26) for 3 months now. Reading these comments has me LMAO. A lot of things are on point. Im patient im just giving him his space, as I need my space. Time will tell.

  134. harmonica believe me shes not stupid a scorpio man can kill you they know how to manipulate someone howcome you love someone and treat her like trash if i get mad with my husband and i dont talk to him for months he also spend months without talking to me 2 even he knows hes guilty

  135. cancers too can play games..and they murder you with love.i can tell whenever a cancer is trying to tie her apron strings on me.anyways im just saying its stupid and ignorant to say all scorpio men are like that,and thats all they have to offer.all the girls that are satisfied by scorpios and have happy relationships are too busy i guess to post on this board.

    but my beef isnt with you…so…

  136. harmonica, its not that i have never been happy staying with scorpios…many of my friends are of this sunsign… but excess of everything is a problem sometimes …

    about my scorpio..
    he became my very good friend only in few days and that relationship has gone through many ups and downs … he is the sweetheart he knows me inside out… it freaks me out when he understands what I am about to say or feel .. Sometimes i feel in these many years I just don’t know him …. I give him lot of space and don’t expect much from him.. but he has lot of expectations from me which he doesn’t even say out loud… He doesn’t like me to give him suggestion but expect me to be caring .. I have complete trust on him but he warns me not to have .. in private he likes to abuse each and every person but would maintain good level of decency in public. His talks are full of witty and satirical comments. He never praises me but gazes at me, remember tiniest things about me and whatever things I say .. for days he just don’t call me ..and when i get angry says something very sweet that takes my breath away.. he calls himself manipulator i found him very kind-hearted… he always gives me priority over others (by cancelling all his appointments just to be with me) but shows as if I am of no importance ( sarcastic comments again) ..

    I am unable to decipher him …. his complex nature is simply killing me… i don’t want to leave him but at the same time can’t live with him… wat to do ..i m helpless !!! 😦

  137. Cassanova – I’m waiting…

    Update – things continue to progress and he still hasn’t disappeared. My walls are on the ground now and I’ve decided to give him the benefit of the doubt until he gives me a reason to believe that he’s out to hurt me.

    From reading all of the other updates, I feel as though I should consider myself lucky for the scorpio I have. I am hopeful that this won’t change for us in the future and I’m still looking for some positive outlook.


  138. Hello Femmefatale,

    First of all I do really apologize for I did not writ you so soon as I would like to, and I appreciate that you pock me to keep my promise.

    I would rather not pick and slice what you have said to get my point across….instead I would love tell you my perspective of Scorpio, as I am one and few of the Scorpio friends I have and some of the Scorpio I have come to know from different walks of life (I am Just 31).
    I am “Original” Scorpio, every thing of me is Scorpio…the way I walk the way I talk…the way I manipulate words and situation, the way I reward for little good deed, and for the bad feeling surfaces in me even for little bad deeds…for many many many things i am the real SCORPIO.

    As they have been saying, we dwell on the extremes, with us there are only white and black, not grey. When I love something it is with all my heart, for my surprise I have a lot of things I love that I have too much passion for… and a lot of things I hate that I become ice cold for(Zero passion).

    When I love someone it is for real, I want it to last forever, the problem is I need something to refresh, of course trust issue is always there. I have to be able trust her all the time, I mean every second of the minute. If you can do that…it is huge step closer to be with the man of your dream, Scorpio Man, for the rest of your life.

    How do you refresh Scorpio? Well this should not be difficult either, make him feel he is in charge all the time, I mean all the time! Be feminine, act feminine, he always wants to know that you are his precious beautiful thing that he wants to protect. And yet you should show him your feminine motherly care…caress him spontaneously, touch him when you feel like it, assure him that you love him for who he is, appreciate what he has done or trying to achieve….for sure Scorpio will achieve almost whatever he wants (I am a living example) and when he does…you should be the one whom he would say you were right behind me when I fought the battle, this precious medal is not for me, it for you, you deserve it, as always it the truth that it from the bottom his heart, it is always true!!!

    Yes! one thing is so true about Scorpio, he becomes the coldest thing you have never known…but trust me that is for so short. During his coldest time you should always assure him that you are always his; tell him that you will be waiting for him until he come out of his shells. And again I am not sure why but when the coldest days of Scorpio are over he will come out with full force of love, the love you have never experienced before. May be it is when that most ladies out there feel the magnetic love of a Scorpio that is only written in a movie Script or Novels…I do not want to say I am the living proof, I AM!lol.

    May be one more thing that you should try to refresh your relationship with Scorpio man is that take in charge of few things ones in while… arrange a dinner party for two, or surprise him with a dinner invitation at a nice restaurant he would appreciate … (you will see him jumping and huge you in front of many) …and look at him in the eyes (if you can) and tell him that how grateful you are that he is in your life …and of course tell him what his efforts and achievements [pick some rerences here] meant for you ….you know what I mean, you are smart lady! Right?

    How do you win his trust? The answer is simple, be real!! (Not so much so that you look cheap though), and tell him the truth all the time when asked, you know why? I do not know how but we know every single deception told (or should I say lies intended to be told) and again do not ask me how…I do not have any idea how. For example when you talking to him his mind process the coherency of the things you told him few days ago and with the one you are telling him now, this will also be checked with your personality he very much knows and along the way he might find a broken line then he puts his question mark…it is this time that he is a little bit less hotter than he was a day before… (WITH SCOPRIO TRUST IS AN ISSUE).

    And finally for all the ladies out there, please be patient with Scorpio man he could be in his Scorpio stage, may be lizard stage, for sure he will come the best when he is an eagle.

    They say Scorpio is sooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet with age trust me it so true., I have known some people….there is nothing like Scorpio man when it comes to be best father and husband when the dust is settled. I am sure many ladies who have lived far enough with Scorpio man will come forward to acknowledge this.

    I will come back with my Second part to put few line about faithfulness, promise, emotionality and many more in relation to Scorpio Man.

    Femmefatale, I am sure with this I kept my promise, and I hope it will serve you well….be blessed.


    1. I love reading all of your comments each day. The my birthday is right around the corner, a little over a week and I get to celebrate my scorpio day. I’ll be posting a blog about it pretty soon.

  139. Yes ladies and gentlemen.There’s nothing wrong everything you said about scorpios these are all true..I am scorpio woman and was supposed to get marry an scorpio military much hurting words to say till we don’t want to be with each other in our mind but deep in our hearts we said oh no pls stay..this is totally devastating.Only true love stands the test of time.I was crying when he dumped me.I left him then he sent me email that he just neede space and time to be alone then will gonna find me..saying he was just out of line that’s why he accused me a lot of many things.I was crying when I read his email..I felt like I hurt him much when I left.But, I have to leave that day because He was too furious and confused.He can’t even swipe off my feet when he wanted to marry as early as possible while we were agreed before after 3 months would be our wedding.He can’t even wait..He said I have only agenda to leave him that’s why I don’t want to marry him.I cried a lot.It’s not like that..He must to be happy that I don’t even compromise him nor even give him an urgent wedding.I want true and honest relationship.I want to enjoy life while dating with him.That’s why we both agreed after 3 months.I sent email to him saying …You dumped me and need space? This is multiple space.He sent email to my friend saying I don’t understand him.This man sounds freak crazy soldier.In a relationship there should be a “trust” without this it’s too impossible to work out the relationship.He’s 35 but seems he’s 15 yrs old.I am 30 but sounds 45.One thing for sure we crazy in love each other but he is afraid of losing me someday and find someone else.What for? He had a big one…lol yeah and he told me you’re this and not that..while he was praising me before how smart I am..hahaha.he was just too insecure.I know and everybody told me I am’s not the type of man who can bruise my ego…We are both scorpios.He stung me, I sting him back.Let us be firm ladies dating those freaky scorpios.Let us stand in ourselves to prove that we are a goal achiever not waiting for them to give us a fulfilling life.Get out from your rut.Be gentle and love yourself.

    Have a nice day.


  140. Hi, I’ve dating a Scorpio guy for three month now and this past Monday we had this big blow out and I broke it off with him. The raseon being is that I states he realize he doesn’t want to get married for the next eight years this is when he retires from the service. He also told me that he doesn’t want a serious relationship but he doesn’t want to lose me. I ask what is it he wants betweeen us he says he wants to be friends with benefits so I felt that was disrespectful and I broke it off. So he text me today which four days later he’s sorry and he wants me in his life so I told him we can be casual friend were we talk every now and then. But yet he still wants to meet me to talk so I’ve decided to give him a hard time and told him we can meet on my time and my time only. Would someone please tell what is the real deal with this guy? In the beginning he was like I’m his future wife and now it’s I’m not ready for a serious relationship.

  141. Hi! Im a cancer and i’ve been with my scorp for a year now. I am totaly crazy about him. He is not like any other guy. He makes me feel loved and unloved at the same time. We always have fights but it wont last an hour. He is so strong and silent. He never say sorry even it is his fault. One day, we got into fight because I can’t take all the sleppless nights of thinking where he is, days without him calling me, countless times that I feel I am a stransger to him and seem not to care about me! I tell him words that really hurts him, he look so calm but believe me, he’s not! He slapped his face many times as hard as he could in front of me! He didn’t even say a single word! after minutes of silence, he told me to come near him, he hugged me so tight.. and without him saying anything, I feel how sorry he is.. it is so magical, a hug can explain everything… a hug that can cure the pain that you cannot endure. I asked him ” why do you love me?” He simply answered ” Because I know and I feel that you love me”. Up until now, I don’t understand why he is acting that way.. But I cannot change him.. All I can do is accept him. I know deep in my heart that I love him, and what I feel is the mirror of love that he can offer me…

  142. Thank you Casanova for your insight.

    It’s interesting, because a lot of what you explain, I’ve already discussed with my scorpio. I guess my new thought is, are we doing the right things together naturally because it’s just supposed to work for us, or is there something else going on that’s affecting his natural tendencies? Let me give you some more detail to help you understand.

    You speak of trust. Well it’s funny you talk about this. My scorpio is often yelling at the tv and calling women stupid or evil. I confronted him about this the other day and asked him why he has such a strong distaste for women. He told me he didn’t know, but that he just felt he could not trust them. I asked if there was one instance or situation that made him feel this way and he told me no, that he just always felt like he could never trust women and this is probably why he has been single for most of his life. I then reminded him that I was a woman and that if he couldn’t trust women, then obviously he couldn’t trust me and that if he couldn’t trust me that this wouldn’t work for us. He simply said ‘For some reason I trust you and always have.’ Now I’ve been in multiple relationships where I’ve been cheated on and disrespected and the men I was with couldn’t be trusted. I know what it’s like to feel that and therefore would never want to inflict that on anyone else unless they deserved it. (The vindictive side of my calm exterior.)

    You also talk of change and how they/you need it. I see this as well and we’ve discussed this. Funny thing is that I feel the same way about myself. When life gets stale, I get down until I can find something to throw into the routine to change it up a bit. The problem is that normally involves things like, selling and buying a new house, breaking up my relationship, changing careers….etc. We talk about up and moving to another province together and we haven’t even discussed living together yet. He talks about us retiring down south…I think because he can’t just up and change as easily as I (he owns his own practice), he likes to create these scenarios in his mind. I’ve also asked him if he thought he would eventually tire of having the same woman and he told me he thought if that were to happen, it would have happened already. I think because we both tire easily of the same routine, we’re both subconsciously creating fun little sparks to throw into the relationship mix. We ‘pretend’ fight and then I kiss his cheek when he’s not looking and least expects it and he smiles. We pick at each other for fun and then without a word he’ll grab me and bring me close to him to rest on his chest. Sometimes I sneak up behind him when he’s in the kitchen and throw my arms around him from behind…and I can tell he really enjoys this, as do I. My previous relationships wouldn’t allow for these moments because the men I was with rarely enjoyed being touched without it being a pre-curser to some bedroom activity.

    His coldness. I’m hoping I have this figured out with my scorpio. I’ve been reading these posts for a few months now and have been fearing the time when my scorpio starts to hide. I’m not sure if he hides like the rest. There does seem to be weeks every now and again that we don’t see each other as much, and I don’t hear from him a lot. But this only ever lasts for a few days and during this time, he’s still calling me and emailing me, it’s just not as much as other weeks. We see each other every weekend. It just seems to be a given that I show up with bags packed on Friday’s when I finish work and I don’t leave until Sunday night.

    As for ‘taking charge’ and ‘surprising’ my Scorpio. This is the one thing I never agreed with when reading descriptions of a scorpio man. You see I am a very independent woman and I actually am handier around the house than my scorpio man. He’s procrastinated and lived quite batcheloresque for many years and his house is showing signs of neglect. Every weekend I make a list of things that need to be done around the house and I teach him how to do these things. He seems to enjoy this and is eager to learn again every weekend. Yet on the other side of the coin, I let him be the man when it comes to driving and cars and electronics. I am the woman who sits beside him and hands him what he needs and cleans up when he’s making the mess. So maybe this is the ideal mix for my scorpio. I also let him teach me new things too, and I try to be a good listener because I know he enjoys teaching people. As for the ‘surprising’ factor, you mentioned a dinner. I have already been planning a surprise dinner for him for his birthday. I don’t know many of his friends very well, but thanks to the magic of facebook I’ve been able to arrange a good size group of people to meet us at the restaurant I am taking him to.

    I quite understand what you mean when you speak of just knowing when someone is lying. I have a very good intuition and have been told my card readers and palm readers on many occasions that I need to trust my own intuition more often….and the scary part is, that when I get a feeling, nine times out of ten, my thoughts are right. I have no intention of deceiving or lying to my scorpio, but this doesn’t stop me from questioning his actions (but only in my own mind, I’d never accuse him without any hard evidence). He is after all a man.

    I believe that my scorpio, because of his age, is in his eagle stage already and perhaps this is why my experience seems to be working compared to what others have shared. Part of me also wonders if perhaps there is a part of him that is overpowering his natural scorpio tendencies, and I often wonder if perhaps I am part of some mid-life crisis. He is 14 years my senior…that coupled with the fact that he is a good-looking, successful and a caring man and has only ever had one relationship (2 years-long distance, on and off). Why would he all-of-a-sudden want to settle down and talk marriage and retiring together, etc etc. Why isn’t he running? Can you explain that one Casanova? Could this perhaps be a mid-life crisis?


  143. Hi all
    Im a gemini woman. I have been reading these posts carefully to get some insight into my Scorpio man. Guess I shouldn’t say “my” but we met through work he and from day one I knew he would be very beneficial and a blessing to my life. He is so driven and I am just not use to that. I can only wish for a guy like him. This stage of my life I want someone to take charge instead of me. But the only catch is we are both married. I am the motivator/initiator in my marriage. Not to discount my hubby(of 20+yrs) he is what I prayed for as a girl faithful,excellant provider and father.

    Although There isn’t any funny business going on between me & Scorpio.
    sometimes I see it his eyes he wants to go there and heaven knows I feel what he is feeling.
    He touch my arm once and My my my I thought I would melt his touch was deep and he wanted a response but it took everything in me not to fall into the spell he was trying to put on me

    I know if we every confront the feelings it will be explosive with passion. It’s scary & beautiful at the same time because I know I would not have any desire to stop him if he wanted to cross the strictly business line. We have a wonderful repore and when we are together others feed off of our energy. But the thing is that I have noticed all the quirks you all speak of. The periods when he hot/cold, disappears or becomes distant. Initially I thought I did something to offend him. But then
    I approached him once he returned to the office and I let him have it.
    I told you I am a gem I will go from the sweetest twin to the baddest twin in 2.2 milli seconds. I thought he was avoiding me and I asked him what is going on. This is prior to me reading these posts. I felt betrayed (he swept me off my feet and then dropped me)…LOL. well don’t you know I saw him smile and say I guess we were just missing one another….it was a test
    to see what I was feeling for him. hey Im a gem I will tell him what I am feeling….he didn’t have to go there …lol
    but I guess what I am trying to say with this is I am so happy he came into my life and I do know how to handle him now….1 thing about this gemini I am a quick study so I will let this play out how ever it will be !!… to be continued……

    1. “I will go from the sweetest twin to the badest twin in 2.2 milli seconds” well said! I have never seen such a truth written in a blog…I have seen that for three years till i say I am done.
      Welcome to the most mind boggling, extremely off and on relationship of your life. If you handle the heat your choice will be vindicated eventually.

    1. Hi Femmefatal, how is your relationship with Scorpio man going? I did not forgate it, it is just that I did not get much time to write as much as I would love to, pleaseg give some time, I will be back with more of me.



  144. Hello All,
    I posted a few messages a month or so ago and thought I could just forget about the Scorp guy I met, but CANT! lol.

    I am a Tauraus, who met a Scorp guy in late August and we’ve spent a few absolutely fantastic weekends together. We are both extremely passionate, sensual lovers so the sex is out of this world… (this is long distance, which makes it worse) and I am truly infatuated with this man, but he is so hot and cold.

    He goes through stages, maybe a few weeks at a time when he wont call, IM, text.. NOTHING. I dont initiate contact frequently, but it’s so annoying when I email or leave a voicemail and I get nothing back. It’s been that way for a couple of weeks…. that is until this weekend. All of a sudden I calls, texts emails, as if we picked up where we left off before he went missing. He tells me he’s thinking about me and can’t wait to plan a weekend. What kills me is that I know he’s going to be incommunicado again,thus making me frustrated and wanting to write him off. We are not exclusive, yet we never discuss what the other does. Hell,we just met end of August and dont live in the same state, but I’d like to get something tangible started here and build on something.

    I am completely mesmerized by this man. He exudes charm and is sooooo sexy and I can barely stand it. He’s a gentleman and he has a good heart and I have seen a bit of vulnerablitly in his eyes. YES, I caught a glimpse 🙂 He’s in his mid 40’s and has never been married, but has been in some pretty serious long term relationships. I think he’s hesitant to get into something deep now. I’m 40, divorced with no kids ( neither of us have kids) so we both have the flexibility to hop on a plane whenever.

    Anyway, if anyone could give me some words of encourgagement, advice or even a reality check, I’d appreciate it.


  145. Scorpio Update:

    Well things continue to progress with this Scorpio man of mine. I will not lead you astray however, as it has not been all wonderful and passionate. We’ve had a rocky couple of weeks. What amazes me though is that even during our time of turmoil and strife, and through the frustration we’ve both felt towards each other, he has not disappeared like true Scorpio form. He has never disappeared or stopped talking to me or wanting to see me. I’ve felt him pull back and take a colder front when communicating with me, but within a few hours he’s back to his normal self. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I have informed him that if he did ‘disappear’ for any length of time, that the chances of me waiting for him on the other end are quite slim. (Harsh…I know, but I pine for no one, not even an amazing scorpio man)

    We both continue to make plans into the future and have more travel plans booked for Christmas. He’s informed me that he’s very content with our relationship and that he hasn’t felt this good in a very long time. I’m certainly hopeful that things will progress and that we will get through these small issues that are currently present. I still have my fears, but I’m trying to keep them under control. I’d rather experience this now and have it end horribly, then to never experience it at all. I guess that’s the place you have to come to when getting involved with a scorpio.


  146. FF- Sounds like your Scorp guy is pretty grounded and emotionally mature. Also, there is obviously no doubt he is into you. Best of luck with your holiday plans and enjoy your guy!
    Cassanova- I re-read your post and I appreciate you sharing your insight. Very helpful. I’m sure I’ll be deferring to you for advice as I navigate my way through this relationship.
    Good news- The last week and half or so has been awesome. My guy seems to have come out of his shell and has been very communicative, infact he invited me to rendezvous with him while he’s traveling the weekend of Dec 4th- next week! He booked my travel for me and everything.. I know the weekend will be awesome, as usual, but when the weekend is over and I get home, I sure hope he continues the communication. 🙂

  147. Hey LadyTaurus!I have posted many times on here about my Scorpio guy.Many ups and downs-sadly,mostly downs.I have come to the conclusion that I’m done with him.It was a long,difficult (sometimes painful), bumpy road to get to this point!Suffice it to say, a friendship that I have had with a very nice guy for almost 3 years,has recently started to become more.Go figure!I have learned in the past few months, that I truly deserve to be treated with respect and courtesy.This is how my friend treats me-my friend the Aries.LOL While there is a lot to be said for passion and excitement,there is more to be said for stability,consistency,trust and caring.Take it from me-it was majorly hard to let go of the Scorpio! I am only in the beginning stages of doing that,but I feel so much better!Have you seen the movie”He’s Just Not That Into You”?My situation exactly.This friend of mine was someone I went to for advice about my Scorpio-LOL-and he did give me some good advice which I will share with you.Guys have a scale on which is a list of things in their life.Ranked from 0-5 for the sake of arguement.Maybe his job is a 5-most important and maybe you are .5 or 1 or maybe higher.It means that you ARE on his scale,but,in your heart of hearts, are you REALLY OK being ranked there?I played games in my head to try and convince myself that I was OK with it because I have never known such passion and sensuality ever before.But the truth was,I was not OK with it.I do not want or deserve to be wondering if and when I will hear from this guy again,and if I do hear from him again,will he disappear again?It seriously became painful and torturous!I met him in June of 2008,and if you read back to my first post in Sept.2008,you will see the rollercoaster I’ve been on.I do not recommend this to anyone!LOL! I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt,but I also put up with way more than I should too-especially from this guy!There was just something about him! But I can not continue to look at that part of it anymore!As for my friend the Aries,this is a huge surprise to me!I never expected this in a million years!I think it’s throwing us both for a loop a little bit-LOL.There is not this wild attraction with him that I had with the Scorpio, but the more time we spend together getting to know each other,joking around,sharing meals(he actually cooked me dinner a few weeks ago and can not even cook)LOL-just doing normal stuff together like going to Best Buy for a DVD rack for his livingroom and dropping stuff off at The Salvation Army, is bonding us and he becomes cuter and more attractive to me everytime I see him!WOW!In closing,look at “the scale”and see if you are REALLY OK being at whatever rank you are at.Be honest with your heart-it’s the only one you will ever own-you were born with it-protect it.Don’t let it be broken by the wrong one,but keep it intact for yourself,and the one who is waiting for you where you least expect it.

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Thanks so much for your advice. Yes, I certainly did read your posts and felt bad for you and for myself! I’m SO GLAD you met a man that genuinely cares about you and gives you the attention you deserve! If you read my post dated November 27th, I’m really excited to be seeing my Scorp guy this weekend, but I’m preparing myslef to not hear from him for at least a week after we have a phenominal time.. which sucks. This “relationship” is long distance, so I’ve continued to keep my hat in the ring at home and have a prospect that I met recently, a Sagittarius, whom Taurus’s arent supposed to be compatible with, but he seems very nice. However, the enitre time we are out on a date, I cannot get the Scorp out of my head! When I return from FL on Sunday, I will try my hardest to put him behind me.
      Lady T

  148. OMG..I have been reading these blogs for hours because I am transfixed with how ACCURATE they are in describing the SCORPIO male LOL!!! I have become friends with a male Scorpio (Im Pisces) and we have been flirting VERY graphically via text for over a month! He says he doesnt want anything apart from fun ..a no strings approach. BUT he is sending me mixed messages continually! We text each other DAILY and on a good day that can be as many as 100 texts! He says he doesnt want anything serious on a regular basis..but in the same breath hes telling me he wants more kids one day! He does run HOT and COLD thats something I learned early on. We are both at uni, and dont mix when there. Its all a secret and no one knows about us which is even more of a kick lol! I am 38 and he is 29!! We just dont seem to be getting down to anything intimate as he keeps making excuses about meeting up! I almost feel he is shy!
    I dont know what to make of it all..Im usually the one in control in relationships but this guy has me going weak at the knees to the point of total dominance on his part lol! I have such a gut feeling that we have a future, but wouldnt dream of telling him this as he would Im sure run a mile! He never compliments me..I always seem to be the one boosting his ego lol! WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT lol!
    Ladies and Gents…should I walk away now before we actually DO get intimate and I get even more hooked..or let things carry the natural course?

  149. Hi

    I met a guy 3 years ago over internet. We were a great friend. After 6 months we met. And remain friend. We shared each others feelings. But never said any love talk. After 1 year i realize that i love him. One day i said this to him. he said he think me as a friend. And he dont want to get committed if he dont feel the same. After that we were friend. He moved to other country. Many times i talked to him about this. Whenever i talked to him about this, he get over emotional. But when i dont notice him he tried to take my attention. Now after 2 years he come back. And he is saying our relationship is not possible. Whether i say it or not. He said we are not similar. We have this this problem. I dont say anything. He is scoropio. He is very dominating over me. The more i try show him that i am not in love him, he said i am in love with him and it is not possible. I am a cancer. Please advise.

  150. Hello,

    Well, I had a great weekend with my Scorp guy. I saw him 12/4-12/6. He was such a sweet caring gentleman. I even got to see the boyish side of him, which was soo cute. He even made the comment “this just feels right” when we were laying in bed saturday morning, but true to form, I have not heard from him since he called to make sure I got home safely Sunday night. He has retreated as usual and I’m bummed, but not as much as I would be if I didnt already know that this was what his behavior would be. Oh, well…

  151. I have been seeing a scorpio man on&off
    now for about a month.
    He said he likes me ,but now it’s like
    he does not call me for days & I do not want to bother him because i know he works hard at his job all week, but I have yet to see him on a weekend.
    We had a misunderstanding the first week
    we were together and i was hurt & a little
    angry & i was giong to leave a message
    on his voice mail but he answered & everything was fine. But now it seems as if he is playing some kind of mind game with
    me, & I do not like games if he is not interested anymore i wish he would just tell me instead of keepng me guessing.
    Anyway I guess i’ll wait a little longer to see what happens, but not too much longer
    it is driving me crazy.

  152. Hi ya’ll. I stumbled onto this forum after having a fight with my girlfriend. Im a scorpio and shes an aries. Its true that we can be very deep, emotional, passionate etc. As far as us being hot or cold, this is the music that will tame the beast. My favorite girl and I bump heads all the time. Like I said shes a strong, independent, dont need no man to open my door type o woman, so I moved in with her because I love her. I would sacrifice my own sense of control to enable her to feel like the boss (tip #1: to give power is to recieve even more power). I most of the time let her win our little squables, even when we both know that Im right and shes wrong. I love her so I dont mind chewing whatever she throws on my plate. (tip #2: never take advantage). This is the cold part. However this particular fight started to warm up a little. In the beginning of our relationship I jokingly told her that I never do dishes, and that I dont believe in dishwashers. Anyway she had some of her friends over the other night and they really made a mess, dishes piled up and empty wine bottles, and glasses everywhere. Well I cleaned the whole apartment. I washed all the dishes, and really made the place look like new while she was at work. I even cooked a nice spagetti dinner. she came home saw the place and was sooo happy. The next thing you know we were kissing. We went from the counter top in the kitchen, to the bedroom floor, then to the bed. We had thee hottest, most passionate sex maybe in our whole relationship of 3.5 yrs. Afterwards she got in the shower, and i turned on the TV. She started talking to me from the shower. I was standing in the doorway but facing the TV. Well she thought I wasnt listening to her, and peeks her head out of the shower in perfect timing of me switching the channels to see a belly dancer on the screen. Well she just went off. Anyone who knows an aries woman should know that they require your undivided attention. Furthermore any of that precious attention better not of all places be on another woman. So she starts cursing me out. I tried to reason with her, but she wasnt trying to hear it. Now shes out of the shower swearing and calling me names I didnt deserve to be called. (tip #3: before you kindle a fire have a buckett of water handy). It was right about then that the lava that flows beneath my skin began to simmer. So i ask her to get a grip and lower her voice. Then she tells me that I was in her house and that if I didnt like it I could pack my things and get out. you kno that lava I mentioned, now its bubbling. Anyway she slammed the bedroom door in my face. I love this woman to death, and I just wanted to swallow the whole thing, so i asked her to open the door. she responded with a stern f*@k you. Well friends the lava had nothing else to do so it exploded. Before I knew it I had grabbed the pot of steaming spagetti, and slung it all over the kitchen. The counter, the floor. Then I grabbed a bottle of red wine and painted the walls with it. I really destroyed the kitchen I had spent all day cleaning. and when I left I slammed the door so hard i think i broke one of the hinges. I really dont know what came over me. I guss the point im trying to make is the scorpion is allways struggling to resolve a conflict. It might be something small like him deciding should he express his overwhelming love for someone he just met an hour ago on the internet, or remain a mystery. It might be something huge like him deciding should he keep his day job, or should he have that novel hes writing on the secret of life published. So ladies bear with him it may seem like he plays games, but the decisions he makes usually tip the scales drastically one way or the other. hopefully this story will give you some insight into your scorpio. Oh and dont worry first thing in the morning ill show up on her doorstep with a rose, and all my cleaning supplies.

    1. Thank you scorpio_lava for sharing your experience.

      WOW……..It takes time for Scorpio to explode, but when he does, you will be the one who will clean the mess…it is so true. Thank you

  153. Lava…i think you are a scorpio!haha,personally i think all the women in this forum are nuts!!(im a scorpio)i dont even bother to reply,im personally sick of so much drama and bullshit,im really trying to just be financially stable and independent,working on my career…and if i meet a woman and she give me shit,ill just tell her to get her ass on down the road.

  154. Hey I’m a pisces,ijust start seeing my scorpio guy like for four months now.and I think I’m starting to fall for him already. It easly to fall hard for them.but I’m just waiting for him to get deep with me.I’m 23 and he 37

    But I like that he’s older. But I’m still trying to learn more and I been reading the postes on. And I want to know if there has been any postive relationships long term.

    1. You sound like me a few months back. I’m in my twenties and my scorp is in his forties. I was also searching for some positivity…didn’t find a lot of examples, but I like to think I’m creating precedence here. I think you and I have a slight advantage with dating an ‘older’ scorp because I believe the maturity level helps to stifle their natural tendancies to be dickheads.

      Anyways, just wanted to pass that along to you. We’ve been dating for 8 months now and it’s just been in recent weeks that things are starting to feel more comfortable for me and a lot of the relationship insecurities and fears I had previoualy seem to be vanishing. So there might be hope! Just play your cards right for now…

  155. I like to think that I’m having some luck with my scorpio. He has still yet to disappear, and things seem to be progressing nicely with him. What I am struggling with is trying to determine how he really does feel about me and where we are going in this. It feels like we’re stuck in this holding pattern just hovering above the airport trying to decide if we should land and where we should land. He has never told me how he feels about me, just that he’s happy that I’m in his life. He talks about the distant future, but not the tomorrows.

    So yes…it is possible to be successful with a scorpio man, it just seems to involve a significant amount of patience.


  156. Yes ff I agree it seems to me that it takes a lot of patience with these guys. But its really driveing mee crazy. Because I finally ask my guy how does he feel about me. He says that he really like spending time with me and he wish he can spend more. That’s great and all but I feel that I’m the one making the effort to reach out more. We are dateing so I really gone cut about all my friends off for this guy. But I want to know do we really have a future together? Because I don’t won’t to get hurt.

  157. this site pretty much sums up my scorpio man. We have been on and off for so long I have no idea what to do with him. Try being a Leo which is a fixed sun sign and him a fixed water sign. I would say he is so amazing in bed that it is not bad giving up the power struggle there. Sooner or later I think we will figure out what we are to each other.

  158. shanda – don’t cut out your friends, in fact, making plans with your friends when he hasn’t set aside time for you will work in your favor. Right now he thinks that he can call you on a whim and get your undivided attention. This is too easy for your scorp, he likes a challenge and a woman who has her own stuff going on. I started to fall into that pattern with my scorp a few months back and then one week he turned the cold water on a bit. So I stopped answering his calls and only responded to every couple of his emails and when he finally invited me out to dinner one night, I told him no, because I had already made plans. Now he knows that if he can’t always invite me out last minute, that I have a life of my own and if he wants to see me he has to set aside time for me. I also told him that it’s okay for him to want his alone time, but that if he ever ‘goes into his cave’ and doesn’t return for a few days that chances are I won’t be waiting on the other side. I’ve made him beleive that I can move on quickly (even though the truth is it would kill me to end it with him) but I’m not at a point where sharing that with him will make things better for us.

    We continue to progress in our relationship. He’s given me a key to his house – told me it just seemed ‘easier’ for me to have one. I haven’t given him one to mine, but I have a roommate and he understands that it’s out of respect for her. There is still no talk of ‘moving in together’ or anything like that…but things feel great right now.

    The one thing I keep telling myself is that if this ever gets to a point where I am crying more often than smiling, then nothing else matters…I need to move on. As hard as that would be, a relationship should never cause you so much unecessary pain and it would be a sign that there is definitely soemone better suited for me out there.


  159. Ok ff I seen what you was saying. Because I had went out to a party sunday. And I told him I had plans and he ask me how did it go I told him I had a good time which I know he was on my mind like the whole time even tho I met some guys who I wasn’t really into. But anyway that next day was kind of strange after we had good convo about the party and laugh and all. That monday we only had talked like one time that day I normally talk to him during the day because I work first. And he work third. But I only had spoke to him one time during that day and I said he normally text me the night because we talk for hours before he go to work. So that was strange not hearing from him. So the next day came and he text me saying he was thinking about me and everything. So I said ok. And the same thing happen that night. So I start saying to my self maybe he need some space is I’m texting to much is he tired of me. I start to get in my worry mode. So I said I’m not go bother him if he going thu something right now. So I just told him that I was concern about him if he needed to talk he could call me. So he did he said every thing was fine between me and him. He came up the next day when I was off he’s from sc and I’m from nc. So we had a long talk got to know more of our personal life about each other. And I pray and said to god if this the man for me I’m just put it in his hands. And don’t worry. And don’t rush it. So things has been going good every since we back to normal with the calls. But the most question I asked him was do he see his self settleing down again? And he told me yes so that gives me much hope that we can possiable have a future together.

  160. Hey ff we’ll I can say that it is going pretty well for me and my guy. I got a lot of answers that I needed to know. which mainly was could he possiable see a future with me. And he said yes but we are going to take it step by step and see what happens. And I like that answer. Because he from sc and I’m from nc and he comes here to see me all the time. And I’m wanting to get into his world which he has invited me. which I plan on going down to his house the next time we plan to meet up. I felt like this time go round we learned even more about each other we got even closer. But I’m still trying to take my time with this man. Don’t get to in patience. And leave it in gods hands. When he with me he is a great and a kind lover he treats me with respect. He’s like the guy I be wanting and needing in my life. I just don’t want to rush and take my time. Which this is a major challage for me because I know how I fall in love and I don’t won’t to get hurt again like my passed relationships.I just have a feeling if I just stop worrying take one step at a time then we should be alright. But ill keep you posted.

  161. I hope this comment go thou. Yes ff I know what you mean. But when I seen my guy I had to ask him some questions this week. And the most question was can he see his self settleing down again? And he said yes but we are going to take it slow and see what happen. That was a good answer for me. This time when we met up it felt like we learned even more about each other. We got closer to each other which was a good thing.and I know that I could possiable have a future with this guy. But I’m willing to take it slow which is going to be a challage for me because I know how I fall in love. But I don’t won’t to get hurt either. So I’m just put in gods hand and let him work with it.
    But I keep you updated. But I’m happy that you and your guy is still progressing which I see is step by step. And that’s how I want me and my. Guy to be.

  162. I just want to know one thing … being a virgo I expect my man to initiate and express his feelings towards me… but he being mysterious and lovable…. try his all ways to NOT say the L word and make me helpless as he knows he is irrestible and damn sexy… He sometimes talks abt his ex gf who has left him and now is happily married just to make me jealous and less arguable. He is walking on my nerves and playing with my mind…
    I try hard to probe him by calling him flirt and non serious entity.. which he denies completely …
    I want him so much that i can’t risk my life without him (and still thinking abt him all the time)in case he is not that serious and leaves me eventually …
    Do they take so much in saying L word or I should initiate ?

    1. I’m curious to know as well – my scorp and I haven’t exchanged the L word and I too am a little scared to take that first step. He talks about buying a house together and about engagement rings, but I’m left thinking about the fact that we’re missing that one small step…

  163. Yes I think the do take a long time its hard enouigh to get them to open up with the feelings.
    at least yall have that much. I’m still trying to see my scorpio more. I just feel like he not trying hard enough.

  164. Hello Ladies…..This Scorpio man is looking for a very special lady…if i cant find that special lady…then I will take a few…anyway im professional, Educated wealthy and Healthy….I love Leo, Virgo, Aquarius and Aries women….

    Holla @ me….

  165. Hello Shanda!

    In all honesty I never had a Pisces woman. I have experience with all others. I seem to get along well with the ones I mentioned.

    Here is why: I have Sun Scorpio-Moon Leo-Aries Asc…..Venus Libra and Mars Scorpio.

    Jupiter Aquarius-Saturn Capricorn….

  166. Oh ok I was just really asking b-c I’m am a pisces and I’m dealing with a scorpio male. And I thought maybe you had an experience with a pisces woman. But I looked up pisces and scorpio we seen to match well. But I was just wondering.

  167. Sigh, need help! Was hot and heavy with a Scorpio Man and just like in the previous posts instant cool. I don’t understand, he told me he loved how upfront,and not shy I am. What should I do? We talked everyday straight for a Mo and texting all day and then nothing. Also I’m very stubborn and have not text or called him since he has not answered my last text. Plus to add this is a phone relationship as we are a few states away from eachother…

  168. Hey frustratedAries!!!

    if u need to release some of that tension…we scorpio men can help…U Aries Gurlz need an outlet 4 all da pent-up-frustraion u have…we can rock-ur-Lilman-n-da-boat…with pleasure…LOL

    1. I had a rocky but very intense thing with a female Aries for 3 years. She was quite the little pistol. She was magnetized and moist in anticipation from my penetrative calm in the bedroom. And that woman loved to fight, pout, scream and then go out for share ice-cream. I am Sun/Mars/Venus/Mercury/Pluto in Scorpio so I breathe a ton of other volcanic inner passions, so when together… we were either boiling hot or chilly cold. Her feisty-self wanted to be the boss butI wouldn’t let her. And she loved that. So… you can imagine what Pluto did to put a cheery grin on her beautiful youthful face:)

      1. Mmmhmm You scorpios. The one I am or was involved with (we’ll see) drives me crazy! I love how arrogant he is, how in a sick kind of way has a “control” over me (which NO man has had before), he has the most sexiest voice and eyes I have ever seen. I still have not heard from him nor have I tried to contact him “yet”. I am trying to control my impulse to call or text. I just can’t figure him out not used to being dropped out of nowhere. Any advice on what to do from this point?

      2. Well, he could be dating other women but if her were similar to me, I’d say that he is not “pursuing” you intentionally. I don’t pursue any woman because that represents a wussbag who gives away his personal power to a woman. An imbalance takes form when a guy follows, because women hold expectations for scores of men to grovel and impress them and to always “Obey” them. My advice to you would be to remember who you’re dealing with. Our Inner Strength & Willpower is nothing to be taken lightly or for granted. We know more about your little mind games and subtle sexual seductions than you could imagine. We/I, Lead women to the promised land. If you don’t like our Truth and Authenticity then you’re with the wrong guy. I’m sure there are millions of men who’d love to call you 9 times a day, compliment you 13 times an hour, and follow you around like a spineless, hesitant marshmallow. Stay on your tippy-toes little Aries. Daddy doesn’t > need < you to mother him.

      3. Thank you for the insight. This is why I find him so fascinating. I love the challenge but at the same time I’m becoming very bored with the situation. Received a text lastnite let it sit for a hour then responded. It was like we had never stopped talking. So intense and fun. Tho I am treading carefully just waiting to see if he contacts me again. I tend to go in head first and act on impulse we laugh about my “open mouth, insert foot” quality which pops up alot lol So we’ll see where this goes.

      4. You mentioned the times when you get ‘bored easily.’ A healthy perspective for you to remember is that the male Scorpio nature will not be “played with” or fiddled with like “a toy.” A big turn off in our complex nature is when the woman we love thinks she can pull the wool over our eyes. Aka… taking our sincerity and emotional intelligence for granted. A woman’s happiness and fulfillment with a male Scorpio is dependent on her deeper emotional needs for a true & meaningful connection or union. If we can’t respect you, your inner-self, we can’t trust you to learn about yourself or us. We will test you and test you to help us identify if you are in-with-us… all the way. The intensity and extremism of our nature, often frightens women who are alien to feeling something real. We’ll bring out your highest potential as a sexual being if you allow yourself to surrender. So if your boredom is overwhelming you, remember that those fickle associations are fizzing your head, an not in his reality. There are many directions for you to go with other types of men. Namely, the development of superficial and meaningless interaction that can cure your “boredom.” A toy… or a Weak and Un-Assertaive male, is not the guy who you will fall in love with. Because an Identity and a Truth is void in that kind of male. All the best;)

      5. Ok to clear the “boredom”. I’m very uprfront and a fast paced person. The rate this is moving for me is waay to slow and frankly taking a bit of a toll. He managed to open me up in ways that noone else has and it kinda scared me how easliy I confided in him. He’s so secretive and hard to figure out. I’m used to men showering attention on me and the fact that he’s not keeps me interested. Now in my vain ways the “boredom” that I have is the waiting and time will tell. I get so offended at the thought of him not wanting me (sounds so bad I know) that I get it in my head that he’s playing a game and I’m done. Then when he contacts me it’s a high that I can’t explain. All the anger I had completely disappears. I don’t like how this makes me feel vulnerable at times, but at the same time it is something that I haven’t had before either. I love reading your posts they explain everything I have been wanting to ask. Guess, this is probaly why Aries and Scorpios are not good matches lol

      6. “The rate this is moving for me is waay to slow and frankly taking a bit of a toll.”

        LoL! That was a quick change of feeling for a woman who initially stated she was attracted to his “intense” and “fascinating” behavior. The cuteness of Aries women and their flimsy devotion to chemistry makes me smile.

        “I get so offended at the thought of him not wanting me (sounds so bad I know) that I get it in my head that he’s playing a game and I’m done.”

        If he can’t be upfront and honest with you and specific about where your “thing” together is going… I believe you are committing yourself, your time, your ferocious energy… to the wrong guy. In many powerful aspects, we male Scorpios really want to feel needed and wanted. Maybe more-so than a stunning knockout feminine beauty whom craves feeling “wanted” by a nation of drooling, spineless men. Btw, the male Scorpio ego is very defined and specific. We have strong-intense likes and dislikes. We know in depth, who we truthfully are – and most intangibly-> who we are Not.

        “I don’t like how this makes me feel vulnerable at times, but at the same time it is something that I haven’t had before either.”

        It is not “bad” or retarded to feel something special and unique. That is your gift from us. When a woman feels the desire to merge intimately with a male… she feels the fire in her belly, she becomes increasingly afraid with the anticipation of not maintaining control, as she is accustomed to doing with thousands of needy males. Just remember that those vulnerabilities you are experiencing are “TRUE” indicators, not false mental illusions, that you desire to merge your innocence with a force which has meaningful Power over you. That is why a woman must eventually “surrender” to the intensities of her attraction, and become a stronger woman through the process of such a chemistry.

        “I love reading your posts…”

        Well hello there! So then you love me! LoL. These posts are written by a male who specifically knows himself, who knows exactly what he wants in life, and will not settle for anything ordinary. He loves growing. He may swoop you around the waist and pull you into his chest. He may gaze deeply into your innocent Bambi eyes and kiss you on the nose. By that time your heat will be a product of his heat, and he’ll be kissing you passionately until you melt into butter. He won’t ask for your permission to connect. He just does. and btw… your cheery spirit is refreshing too;)

      7. “Well hello there! So then you love me!”….

        Cute! Uh Oh, tread carefully there…I am a Aries Woman 😉

        Well he did contact me on Saturday. I was out so I didn’t respond as quickly as I usually do. Which I will say WOW he did not like. lol I was given the 3rd degree on what and who I was with. Which I of course gave vague answers too as I didn’t quite appreciate that. Since I haven’t heard from him in a few days. So I gave a estimated time of when I would be home and well let’s just say I was waay off…LOL He of course called at the time I provided and when I didn’t answer let’s jsut say I had a not so nice VM in the morning. I still did not call or text him back yet and likewise I haven’t heard from him. Sigh, the drama of it all.

        ” your cheery spirit is refreshing too”…

        🙂 Ty

      8. Well your communication with that guy isn’t anywhere close to the playful rumbles and interactive clarity you have shared with me. And we haven’t even layed eyes on each other. Go figure.

        Keep up the feisty. I hope you can figure out one fraction of his hidden agenda. We probe and examine. That was “the 3rd degree” part you kept hearing. He’s obviously jealous and insecure of you having your own life. You should probe his true motivations in return. You’ll catch him off guard, guaranteed. Speaking directly in investigation (as I mentioned prior) can and will save your zippy curiosity and sanity a ton of energy and time:)


      9. I agree with most of what Pluto is saying…MOST. Myself and my Scorpio have just reached the point of clarity in this back and forth emotional rollercoaster we’ve been riding. I did similar things to what you’re doing Aries and felt that same…screw him, I’m moving on and then OMG, I can’t get enough of this guy kind of emotional wreckage…but I can tell you this, it was all worth it for me.

        I had finally decided after 8 months (he never dissappeared) of me feeling like an emotional mess, simply because I could not figure out where he was emotionally with me…he never verbalized it, and although his actions did show that he was happy with what we had going, I felt like we were uneven in how we felt about each other and where I wanted to go with the relationship, I wasn’t sure was the place he wanted to go with it.

        So last week I told him I was considering putting an end to it. Well…boy was I surprised. He freaked out a little, informed me that he would do anything to fix the issues I felt were present, told me he felt we were a ‘team’, and that it would hurt him so bad if we were to end it.

        So there you have it – I finally have what I want…a confirmation on where my Scorpio is in our relationship. I can stop questionning his motives and learn to enjoy the intensity and the connection we both share.

        My point being that even if you really think the man is not interested, it could be just his front…stick with it (as long as he’s not dissapearing) and see what happens.


      10. Well I’ve decided to take this head on tonite. After reading your posts think I am just gonna suck it up and call. Still have not heard from him since Saturday…lol I’ll try to be gentle but sometimes my temper gets the best of me. Wish me luck! 😀

        “Well your communication with that guy isn’t anywhere close to the playful rumbles and interactive clarity you have shared with me. And we haven’t even layed eyes on each other. Go figure.”…..

        I’ve noticed that too 😉

  169. We’ll I want to hear from a scorpio male who gone had an relationship with a Pisces female. Or is in a relationship with one. For I can know what I’m into. But as far as for me and my guy I guest we are doing good nothing too much nothing to less.

  170. i had a hard time with a scorpio female a while back..ive decided to take a harsh approach to them,because me being a scorpio,we both are capable of playing lots of however im more upfront.soo if it doesnt go anywhere,i get a sharp bright iron sword,and cut that scorpion female out of my too damn busy,too damn ambitious,too damn here in the now to be playing games.

  171. once again femme fatale you dont fail to disgust havent reached clarity,in the relationship,you just decided to rock the boat and pry out the answer you wanted.eventually he will tire of want to come off as intelligent and articulate,but you cant even handle your own emotions.

      1. …and who’s the woman who did you in between June 2009 and October 2009? You started off trying to be helpful, offering suggestions, advice, etc. Now you sound down right bitter and every woman on here is getting the brunt of what women have given to you. Newsflash – perhaps you don’t have all the answers. In my case I just refuse to be taken for granted by anyone regardless of their sign…I know what I have to offer and I know it’s a lot.

        My decision to leave my current man was a long time coming and not an idle threat. I was fully prepared to end it based on the fact that I simply was not getting what I felt I needed from the relationship…therefore taking control of my emotions once again.

        In this, my scorpio confessed how he really felt about us and then we both let go of whatever fears we were holding onto about letting the other know the truth about how we really felt.

        So, Mr. burned Harmonica, your assumptions are wrong. My Scorpio and I are better for having gone through what we just did…there’s no more guessing on either party.

        Perhaps you should try not to take everyone’s stories so personally. Maybe even try to let go of your supreme hatred towards all women and you might even be surprised as to what might come your way…that or maybe bat for the other team for a while. You might prefer it.

  172. Male Scorpios are not flawless people. We can easily hurt women. Very easily. Our attitude may send a clear a present message as to teach our woman that we will not be manipulated. Yet there is something missing in a cynical, quiet attitude that our woman doesn’t want to feel-> and rightly so. The important difference between something real and special and something ‘control motivated’ is that we male Scorpios have to specifically understand our dominant nature and our own moods. It’s critical that we are fully aware of our ability to manage the Direction of the dynamic with a woman,and Lead the Energy and Truth in the moment. A woman needs to hear and feel constant re-assurance that our intent is on only her.

    I now know through such volatile lessons of my own past, that we can definitely still be assertive and real to ourselves… BUT, I learned over time that I must develop myself and- Speak… My… Mind. For many years, I had been very quiet and reserved about my thoughts and personal plans with women and girlfriends. I had originally held back a ton of very important information about what I truthfully wanted and expected from them. I didn’t respond accordingly to behavior I didn’t like and I failed at setting the example as the man, their man. Women absolutely need to feel the courage in our honesty and the intention of decisiveness and assertion in our actions.

    The consequences if we are not those things? Well, her tests of her place in the relationship will cause her to feel afraid and insecure in the relationship. She will explode into her dramatics at the drop of hat. So is that her fault?… Today, I now know it’s not her fault. The fact is, women of all signs don’t have anywhere near the emotional self-control that we do. So we have to Expect their “games”… we have to anticipate their “drama” and “childish acts” of revenge. If we are not setting the emotional tone, a woman, any woman will not respect us… she will only test us to prove our love.

    In past relationships, “I had thought” that I was open and honest… but I now realize that much of my silences during that time were emotional walls to guard my inner-self from her careless, thoughtless anger, and her selfish whims. In truth, I eventually learned to understand that I couldn’t handle her changeable moods every hour. So for many years I was not clearly aware of why she was yelling or pouting all the time.

    The more I had studied women and reflected on my past failures with them, the more I came to realize that “I” was the perpetrator in the dysfunction. I was being “a recluse” within the passion of the relationship and I actually confused the women. They did not know exactly were they stood in my heart-> Because I was too passive and guarded to TELL them.

    Now that I’ve grown up a bit, I now find it easy and fun to put a woman in her place. To be challenged and tested. I now know that my intense responses are not “motivated” to hurt them. I am motivated to share myself openly and lovingly. If they don’t feel an affinity with me, they can find someone else to play with. No skin off my nose. My expression with women today and forever more is upfront and assertive in the moment. While still being kind and true to myself. So knowing how to reach a woman’s soul is easy now because I realize I have nothing to fear or hide;)

  173. Well that’s the whole point pluto. That’s all we want from you scorpio males is to be upfront and be real. And stop playing a game if you are because yall will never have a woman holding your feelings in. Or make us wait like its a damn waiting game. Because I went out this weekend. And my guy got jealous I could tell. And he said he didn’t won’t no one up on his lady. So when I asked him am I’m officially his lady he said we not go give us a title yet. So that tell me he’s not ready to commit and I’m just start doing me since he still want to play the waiting game. We been talking going on 5 months. And you still not letting me know what you really feel about me. And I can tell he in his cold mood I haven’t heard from him. I’m bout tired of it. Yall think we should put our lives on hold for yall and that’s pretty selfish of you guys. We open up to yall try to show you that we here for you support you. And you still don’t get it. I just don’t understand. And you wonder why we get angry or sad because yall make us.

  174. “Yall think we should put our lives on hold for yall and that’s pretty selfish of you guys. We open up to yall try to show you that we here for you support you. And you still don’t get it… And you wonder why we get angry or sad because yall make us.”

    This is very true.

    We’re not all the same. Many male Scorpios don’t intimately understand their True-emotional nature. Many are trapped tightly in their personal intensity, but are not truthfully aware and forthcoming of their own shortcomings.

    Women…The “silences” or “waiting games” you always feel, is stuff you just can’t try to understand. Don’t push it with your guy. Either be very patient or make a choice a move on.

    We experience a lot of heavy stuff inside our whole lives, feelings of power, control, rage, ambivalence, jealousies… you name it. We are sensitive men. It all depends on the inner-capacity of the male Scorpio to see his self-consumed vices.

    When we can’t break free out of our Dark Unknown vices, we won’t give you the gift of our Light. All we will do is self-destruct and increase our secretive and isolated feelings in the relationship.

    These are no shallow experiences. Women must choose what is best for them and stop complaining about how terrible it is;)

  175. femme fatale,no woman did me too ahead of gotta understand i dont fool around.ive said this before i think alot of you on this board are crazy.even me,who is a scorpio is telling you ITS NOT WORTH IT.move on.i should know this better than anyone.

    is it not right that you said everything in YOUR relationship was going okay?what more do you want?i get the sense of you cutting off his balls whenever i read your posts.i hope he comes to his senses.and i dont care how angry you get at me.
    ive seen first hand the nastiest sides of a cancer.i aint discriminating,but the thought of a fat woman riding my cock is too much to bare.and thats the picture i sorry i have to be this nasty,but i think i need theraphy to trully trust a me,ive seen one punch my best friend,or rather heard outside my apartment as my best friend got punched his girlfriend..him being an aries..what do you think he did?and i dont blame him.i dont condone that stuff,but she was one nasty dont want to know what she did for money..she was a dominatrix…hence probably comes my disgust from what i hear..

  176. Well, I ended up calling, which of course he didn’t answer. He did call me back 2hrs later. We talked for a while as if nothing had happened over the weekend. He then started to make plans to come see me and that’s when I started asking questions. Well, what I found out is that he told me it’s my fault we don’t talk enough…lol That he has been seeing someone else due to our distance, but wants to still talk cause he “feels” for me..again LOL Well needless to say I cut it off. Thanks for all your help here! Next scorpio I come across I’m running away as fast as I can. 😀

  177. “Watever pluto I disagree with everything you. Say I know I’m right and I’m stick too what I said.”

    What did you say!!??

    Learn how to read and understand something before you “think” you disagree with something. Idiot. You’re just another little girl WHO WANTS TO FIGHT over her whims. You don’t want any truth, you don’t want any respect and you don’t want any meaningful communication. YOU… WANT pathetic dramatic playtime.

    It it is that HIDDEN MOTIVATION and insecurity in women which makes me despise my effort to help you.

    You specifically, don’t deserve an ounce of my kindness. You deserve the Worst attitude and behavior from men. I have no sympathy for you.

    Disregard my previous post because I don’t have a care in hell if you agree or not.

    You deserve everything that happens to you.

    Good luck;)

  178. Pluto, I have my own opinion of how i felt about your response. just like you do mines. And that’s just how it is. And you can’t get mad if I disagree on what you wrote.” I read everything you said” I just disagree. And a course I’m not go be feeling what you are saying why? Because you are a scorpion man. And that’s who I’m dealing with at this time. I know that you tried to help. And its the way I’m feeling at the time. It has nothing to do with my insecurity. If you would know why do scorpio’s get jealous so much? What would you call that, a part of ” insecurity” Thank you. And good luck all of you.

  179. “If you would know why do scorpio’s get jealous so much? What would you call that, a part of ” insecurity” Thank you”

    Wake up. Read. Digest what is written.

    I have openly and honestly talked about the flaws and personal troubles of lost male Scorpios.

    Try looking at your own Denial for a single minute. Focus on that. Brave it–> and grow up.

    Now take off your blindfold and earmuffs.

    A better man is out there for you. But first, you gotta work on YOU.


  180. Hi Pluto Puppy
    You’ve mentioned “test you & test you to help us identify if you are in with us…all the way”

    What exactly do you mean and if you can further elaborate “the test”?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Well Faith, the tests I’m referring to are no different than what you and your feminine sisterhood do with men everyday of the week. Attractive women pick unoriginal, safe, weak males, and then complain why they’re not inwardly fulfilled.

      Look, if you want sincere honesty from a male Scorpio but can’t handle the truth felt within it, or the penetration of it, then you’ll always be caught speechless. And I know that’s not what a woman secretly wants. She wants to yap and nag a guy until he conforms to her whims. Yet in Truth- she deeply wants to surrender to a strong and gentle force of nature.

      I know through life experience that women have way more power over the generic man during social and relational examination. Generally speaking, women are socially savvy and attuned to manipulating men and quickly reeling in her very ordinary, unsure, and predictable male. A woman was born with a lethal stealth radar detector. It castrates the male who is looking for sex, and she begins her process of schooling him. She can usually see/feel through a male early and identify if she can control him through the dynamic. The control energy for a woman is very important to her. She wants to ‘feel secure enough’ or safe enough that whatever guy she chooses… she will know for sure that he will indeed Obey.

      Now enter the male Scorpio.

      The playing landscape has now changed for her. Almost all women feel our poise. Women feel our self-assurance and dominance during her stealthy games of conversation with us. Through the social process, she realizes she is dealing with a man that won’t be toyed with. Male Scorpios are in touch with their feminine energy. In other words, the sexual-power, the love energy which women exude is recognized as an amateur litmus test in our eyes. She hopes to set the tempo and see if we will chase and beg. Her playtime games help her identify if her a drooling, “nice” object of desire will fit nicely into her narrow and shallow life.

      Because if he doesn’t fit nicely into her innocent and whimsy ideals, and she predicts holding the future control-triggers, she will definitely not choose him. The cuteness of a woman is that she doesn’t go for what she really wants in a guy. If her belly and attraction temperature reach moist, intense levels, aka… a Godly Attraction or chemistry… she picks a drone over a more powerful sexy male presence. And understandably, she chooses comfort, control and safety subconsciously. She doesn’t want her emotional foundations rocked at the foundations. She scurries from soul quaking inner-world changes.

      We test women specifically for their emotional courage. Your bravery when truth and unrelenting loyalty is at stake. What are you really made of? Because our attractions don’t fade overnight. We are Still Waters Run Deep.

      Honestly, in my world, women are just little girls psychologically and emotionally. You may know what our intensities represent… but the strongest of women would rather, and they do, play-over a weak male who offers nothing substantial and who always follows and accommodates everything;)

  181. Pluto I very much like your view. It’s totally different from what it is believed generally.
    I have started to rethinking everything about relationships the last months. The reason is that a scorpio man flirted me intensely but i couldn’t decode his behavior. I knew through his eyes that there is something more underneath. He is so powerful that makes me feel safe and in danger at the same time.
    He is an extremely handsome guy and i think he chose me because he saw that I am not a common woman. I am very true, honest and full of feelings. I think I should work better on my sentimental power for me first of all because I know that I shouldn’t be that sensitive. I know that I need such a strong man next to me and I should be brave as well. I don’t like it when I can manipulate a man and the majority of women do it. Afterward they say they love him but they fall in love with an other guy.
    Why not to keep up with some testing? My subconscious connection with this scorpio made me think of many different aspects.
    I don’t know which is the truth but surely a different approach is necessary if you want a scorpio man to our side.
    Pluto please give us some precious advice I am of the ones that agree with you.

  182. For all who want or even care to read about the way I see the world and the women living in it, please feel your freedom and join our free astrology forum at:

    Many fun and slightly crazy people such as I, share many perspectives that women here may find valuable.

    Pluto Puppy is controversial and caring.
    Check it out today;)

  183. omg! similar situation, im pisces and he’s scorpion. i guess not very smart considering i was in a relationship with a scorpion b4 and gone thru all the same nonsense. any advice ? he has not returned any of y calls/text this week, we had a row last week when I told him I’m not going to sit around waiting for him to call, I’m going out with a friend (who happens to be a guy ..) pls help .. it’s killing me

  184. This is a fantastic “place” to be to learn about the scorpio sun sign, and I just spent the last few hours reading every single word of everything people have had to write here. I am a pisces and my very first boyfriend (from long back when i was a teenager) was a scorpion and i learnt alot from that experience. it didnt feel like i had at the time because i was young, inexperienced, and the intensity, possessiveness, “rules”, etc., were things i allowed myself to encounter without knowing what it could do for me. All i knew was i would never ever date a scorpion ever again in my entire life (you have no idea how passionate i can be about staying away…far away). However, looking back on that experience and all the other ones i’ve had (with librans; i have a libra moon) tell me one thing: they were opportunites for me to develop my understanding of myself. and i dont think I’d want to run away from anyone…not even scorpions, anymore. In fact, the more i read about them, the more i want to be with them. From my experience with librans, and although they will always hold a special place in my heart, i find i am not quite fulfilled by the experience. As though they are not truely my match. As though they cannot teach me what i could learn from a scorpion in terms of depth in knowing oneself.

    But this new found interest stems from the fact that I was told recently by an astrologer that my future husband could be a scorpion. I’ve been reading up on them since, and find the information intruiging.

    But first and foremost, i applaud everyone here for their willingness to enter the mysteries of love especially with a sun sign that can teach you much about love and consequently yourself. knowing oneself is the ultimate goal of all human relationships and it is usually through profound experiences such as love that we can become whole. As we all know, experiencing love with scorpions are very transformative and anyone here who has had a successful or failed relationship with one should neverthless thank themselves for the experience as it has undoubtedly helped them grow in one way or another.

    I’d like to thank everyone for sharing their experiences, and especially Pluto Puppy for his deep insights into the scorpion “being” (mind, body, and soul) and for stepping up and confessing the scorpion man’s faults. And also, femmefatale for being 100% true to herself and her partner in her relationship with her scorpion man. And on that note, i’d like to talk a little about why i feel she was successful. That is not to say her “tests” are over; we will forever more continue to learn regardless of whether we are with scorpions or any other sign, but the points i want to bring up will have to do with her success at this point as well as how i believe she and anyone can continue to have success throughout their lives with these men.

    So here it goes, a list of advice for whatever it is worth:

    1. The objective: as i’ve mentioned before, the reason, in my opinion, for becoming involved with another, regardless of sun sign, is to find self. This is a universal truth, at the soul level. Why? Because as souls, it is our innate desire to become one with everything in the universe and eventually God. And the way to do that is by knwoing ourselves (our joys and our fears). the way we can know ourselves is through profound experiences such as love, and for this reason we seek union with others. when we can unite with another successfully we can eventually unite with God.

    It is important to remember this point because if we believe this we will be more open and accepting to the fears and pain we experience in any relationship because we know it reaps a positive result: growth, unity and oneness. So everythime we are sad or in pain we can remind ourselves that we are going through this for a reason, a good one that will help us understand ourselves better and thus be better equipted to deal with life and become one.

    2. Blame: when we have the above mentioned view point to our experiences we automatically stop blaming ourselves or others for our experineces as we recognise it is helping us develop our soul. Nagging is a form of blame and many women here understand why it doesnt work with men in general, and particularly scorpion men. Men are not as expressive with words as we are and so they cant really “tell” us what we are doing wrong in a relationship. But we can. We nag. However, because they dont tell us what’s bothering them, directly, we get the wrong idea and that’s when all the nagging begins. it isnt our fault as this is a logical way for us to solve our problems, by talking, but we should realize that may work with other women and not men. when we “speak” to men, it is better to do so in their language: actions. They act out the way they feel, and if we do the same when dealing with them, they will understand us better. Nagging equates blaming and that’s not good for anyone. talking calmly may help without blaming, but better yet is to “show” them what we mean.

    3. Hot and Cold: All men go through periods when they “leave” their woman only to come back later. This is because when they have a problem they dont speak, they act (as i’ve just mentioned). They go into their caves to solve the problem by themselves and come back when they are “ready”. Sometimes it doesnt even have to be a problem, and they just may feel they need to get in touch with their manly side, away from us – the feminine side. If they are deeply unsatisfied with their woman, they might sleep around to feel manly again because those needs may be supressed in some way while they are with their woman or for some other conflict that questions their manliness. But they are not always screwing around…they really just need space even when in a relationship they are happy in. Scorpions seems to have this need more than most men. But the more comfortable they get with you, the less they’ll leave. eventually they may stop leaving altogether, and you’ll notice smaller increments in the time they take to come back.

    4. Scorpion men, like all other men, but more intensely, much more perhaps, are looking for the truth. By truth, in terms of a woman, i mean the real thing. You could be anybody, good, bad, ugly, pretty, or all of that together, but the scorpion wants the truth and nothing but the truth. and as you all know there is no point pretending you are someone you are not because they’ll know. So the faster you show your true colors, the faster you become true and the faster they can trust you. and when they can completely trust you, you’ll be in a very happy relationship. If we’re honest about who we are with them, from the very first day and till the end, they will learn to trust you easily.

    5. BUT, and this is a big BUT, who you are, truely, must be someone they can RESPECT. This means you must be someone who respects themselves. This person is not afraid of losing anyone, does not act out of insecurity, has no need to play mind games, is confident and sure of who she is. When she “listens” or “obeys” her scorpion man, she does so out of true respect for him in being the man in the realtionship who protects her and looks out for her. She does not “obey” him out of fear of losing him. If she does so, he thinks she is weak and can be lured by other men easily, or is not sure of what she wants from a man or herself. and this makes him doubt your love for him and that is when he becomes even more possesive. But if you are confident and can show him your love without insecurities, he will respect you for it and then truely love you the way you deserve to be loved. If you stick to “YOUR RULES” without any interst of playing games with him to lure him or get a hold on him, but genuinely out of respect for yourself, he will sense your true strength and be more ready to give you some freedom and will love you more for it.

    6. Freedom. You can never be free from a scorpion. if you’re in love with one, in a way they own you. but just as much as you own them. men own women in their own way but women do so in thei own way as well. However, this “owning” has nothing to do with posseiveness. It has everything to do with loving yourself. When you love yourself you emit a kind of energy or aura that makes other want to love you. and in this way you own others. why do you think you so readily give yourself to your scorpion men? It is because they love thmeselves first. it is only natural to do so. if you dont love yourself, you can never love another. Their immense sense of respect for themselves makes them appear confident and this attracts love their way. When a scorpion man sees a woman loving themselves this way, they begin to love them as well. This love for self has nothing to do with pride. It is about refusing to allow yourself to go through anything harmful to your soul: pain etc. Femmefatale, for ex., was able to demonstrate this attitude to her scorpion man. She refused to be insecure about losing him. She loved him but she loved herself as well. She wouldnt settle for anything that would cause her to believe she was experiencing more pain than joy in her life. because then it becomes worthless to do so. It is true that we learn from pain. but if the pain exceeds the pleasure, then we are no longer in a state to learn. in order to learn from our experiences of pain, we must be able to lead a ‘normal’ life which calls for pleasure as well as pain. Femmefatale believed if she was in more pain than pleasure then that meant she was meant to be with someone other than her scorpion. She was not afraid of what life had in store for her. She was positive and had faith in herself. Her scorpion not only sensed this but was attracted to it, fell deeply in love with it and wanted to be near it. See he also needs to feel secure with himself and only one who is secure with themselves can love themselves and thus can also love him so that from this love he can know himself, her and eventually the universe…God.

    Another woman, capricorn, wrote about her similar experiences of success with her scorion. it took her 2 scorpions to learn this before she could keep her thrid one. everytime he “left”, she was relaxed and went about her life with respect for herself. She didnt curl up under the blanket and think about him all day and night. because she was secure with who she was, he was secure with her. and this helped him become secure with himself.

    So i guess the name of the “game” is to love yourself so that he can love you. Dont act from fear. Act from a love that is free of insecurites of any kind. He will love you for it more than he knows. you will be helping him become more secure so he can know himself better (and that’s no easy task)…and eventually become free.

    1. I’m not interested in a woman who mentally perceives herself.

      Mental perception void of felt emotion is called Illusion.

      A woman’s illusion arrives courtesy of her RIGID IDEALISM. How does she RESPOND to the REALISM of evident visceral pain?

      Does she escape through drugs or alcohol? Does she spend her time through meaningless friendships? Or is her escape through materialism? Survival? Or is it via the mirage of controlling men to feed personal narcissism?

      Pain and upheaval are natural RESPONSES like smiling on a bright sunny day.

      The more physically attractive a woman is, the greater her Illusion, her rapid denial of Personal Truth.

      Emotional intelligence knows no fear.

      But a fickle surface intelligence does.

      That fear, is assigned to a brain which does not want to feel. Regardless of degree.

      Personal Comfort defeats Truth.


      1. As I see it, all forms of mental activity are inferior forms of being…in fact they aren’t ways of being at all. Thinking is our true enemy because it bars us from knowing our TRUE SELF. Ideologies stem from thought making them seriously flawed. They are prey to the domain of our limited mind that knows only pain and pleasure and likewise breed such states. I am not one to say, “I think, therefore I am”, neither would I say, “I believe, therefore I am,” as both these states reflect thought…instead, I would say, “I know, therefore I am or I “be”, therefore I am”.

        Emotions…same story. They are just the other side of the coin with thought on one. They are physical manifestations of our thoughts. If our thoughts are painful(fear, anger, jealousy, lonliness, self pity) our bodies react to that thought making it our emotion. And the same is true of pleasure.

        in this way, thoughts and emotions make up reality(as we know it). And REALITY is an illusion. We can’t escape it through self-pity or narcissism. If we do, we get caught up in the vicious cycle of pain and pleasure…feeling “joy” when we’re “high” and low when we’re not…an inevitable barren and ongoing process that leads to nothing.

        The only way to ESCAPE is by letting go of our EGO (mind and emotions) and allow our TRUE SELF to reign. The one that doesn’t “think” about the past or future, or react to such thoughts. The one that just IS, in the present, fearless, fully aware and in the moment. The one people call STILL, CREATIVE, MINDLESS, THE OBSERVER. You seem to be calling this EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. This is the SELF that smiles on a bright sunny day.

        The TRUE SELF knows no pain nor pleasure. It only knows LOVE. The kind that is not subject to pain or pleasure. It is selfless and eternal. And to activate it within us, we must simply be in that state. But unfortunately, we have to go through alot of pain and pleasure before we can realize this and live only in that state. We get glimpses of it though…every now and then; like you know when you see a very beautiful person who renders you speechless…the mind goes blank, you dont think or feel at that point…you just are. But i know we’ll all get there eventually – where we are always in this state – ONE with everything – GOD or whatever you want to call your connection with your TRUE SELF as.

        This is the TRUTH as I KNOW it. Nevertheless, Im happy I have a libra moon; you would “think” I’d become prey to ideologies through it, but thnakfully I am able to use it, my emotions, and my mind (mercury in aquarius) as tools to reach my TRUE SELF. The realm of the TRUE REALITY.


      2. “Emotions…same story. They are just the other side of the coin with thought on one. They are physical manifestations of our thoughts.”

        Yes they are manifestations. But do people, especially women, welcome the idea of feeling hurt? Does a woman truthfully encourage those freeze-up inner upheavals?

        No. That idea is precisely why our logical understanding of emotions is limited and AFRAID.

        I know you mean well. I can sense your happy spirit through your words. I’m not taking any good intent away from you.

        Emotions are our blood, surging through our body. Our blood is no different than the rain falling from the sky. Our emotions are the crystal clear water which keeps us nourished during our LIFE. Water is LIFE. Life is the Realism of emotion. Water, in from purist understanding, is not Idealism which we try to categorize, like some elementary Math quiz.

        The water unloading from our shower ‘cleanses’ (rejuvenates) our dirty exterior. The tears which trickle down our face is God healing our unreachable Soul, not not cut ‘n’ dry Reason. Tears are not our logical interpretations of feeling. Those tears, that massive water dam, powers entire cities and is the omnipresent LIFE FORCE keeping us alive each and every breath.

        Yes the Air (our Intellect) keeps us breathing, but tell me something, does Real inward Catharsis and Introspective Salvation happen by virtue of fearful reasoning? Does plain methodical “thinking” resolve emotional torment? Does that thinking change a persons Emotional reality over time?? Be honest?

        Our human intellects are extremely limited. Life experience, Real life experiences are to be FELT. They are to be dealt with. Every drop of pain has consequential meaning which the intellect alone is incapable of deciphering.

        Water has unseen virtues which reason will never know.

        Because pure Reason is repeatedly terrified of acknowledging apparent sadness, apparent jealousy, apparent guilt, shame and loss. The intellect is the master trickster, always finding rational excuses to debunk and devalue the sheer ferocity and realness of clear and present emotion. Personal ambivalence is never taken seriously through the rationale of it’s “thinking.”

        Plunging into our depths is no cliche. The journey is as Real as the incredible feeling you have experienced during a hot bubble bath. As Real as your ‘Experience’ through a mind altering, emotion riddled orgasm by way of penetration. So hey, was that “FEELING” Logical???? The water in your uterus is no different than the water (the Life) in the male seed. If the Sun and Air and Earth were all that mattered in terms of our existential “Reality”… would we even exist? Of course not.

        Water cleanses the mush of endless brain clutter which we unconsciously assimilate through our culture. Brain clutter which thrives on it’s chronic attachment, it’s meaningless hunger to “learn” the nearest piece of useless information. A fleeting thought always convinces the psyche that it is happy and healthy within a felt emotion.

        When the veil of betrayal or victimization has been lifted, the hypocrisy of our brain’s initial reasoning finds the Truth from our innermost, originally felt experience. That feeling does not Lie.

        Thanks for your perspective;)

  185. Thank you Firefly for dissecting my posts and understanding what I was actually trying to say. It’s clear that I am not great at communicating my thoughts into words, I’m often misunderstood. You’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head though, and now I feel like I should offer some elaboration on what you have made clearer for me.

    I completely agree with you about needing to be true to yourself and taking past experiences and learning from them. This is something that was a long time coming for me. I’ve made some poor decisions in the past regarding my romantic life. Each time I moved forward learning so much about myself and what I needed in a partner and what I knew I did not want in a relationship. Each time I ended a chapter in my love life, I forced myself to remember that there was always a point that I came to that made me realize how happy I was to have experienced what was currently negative. Each time I held onto the fact that I would find better and be better. I think this is why I’m not afraid to move on if it is required, I’ve tested the waters and it only gets better. Mind you, when I contemplated leaving my Scorpio, I knew it would not be as easy. He does have this hold on me like no other man ever had. Regardless, I knew I could do it if it came down to it.

    Before I met my Scorpio, I had ended a very long and complicated relationship, and it felt like more of a divorce. My ex was very controlling and just a very miserable person in general. We struggled, correction – I struggled to make that relationship work, he drifted along pretending that there were no issues, and when I finally left him, it was such a bad situation I gave up everything (and there was a significant amount of material worth). I just walked away because I had realized that my mental health was worth far more than any amount of money. I moved into my friend’s basement with my pets and the little I had and pretty well started over. Quite the change from the luxurious lifestyle I was living. I told myself that the next relationship I would enter into would be different; I vowed that I would never again stay with someone because it was easier than leaving. I told myself that I would never again be afraid to ask for what I wanted, instead of hiding it for fear that my partner would not agree. And most importantly I told myself to never let anyone drag me down so low, that I knew I was worth more than he ever gave me credit for.

    And I stuck to it this time. And it’s working. Maybe it’s the change in me, maybe it’s that I finally found someone who is truly a great person, and maybe it’s a combination of many things. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but this is the reason why I’m here and why I’m sharing my experience. I read some of the posts on here and can see myself a few years ago and I know what those people are feeling and therefore I’m trying to provide for them what I have learned, hoping that in some way it would help them make better decisions for themselves.

    I like your view on the fact that I’m not ‘playing games’ and that perhaps in some situations I am ‘testing’ my scorpio. I’ve shown him nothing but the real me from the beginning, because I wanted to see the real person in him. My ‘testing’ of him is for the most part in response to his admitted ‘testing’ of me. He has a tendency to ask me the strangest questions in the most awkward of moments. For example on our 5th date, in general conversation he tells me that he thought about getting a vasectomy. I knew what he really wanted was to see my reaction because he wanted to know my view on children. I didn’t give him the reaction he was expecting…that’s my only game. He continues to do this with other things and I continue to throw him off with my reactions. When I asked him why he does this, he tells me he’s looking for my reaction. So it’s a game we both play, and it keeps it fun. When it comes to more serious matters, we talk, no ‘tests’ involved.

    I’ve realized that this relationship has gone so smoothly for me because when I feel I may be being a typical female and creating an assumption in my mind about us or about him and his intentions, instead of dwelling on it, afraid to bring it up, I just ask. And he just responds. 90% of the time it’s a miscommunication and we move on. It’s nice to not tip toe around a subject and it feels good to be able to be so open with anything and everything.
    It’s also nice to know that we are both putting 100% into this relationship. We have both discussed the fact that without a doubt want this to work and are in it for the long haul. Just having that one conversation with him really opened my eyes and helped me to be more secure with the relationship and to stop questioning everything. Unfortunately, it did take me contemplating ending the relationship to have this conversation, but sometimes it comes to that and I don’t feel like that’s a game. I knew what I wanted and I knew I felt I wasn’t getting what I needed, so I simply told him that. That’s being true to myself, it’s not ‘manipulating’ as I was accused of by another.

    We’ve been very happy since and I’m sure there will be more trying times ahead, but I really feel we are better equipped to deal with anything that could come our way. We’ve really meshed into a ‘team’ and we are learning so much from one another and leaning on each other when it’s sometimes needed.

    And your last sentence really summed it up nicely,
    “So I guess the name of the “game” is to love yourself so that he can love you. Don’t act from fear. Act from a love that is free of insecurities of any kind. He will love you for it more than he knows. You will be helping him become more secure so he can know himself better (and that’s no easy task)…and eventually become free.”

    In learning to love myself and become secure with this relationship, I can also see that I am helping him be more secure. He never saw himself as attractive and I think he is the most handsome man I’ve ever seen and I make sure he knows that – because he now needs to learn to love himself instead of being so critical.
    Babysteps, but there is definitely progress!

    Now I’m sure there will be someone waiting to rip this post apart – but to them, you’re obviously not hearing me. I’m in a relationship that is successful and is the healthiest relationship I’ve ever experienced. I feel I want to share the path I took to get here, in hopes that it can help even one other. I look at the first few posts I made on here and can see the progress myself. It’s a confusing journey, but I’m here to say it is possible if you are well equipped and that goes for anyone of any sex and any sign.


  186. I’m glad I was able to surface some of your points clearly FF, and thanks for elaborating on your experiences. I am happy to know you view your experiences as positive learning lessons. This is the only way to grow and be happier with each step forward in life. None of us intend to leave our present relationships but when things are beyond rectification we cant help but move on and hope we’ve learnt to become better people from the experience. i know it wouldnt have been easy to move on if your scorpio wasnt ready to meet your needs, as you love him. but you’d still have to do it for your and his own good. He would not be to blame if he could not provide you with what you wanted as if one isnt ready, they just arent ready and there isnt anything we can do about that. But I’m glad that wasn’t the case for you and that both of you were in the same “place” and ready to continue to give and recieve.

  187. Hi Pluto Puppy,

    In reference to your question:

    “Yes the Air (our Intellect) keeps us breathing, but tell me something, does Real inward Catharsis and Introspective Salvation happen by virtue of fearful reasoning? Does plain methodical “thinking” resolve emotional torment? Does that thinking change a persons Emotional reality over time?? Be honest?”

    I am not one to replace WATER (emotions) with AIR (thought). Each serves its own purpose and they, along with FIRE (passion) and EARTH (stability) are the “elements” that make LIFE. We are all combinations of all four of them in different proportions. And we are usually “tormented” by these elements accordingly so that the element most prevalent in us will dominate our ‘energetic’ constitution and the way we choose to experience LIFE. Given that I am primarily WATER with fragments of the others, I have not been spared Emotional Reality. In fact, it is the only way i know to “be”. I don’t “breathe” air, I breathe water. Deep waters…that sometimes light cannot reach, leave alone any other creature, save fish. Far from being AFRAID of such depths, it is my reality, it is where i live.
    And with that you can see we are speaking the same ‘language’. It is just that your Water is probably the likes of a powerful fall like the Niagara Falls (for lack of a better analogy) and mine is the place at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. They’re both pretty scary places but also profound in their own respective ways. And yet this is not the point. It is irrelevant where we reside. It doesnt matter whether we live within a seemingly calm volcano that is about to explode, or at the fringes of the earth’s atmosphere where oxygen begins to seize to exist; whether amidst the density of the Amazon or at the bottom of the deepest darkest sea. What is important is how we break free from our depths, and that we do. In a world where difference enhances meaning, it goes without saying that we must experience them (our depths) to know we must break from its clutches but all the while knowing this REALITY is not the true one. It is only the one that leads us to the real one. The REAL REALITY: The TRUTH.
    The Truth is free. As I’ve mentioned before, it knows no pain nor pleasure. It is beyond thought and emotions (the ego). Maybe the word EMOTIONS have limiting connotations for us; so here is a way to understand the “EMOTIONS” of TRUTH which i like to call LOVE.
    EMOTIONS are falsely “positive” and negative. They give us “pleasure” or pain.
    Negative emotions (painful): fear, anger, jealousy, possesiveness, selfishness, loneliness, feelings of self-pity, arrogance, perversion, insecurity, guilt, being opinionated and so on.
    “Positive” emotions (pleasurable): vanity, desire to control self and others, sense of security, lust, flattery, consequence-oriented feelings, self-glorification, and so on.
    As you can see, the positives are the same as negative emotions except they sometimes disguise themselves as ‘positive’ to make the ‘experiencer’ believe they are. These forms of pleasure don’t last long and inevitably lead to pain. But true emotions are eternal; they don’t lead to pain as they have nothing to lose and nothing to hide –as you’ve said, they don’t LIE.
    TRUE EMOTIONS (LOVE) are: selfless, fearless, defenseless, accepting, joyous, not concerned with any particular outcome or consequence, self-respecting, non-judgemental, compassionate, merciful, strong, just, secure (even when in danger), modest, helpful, and so on.
    It is only in this state of pureness, free of all ‘elements’, that we become free…blissful…eternal…one. It is our natural state. And the one we long to go back to, reunite with. This is why we enter relationships, in hope of finding a way to be in this state again. But seldom do we truely love anyone. Except for during brief moments in our experience with eachother, most of the time we are experiencing emotions that stem from fear and not the true emotions.
    What activities may lead to being in this state?
    You got it…a warm bubble bath. Or did you say hot? Same diff. When you’re taking such a bath and you find yourself becoming the water, the bubbles, or in other words, really experiencing and enjoying all your senses, to their fullest; when all that exists is the warmth of the water, the smell of the bubbles, the taste of it, the sound of it, you know you are in this state. You have become still. You have become Love. One.
    Try ‘feeling’ this way while you’re experiencing negative or ‘positive’ emotions and you’ll see you can’t. You’re mind, fearful in all its ‘glorious’ states will distract you from experiencing the moment.
    Laughing, dancing, smiling, reaching an orgasm (as you’ve mentioned), doing anything creative (original and from within) will connect you to this place.
    But how can living in this state become the norm? How can we live in this state even when we’re not doing something particularly creative?
    Use your true emotions in everything you do. Let them guide your senses, your feelings, your thoughts, you. When your senses are guided as such, even walking down a flight of stairs, or washing your hands, will “feel” like an experience of who you are in your fullest. While you do this, you refrain from thinking about where you’re going as you walk down the stairs, or why you’re going wherever you are. You know why you are and you dont have to engage your mind in thinking about it over and over again. Instead you engage only in the moment. In the process of walking. You become the steps you are taking. You sense how it feels to step against the solid surface your feet touch. You’re not ecstatic from this experince, but you are at peace. And sometimes, that can mean ecstasy. You just “are”. And this is no ‘fleeting thought’, it is always with you if you know how to keep it.
    And in this way you become ever present in every moment. Aware and alert of every inch of your existence. You have surrendered, to yourself. Your Higher Self. The Truth.
    And you can go through all the pain you want, and i know we will, but LEARN this you must, because it is the only way you can become FREE. ONE with everything under the sun and beyond, you live in your creator and He in you. There is no greater power than this one which unites you with the ONE. From “here” you are the master of not only your own domain but all domains. Any one you choose. But first you must LEARN to surrender. Surrender your ego, your “emotions”, and embrace your true ones – your true self.
    From one drenched soul to another.

  188. I have read the recent posts and I really enjoy seeing and hearing, Because I’m still dealing with my scorpio man. And things are getting better I should say. Slower but surely. Just have to take it day by day. I have relized at the end its all about me. Because if this man ment to be in my life then he shall be. I’m happy I relized that.:)

  189. Sounds great Shanda! I noticed you’re a pisces and correct me if I’m wrong, but if you’re anything like me, I’ve found it easy to “give” myself to others and that THAT can sometimes…wait no, ALWAYS, be problematic. People misunderstand us for it. They think our feelings are not quite genuine, that we’re playing with them to satisfy our own control issues or need for security, when in fact we may have genuinely liked the person. And after we’ve “suffered” enough, they realize we’re true, and then finally treat us better. It isn’t their fault as they need to be sure so they don’t get hurt as well, as they feel for us too and yet don’t want to look like a fool if our feelings arent as deep. But I’ve found that it helps if we don’t show our true feelings too easily. I, personally don’t pretend or anything, but I’m careful to “give” only as much as is given or asked for. That way, I’ve found, the misunderstanding is kept to a minimum.

    And it feels so much better when you’re not trying to convince anyone of anything, doesn’t it? I’ve learnt everyone needs to figure out their own problems in their own time and own way. All we can do is like you said, live each day to the fullest and let the future shape itself. And this is the best way to help anyone so that those who are to come together, will.

    I’m glad you’re taking interest in yourself. Thanks for sharing!

  190. Hello Pluto Puppy,

    I’ve read your posts and I’m impressed and intrigued with your perspectives. I must say that if the Scorpio man that is (unfortunately) the object of my affection/desires was half as emotionally mature as you appear to be, I think I’d be much more fulfilled and less aggrevated. 🙂 Yes, he’s the object of my affection, but I wouldnt classify him as really being “in” my life. Curious- have you ever been involved with a Taurus? If so, how’d that go?


    1. Well LadyTaurus, I want to sincerely thank you for your fine powers of observation. Yes, I am mature, although I’m just 35. Yet, my Soul truly feels about 535.

      My involvement with Taurus women have been magnetic experiences. My own mother is a Taurus, her nature is very placid and silent. And that muteness is one main reason I left my parents house unannounced at 17yrs of age in Sydney Australia. During the eighteen years since, I have traveled the globe, seen/felt the nuances and eccentricities of it’s culture and it’s diverse people. Thus far, in deep a spiritual context, I have arrived at a meaning which links every single human being out there as ONE. I now reside in Los Angeles maintaining a laser focus on my career. Everything I’m apart of each day is lived with a calm, yet highly intense passion. Life’s failures, it’s wonderful people, my past intimacies, my changing beliefs through social dynamics and personal pain, has relentlessly schooled me through thick and thin. I hold zero regret and resentments. I live life with an intensity and a controlled vigor that boils through my nature.

      The Taurus nature through my experience, is very sensual and sexual. The Bull doesn’t like surprises in it’s safe familiarity. I must add, that deep and glorious Communication with the Lady Bull has not been quite so intoxicating.

      You see, my Scorpionic nature really does want everything of the same goodies and creature comforts that a stubborn Taurus woman strives/plods/inch-by-inch for, her entire life.

      HOWEVER, unlike my opposite nature of Taurus… I Love To Change. I have an insatiable born need, To Grow, from the Inside-Out. Not solely from the Outside-In. Over time, I have become a better man (I hope) in terms of becoming acutely aware and knowledgeable of my inner drives, darkness and motivations. And through this process, I feel I have become much more complex through my evolving beliefs and intricate value systems. Yet I now have a light heart, and in a contradictory sense, I feel that life is simple, once meaning has found a place in spirit.

      So telling you all of this is relevant because I know that your Taurus energy craves for-a-SIMPLICITY in daily routine, so in terms of that predictability, the Lady Bull really doesn’t appreciate the inner throws of ugly emotion or aggravation.

      This is a stark contrast in our opposite nature, and that contrasts exists within us for a reason. I find immense personal value in Rocking the Boat. Taurus however, finds value through SILENCE and simple foreseeable events and circumstances taking shape which ‘Are Not’ a threat against their yearnings for inner peace and beauty. Taurus strives for TANGIBLE results, Scorpio feels powerfully driven to unleash the ambivalent meanings of their INTANGIBLE worlds. Scorpio WANTS to discover the troubling realities of emotion and psychology battling within. So answering your loaded question is not a one page deal.

      I do feel more sexual intensity when I’m with a female Taurus compared to any other astrological nature. But in those experiences thus far, the simplistic (in every sense of the word) Taurus girl has tentatively NOT WANTED to grow-develop psychologically and emotionally, therefore she doesn’t essentially VALUE becoming a more fearless human being as a result.

      The Taurus woman is a treat physically, but honestly, the rest of her hasn’t stimulated my inner-worlds. Not even close. And a Scorpio’s rich inner-life is EVERYTHING to them.

      Because Scorpio knows that if they can master the intangible depth and range of personal understanding… they can conquer the tangible fruits of hard work and ambition which is then known to be a foregone conclusion.

      1. Hi Pluto Puppy,

        Thanks so much for your insight, which I will value all the more because you have in fact been with a Lady Bull 🙂

        I think you are so on point with this. You have us pegged to the letter. I’m shocked that you’re only 35!! I’ll be 41 in May and my Scorpio friend just turned 45 this past November, and I’ll tell you this, if he was able to express himself in the raw, yet eloquent way in which you do, I’d want to stick with him a tad longer!

        In terms of physical intimacy our passion is UNMATCHED. It’s completely off the charts. What makes this “relationship” more arduous, is the fact that its long distance.

        Communication via IM/phone etc, is not that great,painful at times, but when we spend time were together, conversation is great. There is a chemistry outside of the physical. I do understand that I’m stepping way outside of my comfort zone with him, as I do crave stability (black and white- not gray).

        While I have the emotional and intillectual abiltiy to tap deeper in the more abstract or “intangible” world, I become frustrated after a while..You know that:)

        My scorp tells me he feels a “fantastic chemistry” with me and that it feels right when we’re together. However, he’s way too hot and cold for my taste. Without much prompting from me, he will pull back a few layers of the onion and then as quickly as he does that, he retreats! When I say retreat, I mean I wont hear from him for well over a week and its typically me who breaks down and initiates contact and I hate that.

        I’m going to see him in a couple weeks but after that I think I need to walk away. Its hard because of that magnetic force. Maybe even at 40, I’m confusing the sexual chemistry with somethjing that its not. 😦

        Lady T

      2. I know through my felt experiences, that the salt-of the-earth sensuality of Taurus surely needs physical touch and physical togetherness. No question. I compassionately do understand why your LDR is not fulfilling you.

        Funnily enough, I’m currently dating a Lady Bull, 29, who loves holding, kissing, hugging, eating and humping. Each time we casually hug, I feel a unique electrical energy between our bodies. Her silent energy is quite engaging, and I usually don’t openly say that about any woman.

        The down side though, which I felt would eventually happen, is that our conversation runs earth-dry. I don’t mind initiating conversation and feeling her mind, but most of the time it seems as though I’m talking to myself. She’s innocent and loves to listen, but I feel that two people have an obligation to mutually converse amid any and all dynamics.

        I’ve happily accepted her Plain-Jane outlook on life, as I do with everyone.

        Thanks for sharing your Radiance Lady T. You have a heart worth probing.

        Your delicious feminine energy could transform any lost and weary male Scorpio.

        A good match for you might possibly be a gentle Pisces nature, or one of your fellow super-pragmatic, non-imaginative Earth signs… Virgo or Capricorn. You’ll definitely feel encourage pursuing your dreams with a male who shares those dreams.

  191. LMAO- Pluto Puppy! I love doing the exact same things your Lady Bull loves and in that order.:) What is also ironic is that my ex-husband is a Pisces and my last serious relationship, which ended last year was with a Pisces as well.
    I’m obviously widly attracted to water signs, but I must say with both of those gentleman our earth and water made mud after a while.
    I’m glad to hear that you’re willing to compromise a bit with your Lady Bull and appreciate her essence for what it is! As she matures and and experiences more of life, her “Plain-Jane” outlook will broaden..And remember that her deeply loving and compassionate heart combined with her loyalty, outweigh a lot of the differences you may find a bit frustrating. 🙂
    Would you say my Scorp’s propensity for retreating after opening up is indicitive of his Scorpio charecteristics, or is it because he may not be able to relate fully to this Lady Bull?


  192. “…but I must say with both of those gentleman our earth and water made mud after a while.”

    I am Pisces Rising. My personality (aka… our facade toward the world) is kind, genuine and gentle. However… my inner reality or core inner-self has 5 planets in Scorpio including Mars in Scorpio and in the 8th House. Pluto is semi-square my Sun in Scorpio. My willpower is magnificent. So the point I’m sharing here is that the Pisces SUN nature, in general, has a super-sensitive soul, swimming disillusioned through it’s imaginary riddled world.

    I know a bunch of Pisces men and women. Their core nature, from my intuitive/felt perception, is that they’re happy to suffer in silence with people whom they love or care about. And in social and intimate terms, they kind of dance around a core sense of a True-self and real identity, in a given moment. This is not easy for me to explain.

    The message I suppose I’m hoping to send is that Pisces can easily get lost in their own minds/heart. BECAUSE the power of emotions are not mercilessly DEALT WITH by the mystical fish nature. The best metaphor for the Pisces “Water” element is much like a foggy mist, or water vapor. So in contrast to high voltage Scorpio Water (a Dam, or a Violent Surging River) plus a Scorpios governing intrinsic energy(sign,planets,aspects)which then translate into;- Still Waters Run Deep.

    That basically means Scorpio can also be drawn or lost in their own mind/emotions… but, Scorpio Warrior INTENTIONS (Rulers Pluto & Mars)…’consciously seek’ or have clear motivations, “to get to the bottom” of their issues and experiences. Pisces is known to drift away from it’s ambivalence like mist through the air, or like a empty vessel floating abandoned at sea.

    So the planet Neptune(Pisces Ruler) manifests it’s daily lifestyle, attitudes and actions through a dreamy and mostly ambiguous identity (self) which can leave HUGE consequential affects in Relationships, Finances and Business.

    It all depends on the male Pisces inner fortitude to find a SOLID core-Truth, then speak directly to people about what that Truth undeniably is. This is much easier said than done, in terms of a reality and ‘What’ a Pisces male actually does when clarity and strength are desperately needed, which will not further burden his woman’s confusion and anxiety.

    Regarding your last question about retreating. You said he is 45. I believe that it really boils down to how much meaning, or weight and significance a male Scorpio sees and feels with a particular woman. Much depends on his commitment to reveal his thoughts and fears without concern of other peoples perceptions. It is not uncommon for a male Scorpio to bottle-up his true desires (for decades even), OR, he may secretly have a sexual attraction to other women which he is not telling you about.

    This is why my life has been, and utterly and forever will be, devoted for a quest to speaking HONESTLY. -> Regardless of public backlash, criticism or control mechanisms.

    Yet, to reach this wonderful place of inner confidence and assurance, one must Know the beautiful lessons inflicted through the Valley and the Shadow of Death.

    If I were to guess, I’d say that your guy hasn’t fully surrendered to Death. Which means he is still carrying within him a lot of fear and discomfort relating to how he truthfully feels about everything, including you.

    Expressing that stuff, must first be made conscious, in his conscious mind, before the bravery to speak it can come to fruition. The Subconscious Unknowns of male Scorpio Darkness, are to be fought in battle. Only after years of inner battle can a male Scorpio have the Freedoms to live life on his terms.

    I had a fear of abandonment for many years, until I repeatedly learned through the painful wisdom of my emotions. The wisdom I gained is that one must learn to Kill-Their-Ego-Self,(which is completely flimsy in the face of adversity, in our Real-World)and completely Surrender such self-important illusion to the-> Higher Power.

    Spirituality, The Source, Or God, sincerely does find a human beings mind/emotions if they are truly, willingly seeking salvation of the heart and soul. Unfortunately, the sheer majority of human beings live impetuously for the dictates and hypocrisies of their baseless, indulgent ego-self.

    We all have ego. We need it to survive. The question becomes does that ego have a ‘Universal Identification’ with all living things including people?…

    The sad reality is that billions of people are secretly afraid of other people. This fearful barrier is the huge mountain blocking these people from a Higher Existence, a much more Meaningful and Purposeful Existence.

    1. Pluto Puppy,
      I really appreciate you taking the time to address my concerns/ answer my questions as thoroughly as you have and with such depth and eloquence. You’re so on point, you’re validating what I already know in my heart.
      I feel like I’m wasting my time with this upcoming visit and for once, I can honestly say that I’m not really looking forward to seeing him as much.

      The diaglogue I’m having with you is definately going to help me “wean” myself off of this man which is for the best in the long run.

      Thanks again. 🙂

      Lady T

  193. I know this is a place to learn about scorpions, but since pisceans are known to get along with them, it may be helpful to understand scorpions in relation to pisceans.

    I was reading post 254 by Pluto Puppy where he talks about his views on pisceans and will use some of his points to clarify and further elaborate the piscean nature.

    “Pisces is known to drift away from it’s ambivalence like mist through the air, or like a empty vessel floating abandoned at sea.”

    Pisceans are ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune, where Neptune is King of the Sea. Knowledge (Jupiter) of such mysterious watery depths (neptune) is not fully understood by those ruled by this planet – leave alone others. Our symbol represents a pair of fish (some say sea horses) that live in the innermost regions of the sea (symbolizing the after – life) and this in itself says a lot about the mystery we experience regarding life here and after death “there” or wherever. We’re perceived as “disillusioned” because we are not at home in this illusion that we call Reality and instead are more comfortable in our spiritual body–the part of humanity that is least understood by not just Pisces but all. But we enjoy unpredictability and ‘the unknown’ as everyone knows and yet whether we can or cannot express who we are to others (mostly due to an in-born sense of humility if we can’t), our knowledge of “SELF” is always paradoxically clear to ourselves; a complex, almost unidentifiable clarity borne of pure intuition allows us to “understand” self . We may be confused or lost at times about how to go about life in the so called “Real World” but I think anyone with so much perceptive knowledge about the Other side could become easily guilty of this had they been in our place; and yet due to our adaptable nature, we learn fast. Of course, sometimes we “drift”, but when one comes to “knowing” the way we are meant to through this planet, this trait is only natural.

    “The message I suppose I’m hoping to send is that Pisces can easily get lost in their own minds/heart. BECAUSE the power of emotions are not mercilessly DEALT WITH by the mystical fish nature.”

    Other water signs identify with us but they usually need to play truth and dare before arriving at any meaningful conclusion about others whereas we, well known for our empathy and patience, usually (and almost to a fault) indulge all of humanity in their efforts. If trying to compare or contrast us with scorpions I’d say just as people say scorpions have a deep piercing stare that can “read” people, a piscean’s eyes almost always appear “heavy”, as though carrying the “watery” weight of the world in them. Not much of a prober, so that our depths reach us differently, we are natural sponges, allowing every experience to sink into unimaginably deep depths or an abyss of sorts, within us. Further, Scorpions are here to learn to KILL their ego, to conquer death and transform through it, thus the armor and intensity of Mars and Pluto. Pisces are not equipped for this because they possess a subdued ego concerned not as much with death but more so with life after death; specifically designed to SURRENDER it by means of helping themselves and others understand the Truth through their words and acts of uniquely diverse and varying nature. One could say we ‘kill’ or surrender our ego in a way that calls for a different kind of strength – humility, and this usually portrays us as being able to suffer for others. However, due to our giving nature and subdued instincts to protect ourselves, we are blessed with Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion (knowledge), and as we rarely choose to attack, we are usually able to get out of life threatening situations in ways unimaginable by others. Our mutable nature allows us to see any situation from seemingly innumerable vantage points.

    In dealing with our depths, of course just as some scorpions never kill much within them, some pisceans also choose to hide away from themselves and others and ‘escape’ the Truth. But that obviously isnt the norm. And even those of us who deal with it have very unique ways of doing so because Neptune speaks in many languages that are all elusive to say the least. Individualized to the height, we have distinctive ways of approaching it even within our Piscean selves. This uniqueness is apparent in the way we go about life as well so that many feel no two Pisceans are the same. Still, we all possess the same knowledge of self and this usually makes us easily recognizable to other Pisceans as well as other water signs.

    “they kind of dance around a core sense of a True-self and real identity, in a given moment. This is not easy for me to explain.”

    Anyone interested in understanding pisceans in terms of their core beliefs or sense of Truth may want to read post 247. It’s pretty clear there, and I know i speak not just for pisceans there, but for humanity as a whole.

    Thanks for listening!

  194. Nicely said.

    And just as you, I have the right to speak my mind without your silent need/motivation to one-up.

    If you have a problem with my comments, just say so. Painting your “Humility” in that tone is Blind Jupiter Hypocrisy.

    At least I do have something to bravely say BEFORE any individual has the freedom to formulate their Fearful critique. I expect criticism. It reminds that me that I’m doing a little slice of Good for people.

    I can’t recall myself consciously going out-of-my-way to DISSECT the Pisces comments written on PAGE… Wait, what page??… 247??

    Any person of “HUMILITY” can critique another and Highlight their past comments as better than another.

    Not everyone can speak bravely.

    Jupiter, the largest planet in the Universe is also loaded with intellectual Fodder.

    I do think. I feel:)

    1. Once again Pluto, you are completely missunderstanding the Pisces thought pattern.

      Firefly – I experienced this bitterness on another site from Pluto.

      Perhaps Pluto, you need to investigate the Pisces nature further because I really don’t feel like you have a good handle on who we are and what we’re all about. You have great insight into your own Scorpio intellect and I do appreciate your descriptions of that, but please do not try to be an expert on Pisces and what they represent/feel/mean. We are the ones living the Pisces life, not you.

      No one is picking you apart or your posts. But as I mentioned to you before, on another forum, we are all allowed to offer our own opinions and experiences and you may not agree with them, but learn not to take that so personally and just try to read what is really being said…if you’re at all interested in what others have to offer.



  195. It comes as a huge surprise to me that you feel this way and couldn’t read my note for what it was – a personal description of pisceans. What you had to say triggered me to clarify and elaborate and i dont see anything wrong with that. You’re pisces by ascendant and may not identify with this sign as closely as i do. And that’s probably why you were short in highlighting our strengths- and you dont have to, you’re not bound to by any means, but that doesnt mean i cant choose to elaborate if i want to. As you can see, there was no underlying motivation. But you seem prone to presuming and i should have known given you totally got the wrong idea about me from my very first note here and assumed i am someone i am not. I indulged you in spite of your highly presumptuous energy in light of learning.

    But are you sure you welcome criticism? Because someone who does, doesnt jump at everything they read without understanding it first – they make room for dialogue and diversity. Your ATTACK mode that acknowledges its presence even when there isn’t any criticism intended reflects you’re used to compliance and encourage conversations where they are mostly one sided.

    I’m sorry I ‘threatened’ your “feelings”, but hey, nobody ever said the depths would be an easy task to handle. But in this case, it was uncalled for.

    Take it easy…

  196. You didn’t threaten me.

    You hoped to debase my own view.

    Do I go out of my way to find fault in your messages?

    Get it clear in your hypocritical head before you “think” you understand your own intentions.

    Because you obviously don’t.

  197. Your reaction, or should i say over-reaction speaks for itself…in terms of “feeling” your views were debased. I don’t have to tell you that.

    And Yes, you did go out of your way to find fault…you presumed…twice. I didn’t. Not even once. “Think” about it, maybe it’ll help you see the truth in others more clearly.

  198. I don’t have to presume anything.

    Your TRUE motivation- the Tone BEHIND your words- Not the words themselves- are Clear.

    Human perceptions are not Truth.

    Human Motivations are.

    If you viscerally understood the real meaning of Humility, you’d realize that your Intentions are All, whether they be promoted negatively or with goodness. If you knew your intent, you’d quickly admit the Truth of it. To yourself and in others. If you knew anything about your underlying motives, you wouldn’t be trying to backpedal and protect yourself exemplified through the Tone in your words.

    My Negative Intent back to you was Deliberate. My first response back at you was Consciously-> Known. I had known that you would react to me in ‘the way’ you actually did.

    And to this point, you still claim innocence, so that’s why you need a lesson.

    I’m opening the Truth of your emotions. And eliminating the illusion of what you “think” is right behavior from me, and the manner in which you’ve shown me through spewing plain reasoning-> in place of a genuinely felt- ambivalent moment.

    That is the way you handle anxiety. That is the way you handle discomfort. Your responses above are the True You, when the World asks you what you’re made of.

    This episode is not about me. It’s about your lack of awareness during the most important emotional moments, which control you.

    Good night:)

    1. OMG – Pluto must be God himself….or wait – you just think you’re some higher being.

      News Flash – no one holds you on a pedestal, get over yourself.

      1. Such a crack up…..pluto pup.
        Come on…. we see your tail raising over and over. hahahaha
        So funny and transparent….
        Get down from up there son…
        Come on… down you get… thats a boy settle down and grab some water to put out your Ego son.
        All the best with it..hahahahahha so funny. Your childhood is so clear. You have just undone all your earlier posts silly boy.
        Ladys dont be sucked in by puppy

      2. Ha ha. Son. Another fan.

        Yeah, we should listen to the Mirage who chimes in. The Oracle of Invisibility.

        Thanks for the shameless plug.

  199. See, you’re doing it again. You’re presuming my understanding of intentions. And you’re doing so by claiming you can tell my true motivations from the TONE of my words, that they are rational and hence, unaware – not TRUE. That because i back peddled, and found you presumptuous, that I “think” and don’t “feel”.

    I’m sorry but i find your psychic analysis incomplete and far from the truth. If I truely back peddle and tell you what i “think” about your intentions, from say, just your posts from the last two days, like you have mine, you’ll agree with me. But you won’t admit it to me. Just as you’ve toned down your anger after realizing it was uncalled for and are calling it a deliberate intention. Calling this “episode” as being about me, and so forth.

    I know I’m not a “pure” breed like you (water in 4 or 5 places in your personal chart), but this is not a contest on who can “feel” more as you make it seem from your need to show me I handle emotions rationally. Charts don’t work that way. And even if one were to handle their emotions rationally, it still would only reflect the method in which it is expressed, not the actual emotions.

    Before you make this “episode” something it isn’t any further, you should ponder your true emotional identity – your moon sign, and then you can tell me all about how much i “feel”.

    Good night to you too.

  200. I have zero respect for you.

    Make sure that your finely tuned Intentions are not using my comments ever again.


    1. I say what I say because I love people. I care. If women are genuinely unaware of that passion, then I have no control over that.

      I thoroughly enjoy independent, outspoken women. When she becomes a little ferocious bunny, I feel the love/power of her energy.

      Her comments are heard. Her emotions are felt. She is understood. So I have an obligation with her to speak openly about what is going on.

      1. I’m glad you et al are smoking on the peace pipe again. I enjoy healthy debates, but not insults.
        The antagonistic dialogue bothers me because I’m a lover, not a fighter…( most of the time)
        😉 LadyT

      2. It may appear to be “antagonism” from my end. But if people could see the self-honesty in my sentences, they’d realize that this expression is not based from an antagonistic desire.

        My desires are to find real meaning in life. And women, Relationships are a huge area of real-world life.

        The purpose of life can’t osmosis-ed if we were to talk about the big belly on Winnie The Pooh, all day long.

    1. Your responses are empty. Everything you state is in contradiction to your attitude.

      Femme Fatal, your comments promote Nothingness. What you share on this forum is the immature support of Lies.

      You guys should get married.

      1. “Well said”. Am I “sensing” jealousy? Oh wait, I’m a pisces, how could i ever possibly ‘sense’ anything.

        Don’t worry, you’ll get there eventually. And when you do, you wont have to shout for respect, it’s part of the package.

        And that’s a wrap.

  201. Puppy Pluto,
    I completely understand where you’re coming from and I’m not singling any one person out. I find some value in everything everyone has to say.

    You’re honesty has helped me make some painful, but necessary decisions regarding my relationship and I appreciate it.

    Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

  202. I am a leo woman with a cancer moon. I have become involved with a scorpio man. I believe that my relationship is special, to be treasured and respected and is sacred. I never feel that I am alone, even when he is far. He already knows me completely as I do him. I understand and accept him – even his deep waters ( it sounds better in spanish) and he empathizes with me. He says that he has a high respect for me, and that as time passes, he falls more in love with me. It is funny that when he touched my hand for the first time, I felt that I had woken up from a dream – and that time stood still. It was for a fraction of a second, but it felt like an eternity. I was not looking for a relationship because I was too busy working for my children.
    But it has happened.
    I have never seen the cold side of scorpio -and neither have I seen the secretive, silent side that I have seen talked about here. He is attentive, protective and very expressive. I had not expected such truth and honesty, tenderness, passion, strength and love from a man in my life.
    I guess there are emotions that he has that would scare the ordinary woman, but they do not scare me.
    The relationship is intense in all aspects, but scorpio is not interested in sex per se. The woman has to be able to genuinely feel and flow with the universe.

    Anyways, I just wanted to share. It was a pleasure to read everyone`s comments.


    1. That’s a refreshing slant Gatubela.

      Leo gals and the other Fire signs, Aries and Saggy, genuinely appreciate authentic honesty in themselves and others.

      The symbol of Pluto, it’s meaning, it’s desire to destroy any old, stagnant thought patterns and emotional attachments can be extremely meaningful over time.

      Pluto, and it’s Atomic Bomb nature could be summarized as:

      “Elimination and Illumination through Transformation.”

      So if things are peaches with male Scorpio, and doing great, I would advise maintaining discerning realism within the dynamic itself. If not, many whimsy idealism’s can take hold of mind, in the context of the relationship. This can “devastate” (Pluto) a woman and buckle her at the knees in emotional/psychological pain.

      I say, always be emotionally prepared for a Tidal-Wave of ambivalence. Because those experiences are as natural as your Period, whirlwind.

      That is simply the nature of human beings.

      1. Yes, I believe I understand what you are saying. However, I believe that the relationship “is”. Waves of energy enter and leave. Some gets elevated, others transformed. Idealism as far as I have seen, has no place here, pain neither. Actually, change and transformation is the rule – as our energy has not stood still up to now. The question is “Can you feel it, absorb it, embrace it, explore it and then, if you are strong enough, work with it?

        I enjoyed reading your insight.

        Me gusto tu forma de decir las cosas.

  203. Well Gatubela, I’m grateful that you’re speaking in terms of Energy and it’s unseen life-death gravity. The conscious vitality of choice through mind and emotion, and onward into an action, resulting in consequence.

    You really do get-it. And I’m happy for you.

    If this stuff were rationally assimilated like a woman reading ‘Elle Magazine’… the incomprehension of her cutting romance realities can lead a woman puffing up her cheeks into a fizz of fury, and ultimately breathing out fireballs of frustration;)

    She’ll say to herself… “hm, what is Wrong with… HIM?!” LoL

    Ahhh, women are helpless bunnies;)

  204. Female Helpless Bunny Syndrome could be a medical term. Caught the vibe P.Puppy.

    Is any of that really real? What are we under all of those limitting “furry cutsie wutsie bunny-tudes”? In my experience (I am in Latin America) men, in general(not all), like play (even cruelly) with the bunnies. And women, in general (not all), well – you seem to already know what they like to play with – and they also can be cruel.

    Well, there is a lot of real people, real love and beauty out there – but most of the time, we prefer to connect to and read – what was that magazine again?- instead of finding it, flowing with it, fighting for it and maintaining it.

  205. The great majority of males give away their personal power, their seed, to any attractive woman.

    Men inevitably succumb to the divine feminine love-energy of polarizing women. Men (just like Pavlov’s Dog) seek to accommodate. He seeks continuous approval. He is bland and Rational with her. He is Unsure.

    She Wins.

    And deep down, she Doesn’t Want to win.

    Does this male have innate capacities through his daily expression, through his very being… to Ravish a beautiful woman?

    He will be put through constant subliminal examinations, and during which, he will not even be aware of his abysmal failures. He willingly obeys the dictates of society therefore he obeys the dictates of life’s tremendous challenges. He submits to life, and in so doing, he submits to the potency of the feminine love-power. A male like that has a transparent-identity and a painful lack of consciousness. He breeds inept, non-existent energies. And Women know it. But Women can’t and won’t do a thing about it. All that responsibility is solely on him.

    The love essence of a woman is very, very powerful through the core masculine male. This energy occurs and is released when she surrenders herself to her potent love-force, through which her vibrant essence is found through the energies of her own body.

    She is Present. And Alive. Therefore, she deeply desires for a (real) Man to be Alive, Penetrating, Present, Strong, Humorous and Decisive in turn. She desires that reality in his every movement, standing tall, gazing deeply into her eyes-> while being unaffected by her shifting and often erratic mood swings.

    Outside life distractions are melted away by his intensity and presence in the moment and in her… energy.

    A unique guy is the epitome of (inward) strength.

    A truly rare kind of male is acutely Present within her energy. He is fluid yet a mountain of strength by way of his refined higher-identity and presence.

    He is at ONE with her in every moment. He is at ONE with her in the dance of every movement. He penetrates her with sensual love, clarity of response, and a superior consciousness.

    Now, back to the real entanglements of our society…

    The social reality out there is not what I have just shared. And it’s unfortunate. Because women deeply want to see/feel what are a man’s true-unshakable gifts to the world.

    A Woman genuinely wants to Trust.

    Yet a billion males will prove time and time again through their social impotency, that the rough challenges and harsh realities of this World, make them indeed-> Untrustworthy. (He gives away his seed, his power, in all reactions of fear).

    But she still stays with this guy. His fears become hers. Stagnation and material comfort supersede mutual and spiritual growth.

    So in wrapping, I don’t blame women one bit for their frustrations.

      1. When she’s cranky and down in the dumps… he Transforms that micro-moment.

        His sheer inner-freedom and optimism are the result of his own inner-transformations (through the Journey of Hell, He finds His Buried Light).

        So when she’s afraid of financial situations or any circumstance… he innately Knows how he WILL, Figure… it… Out.

        He tickles her. He presses his abdomen up against her, pinning her to the wall. He licks her face then kisses her on the neck.

        What now, is this woman’s state of feeling?… What is her state of mind?

        She feels Free. Because she has consistently felt –> His inner-Freedom when it matters the most.

    1. You got it cuteness.

      Actually, I’ll send you exquisite dark chocolates… then I’ll have a baker knock on your door tomorrow morning around 8. He will hand you a basket of freshly baked –> Hot Bread.

      mmmmm, I can see the big grin on the little Bulls face from here.

      And you know what comes after great food?… LOL.

      1. Well, I wouldn’t want to punish a well rounded little Bull. Or maybe I would? lol.

        I’m sure you’ve been a very good girl lately (maybe too good for your own good)… so I’m not sure if you could handle the overwhelming sensuality and seismic intensity of our union.

        41yr young foxes, can be still be little girls you know?… So along with this psychological innocence, she may find herself a different person after the explosion(s) LoL.

        Mars-Sun-Venus-Mercury in Scorpio… is not what I’d call a fun and bashful frolic among the hay… young lady.

        So you can get those black stilettos ready for Daddy.

        Poker face:) LoL

        Born November 19, 1974.
        May he Rest in Peace.

  206. You are too charming for your own good..and bad ;). Polishing my stiletos now. LOL

    Born May 4th 1969 (40 years and 11 months is the new 31). Most people think I am in my early 30’s as I do not look 40 at all.

    You’re almost on the cusp of Sagittarius, yikes!

  207. I really do appreciate your natural simplicity, your loyal and dependable goodness, LadyT. I feel that our core (Earthbound) Values are steadfast and unparalleled.

    We have only communicated briefly, but I sense that you are rich and vital with life. I believe that you are physically gorgeous, but I feel that you are infinitely cherished more for the beauty of your grace and authentic essence.

    I can tell, that you are naturally Receptive toward life, it’s contrast, it’s misgivings. I believe that you understand the Value in struggle and hardship. You intrinsically know that Pure-Love dissolves all destructive barriers between ignorant people. Love is Fearless. And in many respects–> So are You.

    And for that, I want to Thank You for your grounded, in-body, humility.

    Those salt-of-the-Earth qualities, are never take for granted.

    Yes. I can be Guilty as Sin. My tongue can be dangerous out in society and with people I hold close to my heart. Yet that is my Path. I am prepared to accept all consequences.

    Nothing great in our lives can ever transpire from mediocre thoughts and safe-mediocre actions. That is called living in the ‘Known’. My very being, thrives for the Unknown. The adventure of the journey. It’s treasure. If there is a real fear I see and feel… it is the drudgery of mediocrity. The safety of not Seeking. If were to not seek anything, I am a dead person breathing.

    As a young boy, and up until around my 30th b/day, I still had no idea of what I was capable of thinking, seeing or understanding. My intensity was squelched for too many years. And over the years, I have dissolved many “logical” illusions of Personality (which are extremely rigid conforming)in my reality. So cathartic lessons in time forced me to learn. To find my Own Mind. To Discern and Discriminate my own frames of thought and to structure an expansive view of the whole picture.

    Because of this, I have encountered more resistance from people than ever before… and that’s OK. I have learned to follow my intuition and to Trust my instincts… above the cold, rationally and socially popular notion of swimming aimlessly in the herd mentality.

    Society within all of it’s cultural variations IS–> The Collective Mind.

    Certain Individuals, people with minds and hearts not of this Earth–> Create this very Culture we see around us today and tomorrow.

    The collective mind is at the mercy of whomever creates and impregnates new forms of ideas and culture… namely creators of Music, Movies, Entertainment, Consumer Goods, anything of mass Consumption, the scrapping and lies to get rich at any cost and to indiscriminately ‘make it’ by deceiving others, not by being accountable for oneself and yet ultimately… deceiving ourselves.

    So I feel strongly about many things. My goals are to be responsible in What I do, and How I say something. I won’t please everyone, and that’s not my purpose.

    1. Thank you for the wonderful compliments Pluto Puppy. You’re a sweetheart. I deeply appreciate your perspectives, especially your candor 🙂

      Lady T

  208. At first, your words are magical and enthralling P.Puppy. How deep have you journeyed under the societal fluff? Either you are on an excellent start but missing something and have not seen it yet, or do not want to say it. Which is it? Don`t get me wrong – I am actually very curious. From my point of view, (I am certainly no expert) you are only mentioning titilating pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. Why?

  209. I suppose the social or conversational topics of daily life are too obvious to me. In terms of that most popular topics hold no real appeal, no true meaning for me.

    If I can’t dig up a Real Sense of the Truth in an experience, in myself, in another person, or a consequence… I am Dead Inside.

    In true Scorpionic fashion- I utterly Want the Bottom Line from people. No fluff. No Preambles. No deceptive or controlling agendas. Just the Truth. Their Refined and Defined Truth. And Sadly, when I probe people… they clearly don’t know what they want. Awareness is not Reason. Awareness of energies beyond the scope of our tiny-ego-self is a mind conscious.

    The masses live their lives Unconsciously. (believe me or not)

    Four simple words which I stand for and live by as a Human Being:

    Integrity. Justice. Fortitude. Temperance.

    I have reached a major turning point in my life. All the pieces of life’s puzzle are now Seen, synthesized and understood from a Whole viewpoint, or Universal connection.

    The Juice of life in each Present Experience and it’s Deeper, Underlying MEANING… is everything to me. In a basic way, my experiences are Deductive by manner of sifting through Personality clutter… down all the way down to the microscopic nitty-gritty of any matter or apparent situation.

    The Why, What, How and Where of human foibles, motivations, outcomes and pleasures… are to me, in need of further investigation to find it’s- Real Origin.

    The intuitive, and dare I say the psychic feelings I have learned to live with, (and not be afraid of, which I had felt afraid of for many years) is now felt/understood to be an unreasoned Truth, for me. Not what a person says to me, (oil off a ducks back) but rather, where they’re coming from, what they represent from a core level, and how do they see their own specific reality, their relationship with themselves and their reactions to people and events.

    It’s stuff like that where I usually pick up frequencies of an interaction within about 20 seconds of meeting a person, seeing/hearing them, and ultimately feeling them.

    I’m a Feeler first and foremost. The psychological process to discriminate and discern what is Truth, and of Value, and what is False within a moment or circumstance, which is basically assimilated through Raw Instincts. Just from an Instinct alone, I can comprehend another human being at deeper levels without any conversation at all.

    I may sound analytical, and in many ways I am. And that’s because I am a Problem Solver at Heart. Life’s hidden mysteries and the mystery of finding the True Me, LoL… has become quite an adventure. I was honestly-> Unconscious, in my dealings with life up until about my 31st b/day.

    So what I’m hoping to communicate here comes back full circle, in that, I find banal chit-chat painfully limited, it’s missing Individual (Leo like) self-love and personal expression. I find that 99% of all conversations in my life are by-products of Unconscious Conformity in others expression, through the powerful INFLUENCES of our culture and sub-cultures.

    To be honest with you, the lack of independent thought and self-expression from other people is consistent with the collective mind of our cultural environment.

    At a deep level, I don’t feel that the majority of human beings can “Truly” think for themselves, in terms of a being an Original, Resourceful, Innovative conduit of self-expression.

    So once again, it all circles back to what people drill into their heads… namely T.V, IPOD, Music, Fashion, Celebrity, Money, Status, Popular discussion… ALL of that “Reality” is the broken-record clutter of useless knowledge, the popular fads of a certain culture, the existence of not Consciously knowing (or caring) why they exist here on Earth in the first place.

  210. Shakespeare was quoted as saying…

    “There is no such thing as Right or Wrong, in that Thinking makes it so.”

    Key word- ‘Thinking.’

    All People… like you and me… all human beings… primarily “Think”… of … what?


    And within the ‘means’ of our survival methods, people indiscriminately justify their ‘ends.’

    This blind justification of thought, speech and action for the Intent to earn a living and “survive”… is courtesy of the mental and emotional conditioning permeating through our immediate environment. Starting with the Family mind. Then on to our Relatives and Neighborhood Mind. Then on to our Job and Workplace mind. Then on to our Government and Religious mind. Then on to our Relationship and Marriage Mind. Then onto the broader Social Acceptance Mind… etc. So the energies in each of these real environments influences, shapes, and defines the “thinking” of our Personality.

    In Truth. Are these influences OUR Thoughts?
    Or could it be that our thinking, is NOT our innate thinking at all?

    Culture Baby. That’s who thinking it really is.

    The collective mind is the vessel of emotional & psychological Persuasion within our Culture. Many adults, almost all adults, STILL carry the lingering DOGMAS and CONTROL ISSUES- Inherited from their Parents.

    That present Conditioning of all stimulation was/is perpetually hammered into our mind/hearts… of which feeds an adult persons egos need to survive and prosper (regardless of tremendous personal cost).

    Thus, people do not Own their possessions.

    Their possessions Own them.

    Ambition and Achievement is a healthy and natural motivation. I advocate material success for anyone. I actually have clear and defined personal goals that I will attain. I intensely want to win at life, no doubt.

    However, a life led full of ambition, minus fundamental humanitarian virtues/ethics and morals… are huge injustices in this world (to it’s people) that I wish to change.

    Ultimately… Money is not my God.

    Deep Self-Honesty, Bravery and Mindfulness are my Invisible Guides.

    Gatubela… answering your curiosities would take me about a further 20 pages.

    So I will no further torture the good people of this forum and their wonderful contributions:)

  211. You certainly are lovely P.Puppy. But you don`t need 20 pages. One sentence will do.
    From what I understand – you have the ability to perceive on various levels, people`s “essencial being” or lack of it. That,for me, of course indicates, that you have had a moment (or moments) in your life where you had to face your own (or lack of it). Also, you have explored or are currently further exploring the depths and heights of this arena, again on various levels (seen and unseen) and have arrived to various conclusions and have even validated them or are in the process of doing so. With your intellectual and logical mindset, (I enjoyed that) you certainly have the ability to paasionately comunicate your “bare essence” and you defend it quite nicely. Bravo!
    With the respect that you certainly deserve, I am still left with the same curiousity. You have not said something. But with your capacity, you must already know it is out there.

    1. “One sentence will do.”

      That’s cute.

      One sentence can say much. Yet meanings of things in a sentence can be translated through many different frames of thought.

      “You have not said something.”

      LoL. This curiosity is doubly cute.

      Rome wasn’t built with one brick.

      The same could be said for human evolution.

    2. We ARE our Thoughts Ideas, Thoughts & Words… Rule this World.

      There you go little Leo.

      Decipher it as you may:)

  212. OK ok ok….

    Please clarify (again :)), because I am very happy to be writing to you.
    Don`t forget that for you, women are “helpless bunnies”. Cute P.Puppy. You quote Shakespeare. Adorable. Your passion and inquisitiveness have an element of childhood. Sweet. In your writings, you kind of complain and (dare I say???) pout about it as well (hmmmm…that would be BEFORE you loose patience and God knows what zinger you could write down! 🙂

    Obviously, for you, I have seen or will see, what you have chosen to reveal. Or have I? Perhaps I have seen more? In the end, however, it does not matter. and it wont be any skin off my back (just like your “water off the duck`s back)

    Been there, done that, (and still doing that) and as we say in Canada, bought that maple leaf T-shirt.

    Once I arrived to the same (or similar) truthes that you have written, whe I was 19 (I am 37 now), something incredible happened. Afterwards, “bla, bla, bla….” and then, more bla, bla, bla. Why get into it, right? Finally, at this moment, I am learning to manifest and create with universal energy. P.Puppy, can you see why scorpio love is so precious to me? (precious even being an understatement here – it is so much more)

    I wanted to share my truth with you P.Puppy because with out knowing you, I thought you should know. And you are lovely. Are we not all? You know that anyways. Thank you for your wonderful spirit.

  213. With regards to your comment

    “We ARE our Thoughts Ideas, Thoughts & Words… Rule this World.”

    I had thought about it in another fashion. I had believed that it is the comunication of these thoughts that rule this world, otherwise, it would not be a very big kingdom if it was not comunicated. It is a viscious circle with the following componants
    1. the person, complete with cultural (1), societal (plurality) norms EMITTING a biased, processed thought to the

    2. RECEPTOR, who also with their biased cultural and societal references, reprocesses the MESSAGE.

    What is ruling this world, to me, is the interpretation of these thoughts (messages) though various emitters and receptors under a needy hamartic latticework. (not hamartia) The message (composed of thoughts) is codified as symbols. So, our identity (reality)could be a collection of symbols (imaginary) in which once communicated, is limitted by language.


  214. You said to me… “One sentence will do.”

    LoL, NOW… you want me to EXPLAIN everything? LoL. Quite a contradiction from your earlier comprehension, too funny.

    Look, if we were to cross-analyze your question, it’s not going to help any of us. A logical and rational approach from the ‘neck-up’ will only paralyze you, boggle and bamboozle you, and stimulate an already cluttered personality.

    My life, the meaning I gain through it, is motivated by finding a fundamental simplicity ‘Within’ my (complex) experience. Desires to structure what I feel to be True. Not what I see, or eat, or read, or watch, or elope, or talk about or hear. My head is EMPTY all day, every day.

    Their is RARELY such a thing to me as stress, or anxiety, or crippling-worries. Fickle mental curiosities are not me. (I’m the Anti-Christ of-fickle) meaning, I don’t experience such things as ‘depression’ or personality disorders, or boredom or dormancy. If you can just believe me about this… than you need not worry little Leo cub.

    Please understand, that my realities originate from the ‘communication’ I understand inside of me.

    Every tangible thing you actually see, every product, building, car, dress, business, and shotgun… started with… The Seed of a … single… Thought.

    From an “ORIGINAL” thought, these ‘Words’ are then “Expressed.”

    Look. Who are the super wealthy among us?

    They are people who create things. Certain Minds and Hearts who produce and sell to the public on a massive scale.

    So, the masses are not born CREATORS.

    They are??… born CONSUMERS.

    Their “thoughts” are universally distant and Not of the same ‘Origin’ as that of a creator’s thoughts, and his or her reality.

    We ARE, what we Put in our heads.

    I’ll leave it at that;)

  215. Simplicity, no thoughts, no fickleness, no personality disorders…connected (and already flowing?) with the universal / collective energies. Should we continue writing then? You could do it the other way. But then…you already have.

    1. You know, the irony of our discussion to me, is that I really do find incredible beauty in the simplicity of people, their (my) choices, their (my) values, their (my) essence, their (my) organic humanness.

      Beneath all of our mental abilities and liabilities, past all pains, addictions, attachments, worries, joys and outcomes… exists a divine Human Being.

      Over time, through the vehicle of self-knowledge and self-awareness, I have come to be very grateful and thankful for each and every person I have come in contact with.

      From a fundamental mind-body-energy level or point of view… we humans function, survive and exist through an incarnated or an animalistic manner of experience.

      For instance… we eat, we excrete, we drink, we sleep, we mate, we fornicate, we hunt, we perceive, we kill, we gather, we accumulate what is “ours”, we merge into clans, or we are more solitary ‘by nature’. We tightly posses people, items, events and circumstances… for sub-motivations in various ways of “ownership”.

      And then, We Die. (Physically)

      A pride of Lions or a flock of Sheep are equally ‘Dependent’ on each other in order to “Survive.”

      And So are People. Just observe people.

      I was born in the Year of the Tiger (Wood.)

      The Tiger is a solitary beast “by it’s very NATURE”. It’s “instincts” encompass incredible resourcefulness and guile. That animal ‘teaches itself’ the raw impact of survival and triumph in life.

      So when you add the Scorpio Nature to the Tiger, you can begin to conceive what might be going on “Underneath it’s Surface”… so therein, you may get an idea of my core nature, on many levels.

      When we visit a local zoo, and peer into a Tiger’s eyes… What do we “feel?”… How does this animal, it’s “Energy”… make us feel?… The sheer experience of being within 5 yards of a 700 pound Tiger, is an astonishing experience.

      It’s power, wit, fortitude, and ‘peace’ in solitude is second to none.

      Have a beaut day people;)

  216. I can not equate or describe my being (simplicity) to (an) animal (s). Could it be that I am a just a girl?

    Again, I am not an expert, but in what dimension are you a Tiger with a scorpion character? Where are you obtaining your definitions of “power, wit,fortitude and “peace…..” Do these same concepts apply in all of the levels and dimensions that you are talking about? or are they illusions? You have power only if it is given to you in a dualistic sense. Is that “real” to you? I am not doubting your strength of character, but I would like to explore your “predatory” insinuation of it.
    Have you had your life threatened or the lives of someone you love. Do you know how it is to suffer intensely, loose all of your belongings and everything you have worked for because you beleive and love in something? and then to feel the incredible devine joy and bliss of your existence? Have you fought for your very soul? Have you felt a divine love with a woman that transcended you and her?

    Is your power complete? or are you missing something?

    1. “Is that “real” to you? I am not doubting your strength of character, but I would like to explore your “predatory” insinuation of it.
      Have you had your life threatened or the lives of someone you love. Do you know how it is to suffer intensely, loose all of your belongings and everything you have worked for because you beleive and love in something? and then to feel the incredible devine joy and bliss of your existence? Have you fought for your very soul?”

      To answer all of your questions (or insecurity)… from that pattern of questioning, all that I can do, is placidly SMILE.

      YOU ARE ASKING ME, if I know or understand what “DEATH” and LOSS IS???

      Once again, in response, all I can do is smile and send you gracious love.

  217. Darling. I’m speaking of our ‘Nature’ from the moment we left our mamas womb and had taken our first breath… as bouncing, innocent chubby babies.

    I have had and continue to have problems with Authority.

    That’s the nature of the beast. The beast of making personal strides, to change was is stagnant and not useful. To reform and to heal. Nothing “New” can ever arrive without the annihilation of the Old.

    Metaphorically speaking… ( PLease Stop taking everything that I Say SO Literally) a Tiger will Not Provoke you, that is, if you don’t Provoke it. It will instinctively destroy anything that it “FEELS” Justifiable in eliminating. A Tiger, like a Fluffy Lion, have deep HONORABLE intentions/qualities. Without hesitation–> they protect the weak and helpless.

    The instincts I speak of, are the clear consciousness of NOT abusing apparent personal power & resources. Which many of those in positions of authority, actually DO, at the Cruel Expense of the supporting human beings whom aid in making them rich.

    I will do and say what I feel is ‘True’ to me. Popularity points are not my concern. Sweeping Humanitarian Drives… are… my… Concern.

    Regarding Love. It’s presence MUST BE within me. If it were not, I would NOT be sharing my Personal and Universal Beliefs with you and our curious audience.

    WHERE, on this forum, or with family and friends, or with any person you may meet at the bakery or at the deli… Do you HEAR, of such topics and Personal, Uncensored Expression???

    So you need not analyze pure-energy baby. Because it JUST IS.

    Peace, Love and Happy Rumbles to everyone;)

    P.S… Yes, I am slightly crazy. But all of it comes from a good place.

    1. Written in plain English at the very top of this website, regarding the Scorpio Male…

      “… He not only enjoys winning, he has to win. Yet he normally practices good sportsmanship….”

      So Women, aka Helpless Bunnies… It’s in your best interest to not even try, better to accept;)

      1. P. Puppy, winning, loosing, loving ….as you say, …just is. Can one win or loose when there really is only sharing? There is no conflict here and I would sincerely like that you not consider the possibility of such on your side. Besides, what can a little helpless fluffy lioness like moi be up to? (meow! ) Besides, not that you really care (and it aint gonna rock your world), but I kinda think that you are alright.

        There are many things that you say that deeply resonate – but strangely from a different point of view.

        I liked the way you say it.

        I have spent most of my life knowingly accumulating, transforming and elevating energy …a very difficult and hard life. It has brought me to my knees in a myriad of extremes. I was not interested in relationships, did not listen to what people said, but what I felt from them. I dont think – my mind is blank because I am receiving information (spirits, dead people who have messages, people`s truthes, people`s thoughts and psychic intrusions) Spent years in solitude, and being alone, have been victimized (yet was never scared, even with the guns), have had all that I love dear taken away from – but I can get it again, have seen murders, death, violence, sadness, cruelty etc….
        I can shoot better than any man, am learning to fight like any man (but be more deadlier – when I attack, no one will see it coming), I have 4 professions, have run a business, have seen thousands of dollars pass through my hands and am presently I am homeless and have been on the streets because I said “NO”. Well, I will get a place soon because now I am a single mom with 3 cubs to look after.

        And when I walk by, men say to me “God bless you.” (I dont feel that I am all that) Do I care? No, but thanks anyways.

        And is any of this important? What ever. Oil off the ducks back.
        My integrity is intact and I hear the angels singing, even when yesterday, because I could not leave a “helpless bunny” friend alone, I experienced a situation that most people could not recover from. Luckily, I now foresee everything that will happen. My kitty cat instincts are working just fine. Time to land on my cute little furry paws.

        As the now “attractive receptor of male power or seed”, (your words, not mine) …well, this is all new for me. But like you, I am not interested in talking chit chat with people, for the reasons that you stated. So, I don`t really “need” to talk with my partner. I do it the other way. Besides, he knows what to do to make me purr.

        Problems with authority…that is interesting. Do you look at it from a conflictive point of view, or are you able to see it with your eagle soaring in the skies perception? Where is the river flowing?

  218. I empathize with your situation, and I hope things work out for you. You seem to have plenty of guts and optimism regardless of your immediate environment. So I hope that your shining faith and change of direction will bring you and your kids fruit and security.

    I now perceive Authority Mismanagement within my intensity and personal conviction, “objectively.” I detach myself and rearrange my method of response to bring growth and maturity from such individuals. For many years, I had felt psychologically and spiritually ineffective with dictatorial, intolerant people. I now have no issues working within the boundaries or confines of pragmatic structure and the status-quo tradition… however… it is when full grown adults selfishly ABUSE their power for (mind-emotion)Control Motivations toward good wholesome human beings that raise my inner-Hell. The ego-maniacal intent to blatantly dominate others, raises the Smoldering-Lucifer out in me.

    Just through a few minutes of intense observation, I can see-hear-feel any persons Dark-Side. Because the Dark “Lessons” of my very own Nature are clearly recognized and understood. Over time, I have found beauty and riches from metamorphic Transformations of old, dead thought patterns of wickedness and deceit. The deceit I see in people, is really just their blind lack of SELF-HONESTY and GOOD INTENT. Their unhappiness is injected into others. Truth doesn’t “mean” anything to a person like that of self-indulgence. So I have a low tolerance for Blatant Methods of incompetent “leadership.”

    I now call-out authority, but with TACT & DIPLOMACY. A person who abuses his or her position in society, is one who does NOT lead by example through every molecular cell in his or her behavior.

    They are simply ‘Unaware’ of their emotional and psychological inadequacies when they project themselves upon others. They simply don’t care about Consequence.

    The more in-tune I have become with each and every moment in an environment, the more I realize the tremendous power of the Spoken Word and it’s Resulting Action from people.

    There is a tremendous Influence left from a persons mouth and behavior which can leave dire circumstances over an entire group… OR, in contrast, this influence can leave a tremendous impact on others when this person “chooses” their words and actions Consciously for the motivations to Inspire, to Heal and to be Just. A persons words of tongue can change the world for the better… one little fluffy wabbit at a time.

  219. P.Puppy, thanks for your empathy. I will assume responsibility for the path that I have chosen. Think of me. You know as well as I do, how powerful that can be. Be good when you do it- I already know what you do.

    What will get me through this will be based on my ability to mentally clear and arrive to my essence, cut through the weak egos of terribly abusive and cruel people, and go straight for the kill. No pity. I soared in the universal energies in order to assure my honorable intentions and to acquire the correct mind set. My web has been spun, I have waited quietly, even smiled while I was at it, all while suffering terribly. Now the cards will have to fall. If I did good, they will fall towards revealing people`s true selves and intentions. Because, as you say, they don`t care about the wellbeing of anyone but themselves.
    Perhaps, you have noticed, as have I , a strange memory loss or amnesia that abusive people have? The lies and the strange justifications that are given? Its quite incoherant.
    Well, I see it as a mental, illusionary network, based on mentalities or thought patterns. Human interaction is the attempt to link one thought pattern to another. The bond is pretty weak.
    However, the downside of this is that you will always be…the bunny.
    Arriving to your essense, and permanently holding the energy is like always singing great music or the feeling after running 10 kms. It is a state of being. I know that you are studying human nature and playing with fluffy bunnies, but in my opinion (more like absolute certainty), there is so much more to do. You are probably having more fun at the moment however.

    So much to do…and you are the one to do it.

    Take care everybody.

  220. tired like a lot of women here loved it all the exsact things your saying then bamb just like that cold and gone because there selfish he even said as much and now am left ruined shocked and huirt if i could di it again would heck no run as fast as your little feet can go you will get hurt. I guess am still feeling raw and the only plesure i get is to imagine him suffering for doing this too me i actully question love now and people in general isn’t thats sad froma libra very sad indeed it was a toxic intense delusion they do sting you just don’t feel it then they have you then when there done they removing and then you feel it i feel for some of the ladies they have no idea what there in for !!!

  221. P-Puppy,

    How have you been?

    I have been wishing you well on your endeavors.

    I will continue to do so.

  222. First, the comments here have been incredibly insightful…thank you! Second…I can’t tell if my Scorpio is just taking needed personal time or if he’s not interested anymore. (sorry for the impending length…and I’m a Cancer, by the way.)

    A little relationship background…Me: I’ve been a douche magnet (literally) for as long as I can remember. Earlier this year, I had 3 different guys (in as many weeks) ask me to be their booty call. The other guys I tried dating? Got close enough for me to open up to them, only to have them take off with another girl or – in the case of a real gem – break up with me by text message. The day after I slept with him. Awesome. Him: Broke up with his girlfriend a little over a year ago; from what I understand, she cheated on him fairly consistently.

    Us: We were brought together at a concert early this year by mutual friends. It was a good night, but I didn’t hear from him again for 2 months. We saw each other a couple of times at events with friends (one of the times spending the entire night staring at each other and smiling while he made a point to be anywhere I was. He asked me out at the end of the night).

    After that, we meet up at our friend’s bday party the next weekend. We had a chance to talk to each other a little more than previous nights, though I didn’t focus on him as much as I would have liked. 1) because I’ve always had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to keep everything we say/do between us only, and 2) I just consider it rude and in bad form to ignore everybody else. (Consequence? Surface/cocktail talk.)

    Then, this girl from his work walks into the bar/grill. He stares at her the moment she walks in, then gets up to go give her a hug and talk with her. He comes back to sit next to me and I, with my previous experiences quite fresh in my head, immediately throw up my barrier. My thinking? “Holy sh*t. I am not going through this again. I am not letting myself be soft only to be trampled on and hurt again. If he’s digging this other chick…whatever, his prerogative. But I’m out.” It was a reflex reaction.

    He went dead cold to me (I’m assuming he was just as intuitive with regard to my body language as I can be). Soon, we all move to another bar. He rushes ahead and when I finally make it in, I see him sitting at a table across from the same girl. We looked at each other for a split second before both looking away. I guess I had a weird look on my face because his friend came up to me (who has a girlfriend, I should note, and I got no vibe of him hitting on me) and offers to buy me a drink, so we head off to the bar.

    I don’t see my scorp for another hour, until he’s ready to leave. He walks up to me and gets as physically close as he can, with this dopey, beautiful “I want to kiss you” look on his face. I didn’t back away, but wanted to see what he was doing (yes, I was giving him the same dopey look). He asked me if I was free the next week for the two of us to get together, and I say yes. Right then, a guy who was pushing his wheelchair-bound friend out of the bar ran over the back of my foot. I’m pretty sure I still had remnants of that dopey look as I turned to the guy pushing, smiled, and said “sorry” (don’t ask me why I apologized…). I looked back at my scorp just in time to see the quickest transformation: as he looked at the guy, his smile disappeared and he flashed the fiercest look I’ve seen on a guy outside of a movie. This whole scenario took just seconds. When he looked back to me, I explained that he had run over my foot by accident. We got a little cozy again, to the point of him ignoring his friend (who was behind him and calling his name) to focus on me. Yes, swoon.

    I haven’t seen him since then (3 weeks ago). He never called/showed on the day he was supposed to come down; I text him to see if he was still coming (that night), and he said he was working late that night and early the next morning, so no dice. A couple of days later, I text him to ask if he’d like to come down to my place the next week so I could cook for him; I also tell him that I found him attractive and that I wanted to get to know him better. He replied with an enthusiastic “yes!” (exclamation point included), said he wanted us to get to know each other better too, and that he would talk to me so we could figure out a day. 4 days later (and half way through the next week)…still haven’t heard anything, and my friends are asking me to make plans. So I leave him a voicemail…no return call. (and I make plans with my friends)

    Get a text from him the night before last saying he was going to a bachelor party on Fri, sorry he’s been out of touch, and that he promises we’ll figure a day out soon to get together. I replied very nicely; remarking on the new puppy he got, said “why don’t you give me a call when you can get together?” and told him to have fun at the bachelor party.

    (breathe) So…at this point, I feel like I’ve been getting a lot of talk, promises, and flaking out. I’m very torn between not letting myself be used again (ie, making the decision to walk) and having the patience to stick it out (which, if he’s been as shell-shocked as I have with past relationships… well, it would be amazing to see a guy actually stick around long enough to get through to me.). I’m not naive enough to say this *has* to turn into something. I’m just feeling very “fight or flight” right now, and would like to know if he’s interested or not. Advice would be most welcome…


  223. I’m a Piseces, and I did everything wrong with my Scorpio. I liked him since last fall, but did not reveal it until early spring. All that time in-between we flirted back and forth. Finally, I got jealous of this girl he was flirting with and let the cat out of the bag. That seemed to do the trick because then he started paying more attention to me and finally asked me out–sort of. We had a good time hanging out and making out. He wanted to have sex with me, but I didn’t want to quite yet. He told me he’s not looking for a relationship. He just wants to have “fun.” I accepted this, sort of, but secretly hoped he would change his mind. Then I slept with him–big mistake–and it wasn’t all that great. For all the talk about their sexual prowess, he didn’t seem to care at all about my needs or desires. He just wanted to get it in and get his. I was nervous, and it hurt so badly, I made him stop. I’m sure that bruised his ego really good since he prides himself on how great he is in bed. Actually, he was so rough with me (in spite of my protestations) I had bleeding and soreness for two to three days. He felt bad because he thought he took advantage of me. Compared himself to the big bad wolf. I emailed him the day after, telling him I didn’t think ill of him and wanted to try to again. Crickets. It’s been a week. I might see him tonight, and I truly don’t know how to act. I don’t know if I should be cold and ignore him or casual and friendly. I really messed up with this guy. I didn’t have much of a chance before, but now my chance is like -20. I’m really down about this and don’t know what to do.

    1. You chose a guy with sex on the mind in the early going. That is a big red-flag warning regardless of his sign or nature.

      So with your choices, arrives emotional consequence… of which you’re ‘experiencing’ right now.

      I believe, that regardless of a male Scorpio’s charm and/or attractiveness… ALL WOMEN should know precisely WHAT and WHERE exactly, is that particular Scorpio guy coming from.

      You see, from reading your comments, I feel that he has deceived you. I believe that you are getting pulled into to his energy field… BUT, you are still not paying attention to your INTUITION. And you can’t see into his deeper true-self.

      Hey, he just wanted ‘fun’… so that motivation right there tells me that this guy doesn’t want you on more important, MENAINGFUL levels. He only want’s conquest of your body.

      No wonder you feel used. So, it is YOUR emotional responsibility to not get sucked into his empty and egotistical desires any further.

      A special, magical time with a woman should be SPECIAL… way beyond the needs of a males impulse and sexual self-gratification.

      You’ll be deceiving your own integrity further into a painful hell, IF you keep falling for his ego ideas.

      He sounds painfully unevolved.

      If you want “more” from the energy and mind and purpose of a man… you will need to reflect on those needs and find what it is EXACTLY THAT YOU WANT from an interaction. ‘Feel’ what is right for you little fish. Feel for a guys intentions and observe his reality. Does he honestly give a lump about you??… These are questions you must continually ask yourself… and pay close attention to his ACTIONS. Words and actions are not the same thing.

      If you and millions of other women out there continue trying to ‘please’ the ungrateful and IMMATURE desires of men… you (women in general) you will have only yourselves to blame.

      Learn to be courageous IN your choices and IN your expression with a guy who “you think” are going to change, for you.

      If he had demonstrated to you, more of a noble intent, more of a mature, funny, considerate, empathic experience with you (while still be a good leader) in your heart… than that is a male you should feel a genuine attraction for.

      But it seems he is nothing more than the average Joe, looking for kitten.

      If you didn’t want ‘his fun’… than you have the right to deny the guy, over and over. FUN to me… is much more than just “screwing”. And that’s because I’ve grown-up.

      Women really need to get over a guy’s looks and/or his money-career. Seriously.

      That is an “image” presented by the masses of men… which often lead to shallow, meaningless experiences and those superficial infatuations often do a woman in.

      After sex, she is commonly left feeling torn, confused and scarred.

      Women need to be awake of their core Truth, and what and WHO their love interest- REALLY IS.

      98% of the time, she hooks up with a dim-wit buffoon.

      And then bitterness and fear ‘Controls’ the rest of her social-psychological life.

  224. I wish i had come here first, iwould have received so many answers to questions i have been asking myself for the past year or so. I have always considered myself a strong woman, with a very positive outlook on life. I never met a scorpio man before and it seemed like a challenge. The remarkable thing is that they all seem to be the same. When i was reading the comments, i kept thinking…wow she has hooked up with the same guy because the characteristics are all the same. The connection i have to my scorpio is spiritual and maybe this is the lesson i have to learn. However i have to point out a few definable traits. First Control…they want it and if they dont get it then they just wont bother..he is man, you are woman (caveman thing), i agree with the femininity and the eroticism, where they like to push the boundaries of normality in that department (this is all i can dream of and have never experienced) they expect loyalty and trust is the biggest issue (not sure whether the same will be returned i.e lack of contact and when they disappear to their man cave, who knows what they are doing!!
    They also look for a woman who is pure, who doesnt give herself too easily otherwise she could go off with others and thats when the jealousy and respect disappears. A scorpio WILL ruin you, they wil give you sleepless nights, they will make you cry like a baby…they will also make you question some of your insecurities. They will never say ‘sorry’ and they will delve into your deepest darkest souls. They have instinctive abilities, so they wont suffer fools gladly. They wont be pushed and they wont be dictated to…they will tell you exactly what they think and they will expect you to be powerful enough to take it. Scorpions in a strange way are trying to be teachers. They bring out the good in you…ways in which you can develop yourself ie to adopt power through weakness and will also try to help you in some way. I have laid my heart on the line…its made me ill, its given me sleepless nights, i have questioned the future, i have cried for help for someone to take away this burdening pain. You see the strange part is trying to live your life through all of it when you are constantly on an emotional rollercoaster. I am learning, trying so desperately to understand the logic. I mean in most circumstances men have different agendas to women, they dont text back or call straight away and women find this rude. I am not making excuses, i am just trying through the help of you all to understand. I know for one it shouldnt hurt like it does but i also know that it is the greatest gift to find your soulmate and learning to deal with all the indiscrepancies in between. so i have a question about the coldness…does it ever ease? do you ever get to a stage where you are confident that you will receive a response after all the effort you have put in and believe me i see a lot of you putting in extreme effort to capture a scorpio. The weird thing is, the games dont work on this guy, the nagging and the bombardment of text messages dont either. So this cold spell i havent bothered either and i am still confident i will hear back…but in the back of my mind there is a little voice that says ‘ what if he doesn’t’ that leaves me confused then? anybody got any answers?

  225. Leonine,

    None of what you’re feeling is “logical.”

    Depth, spoken from the Soul, is far from logical. It is life experience demonstrated in the raw.

    Maybe he has an agenda to love you at full force, but over time maybe you haven’t allowed him to be himself?

    He may have already known your needs and fears from the start. So the question remains, did YOU express honesty about your needs? Did you make sincere efforts to be alone with him and talk about goals, dreams and directions together… and as independent minds and hearts?

    If your bond is meaningful and spiritual, perhaps he can see deep into your worlds, your subconscious attempts to manipulate ‘your intent’ to love him… RATHER than just being open about it and courageous about it.

    He may perceive that any false attempts in your BEHAVIOR (Leos nature is infamous for “acting” in front of people they love)… that show off interest, are just that- False realities… and they’re also premeditated manipulations (in subconscious human behavior) that want personal expectations to maintain ‘control’ of the exchange. It’s all extremely subtle. But very powerful.

    You should realize that a highly evolved male Scorpio nature is acutely aware of control behavior and all it’s underpinnings and ORIGINS, In terms of- INTENT. He will know if you are doing anything “knowingly” that could be trying to regain control of a situation.

    It all depends, if, or how much of himself has he given you? If you both feel a strong connection, then HE MUST BE INITIATING THOSE POWERFUL FEELINGS IN YOU. And he must be teaching you that in order to know true love, we must be willing to get our pride and egos way out of the way. Pride is silly if the forces of love are present.

    So, you may not have acknowledged his good intentions until recently.

    An evolved male Scorpio, will know if you’re trying to “Con” your way through love. He will just know. And that is why he may be intentionally keeping you at a distance. (or being ‘cold’ as people like to say).

    Have you ever told him directly that you love him?

    Because telling a hundred friends and relatives about your love is futile and misguided if ‘the Source’ of your love is not getting that transmission.

    Learning to ‘Communicate’ with utmost Truth within ourselves- is Freedom. He loves you, however, he won’t feed any of your false agendas if you can’t talk to him from a place of goodness. And do you know how he senses social falseness?

    He can see and feel ‘your motivations’ within yourself. It’s spooky… but True. He knows (if evolved) in every moment, if you are defeating yourself through pride games and self-deceit.

    Best hopes.

  226. Hi Leonine,

    Sit down, relax, breathe in and out. Calm your mind down and then…feel your own energy. In this moment, do not focus on your mind. It gives you no peace. When you think that you have found the answer, you realize that you were wrong. It can be because you did not see the whole picture, only one aspect of it. A viscious cycle can ensue. Instead, focus on how you are right now. You will read this message – and perhaps, for a moment, because you are focused, you will not feel your pain?

    When we take one moment, and live it, expand it and focus, the mind calms down and you realize, that it is an illusion.

    If you are honest with yourself, you will realize that love can not flow from the viewpoint your state of pain, need, dependency – in any form. Most of us depend on our mental concepts of ourselves – they become our tools to survival. In the presence of true love, this shatters and it serves as a lesson that, as an understatement, “there is something wrong with the world” and there is essentially something wrong with how you function.

    When we walk into a relationship – which satisfies our ego, we will not have major problems, if you are ego based. However, when you walk into a relationship that does not respond to your ego, you will collapse. In a strange way, it seems that there is a law – true love is truly the stronger force.

    Scorpio also has issues with him or herself, as well as ego, but will refuse to be controlled.

    If you think about it, it is not kind to control another human being, as we are all sacred. It is not good to put our fears and weaknessness upon an other – they have their own problems and their own path to walk. It becomes worse, when we don´t realize that how we control others is really our own prison.

    If you go down deeper into yourself, you must make the realization that you “want something” and that you are not getting it. Follow the logic of your pain to its source by asking “why?” at least 5 times. Start with the question: Why does it bother me that he is not texting back? Because….
    You will see the ego in yourself. Don´t worry about the conclusion that you reach – we all misbehave, have misbehaved, are misbehaving and will misbehave. Just be gentle with yourself as you are doing something that is truly brave.

    You are loved and you are certainly not alone. Please do feel that when you start to arrive to your essence.

  227. Thats really funny and thanks so much but its all gone really bad for me, contact wasn’t what i expected and yes i did blow my chance. I am deeply hurt and confused by all of this. For me there was no ego i have just always lived to love with my full self but maybe spiritually this was all it was meant to be and for a short time. I doubt i will hear from this scorpio again, i am unable to go the full depth online but i did screw up and this one changed their mind. Now i dont know what to do, because although the path seemed clear before, it now seems out of reach…or is this a scorpio game for me to respond and apologise?

  228. He doesn’t want any apologies. He wants to know how you’re feeling. He wants mature communication, without the fear of how you will be perceived.

    When I had asked you the simple question of ‘did you tell him that you love him?’… I’ll take that as a no.

    Gatubela, I like what you have to share. Your thoughts and advice are probably more easy to understand than mine. LoL. I’ve being doing well, and I hope you are too.

    Thanks for the kind consideration.

    1. Hi P.Puppy,

      I have been gently, wishing you well.

      How have I been…? Learning to create.

      You have nice thoughts as well.

    2. i told him this all the time but i dont sense that it was reciprocated.
      i reacted with jealousy after finding out some stuff and he has replied with coldness and very matter of fact. I am now not sure what to do, although i believe that your calmness and space mentioned by gatubela below (thanks so much for commenting)is the only course of action. Unfortunately i am out of my depth and cant get rid of this really awful feeling of loss although strangely i feel his spiritual connection much stronger than i have for a while. If i get in contact that will just give him the reason to churn me up and spit me out, any suggestions? i really appreciate all this from you guys, its really helping me try and understand things because it seems that the depths of a scorpion as well as his passion to experiment with others is not something i thought was truly the case, I looked for the love and not sure whether it was returned now!!

      1. Hi Leonine,

        I believe that one can not presume to form any judgements about him based on what he says or what he does. There is an element of strategy, intensity and consistency. If he is also learning to control his own emotions and perceptions, none of them will be aparent to anybody. Nobody likes the harsh reality that they so accurately and deeply perceive. There is a razor sharpness to their view. What he might have said may not have come close to the intensity of what he truly means. Something terribly important gets lost when it is extracted from the depths and put into “flimsy” words. Sometimes, they have to live their lives feeling so much and showing so little. Sometimes the still deep waters have whirlpools in them that suck them in. This is not a happy scorpio.
        Dont try traditional girly girl tactics to get this man to react. They won´t work. You must do the soul work on yourself in order to understand what I am trying to say.
        He will stick to what he knows and beleive me, he already knows.
        While we can analyze this man all day, I beleive that this is not the issue. You are going to have this problem with any situation that puts you out of your comfort zone into the unknown- scorpio was the wake-up call. It is an indication that you have to grow. Can you function in the unknown or do you need to clearly see your way beforehand? Do you really want this “weakness” for the rest of your life or are you going to try and resolve it and get control over yourself? Please do not fall into ego in order to regain “false” control. You will appear like a parading peacock. As a first step, you must find your solution on a soul level. Be brave – the abyss is an interesting place to be.

  229. Hi Leonine,

    I cannot tell you what Scorpio wants, I can only tell you that any answer given would be irreverent as to how you should proceed as it truly does not matter. Please understand however, that what you choose to do will be observed most acutely.
    Let us get to the matter of choice and how you should be making them. In your current state, it is highly not recommendable to do anything, as the source of your choice is instability – be it hurt, anger, sadness – you will project this energy into it and most likely, it will not align. Besides, you want release from your suffering, right?
    This is a fundamental difference with Scorpio – they may not want release from their personal suffering – not yet. He is not done with it yet. It may have to be expanded; explored, taken apart, tossed around…In other words, they are not afraid to feel to the depths of hell and heaven and then beyond some, if they can. The average human being avoids any “strong” emotion. Let us add the extra baggage of the conclusions that they arrive to and the fact that this physical world probably is not for them…If he was able to mirror this reaction in you, we can only imagine what he is dealing with. 95% of it will be unsaid.
    This level of intensity is his daily bread – while for you, it put you into a state of instability and it could be blowing your circuitry. This is the 5% that was shown to you.
    Again, you must learn to feel your energy – it is for the reasons above that it is imperative that you do so. You did not respect the energies that were going around – and you must begin to perceive them. NEVER make a decision to act without learning to stabilize yourself first or you will continue to drain yourself. Scorpio will watch, perhaps sadly, but definitely surely. He knows.
    Ego, in this case, is the reflection of your selfless love given, complete with your imperfections and strengths. Before you selflessly gave yourself, did you swear to yourself and spiritually commit yourself to purify all negativity? If you did not, you projected good intentions, but now, since you did not clear negativity, Scorpio mirrors it back to you – 10 fold. Give true love, and they will also magnify that back. Perhaps not in a relationship, but they certainly have other abilities. A relationship may not be necessary. Only a Scorpio would understand this last comment.
    Learn from this experience as it is strangely, a kind lesson. Do not listen to the noisiness of your mind. During this time of “the unknown and instability” – reach down and concentrate on stilling your mind. You should come close to the feeling of floating on water on your back. That is how relaxed you should be. Master this. Don´t do anything, don’t think anything, don’t react to anything, until you do so.

  230. I’ve been following up on this and it has been one incredible read.Tempted to comment so here I am.

    I’ve known a scorp for almost 9years.Got involved when we were younger and we were both seeing other people as well.childish biggie.

    We got in touch once in a while after that.His calls were mainly booty rings.On some nights hes ranting.

    We saw different people along the way.There was one time,I got attached to a virgo man and single scorp got pissed because I didnt give him a chance.He never asked me out proper!How was I to think he was REALLY INTO ME.So 8months later,virgo and I stopped dating. And now,scorpy has made me promise to date him.

    now the best is yet to come.He rarely texts or IM.he calls but not regular at all and most of the time,it ends off with an”i call you back” and never does.despite the fact that he wants to date me.

    we went out on a proper date once.that one was nice,lots of chemistry,stares and intriguing qns.the other “date”,was him and his kooky male friends.bad night enough said.

    this saturday,we are going out the same time,i just wanna be myself and not worry abt a pisces.i dont want to fizzle this out.hes an amazing person,and i knw women are falling on his feet.

    i really am not his type.he keeps insisting that we have “something.”im an introvert,have a small pool of friends,rarely social and committed to career.hes highly social,lots of friends,women and much more ambitious than i am.i just need to knw that im doin great with life and i wake up a better woman because my job does that for me and not think abt the money im making.hes allllllllllll out for the money.hes out to kill for the money.thats why hes mostly busy with work.hence,little time for hmmm,me!

    i dont see the greatness in this.but like i said,he keeps me on my toes.i just dont knw whether this will last.ENLIGHTEN ME.

  231. Hey
    Sorry for the late reply in all the comments, they have really helped!! I thought i had the answers and this guy sussed. Unfortunately i know nothing. There has been contact also and said he will get in contact soon. I am not holding my breath as this could be one of his games to make me squirm. I believe that a scorpio drags you to the pits of hell because of their intrigue and then will brush you off and bring you back. I think the key part is here…live your life, try nt to put yourself in their shoes and think about what they are doing (ithink about that all the time)and it drives me mental, i also try and think of ways to figure out and get to the bottom of his behaviour, it doesnt work. I believe there are plenty of oter women all swooning at him, that gives him power. I believe you should just go out and be yourself, the worst for m is over analysing and believe me i have been a tough cookie in the past but this has totally and utterly drained me beyond control. It seems the friendship has already been struck with you and your scorpio, it was the same for me too but a number of issues led m to understand that he has betrayed my trust in him, i am not sure if i am able to put myself through it all again. Its the mystery with them that becomes so intriguing, but somehow you got to learn to draw the line on the way that they behave, so as Gatubela said (i think) maybe silence is the key…maybe i need to gain back some of my leonine strength because believe me there isnt an awful lot left. You can try and escape by trying to find solace in another man, but believe me there is something too strong that i am not sure how to get out of. He is strong, beyond belief, yeah obsession with money, but also women and mystery, they like mysterious women.
    If you are an open book then he will learn all about you and you will learn nothing about him, just like i have done, which makes me so sad because i thought we were making some progress. I am not sure what do i do? do i gt back in touch if he makes the effort to contact me or do i just try to leave it all behind and put it down to experience (which is the hardest part)??

  232. And the paradox here is… women appreciate and respect the men who DO have women throwing themselves at us. Why? … well, attraction is not a logical laundry list of “traits.” It’s time to get real. Women feel closer to a guy with personal power, commanding choice, and personal direction.

    Does a bland ham dude offer this to women?


    Scorpio rules “the intangibles” of connectedness. Forget what is visible. We want the unknown from you. And we will get it. And you will experience our abyss simultaneously.

    And that is one huge reason you gals are drawn in. Deeply in. The depth of feeling you experience scares you to death (no pun) so you want more of it. Please forgive, we realize it’s a drug. But it can be a life changing GOOD drug.

    Any woman can date a predictable, low vitality ham. And she usually does. Why?… because those ever-ready droolers want to ACCOMMODATE a woman’s every test and whim. Those average hams keep women in their comfort zone. What purpose does that serve in a dynamic relationship??… Squat. That’s what. The unknown juices of life and it’s incredible experiences are NOT PENETRATED by “nice” dudes.

    We (classic Scorpio) penetrate you.

    If any dude could go deep within you… we would not be having this discussion.

    Appreciate the rare. You may never find it again;)

    1. Should we address the concept of “Power” and the comments that scorpios are “all about the money”?

      Would you agree P.Puppy, that “power” in the “known ” is different from power in the “unknown”?
      Ladies, one fundamental difference is that “power” in the unknown looses its dualistic good / bad connotation. It is only in the “known” that it seems bad. Scorpio´s job is to clear and heal themselves in the “unknown”. Perhaps your scorpios are still in this process. But doing it (good or badly) they must! Dualistically speaking, we form judgements based on the known – ego, without understanding what really lies beneath it – unknown.
      I will not say that your scorpios are adept at understanding themselves, but as I said before, don´t judge without going into the “abyss” yourselves. Remember that as you go down, clear negativity, such as your unhappy opinions about your scorpios, otherwise you will feel the rebound energetic response 10 fold. You will truly understand the incredible burden that Scorpios have. Since they are intense, your 10fold negativity for them is magnified perhaps to 100. Ask him about his life experiences – usually, they are more than the average human can withstand. Can you understand why they would have issues on control / power? It is because they must master it themselves in order to be reborn – again and again and again.

      Again, until you learn to feel your energy – you will not find the answers that you require. I can say that on a soul level, the answer is there. You have to go down and get to know yourselves – truly, honestly and bravely. There is no right or wrong – only ego and soul.

  233. Hi Everyone,

    I agree with you – but Scorpio penetrates for a reason.
    Women don´t understand their role and the incredible gift that they have. They are the guardians of the energy – they store it. If she is aware of the energy, she will use mental techniques and spiritual living to increase it more and more and more and not waste it through daily living. an example – she will not release through orgasm. An evolved Scorpio will feel this energy and will understand it as well. A nuclear fusion comes to mind when I think of this energy. She is both life and death – in this case, to a scorpio that has chosen to merge with her. I can not explain to you how vast this energy is. You have to understand what it means to love purely…to love greatly.

    Am I making any sense to anyone?

  234. And I had forgot to mention that a large percentage of women choose “Security” over Love. So that’s another reason why women choose average subservient men. If he’s financially do well, she’ll dismiss love for the safety of survival and the illusion she projects upon the relationship that she “loves” him.

    That’s a plain fact. Just look closely in your social environments.

    Gatubela, Power resides in both. But “Real Power” exists in the social phenomena known as INFLUENCE.

    This influence is the ability to ‘choose’ for a mans-higher-self, his woman, his kids and the betterment of the world around him each given thought, act and breath.

    A ‘super-consciousness’ in a guys life is what a woman really yearns for… and she is also deathly afraid of. For a woman’s wisdom understands that her Love energy will be met by the Underworld.

    So her navigating her own fears, is the death touch to most relationships.

    I believe the emphasis and responsibility should be sustained through the mind and heart and soul of the guy.

    Women, are the Love energy. Period.

    So I believe that men need to man-up, and BE men in matters of the heart for his woman, through the guidance of his own volition.

    It’s all extremely subtle and unseen.

    Therefore these are powerful energies that masses of men are UNAWARE of.

    And that is why the male Scorpio seeks his own “buried treasure.”

    1. P. Puppy,
      I think that we are on the same wavelength – but I just want to add some thoughts.
      A woman´s “contribution” to a relationship, energetically must be aligned with the man´s. In this sense, she becomes more than just love energy. Through her, the male “executes”.

      The exchange of energy requires continuous “grounding” from both sides as the merging process begins. She is one with him and he is one with her. Any disalignment and “kaboom!!” The energies are intense and perceived as painful. It is because both the male and female loose their individual “essences” and form a third, combined one.
      This a continuous dance and exchange of love between the male and female parts as they both strive to raise their energies the highest and purest form possible, (zero ego) and try to accomodate their own 2 individual desires into 1 unified desire, yet they must be strong enough to maintain their own vibrant personalities.

      I see that you beleive that we must focus on the male aspect, but I believe that both must be focussed on. Any disequality, and one will not be able to sustain the other.

      Are you saying that because men, through resonating and expressing their masculine energetic “Yang” have the ability to bring out the expression of the feminine energetic “Yin” in a woman, understanding that the quality of this expression on both sides will depend on the evolved, individual balance that each person has attained?

      If you mean this, then I beleive that a “man-upped” man will have to seek his energetic equal.

      With regards to your comment on Influence, where do you focus your influence on? Is the illusionay known a reflection / projection of the unknown?

      1. Gatubela,

        Influence, both good and evil, in the Behavior of men, their thoughts and actions, their attitudes in every MOMENT- is no secret for women. Women have the innate capacity to Feel or Sense if a man has a greater “Center” than that of the stream of males who do nothing significant in a moment beyond the scope of the drudgery they’re slaves to in their own daily routines.

        A man being organically “grounded” is an essential foundation for his SOUL. Yet an expressive ego sans a soul, is a blind fool. Because a man who can EMPATHIZE with multiple different people, varies egos in others, diverse conflicts anywhere-anytime, blatant attitudes and motivations REGARDLESS of their values, beliefs or ideologies… can soulfully IDENTIFY with the world at large. Meaning, he is capable of TRANSFORMATION of not only himself, but the energy of any given moment with a person, or hoards of persons. He has a SPINE together with his consciousness, but does not abuse this “knowing” That is Love.

        The ‘unknown’ are things, People, circumstances and revelations which people are afraid (UNCONSCIOUSLY AFRAID) to understand.

        The ego veils deeper Truths. People live their lives in an unconscious sleep.

        So my point is this.

        Any person who “thinks” that they understand everything in THEMSELVES- AND THEIR PARTNER (the Unknown)- Is A Fool.

        If human beings are so foolish enough to believe that they’re involvement is an immortal relationship without room for pain, deceit and ignorance… than their ignorance is Total Bliss.

        Growth for human beings go infinitely past a rational (albeit stagnant) reaction to life’s twists and turns.

        I suggest you don’t over-complicate the raw energy of personal power little Leo.

        Personal power is not an over-compensation in action or thought in speech. Personal Power does not waste Energy.

        Women know what it is. When a woman who stands before a man with CALM INTENSITY, all she has to do is FEEL it. A woman feels what exactly? She feels his astounding INNER PEACE. The Social-Self-Knowledge DEMONSTRATED through his intricate BEHAVIOR. She knows, just “knows” when a man has HIGH PRINCIPLES, righteous ethics, sound morals, goodness of heart and soul… ESPECIALLY during ADVERSE ENERGY among her… and among people.

        I will not further explain this.

        Energy is all. What does a man DO with that energy to CATALYZE the Love energy in a woman and the love energy in the world of people around him?

        Does he impregnate the world of people with Love and Spine?

        He knows you better than you know yourself.

        And You already know that;)

  235. Hey all
    thanks again for helping me get through this, it is so nice to know that i can get other opinions apart from battling this in my own mind and heart. The stage at present revolves around keeping in contact or walking away. My mind is playing tricks on the sincerity of this scorpio and i am not sure what to believe anymore. I agree that i love him pure and true, who knows if it is one sided, but what i do know is that i may have to set him free to find his way in life and get himself together for the sake of love. I thought he was the evolved soul and i was learning from him, but i am pretty sure i am the established one and he has mny lessons to learn in this lifetime. I wonder if i could get your opinions on soulmates? What happens if you know this person is your soulmate but you question whether he was genuine with his feelings. I am all over the place and what i thought was so securely mapped out seems to have disappeared and possibly scorpion is moving on elsewhere

    1. Leonine

      If he was your ‘soulmate’ there wouldn’t be the need for so many unknowns….you would have many of the answers and it wouldn’t be so difficult. That’s my opinion anyways. I’ve found a soulmate in my Scorpio and I know this because neither one of us is running. I have no more questions…all I have is answers – without even having to ask any questions. And I can tell you it didn’t take astrology to get me to that point…it took trust in myself, trust in the relationship and letting go of what does not matter.


      1. Blindness is a person who doesn’t Seek.

        These persons “think” that their relationships do not need questions. For they already have the all the answers.

        I pity such foolish weakness.

      2. How’s your love life PP?

        Oh that’s right – you don’t have one.

        Oh such a wise man who speaks of things he himself does not understand.

    2. Leonine,

      It is nice to see that you are stronger.
      Let us focus on you – and then work backwards towards your relationship.
      As one starts to feel themselves, you start to see what love is NOT. And at a more profound level, you start to feel what you ARE. Please understand that you are using the subject pronoun “I”. You are defining yourself – I want to assure you that you are not defining your relationship with this man. This is the effect of your instability. Your relationship with this man should be defined using the words “my relationship…”.

      It is interesting that we define our relationships as to their effect upon ourselves, without realizing that it is the effect of ourselves upon the relationship that we are really talking about. This is the ego.

      While you start to clear yourself, continue further in your analysis – The comments that you have just given is a start, but you must go on in order to understand scorpio a bit better.

  236. hello.
    this is interesting . it is so good to read the level of honesty. pluto puppy and gatubela- thankyou.when i looked up from reading this everything looked different.something has shifted in my reality.i am understanding what you are both talking about. i know i struggle with feelings of attachment.and fear of opening up and baring my soul fully. but i want to so much!i get stuck in these strange pre perceived mental states as i completely shut down my heart and the flow of the moment.fear of death of grief of memories of loss. fear of procreation.crazy huh? gatubela do you ever experience orgasm?or have you chosen to divert the energy to other areas?

    1. Hi Umm,

      What a loaded question – well, here goes…!

      It had been hard for me to find a sexual partner that I felt I could open up to. My issue is that I see people for who they really are, and not what they have projected. This is compassionately and almost lovingly done. My Scorpio was the only one who saw me for what I really was and not what I projected. He says the same thing about me. It was like coming home. All of this happened without one word being spoken.
      So, at the moment, I am in the process of raising my energies – once I achieve the state I want, I will release and channel, through him.

  237. I would agree with you Femme to a certain degree. However it is possible to have many forms of soulmates and many karmic lessons to learn also. I don’t have the physical association with my soulmate and i also believe that although i am highly evolved in the spiritual sense, my soulmate is not. I also agree with you that there shouldnt be such difficulty but its a sense to follow your heart and your gut instinct that has made me believe this so strongly. The important part about loving someone is the will to let them go at a time when it is not beneficial for both to be together. I am sure if i had my soulmate physically without complications then it would work, unfortunately i am not in the position to experience that at this stage, although i am extremely glad that you managed to find peace with yours Femme.

  238. i need some advice a scorpio some of you might know.ive fallen for an aries female..we spent a week talking,and then we dated..we kissed very passionately..i wanted to see her again a couple of days later,and then i told her how i felt.i spilt my emotions to her,and after that she said she just wanted to be friends..i dont understand how someone can just throw away that much passion.any advice on what might have happened here??

  239. Well brother, “a kiss” to a woman doesn’t mean much, especially a bouncy independent Aries girl. I’ve had my own involvements with these women. It’s important to realize that they are “babies” with their emotions. Very petulant and snappy. I enjoy their independence. They don’t want to be tied down with heavy burdens of emotion, which is actually very healthy in a mature relationship. So if were to suggest anything, it would be to ‘not make her your primary interest.’

    Women catch on very quickly, if you make them top priority. They deeply want the guy to LEAD the direction of EVERYTHING, while still being compassionate to her needs. Your whole life view, the projects you handle, the people you respect or hang-out with are all things women notice about you.

    Women have a sixth sense about “what is most important” in your life. And if they feel pursued without YOU wanting to UNDERSTAND THEIR NEEDS AND VALUES, than sharing your emotions, your real-self will be a waste of time for both you and her.

    The key is to look deeply into what and WHO she really is. She will not be offended. She will be flattered that you really want to find out what makes her happy. By showing genuine interest in her needs, you’ll also find out what turns YOU away from her emotionally and practically. So by showing genuine interest in her, while ALWAYS maintaining your own visions and goals (your own life) a male Scorpio can “know” if a woman really “Wants” him.

    I personally never give away my time and energy to a woman who I instinctively “know” that doesn’t want me in return.

    She’s gotta “want” you brother. And the only way to penetrate her reality of you, is to be a man with your Purpose… With or Without Her.

    She’s gotta know that you are ready and willing to drop her attention, because you have greater things going in your life BEYOND the need to “please” her.

    Best regards.

  240. Ok man, here’s something you can use and say minus the need to find out what she’s about.


    “Hey (her name) you know what sounds like a lot of fun?”


    Get your ammo ready, I’m taking you to shoot some paintball!

    (If she doesn’t like that idea, tell her you want her to join you for…

    ANYTHING that is FUN

    * She loves fun activities more than any other gal.

    After a month or two of consistent fun and freedom, (always detach your deepest emotions) she will be IN LOVE with you, and following you around like a lovable puppy dog.

    God, I’m bad.

    But there is NO other way to an Aries heart.

    She wants self-discovery and pleasure in her hobbies and activities.

    Give her those freedoms, and she will scurry to you at will.

    Um, don’t say I didn’t warn you about babysitting her constant needs for change;)

    Emotionally… she will ‘Never’ understand your depth.

    That’s the sad reality brother.

  241. hey pluto,i really appreciate your advice man.this girl really put her hooks into came to a point though where she even refused to answer my calls anymore,but..BUT i made her chuckle at the end of our last conversation..and i could tell there was a potential warmth in her thats what kept me going.i stopped calling or texting for 6 days,and i sent her a lyric of a song i wrote for i called..still no response.but something tells me if i show her im there for her,shell turn dumb as that sounds.your right though about having other music is going good,and my plans are coming to fruition more and more.i really appreciate your advice,thanks alot.

  242. on our first date..i took her to eat at sizzler,we joked and laughed..i have a sagitarius rising and so does she,so that was good..anyways on the way out the restaraunt,i was a polite gentle man and i patted her on the back until i got the courage to embrace her all the way to my car..then we got to the movies and i did the same..then we got in to the actual theathre and went all the way to the back seats..and thats where the magic happened..i emraced her,cuddled her and kissed her,and she stroked my hair..i wasnt even paying attention to the movie..time went by too fast..

  243. You’re welcome Harmonica.

    Both of you have Gemini on the Descendant, so that axis tells me that you both like off-the-wall fun and humor, and the absurdities in life. That’s great, keeping things ‘light and adventurous’ in everything you say and do will spark more magic and chemistry besides the cuddling.

    Also, because you’re both Sag Risings, she has a ton of “Fire” in her nature, so she’s probably quite the little pistol around people. You may find that she may get ‘easily bored’ over trifling or trivial circumstances, so you’ll need plenty of patience, keep your core center and flow with it. Honesty is another thing she will appreciate, and I know you do too. Relate with her about things directly, without any varnish. Integrity and play is a large part of your and her relating ideals.

    Finally, if you really wanna know what her life ‘Path’ is… find out her North Node Sign and House. Also, you can gain much ‘higher’ insight about your spiritual path by reading into your N. Node too.

  244. P.Puppy,

    “Little Leo” – that is what you have called me. If you only knew. Transformation is Death. Really.

    I dared P.Puppy, to… go… beyond…it…all…

    And I still have so much to learn.

  245. Being a Aries…I know that I like the chase. Don’t make yourself so readily available, that gets boring and well is just not that exciting. We like to have fun, loads of it, so like Pluto said suggest something fun and exciting to do. Don’t be too clingy, but at the same time don’t abandon her either. Text her let it be for a while. When she thinks your not interested anymore she will call. We don’t like to feel unwanted. Horrible I know! She’ll come around just don’t be a easy conquest… 😉 I know I say conquest but that’s how we or I tend to look at it from that angle.

  246. Gat, thanks.

    We all have that ‘playful inner-child’ to share with the world.

    Ten years ago, I did not know the pure joy of self-love and deep affection towards humanity.

    My darkest days are behind me at 35.

    Change, intense change, forming through my sexual relationships, personal relationships, professional relationships, casual acquaintances… ALL human beings (Pluto in the 7th House) have showed me, taught me, so much about the exhilaration of life which can be found inside me… I have much gratitude and levity to give back.

    Along with the life-long pursuit of “Higher Meaning”… it is the true blessing of the divine-woman, her wondrous energy, which always inspires me to become great, and greater.

    And I will;

    1. …and so you will. Don´t forget to come up for some celestial air.

      Your energy…can be felt … continents away. I just thought you should know.

  247. The Presence of God is IN every single one of you.

    The religions, cults and sects of the world, will ramble that God is a Noun. That your “faith” in a force “outside” of your-self, your molecular being, will set you free… psychologically, emotionally mentally… free.

    The only heaven and the only hell visible by man– originates between HIS EARS and in his heart. (or black heart)

    I have realized through my experiences that…

    God is not a Noun.

    He is a Verb.

  248. i agree with what pluto says about God,i learned about those ways through meditation.we people think we can intellectualize everthing.but you cant know have to be GOD.and you can do that through meditation..god is infinite,and when you are in tune to the infinite,you become infinite,the witness to your emotions and thoughts,instead of beings those emotions and thoughts.

  249. Yes harmonica, we certainly can become God through quiet, private meditation.

    But I would like to take that Truth to another level.

    It is possible, to be that “Awake” with the Source… during every minute of our waking lives. Yep.

    That state of Consciousness can become WHO WE ARE, not just during a 2 hour meditation session… but during the chaos, during the stress, the daily pressure and grind, the delusions and distractions of the outside world.

    We can be in this reality of ‘total peace’ while forging and governing the hustle and bustle of earthly activity around us doing what it does.

    Now harmonica, the lyrics you wrote may well be amazing… but ask yourself this question brother… Do you feel the importance of your creativity, at this stage of knowing her, is as equally important ‘to her’… in her reality?

    Your intentions are gallant. I just don’t want to see her shutting you down because you thought that writing her a song would bring you closer to her heart.

    Remember, the Ram-bunctious Aries lamb might want to wrestle around with you in rain pools of mud instead… and then she might wanna go out for waffles.

    Surprises tickle the hearts of these women;

    I hope she loves it.

  250. thanks for that gatubela.i like how you said its like coming home. its a wonderful thing huh. i think i am a bit the same when it comes to seeing who people are other than what they project. hmm. how long have you been with this scorpio and what sign are you?

  251. That is a loaded question for me. However, I can tell you that the sign (s) that I was born under is irrelevant. To lightly follow the idea that P.Puppy gave about the Source – I hope that you can understand why this is so.

    How long have I been with my scorpio? Time is such an illusion. It does not matter.

  252. On the deepest and highest levels of human existence… our Deeds… we are All of the signs in divine unison.

    That is where the expression “Oneness” and “Wholeness” derives.

    But in order to be Whole, life has many harsh and painful lessons for us to understand.

    Finding Truth- is being in Communion with God.

    Love is indeed a Verb. The Feminine energy innately knows this.

    I believe it is the Masculine energy that needs to understand what Love truly Means. In the deepest sense of relating, I believe it is a mans destiny to Free a Woman’s Soul… to unlock the repeating troubles of her heart.

    Because women want Love more than anything.

    The problem though, is that a woman’s ideas of love, her experiences of it through crushing memories by a man, make her become distrustful of Love over time.

    So a man’s Deeds… from the most tiny levels… have meaning to women, those deeds mean ‘everything’ to a woman.

    Unfortunately… almost every man in existence is Not Conscious of his deeds.

    And women pay the heavy price for them;)

  253. gatubela. i didnt intend for you to feel loaded or fear. it was just a question.yeh at the end of the day its true none of it really matters. nothing in fact matters.thats why we are here on a scorpio site. cup of tea and a muffin? oops that may seem loaded.

    1. Umm,

      Fear has not been an acceptable state of being for me since I was a little girl. Have I misused the word “loaded”? Please accept my apologies.

      It was your fear that I was worried about had I answered your question honestly. I interpretted your question “What sign are you?” as being related to the time I was born…
      In order to answer your question under your “vocabulary”, please give me some information. How do you define “born”?

      I don´t beleive that “nothing” matters. It “ALL” matters. In relation to my relationship,time is not a way to describe it. Time is a limitting illusion. I will answer your question in another way.

      I have known him “ALWAYS”.

    1. Umm,

      That maybe so. But, in my world… a Quality, Unique Male… is not created by the Source to cushion a woman’s confusion, to counter a woman’s anger or to relieve a woman’s frustration… when in love.

      His damn responsibility is to inject NEW MEANING and vitality into the relationship.

      In my belief, the True role of a Real male, is to offer the woman his seed.

      Yes… I said, his seed. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. His duty as a man is impregnate new life into her FEELINGS for him.

      The Feminine, YOU… are the “receptor” of a mans ideas, his clarity of choice, his direction for both of you, and his determined higher purpose in every given moment of your relating.

      So the onus of “the spark” and “the magic” and “the chemistry” ORIGINATES, IN, the Masculine.

      To me, a guy who “allows” women to ‘impregnate him’ with that spark, that chemistry… and that love feeling… is a spineless wimp.

      Tell me… does that lack of bravery prove he has VITALITY?… does his passivity prove a KILLER SEXINESS?… does his behavior exemplify that guy is on A MISSION?

      No mam.

      Usually it takes a woman Years to figure that basic Truth out.

      You can mail me a thank you card. LoL

      1. Agriculturally speaking…A “masculine” man, who has vitality – and a mission…would require a female has the capacity to “cultivate”. The man “impregnates” into what? If the soil is barren, the seed wont grow. The seed requires “energy”.

      2. Yes Gat. Spot on.

        If a woman can cultivate a man’s seed to be greater than what he feels he is or could be… then they are-> One.

        The problem though, as Leonine mentioned… couples live blindly because the first step of kinetic energy-> the male injection of his seed into his woman… is Ignored or Unknown… through the inner emotional processes of His Fears and inadequacies.

        So the basic rule of thumb is this:

        If HIS energy is fearful, ignorant and inadequate… then HER inner experiences of his fear and emptiness are TRANSMUTED through her… and back to him.

        This exchange of emptiness and fear is running rampant among couples around the world.

        I don’t care how “materially secure” people think they are.

        Their money only blankets their dysfunction.

  254. yeh, you know i hear you. receive you ( your ideas seed) ( and no i wasnt laughing, i feel the same way.) i was in my garden before with my hands in the earth and all that feeling just came to me. that feminine energy that point i felt ready to receive the seed ( now its your turn not to laugh).but the seed was not there. just a magpie. well it was a friendly and beautiful magpie.
    have you fulfilled your role pluto puppy?

  255. also want to say that i get really bothered by what is happening in the world these days.. between men and women generally speaking too. i had a thought it was fear based but anyway whatever it was that the media is getting so distorted from the truth and creating these cultures whereby we are getting more and more removed from nature from love from trust and wholeness. and here i am on a computer.. hypocrite. sigh. wonder whether humans will stop talking altogether. girls dont seem to want love anymore just money and fame. i know i am generalising. where has the real beautiful love values gone in this world? i .. blah blah. sorry that was just some muck. gone now.
    i do thankyou by the way.

  256. umm,

    My role as it goes, extends beyond the reach of one woman being the center of my universe.

    If you can begin to imagine, what my honesty and idealism is worth to women out here in Los Angeles… you’ll begin to understand that many women just don’t get me.

    There is another ‘label’ given to a classic male Scorpio in cookbook astrology.

    And that label is:- the Stranger.

    My ex girlfriends, women friends… STILL have no clue who I really Am, and some of them have known me for years.

    I am very sociable and likable.

    But the loner in me is forever.

  257. It means that women are not a spiritual path of self-development and self-evolution with me.

    You said it before.

    “Money and Fame.”

    A woman has immense insecurities. She is fearful of the unknown truths in her life. Her image owns her. Her needs for survival own her core being. Her personality is as fragile as an egg. Her emotions… even more tender.

    They relate with me superficially. They know nothing else.

    They do not know themselves.

    Therefore… on a spiritual level… they keep a deep separation from what is beyond them.

  258. Within an hour of conversing with a woman, I can make her feel completely naked.

    I don’t want to. I actually want her to appreciate the shock in herself. But she doesn’t. She blushes and changes the subject to something that appeals to her.

    So I am left with no choice but to relate with her like I would a bratty little sister.

    I either end up ravishing her in bed… or our dating stops and I never hear from her again.

    So you tell me what’s the deal with this lifelong pattern?

    The deal is, my life, who I am becoming… is something better deep inside my Underworld.

    While on the surface of earthly romance… I foresee the same damsel ready to be ravished.

    This cycle does not fulfill me like I once thought it did.

    An altruistic bond is what I want. But it does not exist.

    1. That is a very true concept Pluto. It seems the scorpio in question in my case does not have the capacity to love with oneness and prefers to boost his ego through representing himself to different people. Unfortunately i have got extremely hurt throughout this and not being able to recover, which i have been able to easily in past situations. I feel the deceit and dishonesty is something that i doubt i will get over and still not sure as to the extent of the feelings this scorpio had, leving me totally lost and empty. I must add in my own defence that i am willing to break the boundaries of love and am not afraid to give my heart but anyone suggest what i can do because my ethics wont let me forgive this but my heart and gut are still drawing to him, although trust has completely gone.

    2. it does not exist yet. but it will i believe if you want it enough.not all women are the same just as men are not all the same. what the deal is is that i think you are recognising a pattern that has been your past, but it isnt your future, hence it isn’t lifelong. and dont go thinking that your past is lifelong either!

  259. If your trust has completely gone, then you will have eat your own poison, darling.

    Always remember that you have the power of Choice. To leave on your own accord at any time of redundant despair and deceit.

    If you have strong dependency issues to him, e.g financially or sensually or privately… I suggest you start looking deep into your own needs with utmost truth.

    I wish you a better future.

  260. pluto puppy,
    think i just kind of repeated myself. oh well. there are lots of things to ravish apart from women. like yummy food hehe! and the other things that you like to do.and there does not need to be any guilt in saying no either if you understand what i mean.

  261. Leonine,

    I will try to look at your situation from another angle.

    Why is it so difficult that he has decieved you? The level of deception can be measured in terms of the expectations that you felt you had with him and the end result, or the low “return on investment”. You ventured, the risks were high, and it did not turn out as it should have. I can understand the lack of trust, but realistically speaking, trust is something to be earned, not given. Even in situtations dealing with the heart. Good faith perhaps can be given, but trust – takes time.
    Once someone trusts, they relax their outer “shells”.
    Due to the energetic squeeze that you have had, you are desperately trying to fill it up – thus indicating that you normally do things impulsively. So the first thing I do suggest, is not to be so impulsive. Work on that.

    Another thing that could be happening is that you do not know how to filter? There maybe residue, but you are not psychically filtering out the “vibes” – for lack of a better word. Close your eyes and start to explore your emptiness – it probably is full of pain. (i hope you had good cry). Don´t fill it up with him – that is an energetic crime. You must learn to channel your energies into something – perhaps helping people. I am sure that there is something that you love to do other than being with him. Do that.

    A third thing is …wake up beautiful lion! You are a special person. You were before him, and have the potential to be more, after him. You must continue and be strong – but never for him. Always for yourself. Your future lies ahead – and it is a wonderful one. Shake yourself, lick your paws, and land squarely on them. Breathe in…breathe out…can you feel it? It is all an illusion – the answer has always been in you.

  262. hmm i meant to say future isnt lifelong.when it comes down to ideas in the mind.mind plays tricks.i really like the honesty. its full moon. possibly getting eclipsed tonight.i like it when all the ducks and geese are out at night under the full moon .

    1. Umm,
      It has been a long time since I have heard someone talk about ducks and geese and a full moon. The last time I heard / read the word “magpie” was 15 years ago. They are the black birds right?
      I am in Latin America right now, but I am orignally from Canada. I used to listen to the loons, singing their mournful song at twilight with the mist dancing on the lake. What lovely solitude!

      1. If my intuition serves me correctly… the “magpie” Umm is referring to… is swooshing from the eucalyptus trees down under around the suburbs of Australia.

        As mentioned a while ago, I was born in Sydney, lived there 24 years before arriving in the States.

        I vividly remember as a teenager getting “swooped” by a magpie matriarch who was protecting her babies.

        Gat… magpies in Australia are black and white, slightly smaller than a big black crow.

        LoL… the irony is, I now do the “swooping” in the presence of helpless women.

        Are you an Aussie, Umm?

      2. gatubela- i like that name by the way. where is it from. like got u bella! yes it is an australian bird, black and white, has a very distinct call- kind of all over the shop. and they do swoop to protect their young. i like magpies. they come and hang out with me in my garden and we look for worms together. theyre funky and overlooked.
        i also love ducks . geese sound good but i was chased by one as a kid. yes the sound is yum. ravishing (hehe). could you describe a loon? is that where loonie tunes comes from? did anyone see the eclipse this morning? i was awake at 4 30 but then fell asleep.

      3. plutopuppy,
        yes i am an aussie. yes i have been swooped too.. by a magpie. also willywagtails, they can be very cheeky.but they do their job and they do it well.plutopuppy are you a magpie? i didnt know they could type! have you heard of artist called paula rego originally from portugal now in london she did alot of paintings around animals and women and men. one of a pelican and a woman. very prolific artist.have a look if you get time.

  263. In the end, we only deceive ourselves.

    The answers like Gatubela said, are always IN you. To believe the in consequences outside of you… is to live in denial.

    You can free yourself Leonine. First you must turn your sunny Leo nature INWARD and reflect long and deep on where your unconscious choices have taken you.

    We all have the ability to change our lives. Constantly. Stagnation kills. Breaking past illusory fears, identifying what is intrinsically ‘false’ in our lives… is the first step toward self-truth and freedom.

    1. Identifying what is false…exactly.

      It indicates that you are also denying what is “true” as p.puppy said. Thus you empower the “bad”. You dedicate your resources to this state and as you do this, it feeds on you and you feed on it. It is growing quite nicely.

      As a minimum, how can we makes steps toward healing when we do not know what is “good”. (again, for lack of a better word) You can not heal yourself until you decide what is first good. The truth follows as you continue your search for “goodness”.

      If you had a child, and the child continuously put his finger in an electric socket, what would the mother do? A reprimand would be forthcoming.

      In a strange way, you are misbehaving. Continously making wrong choices and putting your hands into this “scorpio socket” is “naughty”. Life sometimes does not give gentle reprimands – as you can see. Your pain is indication of that. But a reprimand is forthcoming.

      A child would listen and learn. You are much more than that.

  264. P.Puppy,

    “Making a woman feel naked”…

    That is working because the woman feels the “scorpio super – combo x-ray – PET/CT zinger scan” Did I forget the thingy with the black hole energy compression unit?

    Those eyes finally meet yours – and then … Wow!!!
    Well, in the case of my scorpio, the balloon went “pop!” I had nothing to hide. …As I was not hiding anything, I am able to perceive even grain sized dishonesties. Don´t get me wrong, I still blushed, but my eyes met his square on and of course, so did my soul. Submission is not a weakness. Most men don´t get that. Most women don´t either.

    As the “masculine” is the universal “penetrator”, the feminine can be the universal “receptor”. However, this means that she can lovingly “receive” information on various levels known and unknown. She also lovingly “knows” and sees quite clearly what is going on. But she stands on her own principles and chooses. As you have certain abilities, so does she.

    Scorpionic energy is truly fascinating. Never doubt your wonderful abilities. There is so much more that I could share with you, but it may be a bit heavy for this forum. I do wish that you find what you are looking for.

  265. and now the darkness descends.pluto square whatever conjuncivits not. and eclipsed. and yeh the loner feeling creeps in.

  266. Am I a magpie?

    Umm… no pun.


    Suffice it to say, I am an…


    A magpie really belongs in the nutty farm of all bird species.

    I feel them to be misfits and as you described perfectly… “Loony.”

    I am happy in my “alone-ness”

    Because in Truth, I don’t feel alone.

    Darkness and I have become close friends.

    The light and the dark are as natural in us as the air we breathe, the water we drink.

    Life-Death-Re-birth… and over again.

    Nothing could be more fulfilling… to me.

    1. plutopuppy,
      the loony i was referring to was questioning gatubelas mention of a bird she knows. but yeh i agree with you maggies are a bit loony i guess.misfits….who knows. maybe. as long as there is free expression things are ok. yes life death rebirth. seems neverending. i wonder what will come first when we finally stop breathing altogether? maybe its nothing.nothing.ness. i can befriend darkness sometimes but its usually after the fact. i cant stand phonys though. had a cufuffle hmm not sure of spelling. with my sister yesterday. things are always intense for me around full moon. she couldnt handle my energy and what i was talking about her walls were going up by the second and she just just down.but thats the thing she wasnt where i was at. thats ok.well it was painful. but she just doesnt let herself go to any extreme depths.avoids the darkness as much as she can.alot of people are like that.
      so eagle pheonix – thats two. isnt there 3 in that cycle you mentioned? what stage do you feel you are in now?
      i am not sure what animal i am. hmm..

  267. “What will come first when we finally stop breathing altogether?”


    Are you an earth sign, or earth rising sign? Because what happens after our physical death can’t be felt or understood through earthly rationale.

    The eagle is a symbol. A symbol of vast and deep consciousness. The all seeing eyes of the Eagle who views mother earth by gliding above earthly indulgent sensual pleasures and non-fluid emotional and psychological ruts. Stagnation. In it’s most mundane form.

    A loon may be blissfully free. But True freedom has PERSPECTIVES from self-knowledge to collective universal knowledge. Meaning… those perspectives are One and the same.

    So now that you see, that the Eagle or any other SYMBOL is reflective of our mundane or mystical realities.

    My realty, as a result of inner Scorpionic Deaths and Re-Births (the Phoenix rising out of the ashes of self-delusion and meaningless personal personality dysfunction )… is by VIRTUE of a Spiritual State of Consciousness.

    My states of consciousness goes beyond what I need to do to make a living, to pay the bills, to whom I am devoted and loyal to, to what I want to eat for dinner, to how much money will make feel safe, to why I think my boss is an asshole, to why I things and circumstances agitate me, to why the dog ate my shoes… Get the Picture??

    MY LIFE is Beyond that garbage now.


    Because I have a Deep appreciation for Death and fluid change as a man.

    I fear nothing anymore.

    The above paranoia’s I had mentioned… happen because those manifestations of being are Ego-Limited.

    The Ego-Self which believes that there is no Universal Source in Control… Is the True Loon.

    1. pluto puppy. do you think im a loon. or you are a loon?how did loon become so loonie? hehe. no seriously i am hearing you. actually like you said-what happens after our physical death cant be described through earthly rationale. i think you are right. even rationale. yes i am an earth sun and rising with a water moon. do you really fear nothing? do you have children? i really understand that fluidity you are talking about. that is the releasing of fear and attachment to wordly desire.yes to ego. when i look at the stars at night the earth is all seems silly and strange and all these people floundering around making mess and things and being busy eating sleeping excreting driving cars and planes and fighting and loving and building and destroying and creating and dying. we are all going to die. the planet will die. the people we love will die.every day a billion ants get squashed by the tyres of a car. yes i get sad. i feel sad now. i feel afraid. i really dont like what humans do to animals. how humans think they are so superior. ah the whole thing is garbage. so where are you at now? right now.

  268. So you are- double earth + moon in water. Two out of two for me… plus the Aussie investigation. LoL

    Darling, fears are IMAGINED.

    Unless you’re facing a desperate tiger who is famished and ready to rip you to shreds.

    99% of our fears stem from simple neurosis.

    Unconscious of deep personal attachments.

    They are earthly attachments to circumstances which are Not In Our Control- Like a million ants getting squashed every day, or the excretion and animal behavior of dimly evolved, as you put it… messy, busy androids stuck in their desires to make a name for themselves at any cost.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m quietly ambitious too. I want to work very hard and earn all the goodies and creature comforts of this earth. Sow and Reap. Sow and Reap. After all, I am in a human body.

    But through a strong sense of spiritual-self… I no longer ALLOW the seduction of money and material success TO BE MY GOD.

    Truth, has become my God.

    People, the masses, are slaves to their debts and career and social position. Why? They HUNGER for power… and that is because??… They are STARVED of such power.

    I have learned what real power is. And I have a deep responsibility with every breath of it.

    I have no children. I’m an only child. I’m left handed with a B- blood type.

    The world pf people as turns out… have become my family.

    I don’t attach myself to anyone. Because ‘anyone’ is usually not fulfilling, to me.

    I learn much through humanity and what it truthfully means to be human.

    Including all the nasty, cruel, intolerance and injustices of this human existence.

    I’m very aware of those who suffer. The millions. Because I have suffered in kind.

    As a result I am becoming a human being who wants to heal where I can. Selectively and with discernment. A life full of meaning, is bliss.